Queen Diva

We met at a surprise good-luck party for a mutual friend who was about to take the LSAT. We were in charge of decorating the party room, setting up the refreshments, and greeting the guests. It was a small affair and everyone knew everyone. Actually, everyone knew her and everyone knew me and we knew everyone except each other. We were meeting each other for the first time.

The moment we met--we clicked. We had about an hour to ourselves before the first guests arrived. Laughter, joking, work, and more laughter filled our time. Our conversation was easy and refreshing. She was intelligent and beautiful. She had a great body. Tall, fit, and firm. Her smile was seductive yet bashful. She laughed easily and gracefully. Just the opportunity to look at her made all our hard work worthwhile. I would have done anything just to look at her.

The guest arrived, then the guest of honor and her girlfriend. Our friend was surprised and touched by our expression of friendship and well wishes for her. The party ran smoothly. Each guest offered her pride and faith in the guest of honor. We all put on matching bracelets and promised not to remove them until "our future lawyer" passed her exam.

One by one the guests departed, leaving us alone with two snuggly couples--the guest of honor and her girlfriend and another couple. We sat watching movies and talking. Every chance I got I looked at my new interest and wished that we were a couple. Maybe I had been drinking, maybe I was just tired, or both--I do not remember. She offered to drive me home. I declined. The whole drive home, I kicked myself for being so stupid. I should have let her drive me home. Maybe we could have done some snuggling of our own.

Months went by after the party. Often, I thought about her. Our paths did not cross. Finally, I called my future lawyer and asked for the telephone number. It took me two weeks to call. When I mustered up enough nerve use the telephone number, she was warm and friendly. She was actually glad that I called. We talked daily. Each conversation was fresh and exciting. I looked forward to our talks. We started flirting on the phone. It was playful and harmless, or so I thought. She visited me, I visited her, we talked on the phone, and finally I gathered up my "balls" and asked her out ON A DATE. To my surprise, she accepted.

It had been sooooooo long since I had dated that I was frantic. "What would I wear, did I have time to make a hair appointment, where would I take her, am I going crazy, what am I doing, and how the hell am I going to keep my cool?" these questions were flying around in my head at about one hundred miles a minute.

She was on time. She rang my doorbell at 7 promptly, as I was touching up my makeup for the umpteenth time. I ran to the door, caught myself, counted to ten, and opened up my door and my mouth to the most beautiful creature on the planet. She was breathtaking and to my delight our clothing complimented each other. Time stood still for that moment. I could not breathe. She was an absolute stunning knock-out. I caught my breath, faked composure, remembered my manners, and invited her into my home.

We made idle chitchat. She was just as nervous as I was. I gathered my purse and we headed off for our first date. We ended up at Steak N Ale (now one of my favorite restaurants). Our conversation during dinner is a vague memory. I can not remember what we ate. I do remember the way her smile lit up my world, how beautiful her face was by candlelight, and thinking "how in the world can i possibly be falling for a woman?". We must have talked about everything under the sun because we were there for hours.

The ride home was very pleasant, the weather was perfect, the sky was beautiful. She walked me to my door, I invited her in, and offered to get her a glass of juice. On my way to the kitchen I thought, "she is the one for me, the one I dream about". Preoccupied with my thoughts while preparing her juice, I turned around and there we were face to face. I thought that I left her in the living room. She caught me off guard by backing me up against the wall between the kitchen and dining room. She gave me the mother of all kisses. Never before had I been kissed that way. I remember my knees going weak, my heart pounding, and my pussy creaming. I was lost completely in her. Her lips were so soft, her hands gentle, her touch electrifying. My body was alive with desire, my body temperature rose--I thought I would burst into flames. I did not want our kiss to end---however, eventually it did. We told each other what a wonderful evening we had and said goodnight. She went home.

We continued calling and seeing each other every available minute of every day. The flirting became heavier, the urges to see each other stronger. And finally, IT happened. We decided to make love.

We were at my house and she was giving me the "Pep Talk". She explained to me that since this was my first time making love to a woman I should not be upset or disappointed if she did not climax. She told me that it would take time for me to learn her body. She also expressed to me that she was quiet during lovemaking. I sat quietly and patiently and listened. When she finished her "Lovemaking Pep-Talk for Beginners 101", I WENT TO WORK ON HER!!!

Slowly, I undressed her, planting gentle butterfly kisses on her neck, shoulders, and breasts as I uncovered her honey carmel skin. I stroked her peaking nipples lightly as they stood at attention for me. I traced their outline with my tongue while massaging her inner thighs. Her back started to arch and I got even more excited. I smelled her hair and her skin--I was hypnotized. I wanted to please her.

My tongue explored her sexy, hot, writhing body. As it encircled her breasts and traveled down her stomach to her navel she moaned loudly. One of my hands cupped her wet pussy while the other one tenderly stroked her breasts. I could smell her delicious wetness. With absolutely no hesitation, I opened her dripping wet outer lips with my anxious fingers, my tongue did an eager dance on her throbbing clit and I tasted her sweetness. She moaned with pleasure, her body writhing under mine, her hips sensually thrusting upward to meet my tongue.

She started touching me and doing things to my body that it had never experienced before. I creamed way before she ever touched my pussy. I was so wet I thought I would float away. We feasted on each other's sweet nectar until we were totally spent. We climaxed together--she was just as loud as I was. We held each other and slept.

Upon waking, I asked her, "now just how long do you think it will take me to learn your body, make you cum, and make you holla"? She smiled sweetly and seductively, I kissed her passionately.

For our next lovemaking session I wanted to be thouroughly prepared, so shopping I went. At a neighborhood novelty store I bought it all: lingerie, feathers, chocolate raspberry dust, heated body oils, love potions, bath oils...the whole nine. I went home and took a steamy, hot, perfumed, bubble bath. With the same scent, I lotioned my body, powdered my sheets, and oiled the lightbulbs of the lamps on my nightstands. She will always remember my scent. I put on some light jazz, lit the candles, and mixed a drink--patiently awaiting the arrival of my "Angel".

As usual, she was on time and even more beautiful than the last time I had seen her (six hours ago). I cooked, we ate, made deep passionate love, showered each other with love and affection, and fell asleep in each others arms. I remember thinking, "Life just does not get any better than this!"


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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