D. Tobereal

6 PM Saturday Evening:
Big city traffic jams are a pain, I hate being stuck in one and I cannot wait to reach my destination....

{20 minutes later}..."Well it's about time you get here, the food's already on the grill." When she's not being fecicious, she's really sweet. "Nice to see you too Princess," I respond. Then she gives me that smile, making me weak in the knees, "I'm just jokin Deb, can I have a hug?" We greet each other (as usual) with a smile, a big hug and a sigh of relief that I've arrived safely. "Let me go make sure everything's okay" she runs out back while I fall into a familiar routine, making my way upstairs to unload my baggages. The smell of scented candles fill the air, and as always her townhouse is uniquely decorated. Some rooms reflect her soft and sensuous side (the living room and dinning area) while other rooms reflect her "living on the edge" side (both bedrooms). However, a common theme felt throught the whole place, no matter which room you're the feeling of love, warmth and life.

In the middle of unpacking, I happen to glance out the window and am stunned by such a panoramic view. Princess looks too d*mn good for words. She's wearing a gold and black chiffon dress and standing under the glow of soft lights against the backdrop of a moonlit bluegreen lake, surrounded by various types of beautiful trees. At this moment I consider myself to be very blessed to have her in my life. She is my special friend, I love her dearly..."Debbie where are you at?"....and she's impatient when she's ready to eat. After hurrying to freshen up, I head outside to finish grilling. Serenaded by smooth jazz, we chow down on steaks, fresh corn on the cobb and a garden salad. Often times, oblivious to others around us, we thoroughly enjoy each other's company. Luckily, tonight there is no one else around... just me, her, a moonlit lake and the picnic table. A few hours pass and we realize it's getting late, time to clear away leftovers and clean up. We get the job done in a timely fashion so that we can get back to "chattin."

Princess insists that we take a walk by the lake. She says that it was part of the appeal when considering where she wanted to live. I can't help noticing her beautiful skin, her eyes and the way she looks standing by the lake. Her vuloptuous breasts and hips are accented by that dress, fitting her to perfection. Her hair is soft brown with just a touch of highlight and her lips say "KISS ME."

Under a starfilled sky she leads me to the waters edge, we see our reflection. Music fills the air as we walk and talk. Then gazing into my eyes she ponders this question "shall I tell you my fantasy Debbie?"  Uncertain as to how I should answer her, I take a gentle deep breath before responding "only if you want to Princess, only if you trust me enough." Without hesitation she replies.."What are talking about woman? You know I trust you Deb...if I didn't, you wouldn't be staying in my house. I love men and you love women. Just having you here opens me up to all kinds of scrutiny from others. But I trust you Deb." "okay princess....then tell me." Now blushing, she turns beet red "oh my goodness...okay ...I wonder what it would be like to make love outside under the stars by this lake. Wow!! that's some fantasy..." But princess what happens if you and your partner are caught?" "Deb you know I love romance and I love taking risks. It's just a matter of timing." I'm thinking, it's also a matter of going to jail if anybody sees you! Yet, it does sound romantic and the right partner could make it happen if Princess would only let ME! *s*

We both smile and gaze up to the sky. "You're not saying anything Deb, what's going thru your mind?" She should learn to leave well enough alone. "Deb, what are you thinking? I'll never tell..."Deb, do you wanna kiss me? H*ll Yes I wanna kiss her! Catching me off gaurd, she leans in and kisses me on the lips. I pray when this is over, she'll take me by my hand and lead me back to shore. Giving in to our own emotions we find ourselves in each others arms and in no time we've got a full blown tongue kissing thang happening. Hoping that this will lead to more unexpected surprises I look around for a secluded area to continue our "discussion" (wink) and I find one....right next to the picnic table. Princess allows me to lead her to the spot. At the same time, I take a quick peek to assess whether we're about to be busted. Not another soul in sight; just me, her, a moonlit lake and the picnic table. By now my hands will not be still and feeling her breasts against my chest ain't making it any easier. I want to massage her nipples...I have to....I don't want to wait another second. She tilts her head slightly to the side so that my lips can find her neck and cleavage...and they do. Running my left hand fingers thru her hair, my right hand will not be denied her nipples. Princess loosens her dress so that my hand can have free reign inside...and it does. My lips began to thirst for breastmilk and princess willingly consents to satisfy.

Stopping just short of her nipples, I deliberately suck all around them. By now Princess is trying in vain to maneuver her breasts so that at least one of her nipples is right over of my mouth. I tease her but only for a short while. My hands are now on automatic scanner, seeking treasures down under. With one bold move, I slide my right hand up under her dress while holding those round buttcheeks in place with my left hand. If I can just find an easy way to get her d*mn panties off, she's mine. As my hand gets closer to never never land, I'm amazed to feel the unexpected... my index finger slides right into her hidden valley and I discover SHE'S NOT WEARING ANY PANTIES!!! Spreading her legs, juices are flowing. Her pleas for me to suck her breast intensify.... "Baby pleazzZ.... pleazZZ Baby"... and finally I'm ready to cooperate. My lips and tongue take hold of her nipple and I began sucking as if my tongue is on fire and she loves it. Switching back and forth between nipples drives her crazy and my fingers detect an immediate increase in the size of her zone. With every finger stroke she loses it more and more...."ssssSSS...ooOOOHH!!.....Feels so good Baby!!.....oooOOOH!!..."

Timing is everything....and I keep reminding myself, if I don't find a way to go deep SOON the moment will be gone forever. Realizing that I've got to get her in a vertical position as quick as possible, I look around for a solution... that's when I find it...THE PICNIC TABLE!!! Throwing caution to the wind, "Princess I want you right here, right now...we've got the moon, the stars, the lake and the picnic table" We walk together towards the table, she begins to undress...and I AM STUNNED!!  Seeing this fine woman standing before me in all of her naked beauty nearly causes me to trip! Quickly she helps me out of my shirt and pants....I'm looking around again trying to make sure all is well. Still no one to disturb us and the loving continues. In a flash, that cat is on top of the picnic table with her legs spread open waiting on her fantasy to become a reality, while I'm witnessing to the melody, "LAWD HAVE MERCY ON ME, I WAS BLIND, NOW I CAN SEE....WHAT A {QUEEN'S} SUPPOSED TO BE, BABY I FEEL FREE, COME ON AND GO WITH ME..."

I position myself on top of her, she wraps both arms and legs around me and we're at it again...Yes, tongue kissing like it's the last kiss we're ever going to have. My thighs are hot, her thighs are sizzling. What I wouldn't give to make this night last forever BUT I CAN'T!! It's time to rock babygirlz world. My tongue races for her zone by way of her stomach. Once my mouth circles her feverish "sally," Princess cannot hold back her emotions..."ooOOOHH Sh*t Deb!!!.....ooOOOHH Sh*t!!!"...her body moves with the determination of a woman who wants to please as well as be pleased. Her flow has the feel of Chavez Regal. Her smell is intoxicating.... it's the smell of a woman dipped in honey. Using my shoulders to support her elevated legs, her zone sits up to greet me and my tongue needs no introduction. This is the moment, my tongue is cocked and ready...I plunge right into her, stroking her at the speed of light....ooOOOHH My G..!!!  OOOOHHH!!!... ssSSSSSS!!..OOOHHH!!...YESSSSSS!!! We hang onto the smooth edges of the picnic table, it begins to rock as we reach our climax, backyard lights come on next door then.....
Suddenly, my concentration is broken by the sounds of horns....and people ME!!!!..."HEY LADY, EITHER STOP DAYDREAMING OR PULL OVER AND PARK YOUR CAR!!! Oooops, I'm caught daydreaming and this time I'm holding up traffic. Checking my watch, it is now 6:45 PM confirming that I've been sitting in traffic for 45 minutes. My cell phone rings "Deb, where are you,  what's taking you so long?" "I'm on my way Princess, I should be there shortly."

Like I said, big city traffic jams are a pain, I hate being stuck in one and I can't wait to get to my destination!


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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