Damn girl, let her come up for some air, I thought to myself as I watched my best friend and her new girl try and break the world record for the longest kiss. It was a beautiful November day and Nikki had called me early this damn morning all excited about something, I didn't understand too much of the conversation being that I was half sleep. But I did understand the word "ring" come from Nikki's mouth.

Nikki and Gina have been together for about two months and they are just as much in love as when they first started out. They spend all their time together, and they trully adored each other. I am very happy for my girl Nikki, she deserves a good woman that's gonna treat her right. And it looks to me that Gina is that girl, and I'm also damn glad this happened because since our freshmen year all Nikki did was bitch and moan about Gina. I swear I was fittin to strangle her ass. But I am proud of her. Ok so she didn't go up to her and just tell her how she felt. She wrote her a letter (Which, by the way was my suggestion). I still don't know what was in that damn letter, but whatever it was it worked. Cause after class that day I saw them kissin each other like they was about to rip each others clothes off. So it's been two months and they are still goin strong. And I'm glad, I really am...but I couldn't help but be a little jealous. I mean, I'm a nice girl, and quite good looking if I do say so myself. So what's the problem? Well anyway here I am standing by my car, freezing my ass off waiting for her to tear herself away from Gina.

"Honey, I gotta go."
"I know you have to go...but what I don't understand, is why I can't come with you," Gina said in a pouty voice

"Hon, I already told you, I need to go take care of something."

"Nikki are you getting tired of me?" Gina asked in a soft voice.

"Getting tired of you ?!?" Nikki squeezed Gina tighter and kissed her long and deep. "Gina, I love you more than anything" she said "I could never get tired of could I..."

"...Well we do spend a lot of time together."

"Gina you are the best thing that ever happened to me" Nikki said with a reassuring caress. "Not to are sexy as hell." She squeezed Gina's ass. "You know what you do to me, you know I cant get enough of you...and, when I get back, I'm gonna show you exactly how much...ok?"

"Ok" Gina said still pouting. Shay honked the horn of her car and yelled out the window.

"Can we get movin please, I don't got all damn day" They had one last kiss and Gina let her go. The passenger door opened and Nikki jumped with a big smile on her face.

"Damn girl, was you gonna stand there all day?" Shay asked irritated as she pulled out of the school.

"No, she wanted to know why she couldn't come"

"So why couldn't she come?"

"Damn Shay don't you remember anything, when I called you this morning I told you was gonna get Nikki a ring today and I wanted you to come with me."

"A ring, why the hell are you gettin her a ring?" Then she thought... "Wait, what kind of ring?"

"What kind do you think?"

"Not a wedding ring"

"Well, a promise ring"

"A promise ring? Dayum, you that serious about her?"

"Yeah I am, I love her." Shay started laughing,"Dayum girl, she got you whipped".

"Yeah, whatever...speaking of whipped, when are you gonna get a girl? You all up in my shit, yo ass need to get a girl of your own."

"Fuck that, I don't need me no girl" Shay said

"Yeah right, if you say it enough you might convince yourself, look Shay we've been friends forever, I want to see you happy...want me to hook you up?"

"Hook me up!"


"Girl I do not need for you to hook me up...I can get ass on my own.

"Well ok, if you say so, there's a spot right there." Shay pulled into the parking lot of the jewelry store. Nikki got Gina a beautiful gold and diamond encrusted ring. They got back to school and agreed to meet up later. Nikki headed straight to Gina's dorm and Shay went to hers. On the way to her dorm she saw a girl waving at her. She really couldn't see who it was, but as the girl got closer she recognized her as Kayce, this girl in her psych class.

Kayce is a junior like Shay, she is about the same height, and she has a voluptuous body, beautiful dark skin and a beautiful smile. In the beginning of the year, all the niggaz were sweatin her. But after numerous advances and failed attempts to get into her panties, they decided that she must be gay. This spread quickly around the campus...many girls began asking her out, inviting her to concerts and things, but she always very respectfully and nicely declined. She was a mystery. The only way everyone knew she was gay is because she was very open about a previous relationship with a basketball player, that ended badly. So when the news hit that she was single again, the hunt was on. Horny guys that wanted to "turn her straight" and horny girls that just wanted to fuck her and have a trophy.

Nobody really knew what she was about, she was very nice and popular but kept her personal life private. Nobody knew what a freak she was. Nobody knew that she had vibrators and dildos and a strap-on. Nobody knew she liked to be dominated, then turn right around and be the dominator. And most of all, nobody knew that she's had a crush on Shay Mason since the beginning of the school year.

"Hi, Shay," she said running up to her.

"Wassup Kayce." Damn, baby look good, I bet she taste good too, Shay thought.

"Nothing much, I was on my way to cheerleading practice."

"I didn't know you were a cheerleader."
Kayce boldly stepped closer, until she was right in Shay's face, practically on
top of her and licked her lips sexily. "There's a lot about me you don't know," she purred.

Oh shit, what is she doin? Shay's mind was racing. Kayce was obviously coming on to her. She was surprised but, not being the kind of person to pass up an opportunity, Shay boldly accepted the challenge. Now, their bodies were flush against each other...touching...Shay could feel Kayce's full soft breasts against hers and she immediately got wet, and incredibly horny. She wanted to grab Kayce's ass and pull her even closer, but they were outside.

"Oh, there's a lot I don't know huh?" She asked in a husky voice.

"Yes, you would be surprised." She sexily whispered in her ear.

"Well, I would like to know more, would you be willing to show me?" Her voice oozing sexual innuendo. They were both so hot; they were about to go up in flames. Shay wanted to take her and kiss those beautiful full lips. Her hands were itching to squeeze her big soft breasts. Damn I want to fuck her, Shay thought to herself. Kayce was having the same problem; she couldn't wait to be between Shay's legs eating that sweet pussy. They were both dripping wet.

"Oh, I'll be happy to show you more...much more" Kayce purred.

"Well when will you be available?"

"How about tonight around 303"

"I'll be there"

"Good" Kayce didn't want to got to practice, she wanted to go back to her room and fuck Shay's brains out. But she knew she had to go, but before she went, she wanted to leave Shay with something. She leaned her head forward and placed her lips on Shay's. She felt Shay's tongue and put hers out and soon it turned into a hot, deep and very sexy kiss. Shay knew they needed to stop, they were in broad daylight! But she couldn't help herself from sliding her hands down Kayce's sides and squeeze her ass. Kayce moaned and tried to get closer. They eventually stumbled apart and looked at each other, nipples hard, pussies wet, and chest's heaving.

"Tonight at 9" Kayce said.

"No, tonight at 7" Shay said, she knew she couldn't wait until 9 Kayce gave her a sexy smile and nodded. She blew her a kiss and went to practice.

5:43 Shay stared at the clock and groaned, she was horny as hell and wanted to get at Kayce. No girl has ever made her so wet and horny so fast. Kayce and her pussy was all she could think about. Damn I bet it tastes good she thought. Her hands kept straying down to her aching pussy, but she kept from masturbating. She wanted to wait until she saw Kacey. Damn I can't believe we never hooked up before Shay thought to herself.

I always thought she was cute, but I heard she was with some basketball player or something. Oh well, she's with me tonight. She jumped in the shower and could barely keep from touching herself. Damn this girl has got me messed up...

Damn this girl has got me messed up, Kayce thought. The whole practice she was just messing up every routine, no matter what she did she couldn't concentrate. All she could think about was Shay eating her aching pussy. She barely made it through practice. It was obvious her mind was somewhere else. She looked at her watch, 6:15, she had some time to go and catch a quick shower before Shay came.

6:48 And Shay was knocking on her door. She knew she was early but she just couldn't wait anymore. Kayce opened the door and immediately Shay's clit started throbbing. She stepped in the room and closed the door. Shay wanted to take it that she had some control. But when Kayce opened the door with a towel on, fresh from the shower, all her resolve melted. She reached out, opened the towel and started sucking on Kayce's breasts. Kayce moaned..."Oh yes, oh that feels so good" Shay guided her towards the bed. She stopped and they were standing there looking at each other. Shay began to take off her shirt but Kayce stopped her "Please let me do it" Shay was happy to let her. When the shirt was off she went for the pants, Shay stopped her and said, "I want to taste your pussy...I can't wait anymore" Shay said in a husky voice. Shay pushed her slightly and she fell on the bed, Shay got on the bed and went right for the pussy. She dove right in, she heard Kayce moaning..."Oh Yes, Oh Baby...Eat That Pussy" Kayce was going out of her mind. Shay was fingering her and sucking on her clit...she was moaning and grunting..."Oh Fuck, Oh shit, Eat It, Eat It. Oh Yeah, Just Like That" She was in heaven, she loved the way Shay ate her pussy.

Then all the sudden Shay stopped. She began to ask what was wrong. She heard Shay go "Shhh, just close your eyes" she closed her eyes and waited in anticipation of what was coming next. Then she heard Shay say, "open your eyes" She opened her eyes to see Shay poised over her with an 8in dick ready to thrust into her. "Are you ok with this?" Shay asked. "Oh Yes, Please fuck me, Please...Fuck Me Hard, Please" Without hesitation, Shay slammed into her, relentlessly fucking her. "Oh Yes, Harder...Faster" Shay was fucking her like and madwoman and fucking her well. She felt Kayce was about to come, so she slid out of her, roughly turned her over and fucked her doggie style. "Oh yes, I like it rough! Slam me! Yeah Shay! Oh Baby You Fuck So Good" Shay just kept pounding away, she was close to cumming herself, but she was gonna make Kayce cum first. She bent over and started rubbing Kayce's clit, while fucking her hard. "Ohhhhhh Shay, Your Gonna Make Me CUM!" Kayce was losing her mind. Shay was fucking the shit out of her and she was gonna have an earth shattering orgasm. Shay kept pounding and she felt Kayce's body twitch and start shaking. "I'M GONNA CUM! OHHHHH" Kayce quickly withdrew, turned Kayce over and sucked her while she came. Kayce was writhing like a mad woman. Shay came seconds after Kayce did. Holy shit Kayce sighed. They were lying in bed holding each other and Shay knew she wasn't letting this girl go. Kacey held her possessively and Shay didn't mind one bit.

They were lying there in bliss, drifting off to sleep...when all of the sudden..."WHAT THE FUCK! BITCH GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY GIRL!" They both jump up and there staring at them is Deja, Shay's Ex girl...


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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