Man, I was seeing this woman name Alicia, I mean damn she was so fine that she can make you cum just by looking at her. Sure, Alicia was twenty-five and I was only nineteen. Shit, I mean I wanted her in every way, but couldn't have all to myself cause she was married. I mean she had everything, a husband, kids, a job and a home. What could I give her that she didn't already have? We used to flirt all the time on the phone, in person, over the net. Finally, I had to make my move on her; I mean damn I wanted her so bad that I could taste her. I mean Alicia was the type of femme that you want to take home to meet your mother.

So, I called her up and told her that I wanted her for one night. I wanted to prove to her that she doesn't need her man. She replied, "Oh really! What is that you can do that no one else could do before?" I told her not to worry about it and give me a chance to prove you wrong about everything you could ever think of. She told me fine. We had set the time and the place. I mean it was so beautiful in Chicago that I had to think of where I wanted to take her. I had to get everything right in order to prove how much I wanted her.

How much I wanted to taste her and be with her. She told me that no one must know about this. I told her that I won't tell a soul, but our bodies will know.

She told me that I was silly and that she wants to see what I'm working with. I called her at the beginning of work to see what's up and how she was feeling about tonight. Then I let her know that I have a surprise for her at the end of the day. I said to her "I want to play with you tonight. I want to see the kitty purr for me and see it move like no other." I made sure that we both packed a bag, cause we're going to need a change of clothes; cause things will get a little messy.

I had someone come to her job with a dozen of freshly cut red roses and a note attach to it. The note says.........I can't wait to peel you apart and taste you. I left a message to let her know to drive home and park her car because a car will be waiting for her. I started to get things ready for her in the hotel, and made sure that everything was okay for tonight. As, she finishes work, I called her to say I miss you and can't wait to see you. She walked to her car and found another red rose and a note attach to her window, it told her to hurry up cause I'm hungry for you. She gets inside the car and starts the car, and she hears the song, "Must Have Been" by Montell Jordan, I made sure it was slipped into her car for her enjoyment.

She gets home and sees the car waiting for her The driver asked for her name and as she enters the car the driver hands her a little gift box. Inside there is a little chocolate heart. The driver takes her to this little shop, where they ask her to choose what dress she wants to wear for tonight. Alicia picks out a black dress, which fits her curves and those hips of hers. The ladies fix up her hair and her makeup and tell her its compliments of Angel. Then the driver takes her up to the waterfront and opens the door. She steps out and they lead her to the dinning room of the hotel. She sees no one inside because I took the place over for the night.

Then they lead her to the table and sit her down. She looks worried cause I'm not there. I come up behind her covering her eyes and kissing on her neck. I told her that she looked beautiful as always. The waiter comes up and asks us what we want to order.

"What would you like to eat ma'am?"

She replies, "I would like to try crab legs, a side dish of garlic and basil fettuccini."

"What would you like to drink?"


"What kind ma'am?"

"Ummm.... I Like Martini And Rossi."

I order the angel hair pasta, with a grilled breast chicken and shrimp on the side. Then the waiter goes in the back and gets the food prepared.

We are all alone and I tell her that my body craved for her all day and I can't wait to taste her tonight. Then the waiter brings our food and we start to eat while he pours her a glass of wine. I told her to turn around because the music was playing. She turns back around to sip her wine and looks inside the glass. She sees a ring inside, she starts to get scared and I'll tell her it's a promise ring, that we will be friends for a long time.

Then they play the song "With You" by Tony Terry and I ask her could I have this dance. I take her by the hand and lead her to the dance floor and dance the night though with her body wrapped inside my arms. I whisper in her ear that I would like to make love to her all night.

She replied by saying MMMMM YESSSS! Angel I want you to take me all night. Please baby take me and hold me all night. I look into her eyes and kissed her softly on the lips and held her in my arms. I told her how beautiful she is to me and how she doesn't have to worry about a thing tonight. I told her it's about her tonight if she likes. She told me she likes it very much. I took her by the hand and lead her to the elevator. We step inside and we hear Babyface singing, "You Are So Beautiful".

I started to nibble on her neck and kiss her all over and she starts to moan MMMMMM. I place her hands against the walls, and start to kiss her body, until we hit the top of the building.

Then the doors open and we walk to the room, I pick her up and walk in and we hear R.Kelly's "Slow Dance". I place her gently on the bed and she looks around and sees rose petals everywhere. There is a pathway to the bathroom with a bunch of Hershey kisses on the floor, a note on the bed states that I kiss the very ground you walk on. I had stepped out for a minute and returned with a bowl full of fruits; whip cream, a feather and chocolate syrup.

I get a dash of honey to place on those pretty toes of hers and start to play Maxwell's "This Woman's Work". Then I place her up against the door and start to undress her. I start to kiss her on the neck and then kiss around her spine and feel a slight quiver from her. I kissed her down on her ass, spread her legs and started to kiss every part of her ass. She says.... MMMM YES.
Then I place the tip of my tongue between her ass and start to lick her slowly, while placing my hands between her pearl. I start to feel her juices flow on my hand.

I take my finger and start to play around her hole and feel her cumming down on me. I take my finger and start to lick it slowly letting her know I'm not afraid to taste her. I tell her damn you taste so good ma. As, I'm licking her behind she starts to shake and grab the wall cause it feels good. I ask her "does it feel good to you baby?" Then I take her and pick her body up and place her in a waterfall located in the room, and let the water play between her legs. I start to lick her up and down, she starts to moan and grab my head moving it all around. I feel her getting real wet inside.

I hear the Isley Brothers playing in the background and I ask her, "Alicia will you ride my face tonight ma?"

She says, "yes, oh baby yes, please let me ride papi's face real good."

I place a strawberry between her lips and play all in her, lick all around and she starts to moan "ANGEL! Oh Angel, Papi keep it right there.... MMMM..."

Then I take the whip cream and place it between her lips and told her to sit on my face and ride me like no other. MMM.... She starts to ride my face faster and faster, she starts to ride me like she is riding a horse. She goes faster and faster, cums all in my mouth with all so much joy. Then she starts to moan AWW SHIT... and cums again in my mouth. I feel all her juices coming down in my mouth and I start to feel her pussy tingle on my tongue, she starts to scream out! OH YES! OH YES! RIGHT THERE ANGEL! OH SHIT! I'M CUMMING! KEEP GOING ANGEL! I LIKE IT! MMMM.... DON'T STOP! She was screaming out my damn name, I couldn't believe it. She was starting to make me feel things.

She ends up cumming in my mouth and I lick it all up until she gets dry. Then I lay her on her back and start to take care of her body, placing my strap and inserting it into her ass. I start to push my love inside of her slowly and sensually. She starts to say.........MMM YES DEEPER, YES ANGEL DEEPER! I place whip cream on my tip and press it inside of her deeper and deeper, she ends up grabbing and biting the sheets. She tells me that I'm too young to know about this and I just keep her down on the bed and keep stroking her slowly. YES MMM.... I place my strap harder into her and deeper, she starts to moan louder and louder. She starts to climax and at the same time I stop her. I told her to place her ass on my tip as I lay down; she looks at me with tears of joy. Then she places herself on my tip and starts to bounce up and down on me, riding my strap. She starts to feel it all inside. She starts bouncing all on me and shit, screaming louder, as I go deeper inside.

I feel her cum all on my stomach and she keeps bouncing faster and faster up and down, riding the fuck out of me. MMM...DAMN U FEEL GOOD ANGEL! I start to go all the way inside her and she lets out a scream...MMM YES SHIT!

Then she starts to burst into a loud noise and she tells me faster baby, I start to stroke her up and down with my strap and she tells me. YES PAPI, I LIKE THAT SHIT, WORK IT PAPI, OH SHIT! I LIKE IT! Then she yells out. OK OK OK OK OK I CANT TAKE NO MORE. Nope! Now her song is on, "Must Have Been" it's playing in the background while I'm giving her my loving. She cums all over me again and I tell her to relax for a min while I clean up.

She relaxes and starts to sip on a glass of wine; the wine is in a frosted glass crystal flute, with a strawberry in the middle for flavor. I come back in the room, and take the honey and pour it on her toes and start to suck on them slowly in my mouth. I lick them slowly until I'm finished I ask her does she like that. MMMM

"Stop please!"


"I Can't take it! You proved your point to me, I can't take it anymore."

"Please baby let me finish?"

I start to look her in the eyes and she shakes her head and says only for a few more minutes. As she lies there I tell her she looks real good to me and I like every part of her body. I tell her to lie on her side and I open up her legs and while I place my strap inside of her and I start to take her from the side and work her slowly. We start to hear "Ooh Boy" by Regina Belle and she tells me that she can't take any more. I stop and I pick her up and place her inside the bathtub and clean and wiped her body down.

Alicia places her clothes freshly on her body. I pick her up and place her in the bed and kiss her forehead and told her good night. I held her in my arms, and whisper now your turn. I held Alicia until it was time for her to leave and go back to her husband and kids. Alicia called me the next morning and told me that she enjoyed last night. I told her it was my pleasure to make her feel that way.

I asked Alicia did she make up her mind and if she wanted to stay with her husband or be with me. She told me it wasn't that simple to up and leave over us having sex. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, over some sex, no she didn't tell me this bullshit. Thoughts kept rolling inside my head, thinking over some sex, I wish I would know that in the beginning. I told her how I felt and she told me that I was the best female lover she ever had and that she wants to be with me. She can't leave her husband and kids like that. Alicia, I said that she would honestly think about what she would do and tell me later on during the week.

Alicia called me later on during the week like she said she would and told me that she wants to be with me. She told me that her husband Shon wasn't treating her right. I explained to Alicia that I'm sorry he has hurt you, but you can't run to me every time you have a problem. I told her that I didn't think it would work out for us and shit. I told her that I wanted someone for my very own. I told her, "like you said, shit it was only sex." Good sex that I might add. In mind, I was like damn this what I wanted but not like this and not in this very order. I told her she needs to work out her problems with Shon and see what happens from there. We said our goodbyes and that was that; I mean we talk from time to time. We have a fuck every now and then but it will never be the same like before. To think, I fell in love with this girl and wanted her to be my wife.


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