_____We're living together in the house I bought for you in Philadelphia. You have decorated it beautifully and every time I go into a room I feel your presence even when you're not there. I love that feeling. One night you agreed to attempt to get over your fear/dislike of scary movies so I decided to bring you in easy with "Kiss the Girls" it's not one of those graphic movies but it's still good. Halfway through the movie you start to feel extremely uncomfortable about the movie, sensing this I turn it off. To calm you down I bring you a class of wine and hold you in my arms until you start to feel a little better. I hold you for the next two hours until you drift off into a peaceful sleep. My arm is getting cramped but the love I feel for you eases away the pain. The peaceful look on your face makes me want you in the "best" way. Being the sweetheart that I am I decide to let you sleep through my extreme horniness and go to sleep. I wake up a few hours later and feel you rubbing my stomach and using your nails to lightly scratch me as if I were a kitten......
_____"Prrrrr Baby Girl you know how to wake me!"
_____ My eyes open knowing that I'm about to make sweet love to my woman. I take my right hand and slowly bring it to your face.....your skin is very soft. I run my hand across your lips and you gently suck my finger into your mouth. The sensation feels so good that I let out a light moan. Ummm hummm you know exactly what you're doing....:o) I can't take it any more so I pull my fingers from your mouth and turn you over on your stomach. I massage your body from head to toe. I lay my head down on your big, brown, and beautiful ass. It was calling me so I had to answer. I'm on my knees with your legs in between mine. I take my hands and run them over your ass. I lean down and kiss you right between the cheeks. I spread your legs so I can get better access to that spot (you know what spot). First I put two pillows underneath you to lift you off the bed. Then I get some juice from your extremely wet puzzy to moisten your ass you taste like pure sugar. I lick down the crack and then back up to your hole. I stick my tongue inside and suck you very gently. As I press my face into you I hear you moan, you know how that sound turns me on, and I keep going.
_____ While I am sucking your hole, I stick my fingers inside your puzzy. I massage the inside of you very gently and let your body tell me what to do next. I slide my fingers out of you and over your clit and flick them over it. You're hips are bucking which means that you're ready to cum, but before you do I stop. I turn you over on your back and lift your right leg over my shoulder. I lean in and kiss your inner lips that are covered in your essence. Your clit is swollen and begging for my attention. So I kiss it and wrap my lips around it. While I am doing that I slide my fingers inside of you again. I suck your clit very gently while I make love to you with my fingers as gently as possible. You grab my head and pull me into you as your hips gyrate. Your breath is getting short and your moans turn to short squeals. Baby you're about to explode all over my face and I can't wait. I speed up but remain gentle and I am rewarded with a gush of your feminine juices. You cum so hard that some of your juice squirts up my nose, baby I almost drowned, but at least I would have died happy. You make my life happy.


Copyright © 1998. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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