Chase McElroy

It was the day before fall preseason soccer training started and my parents had driven me up to school. After saying all the good-byes and the rest of the parental bullshit, it was time to get down to business. I finally met up with all of the other freshmen players. Damn, I had never seen so many different pairs of well-toned legs, in all colors, in my life! There were so many good-looking girls! All I could think about was what how intense masturbating was going to be later on thinking about what I had just seen. I was wet and on the edge of orgasm during the whole freshman orientation and I hadn't even touched my self yet!

The first day of training went as expected -- lots of running and ball handling drills. During the "gut" (or "suicide" as some prefer to call them) drills, I complained under my breath about having to run so many of the drills. Little did I know one of the veteran players heard me and informed the head coach about my complaint. The head coach came over to our group and she went off. "What's your name freshman," she yelled at me.

"Chase McElroy."

"Well, McElroy, since you think I don't know how to run my camp, why don't you show the other freshman as to why these drills are called gut drills."

"Excuse me?" I said to her.

"I'm gonna make you run till you puke," the coach said with a smirk on her face.

"Great," I said sarcastically.

"McElroy, you just got yourself 2 more added on to the 3 you're about to run!" The coach blew her whistle and I got started running. Quarter way and back, half way and back, all the way and back. I ran all 5 as fast and as hard as I could. Sure enough, I got really sick. Everyone else was instructed to go back to doing drills and I was cut from the squad for the rest of the day. Before I headed back to the locker room, the coach pulled me aside and gave me some water. She said, "I'll deal with you later... Meet me in my room tonight an hour after lights out... Don't tell anyone, understand?"

"Yes ma'am," I said smiling to myself.

I went to the locker room and showered. I thought about how the coach singled me out and how good-looking she was. For an older woman at least 20 years my senior (I was 18 at the time), she was HOT! She definitely took care or herself and gave a damn about how she looked. I thought about her legs, her tits, the way she smelled, all of that. I especially thought about how firm she was with me. I got really turned on and started rubbing my throbbing clit. Despite the water pouring over me, I could feel my own slippery wetness. I dipped my middle finger into my tight hole and started rubbing my clit again. I was on the edge of cumming when I heard someone come into the shower room. I quickly finished up my shower and headed back to the women's athletic dorm.

I got dressed in a T-shirt, white cotton panties, and soccer shorts. I lay down on my bed and continued to think about the coach. I could feel myself getting wet again and I touched myself through my shorts. My juices were flowing and I could feel the wetness through the fabric of my shorts and panties. I continued to touch myself through the fabric, bringing myself to the edge, and then stopping for a moment, then starting back at it again. I couldn't stand it any longer so I pulled my shorts and panties to the side and slid 2 fingers into my slippery hole. I was on fire! I slid my fingers in and out and I had the most powerful vaginal orgasm. It was the first time I had ever had a vaginal orgasm. My muscles tightened around my fingers and I could barely pull them out of my pussy because I was so sensitive. I finally pulled them out and started rubbing my clit again. My clit was the hardest I had ever felt it before and I came again in no time.

Later on that night at exactly an hour after lights out, I went down to the 2nd floor to the coach's room as instructed. I knocked quietly on the door, trying not to wake any of the other staffers. She opened to door and there she stood, bare ass naked. "Hi... I could come back later if..." She put a finger to her lips as to say "Shhhh." She motioned for me to come into the room. "We have to be very quiet so that no one will hear us," she whispered smiling at me, closing the door behind us. I smiled back at her.

As soon as the door closed, we were all over each other. I quickly figured out that she singled me out because she had it bad for me, as I had it bad for her. I was kissing her neck and groping at her tits and ass when she put her hands on the top of my head and pushed me down on my knees. My face was right in front of her shaved pussy and I could smell her sweet wetness. I started to take my shirt off and she stopped me. "No, keep your clothes on," she said. "Why?" I said looking back up at her. "Do as I say McElroy!" She tried to hide the grin on her face as she tried to be firm again with me. "Yes ma'am," I said looking up at her again. "Don't look at me McElroy, is that understood?" I nodded yes.

She sat down on the bed; I was still on my knees, trying not to look at her. "Good girl... Now lick my pussy," she said spreading her legs and pulling my face into her clean-shaven wetness. I'd gone down on plenty of girls before, but none of them tasted as sweet as the coach did. I licked her clit and I could feel it get hard on my tongue. I put my tongue inside or her, tasting her clear juices. I licked her clit faster, and then I put one, then two fingers inside of her. "That's it McElroy... That's it...," she whispered. I could feel the inside of her thighs start to quiver with every up and down and in and out stroke I did with my tongue and fingers. Her hips rose off of the bed and I knew she was very close. I felt her vaginal muscles tighten around my fingers and she exploded with an orgasm. Some sort of liquid came out of her as she came, but I kept on licking and finger fucking her. "Holy shit, she's a squirter!" I thought and smiled to myself.

She pulled me up on top of her and we bumped and grinded together. I was ready to explode with my own orgasm when she all of a sudden stopped. "What's wrong Coach?" "Did I tell you to speak McElroy?" I shook my head no. "Go sit in the chair at my desk," she instructed. Without a word I did as I was told. When I got up, I could feel my own wetness starting to run down my inner thighs. I sat down and she said, "Spread your legs and make yourself come. NOW!" I did as I was told. I still had my shorts and panties on so I pulled them to the side and went at it. I was so fucking wet and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. "Faster McElroy!" I was about to come when she ordered me to slow down my pace.

This seemed to go on forever. "I can't hold back Coach," I said in a soft whinny voice. "I didn't say you could speak McElroy," she said getting behind the chair I was sitting in. She got very close to my right ear and simply said, "Cum." I exploded with multiple orgasms! Sweat was pouring off of me. After I finished my orgasm, I said to her, "God, that was incredible!"

"I don't remember telling you to speak McElroy." She walked toward the door and told me to leave. I was confused. Before I walked out the door, she grabbed me and kissed me hard, I kissed her back. "Tomorrow night, same time," she whispered. I nodded yes to her. Then she practically pushed me out the door. I could hear her lock the dead bolt. I was really confused now.

We did this every night during fall pre-season training. I was never allowed to speak to her while we had "sex" if that's what she wants to call it. To be honest, I didn't mind being used the way she used me. Although she never allowed me to talk during our flings, she made me the only freshman starter on the team. We went on the have a perfect soccer season that year and we won the championships.


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