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March 1998 to August 2002

Bathroom Break by Lesbionic Girl
I've wanted this girl since the first day I met her and all the games we've played has got our bodies on fire.

Coming Home by Koffeeflava
We were too young to appreciate what we had and the potential of what we could be together.

Cyberdate by Sarit
No more fantasy. Tonight, I hoped it would be real.

Domestic Bliss by Monica
I spin you around, push you into the corner of the stall and fall to my knees in front of you to start my worship at your altar.

Finally by DellDizzi
But now there she was standing in front of me stripping off what little she had on.

I'm Her Daddy by Glitter
Oh, fuck. I had always dreamed of spanking her and she knew it.

Make Up Time by The Ultimate Femme
I hate arguing with you too, Shauna. Especially over something so silly.

Old Soul by D.W.
Giving me a stern face she replied, "I'm sorry, I don't turn tricks if that's what you're asking."

Our Meeting by CA Lindsey
Alaura had entered into my life as a quiet storm and had taken full control over my emotions.

Peeper by Blaaze
Every night for the past four months I've been performing for you.

I Always Get What I Want by Infamous Trece
She slowly pushed me down onto the bed and got between my thighs.

Bondlust by debra diana blue
i am your whore tonite, use whatever you want

Decadence by Naughtydred
She closed her eyes and leaned back, melting into my touch.

Friday Night by C-love
. . . my fantasies were about her and they were coming true right before my eyes.

Lillie and Mert by Pages
Her kissing could stll set me on fire . . .

Love Saw It by Nia Mitchell
. . . no woman had ever made me feel the way that this woman did.

Make Her Cum by Cinsational_Luv
I was going to put my all into making her scream my name.

New Rain at the Delta by Blackflame
"Oh, shit. Take it off. I want to suck on those nipples."

The Cold by Pink
It felt so good, I was on the verge of tears

The House Warming by Finus1
Come on, Baby . . . cum for me.

Sky's The Limit by Lil AJ
I love her, I need her, I want her, but I can't be with her because I can't hurt her.

Ahead To The Past by Pages
I moved to the rhythm of her strokes, she was sexy, and I could get use to this everyday.

An Anxious Arrival by LynneL
We had only talked about our meeting, now that it had arrived, I was nervous.

Giving up Beautiful by B. Lois Wadas
It was not about body as much as it was about connecting, coming home to ourselves.

The Best of Both Worlds by dynastyxxx
Melissa placed her feet on the dashbord of the car so Natalie could get full access . . .

Brown Skin by Apassions101
When they got in the house Sanai got in the shower and asked Sali to join her.

Dream House by Smokey0282
Deidre could feel the heat rising in her cheeks and that familiar stealthy moisture beginning to seep between the folds of her pussy.

HER LIL' GAME by Sonya Michele
I made love to her tenderly, passionately, and when she climaxed her whole body shook into convulsions.

Love Is A Game That Fools Like Me Play by ThatGyrl QuinOg
I know in the past she lied and cheated but she says that she would never do that again.

My Crush by Cinsational_Luv
I felt like she was it, the one, finally someone I could explore with.

Birthday Wish by Glitter
And as soon as our lips met, it was as if nature was finally coming together.

A Perfect Day by Musicfrommyheart
I smiled, remembering myself between her legs, my tongue playing with her until she almost screamed.

The Day We Came To Beby Koolynn
As our lips touched, I felt the explosive energy I had held inside for two years.

Egypt by Jacqui
Why did she have to throw me off guard? Why did she always get that last word?

Familiar To Me by Original CK1
Her body was so soft; it felt as if I had lain upon a bed of feathers.

Fire by InsatiableK
"Baby, don't start what you can't finish."

Inhale Peace/Exhale Joy by PhoenixScorpion
Finally after all these years, the moment that I wished for was here.

A letter to JT by Sonya Michelle
I linger there for a moment...slowly running my fingertips up and down and all around the center of your ecstasy.

L-ism by Koko Dee
I could feel my clit throbbing like it had a heartbeat.

Meeting at the Mall by Deliteful-Delilah
.... I was hoping I could make love to you."

NPP by Aime
Carla likes to be eaten, likes to eat.. likes to be fucked.. likes to come several different ways...and loves to let the world know when she's about to come.

On Any Given Sunday 2 by EroticBrat
"I can't believe you talked me into this."

Pierced by D.W.
Let me pierce your flesh and sear your soul.

Place Your Bets by Gyrlcandy
"Baby that's not all I want at all, I don't want just sex, I want you."

Predator by Aime
A rising tide of uncontrolled passion eclipsed any thought of seduction, Terah knew she needed to touch and taste Mandy..

Rachael by Jorgia
Why don't you come back to bed and I'll make you forget all about Rachael.

Role Reversal by The Ultimate Femme
The rush she got from knowing she was pleasing Tre was more than she had imagined, more than she had hoped for.

Bad Dreams by Wynn Kai
Rowen leaned back into the powerful kneading action of Dala's strong searching fingers, the tension flowing out of her, relaxing her.

Strawberries by Naughtydred
When I walked back in, both women were naked in the 69 position, on a huge round bed filled with pillows.

Touch by Lady Scorpian
I felt it too, this undeniable pull this longing need to be yours.

Unexpected by Glitter
I felt her lips against my ear, her voice soft and silky, "Maya, I want you."

Wanting Beauty by InsatiableK
I accept the invite and lick your lips very slowly, making sure to savor each moment.

After Work by Mercedees69
As soon as I got in, she leaned over and tongued me down.

The Anniversary Present by Hvnleeblis
I can't stand to be in the same room with you let alone the same house . . .

Beauty by Alexandra Kennedy
"So I don't fit your definition of beautiful?" she asked.

Blind Date by Swtnlo99
As my finger inched higher, I felt nothing but hot moisture.

The Collector's Guide to Chocolate Playthings by Toni Rae Knight
I swear you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Control by Lady Scorpion
I knew this night without a doubt I would as they say turn her out.

Deja Vu by Poetdiva
. . . but do I dare touch you and allow you to know me?

Distant Lover II by Lil AJ
What makes you think I wanted you coming back to me?

Good Morning Sunshine by Taneigha
She enjoys devouring me slowly and with pure perfection.

Love Sweet Sorrow by Blb63
You linger briefly on my stomach, letting me know what is yet to come.

Serita by Jalanekah
Before I could ask another questio, she planted another kiss on me this one with a little force.

The Argument by Toni Rae Knight
Her breasts swelled against the rigid lace of her push-up bra. She was my woman.

Classic Jail Story by d.w.
Devon felt Hollywood pulling her uniform and thong off, jacking her weak legs up . . .

I Command U by Whynter D.
I was wondering what it would be like to kiss you that's all.

Love Scene by OnTahje
I can tell you want me to touch your pleasure zone.

Mersey by Naughtydred
She leaned down and began kissing me, giving me a glimpse of her desire.

Poetry In Motion by Spicie Los
I'm imagining how good your lips will feel in between my legs.

The Binding by Lady Scorpion
Her face glowed as she was transformed into a goddess from a time beyond.

The Office by Mercedees69
I felt like I had known this female who shared my computer screen for a life time.

Blood Ties by Lil AJ
I need you. I need to taste you. Drink you.

Brand New Flava by Hvnleeblis
. . . before she got in her car she kissed me . . .

Good Girls Never Tell by Blaaze
On your bed! What in the hell was she doing in your house?

My Research Partner by Thatgyrl Quinog
Oh shit, now I am going to have to concentrate this semester?

Nights like This by Glitter
You're gonna be a good girl for Daddy, aren't you? You can handle some more, right?

Untitled by Jacqui
I wrap my arms around u and begin to tie a black silk cloth over ur eyes.

Reaching out to Beauty by Insatiablek
I wanted to push that strand of hair away from your eye and gently caress your cheek

The Spin by Darklust
. . . there was nothing that could threaten us. Our thing was real tight.

Suits Me by Naughtydred
. . . fighting myself,trying not to be aroused by her light touches on my back, shoulders and arms.

Cum 4 U by ErotikNoir69
The tingle I feel in my stomach when our lips meet is almost more than I can stand.

Imagine That by TLB
I could feel the cream heat up as my tongue takes its journey.

The Seldom Told Story of A B-Girl by Lovelybrown
Imani was looking at me like she could eat me . . .

Kandi and Lyndah's Wet and Wild Adventure by ErotikNoir69
With her firm 36D breasts with pert dark nipples, caramel skin, and shaved pubes, who could help but admire her?

Lady by Tigerus
She touched me in a way that no other woman has ever touched me.

Mytease by Mysaga
There are plenty of women who would love to have my body.

Sinthia by Glitter (formerly Pandora)
I got so caught up. And my life has never been the same since.

Can You Stand The Rain by Lil AJ
How mad and hurt do you think I was to hear the moans coming from my bedroom?

Creamy Goodness by PhoenixScorpion
All I wanted at that second was for your tongue to stroke and bite my nipples through the sheer fabric.

Daye, Daye, Daye by Pandora
All I wanted was for her to touch me...anywhere, everywhere, as long as she touched me.

Diane, Simone, and Me by De Jalanekah
How could I have given you my love? How could you hurt me this way?

Illusion by musicfrommyheart
I am speechless, unable to breathe from the thought of you being so close to me again.

Lady Across The Table by Queen Lane
I caressed them slowly as they open invitingly.

Sexymotherfucker by Mysteree
I am overwhelmed by her.

Treat Her Like A Lady by Gyrlcandy
" don't have to sleep on the couch ya know . . ."

Distant Lover by Lil AJ
The more I think about her, the more I cry and the more my body calls for her.

Free From The Past by Gyrlcandy
Are you attracted to me, I mean sexually?

Girl Crush by Meshell
Couldn't she see the struggle in my eyes to be freed of my inhibitions?

Mac by Taneigha
Lord this stud was nothing short of pure perfection carved and created by God himself.

Roommates by Jaz
When I looked in the livingroom, I saw Keke sucking on Chelle's breast.

She Never Looked Back by DE Jalanekah
You love this, don't you?

Wrong Number by TGAINESDREW
Dayum should i stop her? Tell her she has the wrong number, or see how far she goes . . .

Love Came Calling by Gyrlcandy
And before I could say anything else she reached up and kissed me, square on the lips.

Playing With Toi by Darklust
. . . when Deja brought her newest piece, this tall, tan-toned enigma of beauty to a party, I lost my mind.

Sleepless Night by Eve O'Halloran
I think I am dreaming until I feel her naked back push against my bare breasts.

Smooth Jas by Louise
Damn, I had it bad for Mz. Jasmyn.

The New Girl by Chokolaty
Her skin was soft to my touch and I had to resist letting my hands linger on her body.

Timira At Galilee by Brown Curiosity
For someone who had absolutely no sexual experience with women, my thoughts got very kinky.

The Island, The Kiss, and The Star by Romance 1600
I learned that real beauty has so many components to it and she was racking up tons of points.

Unspoken by Coydelight
I was thinking of all these kinky new ways I wanted to love you . . .

A to Z by Louise
I could tell that she thought I was trying to get her in bed . . .

Destined To Be by Romance 1600
Can I finally give all my love to one person and know that they were giving all their love to me?

My Spanish Mamita by Anna B
Iím so horny and wet I canít turn back now . . . even if I wanted to.

The Picnic Table by D. Tobereal
With one bold move, I slide my right hand up under her dress while holding those round buttcheeks in place with my left hand.

Supreme Domination by Onyxstorm
I don't want to know her name, I want to take her.

The Meal by Enigma23
I love you more than any words I can speak.

Untitled by EboniDanielle
I can smell the essence of you.

A Breakdown of Sorts by Coydelight
The thing is, I never really wanted to walk away.

Coming Out (Part 2) by Finus1
Damn she felt sooo good beneath me.

Complications 2 by Sin_Cere
How the hell is it my fault when you were the one who fucked around?

The Jungle by D. Tobereal
I want to feel the friction of flesh against flesh, bodyheat against bodyheat.

Keisha by Lady Oshun
She led me to her softly lit bedroom, to her soft bed, and I helped myself to her soft body.

The Scent of Women by Jequiche
"I told yal she was a dyke,"Nia says amist the group, "she just doesnt know it yet."

The Shower by D. Tobereal
we are no longer ourselves but rather a combination of each other

Tease & Be Teased (Part 2) by Lil AJ
Why must you always be such a fukkin' smart ass bitch?

Coming Out by Finus1 (Part 1)
She leans over me takes my face in her hands and softly kisses me on the lips.

Midnight Letter To Fran by Coydelight
I can't get two good hours of sleep without you creeping into my thoughts.

Slim's Submission by SdChrismon
you and i will play a game

Tease & Be Teased by Lil AJ (Part 1)
Trey finally decided to forget about Khyri and here she was standing in front of her naked.

Talkin' Dirty by tj
a thought of you..of your smile...of your touch sends a bolt of fire through my being that settles and a steady throb above my clit...

The Commute by Phoenix Scorpion
Without words or hesitation, I begin undressing myself while walking toward her.

The Return by Enigma23
I am going to fuck you until you scream for me to stop.

Just The Beginning by CharlieJ
Why have you come back into my life?

On Any Given Sunday by EroticBrat
We were both nervous. I got the impression that I should take the lead, being the butch in the sheets' type person.

Sex & Spaceketball by Lil AJ
. . . the losing team has to fukk hanging from the rims . . .

The Souvenir by OnyxMercy
The moans were coming from Honey. She was biting her lower lip and looking straight at me.

The Apology by Alunna
Mia knew Angela was playing with that sweet pussy. God she wanted to please her so badly.

Taking Lee by Gyrlcandy
It doesn't matter how you want to put it to clear your conscious, you bought me.

All For You My Love by Sylvia
I work my way down her torso with my hot, wet erect tongue, going toward that place I have been dying for all day

The First Time by KL
Licking the water from your breasts, moving from one, then to the other . . .

Flavor Of The Month by Lil AJ
"Don't worry, Boo, we'll handle this tonight . . ."

Live 2 Dream by EroticBrat
On the drive to her house we continued our gracious tongue dance at every red light possible.

Rookie Of The Year by TooShyNY
I played enough ball in high school and college to know that the large majority of women who played were lesbians.

Speed by Jennifer Brown
"So what are you gonna do, spank me?"

The Rain--Letters of Desire by tj
I'm in a weird mood...not quite sure what to do with myself ya know...

Thunder by Divaevolution
Angela savored the pleasure the she gave and dove deeper into the delicacy before her.

C is For Ciara by Renea69
I felt her unbuttoning my blouse as she slid her right leg in beteween my thighs.

ER by TooShyNY
I wondered to myself just how sweet those lips would taste and how soft and firm that ass would feel cupped in my hands.

Green Fields by Lisa Mamou
Reyna got into her groove. They were kissing and grinding as if they were dancing to an old Smokey song.

I LOVE MAYA by Jennifer Jaz
. . . Maya teased me up close with her curves, perfect tits and waist that blossomed into hips she gyrated to maximum effect.

Old Friends by Lisa Mamou
. . . sometimes second chances are given to us for a reason.

Dinner For Two by CharlieJ
I kiss your mouth and slide my tongue down your chin, your neck, the open V of your chest.

Do You Wanna Ride by JaeJ
The bedsprings were singing to Jackie's hips dancing .

Family Ties by Sin_cere
You mean to tell me YOU don't just want to fuck?"

Hey, Little Shorty by Jequiche
I cannot believe what happened last night, for the first time in my life I kissed a girl.

Morning Surprise by Xy Texan

A Night Out by ADC
My eyes locked on hers as I put that extra sway into my hips, watching her lick her lips in anticipation.

Tropical Blend by Sexcellent
You relish the expectation of what you know will be a powerful moment.

Cotton Gloves by Joli Agnew
This gentleness has got to stop. Myrlee began to suck and chew Ordella's breasts.

Lips by darklust
It was the sudden warmth of thighs slowly lowering themselves upon my face and welcoming hungry lips.

Friends, Sisters, Lovers by Patricia Darrow
Tasha began to put her t-shirt back on when I reached out and said, "No, no, please, let me touch them."

So Sweet by Pimp~A~Vellie
Destiny cries out once more as a stream of nectar drips onto Angel's chin and throat.

The Letter by Kendra Hanes
However, there are times I wish I could feel what it's like to be drawn in and held by you.

Virgin Territory by Lacy
Nadia's sumptuous mocha-colored hips swayed and her platform knee-high boots clacked as she made her way across the city street.

My Name Is . . . by Kpnucloser
After all I did to make this night so sensuous and special. After all this time together. How could someone else still be on her mind?

Therapy Session by Takiera
She continued licking all the way down my stomach and made her way between my hot thighs

Complications (3 Parts) by Sin_Cere
All of Shawn's old feelings came back in the moment. She couldn't help but to kiss Chantay back.

Lifeguard by Cherry
My knees tolerated the pain of the hot sandy beach. I felt no pain at that moment because I was pussy-bound.

Mystery Lover by Kimberly
I hold her breasts from behind and kiss and bite and lick my way down her spine.

Secret Love by Endlesslove2U
I became dizzy with the power of her passion and I was even more eagered to please her.

Too Soon To Leave by Enigma23
Lorcia's tears receed to be replaced with her desire to make love to Marvela one more time.

Untitled by Biwriter
She slowly and gently rubbed her face in my pussy and I wanted to cry.

The Beach by Smokey0282
She hands the bottle back to me with a smile and begins to knead the cream into her breasts in slow, circular motions.

Wild Imagination by Sexcellent
I gave in and let her have what she wanted . . .

Home Alone by Sexcellent
It was one of those nights where you just needed someone to hold you.

Untitled by Dejah
So I guess I'm asking you Will you share a kiss with me?

The Lovers by Enigma23
Oh, it's really quite simple, I paid to ensure that we would be able to engage in whatever suits our needs. We are free to do anything we want and nothing will be said.

Satisfaction by Endlesslove2u
She slowly opened her beautiful lips and begin speaking to me. "You need to be satisfied?"

Turn Your Lights Down Low (part 2) by Sin_cere
"Your not just going to stand there and stare are you? Don't you think you have made me wait long enough?"

Naima Aki by K. Harris
If our families and friends disagree with the love we share and have, will you stay with me?

Outside by Tashamee Dorsey
. . . with one motion I grab both of your hands and pull you into an embrace, smothering your mouth with kisses.

Quiet Time by Jai
The feel of my hands against my body was exciting, I wanted to explore more . . .

The Red Sky by Undercover
As Sean and Red stand there talking, all I can think about was how great her lips would feel on mine.

Turn Your Lights Down Low by Sin_cere
Little Ms. Femme Nia working it like a true butch? She continued to explore my mouth with her tongue.

A Night Full Of Passion by MaMaBuddha
Letting my tongue make little circles in the indentation of her throat, she gave in to me.

Kim by darklust
I touched her. I don't remember where but the one movement sent a current through me while she froze in place.

MzPhatBooty by Explicit69
I wanted this girl since the day I laid my eyes on her: a 28, phat, caramel-skined woman.

Need by TJ
As I sit here I can hardly even type, so great is my need for you.

School Dazed by Epiphany7
As if I wasn't wet enough already, staring at those lips and imagining all the wonderful things they could do made me even wetter.

Sweet Revenge by Gyrlcandy (4 parts)
When I'm through with her, she is gonna wish she never hurt my sister.

Heat by Vanessa
Do you know what it feels like to a control freak like me to be powerless, scary but exhilarating.

4th of July by Jai
I placed an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me as if to try and blend her body with mine.

B Is For by Renee69
While we were in the car, I felt the sexual tension beteween myself and ciara mounting.

One Night Apart by Treja
This lil cutie was peepin me the whole night . . .

Showtime by Casaundra36
Nikki's clothes came off easy as Carla assured her it was OK. She laid back and stretched across the floor as if she was releasing years of tension.

The Gift by Michelle Bonluv (4 parts)
Kara's tongue met hers stroke for stroke, there was no resistance whatsoever.

True Beauty by Gyrlcandy
"Chase, I love you, I really do, but you hurt me, and for that I can't forgive you...I'm sorry."

A Chance Encounter by Jai
She slowly uncrossed her legs, just slow enough for me to see that she was not wearing any panties.

Incomplete by Carla Fowler
She stood there looking absolutely delicious. Tall, chocolate brown with a pair of lips that would make L.L. Cool J jealous.

Lily by tlm
I ache when I see couples with their bodies close when there are oceans between us.

Once Bitten by Shawntress Edwards
. . . she pushed me under the warm water so that it could run down my body, and we kissed.

Oh So Sweet by Cream de Cocoa
Pulling you by your dick, I walk backwards to the wall. I want to fuck standing up.

Smut by Seyla
Water glistened over your body, cleansing and purifying as it traveled a journey envied by my hands...and even more so by my tongue.

The First Time by Enigma23
She now realized that she had really never been as attracted to any man as she was to the woman whose hands were causing such delicious sensations all over her body.

Unexpected by Nevaknew
One kiss turned into a few and things were starting to heat up. Then Lauren pushed her back and stopped her.

Another Chance At Love by C. A. Lindsey
. . . I'm here today surrendering myself to you. Make love to me.

A Cozy Weekend by Blkprrsian
The months of frozen sexual tension building between us begins to melt.

The Limo Driver by Smokey0282
My butch ass has gotten more women driving this high-end taxi for six years than at any time in my life.

Looking by Smokey0282
Taylor ran her hands under Kim's blazer, trailing her fingertips from Kim's shoulders down her spine.

Sex by La Poetess
I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and swiftly (rudely) flip you (as only a proper semi-stud/fem could) on your stomach, legs spread, ass jacked high in the air.

Sorry by Nevaknew
We moved in one complete rhythm. Her legs tightened around my neck and I knew it was getting good to her.

Booty Call by Simone A. Cunningham
i kissed her hard, trying to kiss all the others before me out her mouth. i wanted to devour her. i wanted us to become one.

Drama by Gyrlcandy
Gina looked into Nikki's eyes and said "Baby, I'm bout to tear you up" And she did.

Epiphany by La Toya Hankins
Going our separate ways was hard because I had grown to plan my days around seeing her, talking to her, touching her.

The Ladies In My Life by C. A. Lindsey
This Christmas I'm torn between Trina, Brandy and Ree... I don't know how I'm going to pull this one off . . .

Pearl Driver by Seyla
Following the whipped trail of cream, I made my way to your pussy.

A Is For Aroused by Renee69
One of the things I hadn't counted on was the possibility that I was attracted to other women.

First Impressions by Gyrlcandy
Dayna was more than ready to taste her but she wanted to hear her beg. "Go down what?" She asked.

My Ex by Lindsey
As we laid in front of the fireplace in our sacred Cabin, together kissing for what appeared eternity . . .

Rainy Day Memories by Kay
I remember my lips finding their way down to that moist spot between your legs . . .

Whipped Cream by C. A. Lindsey
I was too far gone to stop the groove I begged her to fuck my brains out, and she did.

First Touch by DJ
I reached out with the tip of one finger and gently traced a path across the back of her hand.

I massage the inside of you very gently and let your body tell me what to do next.

CAUGHT UP by Gyrlcandy
. . . she wanted to go back to her room and fuck Shay's brains out.

. . . my fingers finding those erotic zones that make you scream out my name.

SOULMAE by Queen Diva
I remember my knees going weak, my heart pounding, and my pussy creaming.

I know she is enjoying this because she is gyrating her hips and moaning like sheís in some type of trance.

Her breasts were so inviting I just wanted to stare at them for a while before touching them.

EAGER by Oceana Davis
I only wanted to send one message--tonight would end with us fucking.

Her blue jeans hung seductively off her hips as they disappeared behind the swinging doors.

She began cutting off my panty hose and panties at the same time telling me how bad she wanted me . . .

I'm numb, but angry. I'm hurt, but sad. I want you back, but I can't force you to love me.

POWERLESS by Smokey0282
. . . Cheryl's whole body was on fire, a fire started deep inside her pussy and radiated outward . . .

PRETTY TITS by Oceana Davis
I was on the edge of coming when she asked, "What is your name again?"

SECRET LOVE by Gyrlcandy
She has a ghetto bootie that just makes you want to squeeze her ass and never let go.

She lifted my blouse and bra, almost ripping them trying to get to my rock hard nipples.

SISTA SUNDAY MORNING by debra diana blue
"Give me what I want and i'll give you what you want," she hissed into my mouth just before pushing me away.

I try not to think about her like this, but her hips in those jeans . . . have been calling out to me all morning.

BUS STOP by SDChrismon
As our tongues danced with passion, she slipped her hands up and under my baggy sweatshirt to my braless hardening nipples.

THE DREAM by debra diana blue
it wasn't about love. it wasn't about pleasure. it was not about sex. it was more about raw hunger . . .

EXPLORATION by Oceana Davis
I was the pupil and I couldn't resist what came naturally to me.

FRENCH KISS by Renee69
. . . she then sucked the tip of my tongue. Indeed, I had received the french kiss of my life.

THE GYM by Smokey0282
Mercedes found herself getting aroused at the thought of taking a chance and touching Nic. What's the worst that could happen--besides losing her job?

A HOT DAY by Swtsista63
I can almost feel her skin sliding over mine as I dream on . . .

Her long legs cross so effortlessly as she keeps an eye on how high her skirt rises.

DADDY'S GIRL by debra diana blue
you're dressed in black leather and looking particularly good and evil.

TO MY LADY LOVE by debra diana blue
the wanton ache inside of you decides to end the game and feed the need for rapture

OVERTIME by Oceana Davis
Her breast were so full and inviting . . . I found myself drifting into sexual thoughts, thoughts I hadn't had in months

THE JOY OF TRAVEL by Smokey0282
I lick down her throat...she moans softly, whispering my name. Hot Damn!

RIDING THE CTA by Smokey0282
I watch this woman's hips undulate right in front of my face and I can't believe I'm actually salivating

Our lips meet briefly, urgently. I watch your face for an answer.

COCA BUTTER by Qwriter
The recipe for applying CocaButter to Puta skin are as follows

Our eyes locked intensely and she knew at that point how much I wanted her.

ONE ON ONE by Renee69
I felt fear, lust and excitment as she firmly planted her voluptous lips on mine.

SEDUCTION by InsatiableK
Once the ice has melted I decide to let you wait just a little longer for your pleasure.

THAT SUMMER by Vanessa
Chelsea longed for that touch, but she felt Sherise's hand move away.

If you only knew how hot you made me as you performed on stage, garter belt overflowing with well earned cash...

THE DINNER by Lovernu
Every morning I sit at the same table sipping coffee, smoking a cigarette, and waiting for you to come into the diner to order breakfast.

I donít know what has come over me, I thought, but Iím going for it tonightÖno more holding back.

. . . AND I TELL A LIE by Lovernu
I know that I should have gone home but when she pulled me close and whispered in my ear "Please stay" I cound not resist.

ICE by De-Vona
We kiss very passionately and we don't rush the moment, instead enjoying and prolonging our kiss. We have all night to make love.

All I can think of is the feel of the stockings across my cheeks as you raise your legs to my shoulders.

RAMBLING by Qwriter
I was lying naked in the sand and she, no I was wet, wait, I'm confused.

As I crossed the threshold of her bedroom door, the aroma of insence hit me . . .

THA SPOT by SDChrismon
. . . her sensual full lips were sucking my finger like she was sucking a milkshake through a straw

"Don't be afraid," she whispers, "it's just me, exploding in your hand."

I LOVE YOU, DEB by Niteluv
"I think that's what has been a big problem for me and Jamal. He knew that I too was in love with you.

CUM RIGHT ON IN by Renee69
Before I knew it, girlfriend had her tongue deep down inside of my mouth.

I am right now, so filled with desire for you that it is all I can do to write this out.

AFTER HOURS by Renee69
We wanted each other right then and there. Nothing was going to stop that from happening.

Sara touches herself there in the middle of the hot spot, in the middle of traffic, in the middle of town.

I sink my teeth only deep enough to feel resistant flesh.

I couldn't keep my eyes off the exquisite honey-brown creature with the deepest dimples sitting across from me.

HOT2TROT by Debra Diana Blue
the heat is all over me and so is my woman. undulating her hips at me, inviting me to devour her.

REACH OUT AND TOUCH ME by Stephani Booker
"Ooh, you are making me so wet."

I start by kissing comes as a surprise to both of us.

Squeeze water over my head and shiver as it makes its way down my scalp, ears, neck, shoulders and breasts in tiny cold rivulets that harden my nipples.

Soon we are moving as one to a rhythm that only our bodies know.

I enjoy standing behind her, close enough to smell her hair. I like the feel of my hands on her waist.

BRUNCH by Lisa Mamou
I half expect you to jump, or worse slap my face, but instead you...widen your legs.

slowly, definitively, my hand makes it's way up the canal between your soft thighs

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