Senia Moore

_____Its like 5:30 in the morning and I am watching you sleep, your beautiful skin glistening in the moon light, and I know that we have been making love since midnight, but I cant help the fact that I continue to want you. So silently i slip out of bed and strap-up, i rub lube onto my dick just in case you arent wet anymore, i dont want to hurt you (much). you are laying on your stomach, so i gently pull your hips up and spread your legs a little. your chest is touching the bed, arms sprawled out around you, and your ass, perfect round booty, is staring up at me.
_____Softly i start to lick your pussy, the folds, the lips, and then the clit, i am trying not to wake you (yet) but i can since you are enjoying my touches in your sleep. i stop licking you long enough to push the head of my strap inside of your tight walls. As soon as you begin to get filled up, you awaken, and panic. "No baby, dont worry, its only me fucking you." So you settle down, but now there is no reason for me to go slow and gentle, you have awakened.
_____My hips begin to speed up, "slap, slap, slap" my hips against your hips, my dick rubbing inside your pussy. you start to come up a little and i push you back down, "Arch your back Terry," i say to you as calmly as i can, because if you disobey me, you will pay for it. (sexually of course) You begin to cry out begging for me to let you cum, but i cant, not yet, i need to cum too.
_____"Syn, damn baby, work this pussy," thats all i hear from you.
_____now i am ready to cum, "Say it, Terry. . . come on baby, say it." i want you to say the words that will make us both cum.
_____"Daddy, fuck me......i need it, give it to me." Soon we are cuming together. But that is only the begining, i pull out of you, and turn you over, i enter you again quickly (before you can recover from your first nut), "Ooh, Daddy, i love it when you make love to me."
_____your legs are wrapped around my waist, and we are kissing each other softly, rubbing our tounges against each others lips. I can smell the sweetness of your juices splashing out as i enter you over and over again. my lips travel from you lips, to your chin, down to your throat, and there i gently apply my teeth, then my tongue. I can feel your nails against my back, you are ready to cum again, so i lay down and you put that sweet pussy on my face, and as i lick your pussy back and forth, you feed me that cum i been wating for. all i can say is "Ummmm, mahammmummmmm."


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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