Lady Scorpion

Della had been kinda reclusive for a minute. It seems her lady played her big time...she'd been juggling 6 or more ladies all aquatinted with each other. When the truth fell in Della's lap she wasn't vindictive, she didn't want to cause Cathy any pain she didn't love like that. But she was soooo hurt and lost she had allowed this womyn to knock down walls she had built up over the years because of game. And the one she allows in turns out to be the biggest game playa of um um she felt stupid, dum, blind, and used! Oh Ms. Cathy knew her craft too damn well! For every question Della had Cathy had an excuse.

So one day after internalizing and reflecting she realized it was not her fault nor her doing she started opening up again and making new friends and bonding with old ones. One of the old ones was her first and greatest love. Melika was there in every way for Della. Even during the time Cathy should had been trying to heal her. But she supposed when you were as busy as Cathy with her jugging act hey someone has to get left out! And so her journey of living life begins again. She hadn't broken up with Cathy because under the circumstances she felt there was nothing to break up! She would always love her the saying goes she loved herself more.

One of the sistahs Della had been speaking with was a military womyn. Della has a thing for studs in uniform. Lawd lawd lawd she could just melt from it. Danielle or Dani as she preferred was a fine ass womyn but Della had kept it friendly up until she found out about Cathy's gaming her.

Dani knew of Cathy's rep. and wondered how in the hall she caught and then fucked over a gem like Della!! Her thoughts upon encountering Della was this is a womyn I would treat like a queen! She's feminine, classy, short and double thick, the face of an angel, hair below her shoulders (hers) shit she was eye candy! And Dani wanted her bad but figured if all Della can handle is a friendship right now she would be that to her. But making her the lady in her life was on top of her things to achieve list.

Della really liked Dani but she refused to move too fast. She had made that mistake with Cathy and look what happened! Never again!! Now Melika was another story altogether she was Della's first love and the only reason if Della was honest with herself that she walked away was because Melika was too over protective and Della felt stifled. But this womyn had never cheated on her and loved as deeply as Della loved and that was with everything in her! In reestablishing their friendship old flames flared and Melika was coming into town to see Della so she would know once and for all if what they felt in the beginning was true. If they were destined to be?

They day finally came and Della was putting finishing touches on the house. She knew something was up because though her and Melika had almost been together for 10 years she had butterflies in her stomach!! Like it was a first date! Mel could always make Della melt like butta baby ;) !

She went to pick up Melika at the airport, she had truly out did herself tonight. It was a cold evening so she wore her suede Marlboro ankle length coat, suede boots, a suede mini skirt and a low cut criss cross chocolate silk blouse. Hair pulled back in a ponytail make-up done to a tea her thing was to accent not cover the face. she brought a book and sat waiting for Mel flight to arrive. She was oblivious to the male attention she got but she could smell a stud from 10 paces!!! She liked looking at them and loved them to look at her. A natural chemical reaction she thought.

They announced Mel's flight so she closed the book and waited the buttaflies doing cart wheels this run. She was watching for her when felt this kiss on her cheek! she'd been so intent on the escalators she had paid no attention to her surroundings. Not a good thing in her profession of law. Mel sat next to her and all thoughts of a conversation flew out the window! Mel purred hi baby and Della was gone!! Mel looked her over and smiled damn baby you look goodddddd! Her head lowered and she smiled shyly so do you Mel! Mel turned her face towards her and kissed her. She laid her head on her shoulder and caught breath!

Della? Yes Mel? I need you now baby please don't make me wait!!! They checked into a near by hotel, got the penthouse ordered room service and chatted for a while. Mel realized Della was nervous and wanted her at ease. She had never made love to a womyn as passionate as Della before, or as giving and this was an all or nothing trip! she was going to ask Della to marry her....After they ate Della went to run Mel's bath when she walked out Mel was standing...come here Dee-Dee....yes poppa? Shhhhh just feel baby let me show you us!!! She slowly peeled Della clothes off till nothing but her skin was in sight! She wrapped her arms around her waist and groaned. Girl you feel sooooo good to me!!

Della looked into Mel's eyes then make love to me baby. I need it, I need you!!! Hell that was all the invite Mel needed! She walked her to the bed and kissed her form head to toe and then some. She kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, then last but never least her lips. By the time she reached Della's pussy Della was so wet the sheets were soaked. She opened those luscious thighs and kissed the juncture of thigh and pussy....then s lowly like a cat to cream she sipped the juices of this lovely creature laying beneath her crying out her name and moaning her acceptance that they were a couple they will always be together. Della's ass raised off the bed as she started to cum Mel slowly began to finger fuck her and nibbling on her clit.....Della screamed out her cum......Yessssssss poppa fuck me good baby....fuck it like you own it baby pleaseeeeeee awwwwwwwww fuck it fuck it fuck ittttt.....ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! They held each other contained but not yet contented.

That next morning Mel asked Della to marry her....

And they are back together....


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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