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September 2002 to August 2003

Forever by Glitter
Love can last a lifetime.

All Good Things, Never Are by The Kymster
I think anyone has the right to do what he or she wills with their body, but when you mess with someone's heart, that's when things get complicated.

Call Me Liz by Camille Johns
I also find you very attractive and would like to get to know you better. . . on a personal level.

Damn by MikaSexU
She looked my way and I knew that I had to know her on some level.

Discriminated by Taneigha
Her chest rose and fell as I brought her to the very place she pleaded to be all of her life.

. . . finally her body succumbed to her desire.

Love Left Unspoken by biprincess
You would pull me against your body, while gently moving my hair from my neck. I would feel your hot breath teasing me.

The Storm by Sommer Raine
Her lips wrapped around the succulent berry and the chocolate ran its course down her chin.

Tell Me What You Want by Symphony64
She's thick every where God intended and just feisty enough that you want to make love to her the first time she debates with you.

The Show by Mohannie
I then whispered in her ear, "Baby, I want you so bad. I'm so wet right now."

The Outing by Madison
You need to decide if you want to be with me or just be my friend.

A Day on the Green by Sommer Raine
She kissed my neck hungrily and began blazing a trail of kisses along my neck and shoulders.

A Lesson Learned by Taneigha
Oh my God Ty, what is happening to you…why are you acting like this….why?
*Warning: Depicts Domestic Violence*

Curious by Toni Wild
I could tell I made you wet when I walked in your class that day.

I Have To Go by Slanted Beauty
There she stood, chocolate with a hint of red with tears streaming from her eyes.

Jamie by fantasyx3
I was melting. I had a need to have something more inside me.

Jaye And Koko by Femme Hypnotik
Before I could finishing my sentence KoKo's tongue was in my mouth, and her hands were between my thighs.

On That Night by Cashazznjuice
I was not yet ready to say goodnight to her. I wanted to prolong this as much as possible.

Reggie by Nykki Graham
. . . this girl had me wanting her so damn bad and I was gonna get that piece of ass tonight.

Royalty by Soulsister
Erin was under her spell again, for some reason she just couldn't put up a fight.

Searching by Slanted Beauty
She straddled me and decided to give me the most erotic lap dance I have ever seen . . .

A Good Story and an Even Better Plot by Northcoastgirl
I can hear soft moans and the sloshing wetness of her pussy against her hand

Caramel Delight by Monica
Start off with a very wet kiss to Daddy's lips.

Cherri's Cafe by Ms. Ashley
If you keep up this act, you'll be lonely, for the rest of your life.

Foolish Acts by CeceBoo
She backed me to the bed and as I sat her breast were right to my eye level.

Getting Late by DebonairVersatility
. . . come into the bedroom and that's where you'll find me, waiting patiently.

Homecomin' by Bliss
The touch of her thick, wet lips on my skin sends surges of pleasure throughout my entire body.

Just for Me by wykydjd
"Would you like me to stay the night?" D finally asked.

No Easy Way Down by SkyeRose
She had a strong island accent and my panties were loving it.

Tamya's G by SkyeRose
My body shivered as I saw her moving towards me.

The Boutique by CA Lindsey
It is our purpose and desire to help our sisters obtain full and heighten sexual pleasure . . .

A Nice Break by Ann Azure
Be my girlfriend. I know it's a little sudden, but it saves us time and drama.

Anticipation by Ku'u Lei
the candle light on your skin gives you a glow of a goddess.

Darkness to Sunlight by Senia Moore
she touched me in ways that I have never been touched.

Nights Like This II by Glitter
As soon as she was sure that I was secure and comfortable, she was on me, raising my legs high . . .

Penetration by Mohannie
"Damn Girl," Dre sighed as her woman continued to worship her breasts with her lips, tongue and fingers.

Summertime by Blakk Rain
I'm so aroused - I can hardly stand it, but I do.

Then again by EroticDicotomy
No matter what time of day or night it was, the thought of Trice being wet turned Mesha on like a cat in heat.

Watching Blind Love by Kisha
Why y'all be actin' like yall scared to show each other affection in front of me?

"Why you leavin Poochie? I don't want you to go."

Damion by EroticDicotomy
"Relax, baby, I won't hurt you… much."

I'll Make It Up by Nubia aka Gemifem
. . . she let her fingers explore. They touched every inch of my skin and left their electric shock on my skin.

Jannah's Angel by Lil AJ
"Baby, I'm home here all clean and wet and dying for you to come home to handle my biznaaaz."

Just Us by Ann Azure
I am wide open now, and two fingers soon replace her tongue . . .

Phone Sex by arakal
Sure it sounds like she's runnin' shit now but when we're together, skin to skin, eye to eye, she's the one begging.

Sex by Felicia 101 by Glitter
"I'm curious what it would be like to fuck you."

The Waiting Game by The Lovely
I felt like my lips were on fire and my body was resonating to its own drum. I had to have this woman.

Twin Desire by Carymel Na
Come on baby, I need that tongue of yours.

Unexpected Pleasure by Mohannie
I suddenly felt her blowing softly on the back of my neck.

A Love Letter To Her by Lady Scorpian
I know when our hearts beat in Synchronicity that this is home . . .

She knows what I want, things I can't open my mouth to say.

Destination Paradise by Cabrina McLain
I'm going to make sure you pay for every desire I've had.

Devious'a by Jequiche
"Well hi there, are you here for the private poetry show?"

FAN by M. Zora
From the moment she enters the stage, the triangle within my jeans is wet . . .

Reach Out by Naughtydred
"I want you to fuck me so bad I can hardly stand it."

SOFT by M. Zora
I like waking up to soft music, a gradually lightening room and to sex.

The Girls by Ali Blaque
"Why aren't you wearing any underwear?" JD whispered in her ear . . .

Thoughts by Lady Cerulean
"I want you to sleep with me."

The Train Ride Home by Mzbehavinmdstyle
What she didn't know was what I needed was underneath her jeans.

Whispers To God by QuteT
It wasn't until then that I realized just how much I loved you.

Yesterday by Lovelybrown
"Are you sure you want this?"

After School Special by Fantasyx3
The name itself made Coco tingle and get butterflies in her stomach.

Caramel Delicious by BeaJay 2424
She moved with a grace that made me melt inside.

Can You Stand The Rain by Lil AJ
We had a great way of fighting and then fukking.

Can You Stand The Rain II by Lil AJ
I was determined not to speak to Tay until she was out of my system completely.

Day Dream by Unalove2002
Every night when I'm laying down, I think of you.

Hello! My Name is Tasha by BeaJay2424 and Mysteree
Maybe we could do some writing together among other things.

Stubborn Love by Ms. Ashley
She clenched the headboard and was riding my face like she was just riding my dick.

Succulence by Lady Scorpian
She would have fallen to her knees with wanting if not for the fact she was already lying down.

Taj's Lyric by Supa_Sta
It was obvious that they both wanted more, their bodies were on fire.

The Best Of Friends Can Be Lovers (Part 2) by Mahogany Lioness
At every stoplight we found ourselves making out like a couple of horny teenagers.

The Balcony and the Fireplace by Mohannie
I could feel her hard nipples pressed against my back as her tongue licked its way up to my ear.

3 Part Series!
Maintaining My Rep

Would you risk it all for love?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Best Massage of My Life by Black Opal
"Feel free to cry out, child, as the demons escape you..."

The Day I Donated My Body to Science by Black Opal
God, please let this moment last forever . . .

Expressions by Senia Moore
I know I've been kinda rough lately. But you like it rough, dont you?

How Curiousity Killed The Cat by Gemifem
"You want to taste me?" She asked through moans and deep breaths.

In Common by Carymel Na
"Tell me what turns you on most about a girl," I said.

Just When She Thought by Ms. Ashley
You expect me not to get mad? After I walked in on you fucking that bitch!

Syn and Terry by Senia Moore
There is no reason for me to go slow and gentle, you have awakened.

The Best of Friends Can Be Lovers (Part 1) by Mahogany Lioness
I closed my eyes tight and the vision of Saun staring up at me from between my legs flashed before my eyes.

The Dance by Guardian_Silent
With the slightest of movements, I flick My wrist and send a loud crack from the whip through out the room.

The Dream by M.A.O Brown
My heart was fluttering, and the mound between my legs was throbbing like an overactive pulse.

A Journey by Micah
. . . she dropped the towel to the floor and laid on the bed . . .

A Night of Newly Discovered Passion by Mohannie
"Just lay back and enjoy it. Don't ruin the mood by talking."

If I let this happen, I live with myself and still be able to face my lover later on?

CHURCH GIRL by Chi_luva
Trust me boo, majority of the choir members are not church girls and boys like most people think.

Dreams by Poisson
You fucked me, then I made love to you, and then I said it was over.

Meeting Wifey by Gumbo-Yaya
I hoped to meet someone that I could connect with. Not just physically- I needed mental stimulation too.

Shadow's Discretion by Sonya Michele
Shadow's hands were caressing my body and I wanted to surrender in her arms, but something about this encounter frightened me, and she sensed it.

The Dirty South by Felicia Ann
I want it now and I'm not going to wait another second to love you."

The Hot Spot by Felicia Ann
Deja replaced the slight sting of pain with the short wet circles of her tongue.

To My Sweetness by Lady Scorpian
your sexy ass growl pulls my lower regions to need, to want, to possess and be possessed by you

You Make Me Feel by Fantasyx3
Cam softly caressed the inside of Kandy's thigh, slowly moving it up her short skirt.

Thanks For Nothing by Le-Femme-Jadore
Tara was laying on the bed, flat on her back and moaning uncontrollably.

A Lesson Learned by Fantasyx3
Tony became weak and melted to her knees.

The Elevator Scene by Janette Sampson
While softly caressing you I pull you closer to me, feeling every curve of your body next to mine.

A Fantasy Has Been Fulfilled by Alexis Hill
Tiffany didn't know why she gave in. Maybe it was the curve in Stacy's hips . . .

Just Browsing by donna charles
She felt all the passion of the last three years in Nat's embrace.

The Night I Let Go Of My Pride by Destiny's Love
Just one time daddy. When you tell me to stop, I promise I will.

Soneya by SexyXtacy7
. . . her hips switched back and forth teasing me as if her pussy knew that it was the object of my desire.

That Night by Jacqui
i reached between my thighs and dipped my fingers in all the hot creme she made

To Whom It May Concern by BadGirl13
I am writing you this letter because I think you need to be swept off your feet . . .

Waiting at Arm's Length by Chase McElroy
I'm waiting for her to tell me how she feels. I'll probably wait forever.

Bathroom Fucked by Tacit
I want you to know that as soon as we fuck, you belong to me . . .

Extra Extra . . . Read All About It . . . Being Bored At Work Makes Girl Gay by Gumbo-Yaya
I headed straight to Bourbon Street. Straight to the gay section of town.

Geraldine's Stories--EmmaLee by donna charles
I tried to play it cool, but I was tremblin so much, she had to grab my arm to steady me.

Heather's Web by Kasey
Did I just hear this woman right?? Damn she was bold!!!

My First Time by Mohannie
Neither one of us had been with a woman, and had basically no idea of what to do, or what to expect.

Payback's a bitch, ain't it? by Ms. Kat Tamer
I want to give you everything I have inside of me.

Rough Sex by Senia Moore
you gasp as i bite your neck and pull your hair.

Summer Fruit by Tempest
juicy melons that drip drops of sticky juice down your chin . . .

Tell Me by Cello Hammond
"What...what you want?" I ask you while weaving my legs around yours.

The Bed by The Window by Symphony64
Leesa ran her hand down my shirt and stopped briefly to squeeze my nipple.

The Best Sex: Unexpected by Gemifem
I looked at her lustfully, slid my tongue ring over her moistened mouth, then softly bit her lip.

21 Birthday by Swtnlo99
"I would pay you $50 if you danced for me right now."

XL 883 Hugger by Michelle W.
"Is it alright if I kiss you again?"

My African Goddess by Anna B
She lifted my chin and then planted a soft kiss on my cheek . . .

Again by Lady Scorpion
It seems her lady played her big time

Blind Love (Part 2) by Glitter
Dre wanted you to know she hasn't forgotten about you.

Daddi by Naughtydred
Talking ‘dirty' has always been a big turn on for Shana . . .

Go See The Doctor by Mahogany Lioness
"Don't worry Stacey, we are here to test your sexual response . . ."

There we were doing 90 on the freeway and my wifey was about to cum all over my front seat.

Menage a Not by midniteblu
"Girl, you've got a wicked imagination. I'll be right over."

My Louisiana Princess by Taylormadepoet
"Come get what's yours," she tells me.

How To Complete A Mission by Mysteree
Today I awoke with a fierce, insatiable desire to delight myself in some pussy.

Blind Love…Part I by Glitter
I fell so hard that I got so blind to what love was costing me.

Dormroom Surprises by BLAAZE
A sexy educated stud that could talk to you about genetics and keep you laughing while kicking poetry to you all at the same time.

Hey Baby by Senia Moore
. . . one hand trying to unzip my pants and pull out my strap, and the other pinching my nipple.

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Apassions101
Kyonia nicknamed her "The Pussyologist" because she had a science to her work.

Speechless by Jequiche
"I bet you've never kissed a woman," Elaine says softly.

Spring Fever by MahoganyLioness
. . . she had messed up my mind with a simple, "Hello."

The Gift :Take Two - Karra by Michelle Bonluv
It had been so long since she had felt so totally, sexually consumed.

True Love That Got Away by krazi_213
She changed my life in so many ways, but I knew I could never have her.

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY by Bigbodygurl
She was the color of smooth peanut butter, with sexy light brown eyes and a smile that warmed her face and the added a little heat between my legs.

Almond Joy by Donna Charles
The steam from the shower still rose from her neck, inviting me for a dip in that luscious pool.

(egg)shells by Soul
I dont doubt her love, I don't question her love, but I do question my position in her life sometimes.

What a day by TLB
I then get the whip cream, cherries, and caramel & strawberry toppings.

Good Love by Senia Moore
On this wet rainy day, me and my girl Nicole are spending the day making love.

Hard Head and Soft Ass Make a Fucked Pussy by Gumbo-Yaya
I give her a long kiss on the lips and work my way down to her spot.

JUST DO IT by The Ultimate Femme Based
Was it her imagination or did Bri just smile and wink at her?!?

Meant To Be by Lady Scorpion
Yes, this womyn of words was hers, this she knew without a doubt.

Off the Heat by Divine
I turned my head to her and saw that her legs were partly open.

Letter to a Girl Destined to be a Whore by Renee Clayton
I would love to be your whore, daddy.

Shout by Robin G. White
"My God, my God. Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes Jesus. Oh Yes. . ."

A Good Morning by Caws Lewis-Boelter aka ASherry327
I love what your doing ... I need more!

A Match Made Online by Laydee P
I gave her a full body sensual massage and planted kisses over her entire body . . .

And Then My Eyes Were Open by Laydee P
Our lips locked together in a smooth kiss that created a typhoon within my virginal body.

Beach Ball by charly d
They stayed in this dance for a while - fingers in and out of each other . . .

First Time Orgy by QuietBeauty
Late at night she was awakened to women's screams of pleasure.

Lucky by C-love
I was just wishing that she would come into my room and we could make love all night long.

My Queen by arakal
Her hips are moving all over but I stay with her.

No Day in the Park by Epiphany7
All she did was slip her hand underneath my shirt and begin to unfasten my bra.

Red Walls by coydelight
Sometimes Mena wished she didn't feel like fucking.

Sensual Bliss by JA JA
I want to see the kitty purr for me and see it move like no other

Soccer Camp by Chase McElroy
Despite the water pouring over me, I could feel my own slippery wetness.

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