Michelle W.

_____It was just one of those days, you know the kind that you just can’t wait to come to an end. I’m sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in ninety-degree weather and wouldn’t you know my air conditioner is on the blink again. I’m sweating my butt off in this suit and silk blouse. The trucker beside me is trying to catch a quick glimpse of my legs as I hike my skirt up around my thighs. I begin to give him a free show when finally I get to my exit and take route 95 north towards home. My 87 Acura Integra is up to 75 mph. I’m in the fast lane hauling ass just so I can keep the hot air circulating inside my car. Hot air is better than no air I convince myself while I wipe sweat from my brow. I pull up fast behind a guy on a motorcycle, a Harley I think but I’m too concerned about passing him to get the full picture. The speedometer dropped down to 60 mph and so has the breeze coming through my window. I should be concerned about my speed but the heat is unbearable. If I get two more points on my license it’ll be suspended. Maybe I should invest in a motorcycle. The wind in my hair and the road beneath my feet sounds like a better trade off then being surrounded by this hot metal cage. I tell myself to get real because as soon as the first bug hits me upside the head I’ll loose it for sure. I can’t stand the thought of them splattered across my car windshield, never mind across my face. My ex says I’m such a girly-girl, I guess she was right.
_____“Oh, well!”
_____I pop in an Alanis Morissette tape. Looking over my right shoulder I’m singing, better yet yelling “it’s like ray-e-ain” as I slide over to the middle lane and zoom by the Harley. Ten more miles and I’m home to Avalon Hills in Columbia, Md. The needle easily moved back up to 75 mph and I’m on my way until I hear a loud God-awful noise over Alanis and a rumble sound beneath me. Damn, this can’t be happening. I pull over to the shoulder and get out of the car. As I walk around to the passenger side I see that the back tire is torn to shreds.
_____I’m standing there trying to figure out what in the hell to do next because just like the a/c my cellular phone is broken too. I dropped it in the toilet two days ago and the new one is supposed to be delivered today. I run my fingers through my boy cut yet very feminine hairstyle. It’s exactly like the one Demi Moore had in that movie “Ghost”. If Demi could pull it off than so can I. That’s about as butch as I get. The last thing I know how to do is change a tire and I definitely wasn’t dressed for it. While I’m still standing there in disbelief shaking my head trying to will the flat tire to inflate itself I hadn’t notice the guy on the Harley pulling up behind me.
_____“Alanis Morissette, right?” The biker says while walking up. Finally I come out of my trance of “what the hell am I gonna do now” and realized that someone had stopped to help.
_____“Alanis Morissette, I love that album.” The biker continued.
_____“Oh, yeah right. I’m sorry I didn’t realize that the radio was still blasting.” I leaned in the passenger window and reach over and turned the ignition off. As soon as I did that the thought occurred to me that my ass is in plain view of this biker to see me in all my glory. The “Ally McBeal” skirt I had on left absolutely nothing to the imagination. I eased out of the window and took a closer look at the biker. This biker wasn’t a man but a beautiful woman. When she took off her helmet long beautiful locs fell down around her shoulders. I was floored maybe today will be a good day after all. At least it wasn’t the trucker that stopped.
_____“Looks like you need some help.” She said.
_____ “I’m sure glad you stopped because I don’t know a thing about changing a flat tire.”
_____ “No problem just pop the trunk and I’ll fix it in no time.”
_____The biker took of f her gloves, placed them in her helmet and walked to the trunk. This time I opened up the passenger door and got in to reach the trunk release button. I checked the rear view mirror and saw that she already started searching for the jack. I quickly checked my make-up only to realize that my eyeliner was doing it’s own impression of Tammy Faye Baker. I fussed over my hair a bit and smoothed the wrinkles out of my skirt before she noticed and got out the car. That’s when my stockings got caught on a screw and tore a huge hole down the right side of my thigh. Perfect.
_____I walked towards the back of my car to see what progress was being made. Standing behind her I noticed how fine this sistah was. I’ve always been a sucker for locs and women with some meat on their bones. Thick and with a little pouch is how I like ‘em. She was wearing a black muscle t-shirt, showing off her toned arms and bronze skin. Her jeans were torn at the knee and unlike my stockings that was considered fashionable. I sure hope she’s a lesbian I’m thinking. There’s no need working myself up in case she isn’t. The way my day was going I wouldn’t count on it. I’ll just chalk this up to a pleasant distraction and make conversation instead.
_____“That’s a nice bike. Have you had it long?”
_____“No, I just got it yesterday. I’ve been saving all year for it.”
_____“It’s a Harley right?”
_____“Yeah, it’s a 883 Hugger. It’s my new toy. Do you know much about bikes?”
_____“No, not really it’s so loud and usually the loud ones are Harley’s.”
_____She laughed and said she was finished. Standing she stretched her back and turned around to face me. “That should get you home safely until you can get a new tire.” She said. “If you like I could follow you to your exit. I live in Baltimore and I’m taking 95 north all the way so it wouldn’t be a problem.”
_____“Hell yeah you can follow me.” Is what I wanted to say instead I said.
_____“No, that won’t be necessary you’ve done enough for me already and I wouldn’t want to trouble you any further.”
_____“It wouldn’t be any trouble I’d love to help a pretty lady such as yourself out. Where do you live?”
_____O.k. I must have been out in the heat to long. Either I’m hearing things or she just hit on me with her fine self. She just stood there smiling and watching me blush with her gray eyes.
_____“I live in Columbia.”
_____“That’s not far. I’ll follow you and then I’m on my way home. By the way we’ve been out here for at least 45 minutes and I don’t know your name.”
_____“It’s Nicole.”
_____“I’m Vernise but most of my friends call me V.”
_____“Nice to meet you V.”
_____I decided to take Vernise up on her offer to follow me. I got in my car and she on her bike. We merged into the work traffic and headed towards my exit. Normally it was only a ten-minute ride. But, in this traffic and with the donut on my car it took twenty-five minutes instead.
_____ I felt guilty for having her follow me so I waved her off the ramp along with me. We pulled along the shoulder and I got out the car and asked her if she wanted to get something to eat. She agreed and I lead the way to the “Macaroni Grill” down the road.
_____We were seated right away just in time to beat the dinner crowd. Vernise excused herself to the ladies room to try and get some of the dirt and grease off her hands. When she returned I already took the liberty of ordering a bottle of Beringer’s for us and politely excused myself to the ladies room. Once I got in there I took my torn stockings off and threw them away. I dumped my purse on the counter and got busy. I washed my face, applied fresh eyeliner and lipstick. My silk blouse was sticking to me from the perspiration so I took it off. Luckily I had a cute lacey camisole on underneath. After I freshened up I threw everything in my purse and headed back to the table.
_____Vernise appeared to be very comfortable. She was eating from a calamari appetizer that she ordered for us and sipping wine. Maybe I took longer than I thought.
_____“Sorry if I took a little longer than expected.” I said apologizing.
_____“No problem. I can appreciate a woman who takes care of herself.” Vernise said.
_____The waitress took our order and we talked to get to know each other better.
_____She’s lived in Baltimore all of her life. Owns a hair salon, a home on the West Side, just turned thirty-three and admits to being a kid at heart. She use to style hair at her salon up until last year. That’s’ when her ex Ann ran off with a customer who was a college student at Coppin State. Ann was the one who took care of all the financial aspects of the salon, ordered products, balanced the books and kept the girls in line. But V rightfully admits that she should have been the one taking care of those things a long time ago but she just wanted to do hair.
_____Now she’s focused on her business and shares her home with two Labs named Sasha and Nico. She has not dated anyone since Ann left eight months ago and says that strangely enough she still loves her. “Great just what I wanted to hear.” But to my surprise V quickly makes it clear that there is no chance in hell for them to ever be a couple again. “There’s hope for me yet”.
_____All through dinner I’m thinking “Wow” this woman has got her act together. She knows what’s she wants and goes for it. I’ve never dated a woman over thirty before but this woman had me wide open and I wanted to know more. Here I was dating my peers and getting nowhere fast. I had just grown tired of the games and the club scene. A sistah was ready to throw the towel in.
_____When we finished eating and the bottle of wine was gone the waitress asked if we wanted to order dessert. I was stuffed from the salad and scampi I’d eaten and V was full also and ordered a cup of coffee instead.
_____“So, Nicole I’ve talked all through dinner and the only thing I know about you is that your twenty-five and live in Columbia. Tell me a little more about yourself.”
_____“Well there really isn’t all that much to tell. I work in telemarketing and attend evening courses at the University of Maryland. If all goes well in two years I’ll be a CPA.”
_____“That’s great and I’ll be your first client”. We laughed and Vernise finished her coffee. I paid the bill and we left the restaurant. In the parking lot Vernise thanked me for dinner. I insisted that it was the least I could do to repay her for fixing the flat. It was obvious that neither one of us wanted this encounter to end. And there it was, that awkward pause. Vernise broke the silence and asked for my phone number.
_____“Hey, Nicole if you’re not seeing anyone I would love to take you out.”
_____“No, I’m not seeing anyone.”
_____“A friend of mine is having a cookout tomorrow afternoon. I thought maybe I’d take you to brunch first then we could hang out until the cookout.”
_____“That sounds like fun I’d love to go.”
_____“Great, can I have your number?”
_____Before Vernise could finish her sentence I had already whipped out a pen and a scrap of paper to begin writing. I wrote my home, cell, pager and work number on it. “O.k. so maybe I was a little pressed. But when opportunity knocks a sistah like me will answer.”
_____It was almost noon and I was still running around trying to put last minute touches on my make-up. I knew V would probably show up any minute so I hurried. When the doorbell rang I ran down the stairs and stopped at the mirror hanging in the foyer to check my hair one last time.
_____I opened the door and to my surprise V was stunning, glamorous even. V had her locs pulled up into one twist. She was wearing an off the shoulder white cotton peasant shirt with ruffles around the edges. A turquoise choker with a silver cross dangling from it. A floral printed mini with a low-waist belt and a pair of high-heeled open toed mules. Not to mention her face was done up like she was shooting the next MAC ad for Viva Glam. I have to admit I felt a little disappointed. I was used to being with women more butch not to mention the only diva.
_____V just stood there trying to read my facial expression.
_____“Were you expecting someone else?” She asked.
_____“Ah! no, please come in.” I stepped aside and let Vernise in.
_____“Here, these are for you.” Vernise said as she handed me a bouquet of flowers.
_____“Thank you. I’ll put them in some water.” I excused myself momentarily to get a vase for the flowers. Once I found a nice place for them I retrieved my purse and we were on our way.
_____O.k. now on to the date…
_____V took me to a nice outdoor cafe in downtown Baltimore. It was a clear sunny day not a cloud in the sky. The two of us were getting along great. We sipped on champagne with star fruit and munched on pecan cake with orange glaze. Then I had to open up my big mouth.
_____“You know V you look different from yesterday. I was a little surprised when I answered the door this afternoon.”
_____“Different how?” V said knowing exactly where the conversation was leading.
_____“Well, more aggressive.”
_____“Oh, aggressive here I’m thinking it was an age thing. Nicole if that’s what you’re in to…”
_____“No, no don’t get me wrong it’s just that I’ve never dated anyone as feminine as me before is all. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just yesterday with the motorcycle and the muscle t-shirt I’d never peg you for a fem.”
_____“Listen its no big deal. I just don’t get caught up in the labels. Yesterday is what I call play clothes. I had the day off I was relaxed and enjoying myself. I’m the type of woman that dresses for comfort, style or whatever. It all depends on how I feel. Today I wanted to look nice for you. What, you don’t like what I’m wearing?” She said looking herself over.
_____“No, that’s not it. I think you look beautiful.” I’m sorry I didn’t mean to mess up brunch. Really I am sorry. Can we start over?” Trying to smooth things over I reached over the table and took Vernise’s hand in mine.
_____Vernise smiled and said. “Sure it’s not a big deal. Come on lets get out of here and go back to your place until the cookout starts.”
_____At home Vernise parked the car and retrieved a small bag from the trunk. I had gone ahead inside the house, lit an incense, opened some windows and the balcony door. There was a nice breeze flowing all through the house. Shortly after Vernise entered carrying her bag.
_____“What’s in the bag?”
_____“Just play clothes for the cookout later.” Vernise said winking. “Where is your bathroom? I’d like to freshen up before we go.”
_____“Go up the stairs and it’ll be the first door on your right.”
_____“I’ll only be a minute.” Vernise said as she headed up the steps.
_____“Take your time. I’ll open up a bottle of wine.”
_____I decided to change also and slipped on a cute little denim dress with spaghetti straps that tied behind the neck. I slid on a pair of my favorite soft white slouchy socks, headed back downstairs and opened the wine.
_____When Vernise came downstairs she notice that I had set the mood. India Arie was crooning “Ready For Love” on the c.d. player. My feet were propped up on the sofa and my head was thrown back over the armrest. Lazily I swung my wineglass back and forth while humming the words with my eyes closed. I didn't hear Vernise come downstairs.
_____“I see someone’s a little tipsy.” Vernise said while she poured herself a glass of wine.
_____I opened my eyes and V was standing in front of me with her dreads hanging, wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a “wife beater”. I sat up.
_____“Maybe a little. I’ve never had champagne this early in the day before.”
_____Vernise sat down on the sofa. “Well in that case I guess I should take full advantage then.” She said admiring the cleavage showing from my low cut denim sundress.”
_____I started to giggle feeling a little giddy. “So that was your plan all along.”
_____“Sure, I just ride around the freeway looking for pretty women with flat tires, take them out and get them drunk.” She said jokingly. “But, seriously we still have two hours to kill until the cookout. Is there anything else you want to do before we leave?”
_____“I have an idea.” And I leaned over and kissed Vernise square on the lips. Vernise backed away slightly. I guess she wasn't expecting it. Damn, I hoped I wasn't moving to fast.
_____“Is there something wrong.” I asked.
_____“No, I’m sorry it’s just that you caught me off guard is all.”
_____“Good because I’ve been dying to touch your dreads all day.” I placed my wineglass on the coffee table and turned towards V.
_____I grabbed Vernise’s face with both hands, drew her near and asked. “Is it alright if I kiss you again?” Vernise complied and we engaged in a passionate kiss. Slowly I inserted my tongue into Vernise’s mouth and lazily sucked on her bottom lip. I played in her hair and kissed her deep. Vernise began to warm up and caressed my bare shoulders.
_____“Nicole your shoulders are so sexy.”
_____“That’s a first, I never considered my shoulders sexy.” Nicole said.
_____“Well, they are. Lay down on the couch and let me give you a massage.”
_____I quickly downed the rest of my wine and laid face down on the couch. Once I was in place Vernise straddled her legs across me.
_____“I’m going to start from the bottom and work my way up.”
_____She pushed up my dress just below the curve of my butt and untied the straps of my dress.
_____Vernise massaged my ass with both hands and to her surprise she noticed that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. She grabbed and squeezed each cheek and kneaded them like dough. Her hands moved to the small of my back and she could feel me squirm a little. Vernise gently sat on me and began to grind on my ass. The feeling of the silky cool shorts on my bare ass drove me wild.
_____“Oh! damn. It feels like your packing something juicy in those shorts.”
_____“Shhh! Just relax and let me take care of you.”
_____I have absolutely no problem with that. It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone pay attention to my needs. Like I said before when opportunity knocks…
_____My ass began to twitch. I couldn’t contain the urge to come. You know that feeling where your pussy begins to tingle and you squeeze your legs together tightly trying to last longer. But you soon find out it only works for so long. You let loose a little moan that lets your partner know that you’re ripe. Damn that’s how I was feeling and all this from a massage. Who knew? Just as I’m thinking I can’t take any more of this V turns me over and kisses me. Her mouth is hot and my nipples are hard begging for attention. She cups my breasts with her hands and pulls on my nipples. Another moan escapes me, this one louder than the last. If this woman doesn’t fuck me I’m gonna pass out. My dress is rolled up around my waist and the top half is pushed just beneath my breasts. Every touch and kiss is more intense than the last. I’m just about worked up in a frenzy and wet as hell. V is driving me mad and enjoying every minute of it. I can tell from the look in her eyes and have a strange feeling she’s just getting started.
_____Finally she kisses me on my shaven mound and my pearl is there to greet her just from underneath. Her tongue moves ever so slowly down my pussy being very careful not to brush against my treasure because she knows I’m not ready yet. Instead she sticks her tongue in me and flicks it a few times. Then she licks me and licks me until my chest and stomach heaves up and down. I yell “put your fingers inside me, PLEASE.” But she ignores me and continues.
_____At this point my eyes pretty much rolled into the back of my head. Her tongue found my spot and was firm. I rocked my hips to urge her to quicken the pace because I was a few strokes away from bursting. But she wasn’t having it. It was her show and she wanted me to know it. She slowed the pace even more. I tried to sneak a quick one and squeeze my legs together. V just parted them even wider licking from my ass to my clit. “Oh! My God.” I swear I was about to stop breathing and explode when she stopped and told me to turn over and get on all fours.
_____I’m leaning over the back of the sofa. My ass is up in the air anxiously waiting to see what was going to take place next. Both of my legs tremble from anticipation. I’m more than ready for release and pretty sure this is the position for it. V got undressed and climbed behind me onto the sofa. She rubbed the inside of my thighs that are now dripping wet. Then I feel the pressure of her body on me and she enters me. “Oh, shit! She’s wearing a strap on and from the feel of it it’s just as thick as she is. I grip the edge of the sofa and close my eyes. Each thrust is hard and powerful, a few knocked me off balance but V quickly adjusted and put me back in the saddle.
_____“I’m not hurting you am I.” Vernise asked.
_____“No, I’m fine don’t stop.” Nicole struggles in between moans.
_____Damn this sistah is aggressive yet sensitive. I ‘m loving every minute of this. I back up into her to match her rhythm and take it all. V smacks me on my ass and to my surprise I cum instantly. I’ve never been smacked on my ass before and the shear shock of it put me over the top. We both collapsed on the sofa. Gasping for air we both lay there holding each other sharing soft kisses.”
_____The candles were still burning and a mixture of gardenia and sex filled the room.
_____Needless to say we didn’t make the cookout. Instead we went upstairs and spent the rest of the evening together.
_____ That was a little while ago, it’s been two years now and I truly believe that I’ve found my soulmate. I am the happiest I’ve every been and have her to thank for it. Oh! by the way did I mention that we’re pregnant? Yup, six months and counting. Now, I know what your thinking. Your thinking that my feet are swollen and I can’t wear all of my cute clothes anymore. Wrong. That would be V, you see it turns out my sweetheart was more of a girly-girl than I was.
_____When her and Ann were together they had planned to have a baby through artificial insemination by a friend of theirs. But as you know Ann ran out on her. So, when she came to me and expressed that she wanted to have a baby I was all for it.
_____I got my degree and help run the shop for V and we are now in the process of opening a new one downtown. Yeah, we’re doing real good V and me. Just think I almost messed it all up by getting caught up with labels. She’s who she is and I love her for it. Well, I gotta go someone needs her feet rubbed.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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