This is a sequel to My SPANISH MAMITA

Anna B

I arrived in Atlanta at about 7:30pm and was feeling quiet relaxed but guilty about what had happened with Jacqueline back at the LA airport. As I walking through the gates I saw my Georgian girl Takesha standing there smiling nervously. I walked toward her slowly and gave her a big warm hug then we stood apart just staring into each others eyes. She looked down at my chest then looked back into my eyes smiling. “Whattt?” I said curiously as she traced a finger up the buttons on my shirt. I looked down and saw that I hadn’t done up all of my buttons and a bit of my cleavage was hanging out. Opppps, I thought to myself. She grinned and said, “I thought you said you wasn’t the type to show off cleavage?” I smiled and said, “hmmm well I wanted to see if you could maintain eye contact.” We both laughed and started walking towards the bag collection area.

The 8 days I spent with Takesha were nice, but I guess we didn’t really connect like we had while chatting online. So before flying back to NY the following day I sat her down and told her how I was feeling, she was upset because she had felt a connection but knew that I wasn’t really there 100% mentally and emotionally like I was when we chatted before we met. We promised to remain friends and keep in contact and see if we could start off on a new foot as she thought it might just be a shock for me coming home to America after 6 months in Australia to jump right into a relationship. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted but thought I'd just give it sometime to think it through before I made any decisions.

Considering I'd decided before I met Takesha that I”d start off on a clean slate without meeting women from online nor ones that I”m not on the same level spiritually and mentally.

Once arriving back in NY, I had 3 weeks too settle back into daily life before going back to work at the Community Center where I worked as a Social Worker with Gay and Lesbian Youth. I owned a large two-story house with 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and 5 bedrooms with a lovely private studio upstairs and a vegetable and herb garden in the back yard. Tracy, my best friend of ten years moved in to look after my cats and garden. Also because her and her girl Cleo needed a place to stay after they got kicked out of their apartment for making too much noise. Since the house was so big, I let Tracy and her girl stay down stairs permanently as long as they were clean and helped me pay the bills etc. I still had my own space upstairs with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, my studio, a lounge room, and dining room. It was good having Tracy live with me as she worked at the Center as the Coordinator and helped me re-familiarize myself with the new system and Co-workers at the Center.

Tracy had been telling me about this African Womyn named Oshun, who was now working at the Community Center as a traditional African dance teacher three nights a week.She was apparently the most attractive woman anyone had ever seen, (those were Tracys words) with braids past her ass and a very lovely smile. None of the Gay or Lesbian workers at the Center could work out if she was Lesbian, Bi or Straight and all the studs who passed by had tried flirting with her and had all failed. With some even joining her dance classes just to watch her shake her ass to those ancient African rhythms.

Tracy and a colleague were organizing a Queer spoken word night at the Center on Saturday night, the weekend before I was due to go back to work. Tracy tried to get me on the list for getting up there and reading one of my poems but I refused as I didn't feel confident to get up in front of a group of people and read out my poetry which was fairly personal to me. Tracy mentioned that she had she invited Oshun to this spoken word night so I better be there or miss out on seeing what she said as the most beautiful womon she had laid her eyes on and the best night ever.

Tracy and I went along to the night but her girl Cleo couldn't come, as she had to work. Tracy was the Mc for the second half of the night so until then she sat with me in the 3rd row back from the front of the stage. We sat there chatting away until the hall filled up. As Tracy was mid way through a sentence she stoped, gasps and looks up and with her eyes wide open and her mouth open looking up like she”d seen a ghost in the row in front of us. I followed her eyes to where she is gazing and saw the most beautiful womyn I”ve ever seen, that had this presence/vibe about her that seems to affect the whole room.

Guessing it must have been the woman Tracy had mentioned before, the African dance teacher that she invited. This womun fitted her exact description. Long braids down past her ass that swayed over her shoulder. As she took off her body length leather jacket, she threw her braids over her back and rested her jacket on the chair. It was like slow motion her movements in a movie or something. Oshun, saw Tracy looking dumbfoundedly at her so I elbowed her in ribs to get her to snap out of staring so rudely.

“Hey Tracy,” she said with a wicked smile.
“Errrrrr Hhhi Oshun....good to see that you made it here,” Tracy stuttered.
“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world,”she purred in her oh so sweet African accent.
“Well I”m glad you’re here, have you met Ella yet? She works here as a Social worker but has just come back from Australia after 6 months work.”
I smiled shyly and took Oshun’s hand in mine and shook it slowly. Feeling how warm she is slightly turned me on. I let go but she still held my hand for a little longer and says, “what lovely artistic hands you have.”

“Well I've been told that I’m very good with my hands,” I said as I feel my face warm up. I looked away shyly. She smiled at me as if she knew exactly what I was thinking then sits in her seat. Tracy is cracking herself up laughing at me and whispers in my ear, “I told you gurrl that woman can make a sistah moist just by looking at ya.” She laughed at me again and then turned around to speak to someone she knew.
The rest of the night is a blur to me, as I can’t get the feeling of Oshuns hand in mine, out of my head. I haven’t had anything to drink but can’t seem to focus on anything then all of a sudden my train of thought is distracted. Tracy is no longer sitting next to me but standing up on stage saying, “Come on Ella come up here and read us one of your poems.” I’m looking straight at her shaking me head and looking really pissed but all she does is say, “How many of ya’ll would like to hear Ella read one of her famous poems?” Everybody is clapping and Oshun turns around and says, “Go on Ella let me hear one of your poems.” That was all the encouragement I needed. So I decided I’d read the poem that I wrote about a Goddess and a Lioness called “In the Jungle Tonight.”

Tracy passed me the Mic. I whispered to her, “Womun, I’m gonna get you for this” she gave me a cheeky grin then walked off stage. I closed my eyes and opened them again, took a long deep breath then started reading poem a bit hesitant in the first few lines but I let the poem take over my mind and let the words flow out of my mouth freely. When the poem was finished I bowed then parted the stage with applause and whistles following. I hugged Tracy and smiled thanked her and told her I was going outside for a bit for some fresh air. She smiled and said "See I told you, you weren’t going to regret this". I laughed then walked through the backstage door to get some fresh air. As I was walking past where Oshun was seated to see what her reaction was she wasn’t sitting there so I figured she must have left half way through my poem. With a bit of disappointment I walked outside the hall and sat on the steps. The spring air was so nice and refreshing, I closed my eyes and relaxed but before I could properly relax I heard footsteps walking up behind me.

I looked up and saw Oshun smiling at me.
“I really liked your poem Ella,” she said as she sat close to me on the step.
“Thank you, I don’t normally read my poems in public but think I”ll have to do it again one day maybe.”
“Yes, you should, I’d really love to hear some more of your poems sometime.”
I smiled “So are you going to stay around until the end of night,” I asked
“No, I’m afraid not I actually on my way home but I’m glad I got to tell you how much I enjoyed your poem.”
“Oh, thank you. Well, I better not be keeping you if you have to go, then,” I said sounding disappointed with a pout.
She winked at me and said, “Well you can walk me to me car if you like, just as long as you promise to get that pout off your face that”s makin me feel guilty “
I laughed, stood up and held out my hand and said, “It would be my pleasure to escort you to your car Oshun”

She took my hand and stood up. When we began our walk in the direction of her car she interlocked her arm with mine and smiled. Hmmmm I thought to myself this Oshun is definitely at least bi if not 100% lesbian. When we reached her car we stopped and looked at each other and by the look in her eyes it looked as if she wanted to do me right there in the car park.

She lifted my chin and then planted a soft kiss on my cheek then said, “ Ella, thank you so much for kindly escorting me to my car, I better go now but will probably being seeing you on Monday afternoon since I have a class that”s starting at 5pm”. Then she unlocked her car and got in. She wound down her window and held out her hand I took it in mine and leant down to kiss it then said, “Well I look forward to seeing you Monday afternoon, Oshun” letting go of her hand. She smiled mischievously and drove off. I stood there for a moment daydreaming wishing that she”d invited me to go home with her. Damn I thought shaking my head back into reality, remembering the promise I had made to myself to get my life back in order before I even looked twice at another womun again. But I couldn’t help it. It was like Oshun had this spell over me with her beauty, her touch, her warmth, the look she gave me when Tracy introduced us and the essence that surrounded her.

I walked back inside to my seat to listen to the last speaker. It was a shame that I had missed most of the night but I didn’t mind anyway. Tracy and the other Mc did the thank you's and wrap up of the show with a promise for another spoken word night. The crowd clapped then slowly dispersed from the hall seeing a few familiar faces like a Shaquana a young dyke I had helped after she got kicked out of home.Her parents didn't approve of her lifestyle. I tried to stop her, but was unable to catch her eye. I sat there and waited until Tracy was ready to drive home. Smiling to myself I started thinking about Oshun again, I closed my eyes to remember clearly the way she had said my name and held my hand when we met.

“Hey Ella...Ella!!!!” I heard Tracy yell
“Huh what”“ I looked up and saw Tracy beside me as she collected her things from the seat next to me. “Oh, sorry I was daydreaming”you ready to go”“
“Yeah I’m ready”“.. Who were you daydreaming ‘bout ?“ she said teasingly
I got up and put on my coat. “No one you know” I replied coyly.

All the way home in the car Tracy kept on trying to guess who or what I had been daydreaming about. Finally she got it out of me and I told her about what happened with Oshun. She laughed at me and said “See I told you that she has a profounding affect on womyn” I had to laugh along with her agreeing but thinking that hopefully I will get to find out just how profounding she can be.

It was finally Monday morning, the first day back at work and also the day I'd be able to get to see Oshun again. All Sunday I couldn't stop thinking about Oshun and seeing her again. I wanted to get to know her a whole lot better not just sexually but intellectually and spiritually too. I want to know what made her tick I sensed even from just speaking to her briefly that we instantly had a connection on many different levels. So with a gasp I stepped out the door and drove to work thinking that I needed to focus on the week of work ahead and leave thoughts of Oshun till 5pm when I finished work.

The day went fairly quickly with being briefed on the new system and the new programs that were being run and what my duties and tasks would be as the new Gay and Lesbian Youth Social Worker/Councellor.

I looked at my watch and it was already 4:45pm, time to pack up my things and hang around in the reception area to 'run into' Oshun on the way to teach her Traditional African dance class. I decided to chill with Ruth the receptionist. She's such a cutie and is also a Scorpio like me. Before I went to Australia and was working here we always had a lil flirting game going on. She had her haircut a bit like Missy Elliott”s and I always use to tease her saying she was a wannabe missy. So I always called her Miss Ruthy. We chatted for awhile about nothing in particular then Tracy walked past us on her way home she asked:

"Ella, are you ready to go home”"
"In a minute, so I'll see you there aiight"...she smiled at me and said "ahh I know who you waiting for. Well I'll see you when you get home then"
I just rolled my eyes shook my head and said " Yeah whatever.... See you soon ". She laughed then said " Bye Ella bye Ruth"
After she walked out, Ruth asked, " So who is this person you are waiting for”"
I smiled, then hesitated. "Well..."
But before I could tell her that I was waiting for Oshun. Oshun walked through the door and said "Hi Ruth...........Oh and Hello Ella, I thought you might have gone home already!"
"Errrr no I was just having a chat with Ruth before I went home and also hoping that I would be able to chat with you again" I said with a charming smile.
"Oh really" she says " Well you are welcome to come in and help me set up the room for my class if you”re not in a rush to get home"
"Sure, that would be great, maybe you could even show me some of ya dance moves"
We all laughed and Oshun and I walked towards the classroom. Ruth grabbed my wrist, and whispered ''Ahh so that”s who you were waiting for huh" I smiled and nodded
"Yes but shhhh" and winked back at her "Seeya later Miss Ruthy"
"Ok, see you tomorrow Ella"

I walked into the room where Oshun's class was and shut the door behind me. She looked up and smiled at me as I helped her lift a desk to the side of the room. There was a kind of a comfortable silence in the room. As if we were communicating without words, just our vibes twirling around in the room, circling each other like to hungry and horny animals easing in for the kill but in this case easing into the sexual tension which once again was building up.
Finally she broke the silence, "So Ella may I ask you a direct question...of course you don’t have to answer it but since meeting you I haven’t been able to get you out of my head".

"Sure go ahead" I said.
"Are you a single “" she asked a bit shyly
I smiled to myself, then thought for a moment....hmmmmm so maybe now I will find out whether she is bi or lesbian. "Yes I'm single....but recently ended a very short relationship"
Her face lit up when I said single then changed into a sympathetic smile "I'm sorry to hear that Ella, although I'm glad to here that you are available" she said seductively.
I looked down at my feet embarrassed and when I looked up she was standing in front of me, she looked at her watch then back at me.

"Well Ella, my class starts in about 10 minutes but I would really like to talk to you again”
"Yes so would I, I've been wanting to talk to you since the other night"
"Is that so, well why don't you come over to my place after class on Friday evening for Dinner.... I could cook you a meal like I had back home in Liberia and maybe you could share some of your poetry with me"
I smiled "That sounds great, I wouldn't miss it for the world Oshun"
"Well why don’t you come over at around 8pm so I can make it home from class and get our dinner ready"

Friday afternoon had finally arrived and I couldn’t wait for that night ahead when I would finally get to sit down with Oshun and get to know her. I had been waiting all week for this, titillating about what might happen.
I packed up my things and locked my office door and walked towards the door before I opened it I heard Ruth calling my name.
"Hey Ella”"
I turned around to see what she wanted
"Yes Ruthy”"
''Just wanted to let you know, in case you were waiting around for Oshun that she called earlier and cancelled her class but said to tell you that tonight is still on but at 7:30 not 8"
I smiled "Oh thank you very much..... I guess she must be keen to see me huh”" I said with a laugh.
"Hmmm" she said with a lil pout "Didn’t know you two were dating"
"Oh no we”re not dating, she just asked me over for dinner,” I said trying to make it no big deal
"Well I guess you better be going then Ella, if ya wanna be ready in time"
"Yeah I better be going, thanks for passing on the message and have a lovely weekend"
"You too Ella and hope you have a great night.....See you back here on Monday and don’t forget we have our Monthly Meeting at 9:30am....seeya"
"Thank you Ruth, I'll be seeing you then.... Bye!"

Once I got home I took a long hot bath in Vanilla scented bath salts from the Body Shop that I got back in Australia and once out of the bath I put on Vanilla body lotion with talcum powder subtle yet complex scent not too strong. I wore my tight black button fly hipster pants along with a deep ocean blue blouse, a gold chained necklace with a shape of Africa with a lions head on top of it with two rube jewels as its eyes. I quickly called Oshun to confirm that it was 7:30 and her address.
I stoped by at the bottle shop and bought a bottle of Merlot (rich and flavorful) which would do nicely with a home cooked meal. I found her apartment with ease and parked beside her black Honda Super.

She greeted me at the door with a wooden spoon in one hand and an apron on over her loose pantsuit with an African design scarf over her hair to keep it out of the way as she cooked. We briefly hugged and she moved aside to let me through the door. The aroma of the food cooking, the flowers on the dinning room table and her exotic perfume were a most overwhelmingly turn on. I asked Oshun if she need any helped but insisted that I sat in the lounge room until she had finished cooking and welcomed me to put on some music for us to listen to. She went back to the kitchen as I skimmed her Cd collection. She had phenomenal taste- Miles Davis, Tracy Chapman (my favourite), Erykah Badu, Nina Simone, BB King, Angelique Kidjo, Ali Fakatura and more. I was surprised that our tastes were so similar, I decided to put on Tracy Chapman”s cd ''Telling Stories" as it was my favourite album with songs like ''give me one reason'' and ''at this point in my life''. I then sat down to enjoy the music until she had finished cooking our dinner. She came in half way through the first song and said

"Ahhhh nice choice, Tracy Chapman is one of my favourites."
I smiled at that "Wow, really, mine too "
She sat on the sofa beside me and said "Well I just have to let the curry simmer for a bit and then it will be ready for you to feast on" she said with a sly wink
"Mmmmmmhmmmm............My appetite is wet at just the thought Oshun"
"Oh my my, is that so Ella”" as she rest her hand on my thigh.
"Mmmmmhmmm" I said again and took her hand in between mine and gently rubbed it with my warmth.

We looked into each others eyes for awhile then she took a deep sharp breath of arousal and said, ''Ella I better go and check on our dinner I don’t want it burning."
I slowly let go of her hand as she stood up, quickly kissed me on my forehead and then walked off towards the kitchen. I sat there as Tracy sang on her soulful tunes.
"Ellaa" I heard her call
I stood up and walked towards the kitchen "Yes?"
"Come here and let me know if this curry is too hot for you so I can add more coconut milk if it is" I walked into the kitchen and stood next to her. She put on hand under my chin as she put the spoon against my lips. I lightly blew on the spoon the licked the spoon like imagining dipping my tongue into her “Oshun”. All while maintaining eye contact with her. It tasted so rich and flavorsom "Mmmm that”s lovely Oshun"

"Not too hot."
"Nuh uh I like it hot and that’s perfect" she smiled at me as if she was thinking I was implying something else...and of course I was lol
''Good, well you can do us the honors and pop this lovely bottle of Merlot you brought us" she said as she passed me the corkscrew.
I screwed it in then put the bottle between my legs and popped out the cork. All while she watched me through the corner of her eyes as if she was thinking how her hands could be between my legs. I smiled to myself and said "Our Merlot is now 'popped', now would you like me to pour you a glass"

"Sure" she says '' Why don't you go and sit at the table and make yourself comfortable and light the candles"
Oh my, I thought it’s been awhile since I've had dinner by candle light she must definitely mean business.
The dinner was lovely, she made a traditional Liberian Curry with Rice with good conversation and Miles Davis swooning on in the background. Although we were only half way through our second glass of Merlot I was starting to feel more than a little horny.

We decided to go and sit on the sofa were we could relax and talk some more with the rest of the bottle by candle light. All night the sexual tension has been building with subtle, seductive and suggestive comments, I thought I was about to crazy but managed to keep my cool. We were talking about something to do with fate. Then we both just stoped talking and stared into each others eyes for what seemed like hours as if I was in a trance.... I lightly brush my hand against Oshuns' cheek as we moved closer. She leaned her face closer to mine and we start kissing slow and kind of playfully hesitant as if we were both trying to stop getting lost into one another. The sexual electricity was too much so slide my tongue slowly between her lips as her tongue joined mine. The kiss became very passionate and heated. We wrapped our arms around each other and I thought I was on the verge of cumming and by the way she was running her hand through my short dreds so tightly she was too. Then all of a suddenly she stoped and sat back a bit from me, I was shocked with my eyes wide open with a 'why the phuk did you stop' look on my face. She sighed and said 'I'm sorry Ella I don’t feel ready for going this far with you just yet''

At that moment I was so sexually frustrated I didn’t know what to say so there was a brief silence while I organised my thoughts and said disappointedly '' Hmmm, that’s ok Oshun, I respect that but dahm, I so hot now. I think its best that I go home''
We agreed that we both needed some space to think about this thing this attraction we had for one another which was good because I hadn’t even planned on meeting someone let alone getting into a relationship just after meeting them.

On Monday morning we had our monthly staff meeting for the entire Center including the part time workers like Oshun. I was officially welcomed back to Center and then it was onto the agenda of how the programs was progressing and if anyone had any issues to bring up. Once the agenda was taken care of the Chairperson brought to our attention that two workers from the center were invited to a Conference about GayLesbianBiTransgender of African/African American Diaspora that was being held in 2 weeks time that would go for 3 days. The Co-ordinators and Manager had agreed that 2 workers would be going with accommodation and transport being paid for. Then after all the details, they told us that Oshun and I were nominated for representing our organisation As I had experience in social work area with African/African American, Indigenous Australian people and Oshun for her experience in teaching African dancing and languages to African and Native American students. We both agreed to go, so it was set 2 weeks time we would be flying to DC for the conference.

I was happy and excited that I had been nominated to represent the Center for a much needed topic of conference but at the same time dreading it. As Oshun would be there and I needed more time to evaluate my decision on relationships even though I definitely knew I was attracted to her.

In those 2 weeks leading up to the Conference I didn’t get a chance to talk to Oshun just a couple of times passing each other as I was leaving to go home and she was arriving to go to her dance class with a wave and smile. It was Friday and our plane was leaving on the Sunday afternoon so we would be spending 4 nights and 3 days in DC.

I decided to call Oshun that night to organise getting to the airport and what she was going to talk about at the conference. Since Tracy was giving me a lift she accepted the offer for us to pick her up to instead of her having to pay some crazy amount for taxi fare to the airport.
So it was all set Tracy and I would pick up Oshun on the way to the airport at 2:30pm.

We arrived in DC and caught a taxi to our Hotel where would have to share the same Hotel room. As we walked through the door I noticed that there was only a single bed and a double bed. With the single bed in the corner and the double bed in the middle with a television. So I thought I might as well have the single bed to keep her happy. Only problem was that if I want to watch TV at night I'd have to sit on her double bed to watch it.

The first two days of the Conference pretty quickly with early mornings and just grabbing a take away talking briefly then falling asleep so we wouldn’t be exhausted the next day. On the third night we decided to go out to a real restaurant and relax, as tomorrow was the last day of the conference and it didn’t start until 11am. We chose a lovely Italian restaurant where we actually got to relax and talk about what had been our minds the last 2 weeks about this attraction we had for each other. We agreed to take things slowly and become friends” first then see if we are truly ready to take the next step. Even though I knew that this was the right thing to do, I still couldn’t stop my scorpionic hornyness from wanting to make love with her and from the way she looked at me I knew she was thinking the exact same thing. We decided to walk back to our hotel as it was a lovely warm night and it was only a few blocks away.

When we got back to our room it was about 9:30pm I got changed into my nightie with no panties.We decided to watch this documentary on TV about the Congo so of course we lay on the bed together with a sheet covering our legs. Every now and then she would 'accidentally' brush her foot up against mine, we didn’t really talk that much we just seemed to be trying to concentrate on this documentary or rather keep our hormones from jumping on each other.

I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew I felt the sheet lift up by my feet and then my legs being spread apart slowly. I thought I had to be dreaming. All of a sudden I feel her lightly kiss up the inner parts of my legs ever so lightly then gently sucking and nibbling my inner thighs. Immediately I open my eyes a little to make sure I'm definitely not dreaming this. No it is real. I feel her breath against my hot pussy and whispers to me barely audible ''Mmm Ella you have beautiful wet pussy there that's just begging for some attention'' as she kisses a trail up my belly to my hard nipples that gives me goose bumps of anticipation. She takes one of my nipples in her mouth and lightly sucks it as she squeezes the other gently between her thumb and forefinger.

Then whispers seductively in my ear this time "So what'll make you really wet” Will my tongue push as far as it'll go inside you work or would I have to use my fingers and let my tongue massage your clit instead” Will that make you wet, Ella”"

I can only moan in response to her teasing whispers. It reminds me of that reggae song that goes " you aint nothing but a teasa, a dirty dirty teasa... I love the way you boogy-woogy, but you ain't nothing but a teasa..."

She lightly kissses my neck then says "God I want to kiss you all over Ella. Never letting an inch of your body go unkissed". She’s got me in a trance just like the night we met at the Spoken Word Night all I seem to be able to do is moan '' Mmmmmmmm, yesss Oshun''

She made a trail of kisses down to my belly and whispered again '' Woman I wanna be buried between your legs and never come up until I'm drowned in your juices''

The more she whispered to me the wetter I seemed to get. I hadn't even cum yet but I seemed to have more than enough pussy juice to make a 3 course meal lol.

Finally she places her mouth upon my pussy, slow licking around it like her tongue is acquainting itself, exploring it, her tongue ran all over my pussy except my clit that was screaming to be touched. I spread my legs further apart but still she avoided my clit that was begging for some good old suckin'. I managed to moan ''Please Oshun'' She looked up at me briefly and said 'please what' before returning to slowly tongue fucking me. With a frustrated moan I lifted my hips off the bed and grinding them against her tongue so it was right on my clit. She licked sucked flicked and stroked my clit until I was on the verge of cumming ''Oh god'' I moaned ''OSHUN BABY I'M GONNA CUM''. With that she slide two fingers in me as I came so intensely it felt like I had reached Nirvana. Moaning'Oshhhun Oh Oh Oshunnnnnn!!!!' Leaving me totally pussy whipped.

She rested her head on my belly with both of us catching our breath then I say 'Oshun come up here I want to finish that kiss that we started that night at your house”. She slides her body up until our breasts are against each other breasts and pussy against pussy, we start kissing passionately like we haven’t seen each other in years. As our sweat and pussy juices mingle I start rotating my hips so our clits are grinding together. She starts rotating her hips like she would when dancing to those ancient African beats, I grab her ass and we both cum at the same time. She lays her head on my shoulder saying 'Oh my god that was so good'.... I say seductively back to her ''What makes you think we are done yet Oshun..hmmm....come up here and sit on my face".

She almost cums at the thought of it, as she slowly lowers her pussy over my face and for a moment I let her juices just drip into my mouth then I pull her down so her pussy is right on my mouth. I pull her closer so her pussy is just within tongues reach and very lightly breath against it to make her anticipate what’s about to happen, I then lick the crease where one of her legs joins her pussy then make a trail all the way up the inner crevice of her lips then just below her clit then back down the other side of her pussy . I slowly slid my tongue just inside her pussy then out again then she moans impatiently "Come on now Ellaaa, Pleasssee " as I feel her grab my head with both hands and pull my mouth right onto her pussy. I laugh to myself thinking I'm not going to give into her begging that easy even though she sounded so sexy when she said it. No I was gonna tease her too and it was my turn to be the 'Teasa' and damn did I sure love to get a womon to beg.

Once again I slide my tongue inside her pussy but this time I let it linger inside her moist pussy for moment then out. I make a trail up to her clit then circle around it then slowly flick over it knowing that’s where she wants me I decide to tease a little more. I start tongue fucking her until her hips are bouncing off the bed then I take her sweet clit between my lips and start sucking it until I feel about to come with her legs shaking around my shoulders I stop for a moment and enter two fingers into her wet pussy and start sucking her clit harder and harder. All while slowly finger fucking her she suddenly trembles and moans almost yelling "Oh Ella Ellllllaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmm wooo''

I take my fingers out of her so I can taste her sweet juices and start rubbing her clit with a wet thumb and licking all over her pussy until she comes again and again. I move up so my head is resting on her belly to catch my breath. ''Ohh Ella, if I knew you was this good I wouldn’t have stop kissing you the night at my house''

I smile to myself thinking 'well good things CUM to those who wait' as I started sucking one of her nipples.

We made love until dawn with the sun coming through the curtains that hadn’t been drawn. We just lay holding each other and enjoying the moment of the sun rising. I held her as she fell asleep in my arms and thinking what the future might hold with Oshun but somehow I thought this was just going to be a one off thing. Although we have a connection my gut feeling says that in this life time we will only ever be friends. Like that Erykah Badu song 'I guess I'll see this fine Goddess next life time'. I decided for the moment to put that in the back of my mind and just fall asleep in the arms of this sweet African Goddess. Thanking the powers above us that I had finally found out just how profound she is.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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