the Don L.

Hello beautiful stranger. I've been thinking of you for quite some time now. All the time I must admit. So it is only fair that you come to know me and moreover, these thoughts of mine.

You are probably saying to yourself 'Is this woman for real or is she just nuts?' Or perhaps you're thinking 'If she is genuine, how can I be sure?'

And what could I possibly say to convince you?

Maybe I should begin with the dream.

We went to this club - the dark, exotic kind - where things go on in the back rooms for special clientele. You wore a black dress that opened down the back to reveal the split of your curvaceous ass. Your feet were bare of shoes but beautifully adorned with silver rings about your ankles and toes. Your blonde locks flowed down your shoulders like strands of liquid gold. All eyes were on you, mesmerized. We danced. So close no light could come between us and I could feel the heat of your desire burning me softly through my pants. As we danced, we kissed first with our lips then with our tongues, engulfing ourselves into each other's fire. The music was loud, yet we did not hear it.

Only the sound of passionate kisses could be heard.

Then I awoke to find myself drenched and panting wanting this dream to be real.

As I sat alone in the dark I felt the tidal wave of pure orgasmic pleasure overtake me and I wanted to drown in its depths.

Flashes of you.

Your body under my hands, my fingers finding those erotic zones that make you scream out my name. My tongue touching those places and more. Your fingers becoming tangled in my hair, pulling me ever closer, wanting me to taste every drop. Like ice cream dripping down the side of the cone. Your back arching as you came again and again and again

But it is only my thoughts tricking me, making me believe that you are here with me in this darkness. Yet I cannot help myself as wave after wave causes me to tumble within the pleasure of you. Head over heels as it were.

How long can this go on? How will I survive this massive attack? Will I live? Do I care? Can you save me from - you? Will you? These questions torture me, making me want you more if that is possible. You are so very beautiful. So very full of life. Why would I even imagine that you would reach out to me in my darkness. How do I dare ask you to?

As I study you (yes, study like a textbook), I am enchanted and mystified by your very presence. Your renaissance soul. Your angelic grace. Your ravenous eyes. They hunger for what? Peace. Love. Passion. Me?

I want you in every way possible. It would take a lifetime to fulfill every fantasy, every desire. I have the time if you do.

Come and share your soul with me. Teach me what I have forgotten about love, rebuild what has been torn down in me. Save me from those who have tried to destroy my heart with their lies and deceit. Don't let me die a thousand deaths. My soul is open for you. My heart beats for you. My body is yours to do as you please.

Will you?

Will you come and share your love with me?

You and I could be a work of art.

You and I could be . . . can be . . . the greatest romance ever.


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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