After getting over my initial fear of entering into a lesbian night club so close to home, I really did enjoy being in D.C.'s night club, Hung Jury. After all, I figured I'm 38 years old, at some point in time I have got to stop being afraid of who's going to see me out.

So, I'm standing there with this great view of some of the finest black women I have ever seen in my life. Tall, short, thin, heavy, dark, light, you name the type and they were there. Because the weather was so nice for a late September evening, most people were very scantly dressed. Being tall used to get on my nerves when I was younger, especially when it came to boys. Tonight, however, it felt comfortable. I could see every fine woman that strolled in the club, lit a cigarette, or took a sip of couvosier.

I saw sistas dancing slow to fast music. I watched as chocolate lips tasted carmel lips. I could see across the smoke filled room two sistas playing pool and jokingly accusing each other about cheating.

This is the life, I thought. Somehow, I still felt sad and distant in this atmosphere. Still caught up in my own sorrows, my own confusion and my own longing. I still missed my ex, Denise. I could close my eyes and still feel her. I could reach out and still touch her. I could lick my lips and still taste her.

Distance was really the culprit and our demise, I thought. It was at that very moment that I decide that I must put her in a very special place in my heart, lock and deadbolt the thoughts and feelings and move on. After all mourning the dead has never caused a resurrection.

It was at that very moment that I turned to my friend, Jackee that I noticed this sista, this queen, and this fine specimen of womanhood. Words escaped me, and that never happens. I could feel myself blush and I couldn't breathe. There were hundreds of women here but none like this one.

Jackee, I whispered. What she said, slightly distracted because she was scanning the whole club and I think that I interfered with her scanning. I motioned to the sista next to her. "Oh my" she said approvingly and as if I had never said a word to her, she went right back to scanning the club and it's occupants as if she were on a mission with the United States Government. I could tell that Jackee was going to be very little help to me tonight.

I looked past Jackee so that I could get a better view. Her hair was flipped up in the back and standing there she sort of reminded me of Nia Long in Love Jones. As she held a drink in her hand she looked comfortable and elegant and beautiful and sexy and...... all those things that I want. I knew at that very second that she was it. She was Miss Right. Now, how do I meet her?

After a night of loud and thumping music finally, a slow record was on. Oddly enough it was Luther Vandross. I thought this is so strange........ Luther? As much as I love Luther and God only knows hearing him sing "Let me hold you tight" was the ultimate in my book of love songs, it was far from the latest hits.

O.k., I said to myself, ask her to dance. What if she says no, this other little voice chimed in. Being the Aries that I am, rejection at this point could send me into some kind of coma that I would never wake up from. Suddenly I noticed she had moved. Now what? I could have just died. I felt my heart sink. I really wanted to meet her and now she's gone.

As if there was somehow an answer to my unannounced plea for God to have made sure she was still at least there, she appeared. She had made her way to the bar behind me. With the song almost over I had given up on dancing with her and instead thought, I just want to talk to her.

It was fast approaching 1:30 a.m., which is the bewitching hour for my still married, yet very gay, co-pilot to D.C. Jackee tried to be very respectful to her husband and did not want to get in to late. I sometimes felt sorry for her position. How sad it must be to be married to a man who feels like your brother and long for the touch of a woman.

Anyway, fearing that Jackee was going to want to leave soon I felt my time to meet my "Love Jones" was now. As I approached the bar I could feel my heart beat so fast that it felt as if it were going to explode. I walked past her and stood behind her. I felt like I was in a scene from some old Humphrey Bogart movie.

I moved closer to her. She has to know I thought. There is no way that she can't feel this vibe. It was flowing from me like waves that flow from an orgasm. She smelled good. She must have just come from the hairdresser. The smell of revlon hair spray and a Perry Ellis scent mixed to draw me in as if it were some type of seductive trap.

I could not escape her. Her beauty, the way she smelled. Finally I touched her arm as if to ask directions. I laughed to myself at the thought. Do you mind if I ask your name? She smiled and right then the entire club lit up. It was as if she walked over and turned on every light. Her bangs fell right into her eyes and she was without a doubt the sexiest woman I had every seen. Her black top was low cut and I could see such a deep cleavage making it's way to the top of it.

Finally, she answered me. I couldn't hear because of the music. As fate would have it, she would have to get closer to me and all but whisper it in my ear. Her name was Nina. Now this is too weird, I thought. All night I had been comparing her to Nia Long in Love Jones and her name turns out to be Nia's character.

A barstool became available and I asked her if she wanted it. She replied very softly that she would rather stand. Between the fact that my shoes were hurting my feet, my purse was to heavy because Jackee had stuck all of her stuff in my bag and just the fact that it had been a long day, I welcomed the opportunity to sit.

As I sat on the stool she was somewhat standing between my legs. Every time we would speak to each other the gap between us tightened. The sides of her legs and her shapely behind drew closer to the place I wanted them to be.

I knew that I had just met her but she was everything and she had everything that I desired. With her beauty already established, I quickly learned that she had a degree in philosophy from Howard University, would be 29 in two months, drove a white 1999 Acura and didn't smoke.

Does it get better than this I was thinking? She then told me that she worked on Capitol Hill and wanted to go to law school. This is what I had been hoping for. This was a person that could bring more to the table in a relationship than constant request. In other words, she didn't seem like the type that would be taking me to the bank, again!

Without thinking, without worrying about the consequences I asked her if I could have a hug. She completely turned around to face me and without hesitation she put down her wineglass down and put her arms around my neck. With my arms between her mid-back and waist I hugged her. It seemed like forever and forever is how long I wanted to embrace her.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was Jackee. Not to interrupt, though she was, "I gotta roll." Yeah I know I said. As much as I didn't want to let go of Nina - I did.

We both must have been sweating because our hair was matted on their respective sides. Adjusting our hair we both glanced at the mirror for its approval. I don't want to leave I said, she nodded in a sad but gentle reassuring way.

As Jackee and I walked to the car, we didn't say much. We were both reflecting on some significant event or person that we had encountered that night. It dawned on me; I don't have her number. This is crazy, how could I have spent this unbelievable moment with this unbelievable woman and not have any way to reach her?

Jackee, we have to go back I said "for what" she questioned. We have to go back I said, I don't have her number. As we raced down the street many thoughts began to engulf my mind, did she leave? Is she now talking to someone else? What if she said I couldn't have it?

As I stuck my right hand under the infra red light to show the club stamp that I had received earlier, I felt someone brush up against me. Slightly annoyed at the fact that this person didn't say excuse me and was obviously still standing there. I turned only to see Nina smiling at me. Back so soon she asked. Still standing there in some sort of comatose state I felt Jackee's hand on my back. She asked you a question, she nudged.

Can I call you? I felt like an idiot, it sounded dumb to me. I felt like I was 17 and was standing outside of my junior class dance. She handed me a sheet of paper as I opened it she whispered that she knew I would be back. At that, I closed the paper and stuck in my jeans pocket, hugged her and walked out into the brisk night air.

"Girl you are trippin", I heard Jackee's voice interrupt my thoughts. I said you are trippin, you were looking at that chick like you just saw Santa Claus. We looked at each other and suddenly busted out in a roar of laughter. Let's go, I motioned, let me get your married self home before you turn into a pumkin'.

That night, as I lay in the bed, I thought of her and I wanted to call but I wasn't sure if I should. I mean it was almost 3:30 a.m. by this time. She had mentioned in our conversation that her mother was staying with her temporarily while her house was being painted. She never said whether she was still there.

Alright, I rationalized, here's what I'll do, I'll let the phone ring 2 times and if she doesn't pick up I'll hang up. Hopefully, I will not disturb Mom and prayerfully she will not answer the phone. I memorized her number, cut out the light and slowly and deliberately dialed her number as I felt around the keypad.

"Hello babe" I wondered if you would call tonight. With this unbelievable sigh of relief I said, Nina I want you. Shit, I thought and I never curse, I didn't mean to say that. I mean I thought it but I didn't want to say it out loud. How do you know she asked sounding unfazed by the question? It's like what the book the Celestine Prophecy talks about. Knowing without knowing, believing there are no coincidences and I felt myself getting ready to slide into the dissertation about coincidences and suddenly something made me stop. What did you just say I asked? I want you too, she said.

The phone fell silent for about 60 seconds, finally I snapped myself out of a very sedate yet seductive trance. I didn't want to ruin the moment by any other words, so we both agreed to say goodnight.

I had a conference out of town and left early the next morning. With all that was going on, I had inadvertently forgotten Nina's phone number. She is going to think I'm just full of it I thought. She doesn't have my cell phone number or my home number, now what I thought?

Sitting on the plane remembering her words, her voice, her eyes, her lips, I began to make out the numbers from the small piece of paper that she had given my the night before. One by one they popped in to my head 555-534? What was the last number? As a lack of sleep began to takes its toll, the last number popped in my head and after writing it down I could finally fall off to sleep.

I awakened forty-five minutes later feeling refreshed. It was seldom that I did more than a power nap to compensate for lack of sleep. I really wanted to talk to Nina and I wanted to talk to her now. Sitting on the last row of the plane with nobody next to me had its advantages. I quickly grabbed my Visa and swiped it through the receiver. After a few minutes of connection problems, Nina answered the phone.

Was last night a dream she asked? Not unless we both managed to have the same dream I said. The next 25 minutes was filled with re-capping what had transpired the night before. I'll be back in two days I told her; can I see you then? Without hesitation, she said yes and we made plans to meet at my house.

I stayed home that day to prepare dinner for her. She must be pretty special I thought, as I make it a rule not to cook for women. As I thought deeper about it, I guess it was because, to me it was something very special. It takes a lot of time to prepare a good meal and so why should you waste that on just anybody was sort of my philosophy.

When she arrived I felt that I smelled like smoke, as I had decided to grill the filet mignon. I asked if she minded if I took another shower real quick. When I came back downstairs she had already sat the table as if she had been there many times before. I hope you don't mind she said. Suddenly, I could feel every part of my body tingle, just looking at her standing there folding napkins.

By this time, I wanted to hug her so badly I could feel her skin touching me and she was across the room. As I moved toward her she instantly put the napkins down and we evolved into this full embrace. She moved her head so that her lips were close to mine. I could feel her breath on my face. As I closed my eyes I could feel her tongue on my lips and then I could taste it in my mouth.

She was such a passionate kisser I thought. My mouth remained moist from her. It felt good, she felt good. I'm sorry she said, that was too soon. This seemed weird to me because I felt like I had known her a lifetime.

Dinner went well, I think. She seemed as if she enjoyed my cooking. Nina helped me to wash dishes at her own insistence and we constantly found reason to touch. I know that I brushed up against those tight fitting jeans more than two or three times. Each time it felt as if she stopped what she was doing to also concentrate on the feeling we both derived from it.

After dinner we moved to the basement to watch a movie. By this time it was getting late and I questioned if she wanted to do this at another time, after all we both had to work tomorrow. I just want to be here with you she said and we proceeded to the basement to watch Love Jones, what else?

After putting the movie in, turning the lights out and turning the fireplace on, we snuggled together under a purple comforter. At first it seemed like we were miles apart. My attraction for her was so great that I had to be closer to her. I move closer to her because she was just so inviting. As I moved closer to her, she moved up and allowed me to place my arm around her.

As the movie progressed I began to run my left hand across her thigh. I could feel her reaction to my touch and wondered if maybe I should stop. I didn't want things to move to fast. After all this was somewhat of a first date. But the smell of her perfume entranced me, the sound of her voice captured me and I wanted to kiss her - no I needed to kiss her. My mouth felt empty without her lips being closer to me.

As I was doing all this major thinking about what I should or should not do, an interesting part of the movie was on and we both turned to say something about it. Her lips were so close that I could smell her kiss. Yet and still I did not move. Sometimes it is just so nice to be so close and not do anything but "feel it" and I was feeling her.

I let her talk about the scene first and during this time we still had not kissed again but remained close. As she spoke about the scene I thought that this really could be the one. Is my search over? Can I finally give all my love to one person and know that they were giving all their love to me?

As the second movie started we were both tired but she didn't want to leave and I didn't want her to go. I lay on the coach and she lay in front of me. She then snuggled close to me and I placed my arms around her and kissed her on her shoulder and with this, we fell asleep. We woke up the next morning holding on to a future that was destined to be!


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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