Anna B

I had been chatting on a Lesbian chat line for about 2 years. During the first year I met a Spanish girl who lived in Los Angeles named Jacqueline, we spoke on and off, and use to mess around and flirt with each other. In the second year we didnít really keep in touch at all except for the occasional email or short chat here and there because I was too busy traveling around for my job.

At the start of 2000 while working in Australia for 6 months, I met a girl on a chat-line who lived in Georgia. As I got to know her I started falling in love with her, my 6 months were up and it was time to go back to home so I decided to visit her before heading back to NY. But before flying to Atlanta, I had a five-hour stop over in LA until my connecting flight departed. I decided since Jacqueline lived in LA it would be crazy not to meet her, and although I had never heard her voice or seen her picture I knew that I had to see her. So I emailed her 3 weeks prior to my flight, sent a scanned photo of me and asked her if she wanted to meet me at the airport. Got a reply with her phone number asking me to call her as soon I arrived, as she didnít know when her boyfriend was leaving for work on the day I was arriving.

The 14hour flight from Sydney was finally over and I arrived in LA feeling jet lagged but excited that finally I was going to meet the sassy Latino woman and then my love in Georgia. After going through customs I found a phone and called her. As I dialed the number I started to feel nervous but eager, then the voice on the other end of the phone picked up
"Hi, may I speak to Jacqueline?" I asked. "This is her". She said in that sexy Spanish/American accent, God I almost melted.
"UmmÖ.this is Ella, how are you?" After a few seconds of silence she replied "Aww hey EllaÖ Iím fine and you?"
"Iím good just a bit jet lagged thanks" I replied shyly.
"My boyfriend Perez has already left for work and Iím all dressed and ready to go" she said.
"You havenít been sitting by the phone waiting for me to call have you?" I asked with a laugh.
"Oh no no, mami, I have actually been doing some work around the house" she replied with a scoff. I smiled to myself thinking how horny I got from just hearing her call me mami.
"So where in the airport would you like to meet?" I asked.
"Anywhere you like" she replied.
"How about we meet at gate 69, itís up stairs right next to a cafť where we could go and have a drink and errr maybe a bite to eat"
"Mmmm sounds good to me, it takes me about 20 or 25 minutes to get there so how about we meet in about 35 minutes" she said in an extra sexy way.

"Oks cool, Iím wearing black pants and a blue top so I hope you will recognize me?"
"Donít worry, Iím sure I will after seeing your photo."
"Alright thenÖ. Iíll see you then, take care Jacqueline".
"You too Mami, Bye for now and Iíll be seeing you soon"
"Ok cool, bubye." I smiled as I put down the receiver.

Looking down at my watch briefly I made my way to gate 69 and sat bench where I could be visible to Jacqueline and also see people walking past as I waited. I couldnít stop thinking about how sexy her voice was but also in the back on my mind was the fact that I was on my way to meet another woman in Georgia not to lust after this fine Latino lady. That made me moist just thinking about the way she had called me 'Mamií. I looked down at my watch. as I snapped out of my thoughts it had been 40 minutes and she still wasnít here.

I started thinking maybe she has changed her mind, maybe she got lost or maybe her boyfriend came home for some reason. Then as I looked up there she was, this woman walking towards me, about 5"5 wearing a nicely fitted black dress that came just above her knees with well endowed breasts and cleavage slightly popping out just enough to attract my attention. She was fairly well rounded not fat but thick and she held her weight well, wavy dark brown hair down past her sholders with light brown highlights. I was thinking dahm this woman is fine this canít be Jacqueline because the way I had pictured her from her description was totally different.

Then she was right there in front me saying "Hello Ella?" I gulped then smiled and stood up to greet her. "Hey Jacqueline" I said as I hugged her tightly. I loosened my arms from around her but she continued to hug me so we just stood there in one anotherís arms for a while. Dahm her body felt great up against mine. Whispering in her ear softly "Would you like to go and have a drink over at that cafť?"

"Sure" she said, slowly releasing me. We walked into the cafť and sat in a booth over in the corner where no one was sitting so we could have some privacy.

I ordered our coffeeís then walked back to booth and handed her coffee to her, she tried to offer me money but I was having none of it. Come on now, let me pay Chica" she said teasingly
"No, no Iím paying and thatís that" I said with a wink.
"God dayum Ella you are so bossy..You better watch it you donít want to make me get you," she said with a cheeky grin. Laughing to myself I thought dahm girl you are already getting to me but I knew I shouldnít be thinking this as I was in love with the Georgian girl right?

We chatted for 1 hour or so, getting to know each other a bit better and talking about how I found Australia so different yet similar in some ways to American culture. She was much more intelligent than I had previously thought but I guess we didnít really have any serious conversations when we spoke online. Her hazel eyes were so beautiful as I looked into them, I felt almost hypnotised and found myself getting quiet turned on just by the way she was looking at me. The cafť started to fill with people sitting near our table chattering loudly so I suggested that we go for a walk and find a quiet place to sit where we could continue our conversation.

As we were walking around trying to find a place to sit I had to go to the rest room and so did she, she walked through the doors first and I followed. She went into the first stall and I in the one next to her. But before I could latch the door she grabbed my wrist and said "Ella come in here". She pulled me into the stall with her and locked the door behind us. Immediately she wrapped her arms around me so I gently rested my hands on the small of her back, as we stood there gazing into each otherís eyes. As she ran her fingers through my short dredlocked hair she said "Honey I am so dahm hornyÖÖ I know I gotta man and you got a girl but I cant hold it in any longer" and before I could say a thing she started kissing me. I replied by opening my mouth to allow her tongue to explore my mouth and started kissing her back letting our tongues do a dance of passionate fire.

Her hands were everywhere at once I felt like I was kissing one of those Indian goddessís with 8 arms. The kiss became more passionate and intense, her hands were around my neck with her nails slightly scratching me just enough to make my senses respond. Running my hands up and down her back, over her hips and then ventured down to her well rounded ass massaging in little circular motions with my palms, I started lightly kissing up her neck as she let out a soft little moan. " Mmmucho mucho" she whispered heavily into my ear. Deciding to tease her I started kissing her lips again, sliding my tongue in and out quickly and easing my hand slowly up one of her inner thighs then stopping before I reached her pussy then sliding my hand down the other.

We heard two ladies walk in chattering and we both froze. We stared at each other for a few seconds but my lips couldnít stay away from those inviting lips of hers so I lowered my lips to hers and started kissing her soft and slowly. I moved my face away from hers just long enough to ask, "Are you sure you wanna do this?" maybe we should go somewhere where we can have some privacy" I suggested. "Baby of course I am, Iím so horny and wet now I canít turn back now even if I wanted to... "You know there are rooms people can hire for a few hours. They are for people who need sleep before their next flight," she said.

"Mmmmmm well I think we definitely need some 'sleepí donít you"? I said innocently. With that she grabbed my hand and led me out of the stall, a lady fixing her hair in the mirror saw us come out of the same stall together and looked shocked. We both laughed and walked out of the rest rooms.

We went to the place were they were hiring rooms and got a room for 2 hours as my flight left in 2 Ĺ hours so if we were going to do something we had to do it now. As soon as we got into the room we both almost jumped on each other like wild crazed animals. I unzipped the back of dress and started sliding it off as she undid my fly. Somehow we made it over to the bed taking off bits of clothing as we went. Laying her back gently onto the bed she pulled me down with her, my mouth went directly to her delicious firm breasts that I had been starving to have between my lips and flick my tongue around since we met.

I started moving my hands over her body, her hips, her ass, thighs then sliding inside her thigh to feel her pussy getting hotter and moister by the second. I looked up at the clock and thought if I wanted to do her right I better get it on but also allow time for me to tease her so she cums hard. I started rubbing her clit ever so lightly and kissing her thighs, hips, belly and up to her nipples taking one in between my lips and rolling and flick my tongue around it. With a loud protesting moan she pushed my head away from her breasts and down towards her pussyÖ. Saying, " Baby pleaseee Iím so dayum hot". I ignored her plea and moved my head up so I was facing her and looking into her eyes and before she could say another word I started kissing her sliding my tongue in her mouth slowly. I could feel her hands on my back pulling me in closer and lightly scratching me with her nails, which was slowly starting to turn me on. She rolled me over on my back and started sucking my neck which is my most sensitive spot, immediately sending me crazy I started rotating my hips so our clits were grinding together in the same rhythm.

Feeling her juices mingle with mine and her hips slightly shaking out of our rhythm knowing that she was on the verge of cumming I gently rolled her onto her back and made my way down slowly to her pussy placing little hickies and kisses as I went. Rubbing her clit with my thumb with faster rhythm and sliding my tongue around her inner lips exploring the depths and crevices of her pussy then stabbing my tongue in and out quickly at the same rhythm as my finger. Changing angles and started flickering my tongue around her erect pulsating clit taking it between my teeth sucking, nibbling and licking it while I slid one then two fingers into her wet pussy and started finger fucking her then alternating my fingers and tongue faster. She pulled my head closer into her and screamed "Oh myÖ godÖ. Mamita" I could feel her tense up, wrapping her legs tightly around my back and screaming 'Ella, baby, Iím cummingí. Then releasing her beautiful sweet juices into my mouth I slowly withdrew my fingers and licked them up slowly.

Resting my head on her belly I looked up into her eyes and she had this big smile on her face and said in that sexy voice of hers "Come 'ere Mami". Resting my head on her shoulder we just held each other tight and lay there for awhile. I lifted my head and looked at her and said 'You know Iíve never done it at an airport beforeí she giggled and said 'Me neither but just imagine what it would be like in an airplaneí I burst out laughing and looked up at the clock. Then jumped 'Shit babe my Plane leaves in 40 minutes and I have to board in like 25í. With a sad look on her face she said 'Wish you didnít have to goí. I felt like saying me neither but I was in love with the Georgian girl and not Jacqueline so instead I just said 'Aww baby youíre so sweetí. I stood up and suggested we both have a quick shower together so our lovers donít wonder why we smell like wet pussy. She laughed at that and took my hand as I helped her stand up then led her into the shower and gently lathered each other with soap kissing and washing each other all over.

We got dressed and walked to the gate where my plane was leaving from, I showed the lady my ticket and she handed me my boarding pass. I looked at Jacqueline with a sadness in my eyes and said, "Well I guess this is goodbye for now."
She took me in her arms and said with a pout "I really donít want you to go I wish you could stay here with me."
I kissed her forehead and replied "Come on now hun if could stay you know I would but I canít do the wrong thing by my girl and neither can you with your man."
She looked down and said "I know, I know I just wish, you know thatÖ"

Then the voice came over the speaker 'passengers for the 321 flight to Atlanta this is your final boarding callí. I gave her a big warm hug and a kiss on the cheek and said "Iíll call you soon and tell you when I can arrange to come back to Los Angeles again and we can meet up, ok?"
"Ok," she said with a sigh then looked right into my eyes and said, "You better cause I want you so bad now Mami."
I smiled mischievously and said "Oh really well then Iíll make that a promise then."
She smiled then kissed me quickly on the lips and said, "Well Mamita, time for you to go huh?"
"Alight take care speak to you soon ok?"
"Sure bebe, you have fun with your girl, have a safe trip and try and call
me when you get a chance," she said.
"I sure will and thanks."
"Nooo thank you Ella I really had a good time today and I hope to be able to return you with the pleasure one day very soon".
I winked at her and said "Mmmm well bye for now."
She winked back "Yes bye for now sweetie!"

While walking through the ticketing gate, a sudden pang of guilt hit me, what had I done? Not only had I cheated on my girl but also leaving Jacqueline there because I wanted to go for another round of making passionate love. Sitting down at my seat I tried to clear my mind so I decided to put on my walkman and relax then as if by coincidence Billie Holidays song 'Georgia on my mindí came through my ear phones. Deciding that I had to try and put things into perspective I let thoughts enter my mind 'what the hell was I doing with my life? How could I truly be in love with this woman in Georgia that I just cheated on and have never met? While Billie sang on in the background I decided that when I got back to New York Iíd start off on a clean slate.


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