_____I feel Tara staring at me. I dunno if I should open my eyes and let her know I am awake. I don’t want to embarrass her by catching her staring. So I’ll just stretch to give her time to turn away or something. To my surprise she didn’t move. I opened my eyes and she reached over with her left hand and ran her finger across my bottom lip. Without thinking I stuck out my tongue to meet her finger and closed my lips around it. She smiled and seductively licked her lips. Dayum, I’ve been waiting for this every since I left NY for LA and I don’t know what the hell to do. Fugg it. I’ll just follow her lead then flip the script a lil and show her a thing or two.
_____She leaned over and kissed me. Something in her kiss told me that this was not going to be a “fast fuck”, but it will be a one-time thing. Her mouth tastes like tooth paste. “No fair, I still have morning breath and she is as fresh as a daisy.” At least I know she loves me, she has to, to kiss me like this. Tara and I haven’t kissed since we were 13 years old playing a more advance game of house . She is laying on top of me and we’re still kissing. I love the way she sucks my bottom lip. I’m ready for her love now.
_____I feel my “love” cummin down so I decide to let her know that it’s time to get this show on the road. I wrap my arm around her waist and then slide my hand into her boxers. Her ass is very soft. To think such stud would have skin like this. Tara broke our kiss so she could lift up my night shirt. Since I wore no undergarments to bed, my body was totally exposed. I guess that extra time at the gym has paid off because Tara has this really silly but sexy grin on her face. She leans in to kiss me again and slowly moves down the front of my body, stoppin briefly to pay a very nice, sweet, and hot tribute to my breast. Ummmm this is feeling real good.
_____She turns me over onto my stomach and the next thing I know I am on my knees. “Face down, ass up.” Tara slipped her finger between my folds of skin and ran it up pass my pussy into my ass, smearing my juices over my hole. Then she kissed my ass, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know she was into booty. She put her fingers back on my pussy and began to massage it while she licked all over my exposed “genitalia”. I’m tryin to be quiet so I wont wake anybody but this is feelin so good I dunno if that’s possible. She is eating me like I am the last supper and her movements are getting more and more rapid and my moans are getting louder. I think I heard myself moan out her name (I hope not, gotta keep that ThugPride in tact). Tara got those fingers working over time and my pussy can’t take much more before I cum. Hell I’m about to eeeeeeeeerupt now!!!!!!!!! Dat was good and as soon as I get my heart rate back to normal I’m gonna light it up………Ummmm, I can’t wait….
_____I hope she doesn’t think we’re finished. If so, I got news for her. Now that I am breathing normal again I’m ready to make love to her. I leaned over and we started kissing again. Every time I kiss her I want to beg her to come back to NY, but I can’t….I wont. I got on top of her and began kissing and sucking down her body.……She is tastin real sweet. While I am doing this she is running her hands up and down my body. Her left hand has found my ass but I refuse to let her take control. I am the captain of this ship. She has the most perfect firm breast second only to my own. I have made my way down to her “love canal” and it’s nice and wet. I place two of my fingers on her inner lips and massage them very gently. She is so wet my fingers slide around her pussy with little effort but I still apply some pressure so she will get “that feelin”.
_____I spread her legs as far as they could go and lower my head so I can submerge my tongue into her. Ummmmmm I love the way she tastes. While my tongue is inside her, my lips are massaging the inner “face” of her pussy. I am sucking her and pressing my face into her. Everything from my nose to my chin is pressed between the lips of her pussy. I know she is enjoying this because she is gyrating her hips and moaning like she’s in some type of trance. She is rubbing her fingers through my hair and pressing me into her. I love it when a woman grabs my head (just as longs as she aint tryin to suffocate me). I slowly break away from that position and begin to kiss up her body. I climb on top of her and spread both our pussy lips so that the insides of our pussies are touching. Our clits are sliding over each other and this is driving both of us crazy. It feels so good. Her hands are on my ass pulling me into her while we both rock our bodies in a rhythm that only we can share. We both are moaning loudly and I am sure someone can hear us but we’ll deal with that later. We’re about to experience the ultimate nutt.
_____Tara yells out my name as our bodies tremble violently against each other. I can feel her clit pulse against mine and mine against hers. As I realize how deep the love is between us I collapse on top of her. I lift my head to kiss her and I notice tears in her eyes, I guess she realized it too. They weren’t tears of regret but tears of love and content. We laid there wrapped in each other’s love until 9 am. Tara had to catch the 12:00 train back to San Diego. I never verbally told Tara I loved her but she knew and I knew she loved me.


Copyright © 1998. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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