Ms. Ashley

_____Toni walked down Broadway avenue realizing that she was alone. Walking down that street brought back memories of when she and Jay use to laugh, play together and feed each other ice cream on this same avenue. It had been 3 months since she walked in on Jay having sex with her childhood friend Gloria, who she damned near killed. And it also been 3 months since she'd seen Jay. Toni stopped going to all the hangout spots where she knew Jay would be. She still couldn't understand why Jay messed up a 4 year relationship.
_____Toni walked into Angela's, the beauty store, and saw her best friend, Lindsey, behind the counter. Lindsey was about 5'2, dark complexion, short, cut, jet black hair and dark brown eyes. About 120lbs.
_____"Hey Lind," Toni said dryly, "How's ya day been?"
_____"Ok, I guess. I'm ready to take my ass home."
_____"Oh, girl. You ain't got to long to be here. So what's up for tonight?"
_____"Umm, well, you want to go somewhere?"
_____"Yes, I was thinking we could go chill at Chainz."
_____Chainz was one of the newest clubs and Toni wanted to check it out to see if it would be a new scene to chill at.
_____"I've been wanting to check out the scene around there. Sounds like it would be fun." Lindsey said.
_____"Alrighty, you driving? Or me?"
_____"Damn, Toni, you know I'll drive. I'll pick you up at 10. Be ready."
_____"Ok, I'll see you then." Toni kissed Lindsey on the cheek and left.
_____When Toni arrived home, she was greeted by her little sister, who lived with her. "Hey Toni."
_____"Wussup Trina. I get any calls?"
_____"Latrice called you. She didn't say it was important though."
_____"Ok, thanks. Who do you have over here?"
_____"Its just me, Rhonda, Lisa and Cora."
_____"Don't fuck up anything in my house." Toni walked away.
_____She went to the kitchen and got some Brandy out of the locked cabinet that she kept locked because of her younger sister. She called Latrice. "Hello?" A deep sexy voice answered. The sound of that familiar voice gave
_____Toni shivers in her thighs. "May I speak to Tricey?"
_____"Hold on for just a moment." The voice said.
_____About 2 minutes later, Latrice picked up the phone. "Hello, who is this?"
_____"Hey Tricey, this is Toni."
_____"Oh, hey Toni, how are you doing?"
_____"I'm cool. My sister said you called me."
_____"Oh, yeah, I did. I was calling you to tell you that my cousin Sammie is in town, the one you use to like, the one that you use to talk about all the time. That was her that answered the phone." Sammie was a stud from California. Toni had a big crush on her when they were teenagers but after Toni met Jay, she forgot all about Sammie.
_____"That sexy thing is here? When can I come through?"
_____"Now, if you want to but Gloria is over here and I don't want you to start anything with her."
_____"I won't. Just as long as she keeps her damn mouth shut and doesn't say anything to me, then I'll be cool."
_____"Ok, come on then."
_____"Bye!!" Toni hung up.
_____Toni went and told Trina that she was going to Latrice's house. "Don't do anything stupid," she said as she left the house.

_____Toni sat out in front of Latrice's house inside her car. "When I get in here, don't pay any attention to Gloria," She thought to herself. "She is nothing to me. Focus on Sammie, Latrice and whoever else is cool with me in there."
_____Toni got out the car and headed to the the front door, which was open. She knocked and Latrice greeted her at the door. "Hey girl! Whats good?" Latrice asked.
_____"Nothing much."
_____They walked into the room where everyone was sitting. Everyone greeted Toni, except Gloria. Sammie didn't recognize her right off the back but after awhile, she remembered. "Ok, I know you! Toni. Damn, girl, you've changed! Beauitiful." Sammie didn't remember Toni being as pretty. Over the years, her body had fully developed. 5'1, hazel eyes, 130lbs, long brown and blonde streaked hair. Light complexion. 32D chest, thick hips and thighs and a small waist.
_____After they drunk some liquor, they talked about all the good times that they had when they were younger. Toni didn't take one look at Gloria but Gloria tried her best to be noticed.
_____ Toni and Sammie went to sit out on the front porch. They talked about how things had been and changed. There had been alot of changes because they hadn't seen each other since Toni was 15, which was 9 years ago. Sammie was attractive. She was 6'0, light complexion, 170lbs, gray eyes and long braided hair. Toni told Sammie about Jay and Gloria and how she still felt for Jay. Sammie told her that she needed to get over jay and not stoop to Gloria's level because it wouldn't have proven anything. Sammie talked about the girl that she had to let go because she was afraid of being in a female relationship, especially in public. Both, Toni and Sammie were in twisted relationships. In the back of Toni's mind, she wanted Sammie. Sammie said she was in town to stay. She didn't want to go back to California because of all the drama. She wanted peace. Toni was wondering how could she have peace in a place like Gary, Indiana but she was happy that Sammie was going to stay in Gary because that way, she figured she could get Jay off of her mind because she knew Sammie wanted her. She could tell by the way she acted and by the questions she asked.
_____"I truly can't believe this is you, Toni."
_____"Well, its me. I'm older. Thats why things are so different now. You don't look quite the same either. Taller and more muscles."
_____"Well, I try for the ladies." They laughed.
_____Toni looked at her watch. "I think its about time for me to leave. I got to get back before my little sister turn my house in to Hell."
_____"Trina? How old is she know?"
_____"17. And she thinks she's grown."
_____They laughed. Sammie and Toni went into the house, in the kitchen where Latrice and Gloria was. When Gloria saw Toni, she changed her whole conversation. "Ohhhh, Tricey, did I tell you about my hot night of sex with Jay?"
_____Toni looked at Latrice with sadness in her eyes. Gloria kept talking. "Ohhh, it was almost as good as the first time we fucked! Naw, I dont think so because the first time, we got interrupted!"
_____"You know what Gloria, you're as dumb as I thought you were," Sammie cut Toni off. "Why don't you shut the hell up and act like you are grown, with some sense?" Sammie said. She knew Toni was about to cause a scene.
_____Toni told Latrice she would call her and then she told everyone else bye and left out the house. Sammie came outside and asked when could they see each other again and Toni said, "Tomrrow" and drove off.
_____When Toni walked into her house, Trina was laying on the couch with her friend Cora. Rhonda and Lisa had left. Toni looked at Trina with suspicion because Trina looked guilty but Toni didn't say anything. She planned on waiting until the right time. She knew exactly what was going on. Trina was picking up her habits. Toni could smell it in the air.
_____9:45 had came around fast but Toni was already dressed to kill. She had on a black, see-through shirt with a tiny black halter top that covered a little more then her nipples and a black leather skirt that was so short that if she bent over, you would've seen her black, lace thong. She had on some black, open-toed shoes that tied around her legs and made her about 2 inches taller then her real height.
_____"Trina, let me talk to you for a second." Toni said as she peeked into the family room, where Trina was sitting with Cora.
_____Trina walked into the kitchen, "Whats up Toni?"
_____"Cora staying over here?"
_____"Yes, is it cool with you?"
_____"Yes, it is but do me a favor, which ever one of you decides to use a strap, don't use mines." Toni walked out the kitchen. Trina knew she couldn't get over on her sister.
_____Lindsey blew the horn and Toni came out the house and got in the car. Lindsey had on a short, tight, purple dress with purple stiletto shoes. "Damn, Lind, you looking good."
_____"So are you." Lindsey drove off.
_____At the club, the girls were having a great time. They spotted alot of people they knew and had conversations with every fine stud they laid eyes on. Toni was wondering should she do the whole 1 Nite Stand thing but that wasn't her type of thing but she also thought that it was a first time for everything. Toni drunk alot. Good thing Lindsey wasn't a drinker or they wouldn't have had a way home. Toni was flirting alot with every girl she saw. She was the type that couldn't control her liquor. Toni walked up to a stud, that was dancing with her girlfriend and started kissing her. It was a little scene but Lindsey stopped it all. Lindsey took Toni to the bathroom.
_____"Girl, you got to get a hold of yourself. Don't do stuff like that. You're going to cause some problems and get ya ass in some trouble."
_____"Damn Lind, I'm cool." Toni said as she pulled away from Lindsey.
_____When Toni opened up the bathroom door to leave out, she saw Jay and Gloria standing in front of the door kissing. They stopped when they saw her. Jay looked at Toni in shock because she had never seen her look so sexy when she was so drunk.
_____"Wussup Toni, how you been?" Jay said with a smirk on her face.
_____Toni just looked at her. She couldn't get her words together. She was shocked that Jay also looked so good but what threw Toni off was Gloria.
_____"I-I'm fi-fine." Toni said in a slurred voice.
_____"How has life been treating you?" Jay asked as she went back to holding Gloria's hand. Gloria smiled at Toni in a devilsh way.
_____"Li-life has b-been shit!" Toni walked off very fast.
_____Lindsey went to catch Toni. "Toni, what's wrong?"
_____"I'm ready to go home!"
_____"Why? We haven't been her 3 hours yet."
_____"Take me home!!!!" Toni said as she walked out the club.
_____When they got to Toni's house, Lindey went inside with her to see her in. Trina was up in her room, with Cora. Toni could tell. She heard the music from Trina's room.
_____"Toni, whats wrong? Why did we have to leave?"
_____"You can go back if you want to." Toni said as her voice started to break.
_____"Whats wrong?"
_____"I still love her. I can't stand to see them together. I love Jay so much. It hurts me to know that Gloria is with her. I thought me and Gloria was cool. I don't know what I did to her. What did I do, Lind? What did I do? I want Jay badly. I think about her so much. It doesn't make sense how much I think of her. Just when I thought I was over her, something strong came over me."
_____"Toni, let it go. She did you wrong. Its her loss. Think of it like that because it is. Jay ain't shit, Gloria ain't either. Ok?"
_____"Ok, I guess you're right. I need to move on. I like Sammie and I think we could hit it off a little bit."
_____"Thats good. Now, I'm going to go home. I got to get up early anyway so I'll talk to ya soon. Bye babe!" Lindsey said as she kissed Toni on the cheek.
_____"Ok, bye. Let yourself out."
_____Lindsey did just that.
_____Toni went upstairs and took a hot shower and got in the bed. She was upset because she didn't want to be in her bed by herself. Toni started to think. Think about the times she and Jay had in this very same bed. She imagined soft hands caressing every part of her body. Wondering lips making certain spots wet. She remembered Jays 2 tongue rings that got her excited just by looking at them. She thought about 1 particular time when she and Jay were in the shower and Jay started kissing and licking her neck. Her back and other places. Jay would kiss Toni and delicate places and her back would arch. Toni thought about all that experience with a strap that Jay had. She remembered how she use to give Jay the best head and it would make Jay go wild. She could make Jay cum in 5 minutes or even less. She remembered how Jays tongue felt inbetween her ass. How her tongue wondered and found spots that Toni didn't even know she had that could get her hot. She thought of all the nights they included fruits, naked fruits, without the whip cream. Jay would stick strawberries in Toni's pussy and then dive inside her with her Tongue to save the strawberry from drowning. And Toni loved when she did that. But Toni had to realize that Gloria was getting all that attention now. All the shit she thought Jay, it was getting done with Gloria. And that hurted her the most.
_____The doorbell rang. Toni didn't feel like getting up but she know she had to because Trina was a lazy ass. Toni slept in her bed naked so she had to put on her Satin housecoat. She went downstairs and opened the door. Her mouth dropped.
_____"What are you doing here?"
_____"I just wanted to see you. You looked so beautiful tonight."
_____"Its fucking 2 in the morning! Whats wrong with you? Go spend some time with Gloria!"
_____"Damn, here you go. Can't we just be civilized?"
_____"Jay, you should have been civilized when you were with me. You expect me not to get mad? After I walked in on you fucking that bitch!?!? I don't know what kind of game you think this is but you need to calm down because......"
_____"Game? Who said anything about a game? Girl, if anything, you're playing games. Get over what happened, ok? I just wanted to come talk to you. I haven't talked to you in about 3 months."
_____Toni was surprised that she even knew how long it had been. She was also surprised that Jay was still looking so sexy. 5'9, caramel complexion, full lips, brown eyes and long, braided hair. Her baggy clothes made her look built but she was about 160lbs.
_____"What is there to talk about?"
_____"Can I come in?" Jay asked with sincerity in her eyes. Toni always fell for that. Even though it was a bullshit way for Jay to get what she wanted from Toni.
_____"Come on." Toni said while rolling her eyes. Jay walked in and sat down. Toni sat down on the couch across from Jay. "You aren't going to offer me a drink?"
_____"Nope!" Toni said nonchalantly.
_____"Ok, then, I didn't want one anyway."
_____"Ok, what is it that you have to talk to me about?"
_____"Oh yea, well, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what had happened. I know I fucked up. But I was upset with you because you had chosen to go out wit your friends and I wanted company and then Gloria had called me...."
_____"That isn't an excuse. You said you wanted company not a fuckfest and for you to do it in my house, that makes it even worse on your part! I loved you Jay, and I still do and you hurt me so bad that when I seen you and Gloria kissing, at the club tonight, my heart broke all over again. For 3 months, you are all I've been able to think about. It makes me jealous that Gloria is getting the attention, my attention. Attention that I earned for over 4 years. So there is no way I can accept your apology because you know that you could have prevented yourself from doing that. If you loved me like you said, then it wouldn't have happened."
_____"I know, thats the truth baby but...."
_____"Don't call me baby. Save that shit for Gloria." Toni started to cry. Jay went and sat next to her and put her arms around her. She tried to sooth Toni but Toni resisted because she was still upset about what happened.
_____"Man, stop fighting me girl, I'm just trying to make you feel better." Jay said.
_____"How in the hell are you going to make me feel better when you are the one that hurt my feelings?" Toni said as she got up.
_____Jay got up and walked behind her and caressed her neck and kissed her cheek. "I can make u feel better by doing this." Jay caressed Toni's breast. For a short moment, Toni was loving it but she had to still act dramatic because she was still hurt. "Let me the hell go!" Toni said as she walked into the kitchen.
_____Jay appeared right behind her. "Tee-tee, you know you still love me. I don't know why you're playing these little games." Jay started to caress her ass and kiss her neck.
_____Toni started to fall for the bullshit. Toni put her arms around Jay and kissed her back. "You really hurt me Jay."
_____"Shhhh, just be quiet baby." Jay said as she continued to kiss Toni's neck.
_____Jay laid Toni down on the table and took off the housecoat that Toni had on. Jay found that there was nothing on underneath it. "You are still so sexy." Jay complimented Toni and Toni smiled. Jay kissed Toni. Toni was excited because she could feel Jay's tongue rings in her mouth. That just made her juices slither out more. Jay took 2 fingers and traced Toni's body, starting from her nipples, then her navel, then her outter lips where cum juices were seeping out. Jay licked her fingers and told Toni that she tasted sweeter then what she remembered. Jay passionately tongue kissed Toni and caressed her pussy at the same time. Jay's hands were covered in cum. Even though Toni hadn't came, she knew she was getting close to it. Jay slid her tongue down Toni's stomach, to her navel. She tongue kissed her navel and massaged her nipples. Toni had her hands on Jay's head. It felt so good that she pushed Jay's head down further. Jay kissed Toni's pussy intensively. She stuck the tip of her tongue on Toni's clit and Toni felt the coldness of her smaller tongue ring. It sent sensations through Toni's thighs and Jay felt Toni shake. Jay knew she was doing it right.
_____Toni moaned softly, "Ohhhhh, right there baby."
_____Jay wondered all around Toni's clit. She sucked it, bit, nibbled, and licked it. Jay stopped and went to the refrigerator and took out some strawberries. She put 1 strawberry in Toni's mouth and then she took it out and put it in her own mouth and then she stuck her tongue on Toni's clit while the strawberry was inside her month. Toni moaned with full energy. Jay let the strawberry slide inside of Toni's pussy. Then she sat Toni up on the table and opened her legs and then Jay got on her knees and started licking inside her pussy. Jay was getting wet by hearing Toni's sweet moans. It turned her on to know that she could make someone feel that way. Toni could feel her liquid start to gush out. She exploded everywhere and Jay made sure it got nowhere except her mouth.
_____In the bedroom, Jay had taken all her clothes off and sat on the bed. Toni sat on her, facing her trying to position herself on the 10 inch strap that Jay was wearing. Toni started moving up and down slowly. She knew that Jay liked to start slow then fast so she did just that. Toni started to speed up and Jay could tell. Toni figured that she could make her cum just the way she just made her cum. Toni started moving. Out-of-control fast. You could hear their bodies slapping against each other. Jay moaned and pulled Toni's head back by pulling her hair. One thing was for sure, Jay knew that Toni liked her sex rough.
_____Jay was standing up against the wall and Toni was on her knees giving head. Giving head that Jay always desired for. Jay moaned aggressively. Then when she came, it was intense. Jay had to stop for a minute.
_____Toni was on all fours and Jay was fucking her from behind. It was painful but Toni didn't mind. "Oh oh baby, ooooo baby, that feels so good! Mmmm, keep on baby!"
_____"Shut up!" Jay said. She started to do it harder and then Jay felt her knees weakening. When she was cumming, she was fucking Toni with long, hard strokes. Strokes that made Toni clench onto the headboard.
_____After a while, they were fast asleep.
_____The next morning, Toni woke up in the bed with a note beside her that read:
See, how easy it was for me to get what I want? I know you never stopped loving me and I just wanted to prove it and I wanted some of that fire ass you got. I guess you can say you were played but just know that I still got love for you but I don't see myself with you because you expect too much from me. Friends with benefits is a good thing though but I know you aren't going to want to talk to me after you read this but its ok. It's plenty more where you came from.
1 love
_____Toni couldn't believe her eyes. She was willing to forgive Jay. Just when she thought that they were becoming close, her broken heart proccess was repeated all over again.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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