Dear Sxyfemagress,

_____I saw your homepage and I want you to know that your picture fits your name. I would really like to get to know you. I see that you live in the BX also. I live off the grand concourse on 160th. When you get a chance holla @ ya girl.
P.S: you can call my cell anytime. The number is 917-555-5555 and here is my pic.
_____Tears began to flow down Dion's face as she read the first e-mail that her ex-girlfriend Kyonia ever wrote her. "Damn why was I so stupid to lose the only girl that I ever loved," Dion said to herself. Flashbacks came back to mind of their two-year relationship:

_____Dion pulled up outside of Kyonia's building around 10 pm. She saw this girl walk out who was about 5'5, caramel. Light brown eyes, nice body, and had chin length dark brown hair with bronze streaks. "Damn she fine and look at that body," she mumbled to herself. The girl walked up to the car and asked, " Have you been waiting out here a long time?" "No ma I just got here, wait lemme get that for you." Dion walked around and opened the door for Kyonia to get inside. Dion took her to the village and they walked around Christopher Street into all of the gay shops. The walked ended at the pier where Dion introduced Kyonia to all of her friends. Kyonia did the same because she was definitely feeling Dion. "Kyonia do you want to go to the Funhouse." " Yes Dion; a few of my friends are going there anyway."
_____When they got inside the club, Dion saw her ex girlfriend of two months, Anna, who tried to get cute because she saw Dion there with a new girl. When Kyonia was standing alone, Anna came up to her and said, "Ex pussy is always better than the next pussy," and then she walked away. Kyonia just brushed it off. She never planned on bringing it up to Dion. She just thought, "Maybe I have a hater on my hands." Dion dropped her off at home and walked her into the building and gave her a long kiss goodnight. After a few months of dating they decided to make their relationship official.
_____On their one-year anniversary, they decided that it was time for them to make love. Dion wanted the night to be perfect so she rented a room in the Marriott. The night started with a candle light dinner. After the dinner the two took a nice warm bubble bath. That night the two of them made the kind of love that you would want to tell your mamma about. Dion turned Kyonia out. When Dion ate pussy she had and art to it. Kyonia nicknamed her "The Pussyologist", because she had a science to her work. That night Kyonia broke a rule that she said that she would never do. She let Dion use a strap on her. She was now in love with this girl and she knew that no one could tell her any different.
_____"Girl you are crazy," Samara said to Kyonia. Samara was Kyonia's best friend. "No I'm not girl, I'm in love. It was a week before Kyonia and Dion's two-year anniversary and the two of them decided to get each other's name tattooed on them. After Kyonia hung up the phone, she decided to go surprise Dion at her job for lunch. Without stopping at the desk and asking the secretary to tell Dion she was there, she just used the spare key that Dion gave her and walked into the office. "What the fuck," Kyonia yelled as she saw Dion's face. Dion's mouth was still wet from eating Anna's pussy. They both jumped up and Anna ran out, but not before saying, "I told you so." Kyonia couldn't even run after her. All she said was, " I'm gonna see your bitch ass." She looked at Dion and calmly said, " I hope that it was worth it, cause you lost the only girl that really loved you. But, that's not all I want you to lose. Lose my number, address, everything. It's over baby. Kyonia turned and walked out. Dion knew not to call Kyonia that night because she knew that all she would get was the dial tone. Dion waited two days ad she called Kyonia's house. Samara picked up and told Dion that Kyonia went to Cali to stay with her sister for a while and that she would write Dion in a few weeks.
_____Two months have passed and Dion still hasn't seen or heard from Kyonia. At 2am Dion's phone rang. It was Samara. "Dion are you sitting down." "Yes Sam, have you heard from Kyonia?" "Dion, Kyonia got killed two days ago in a car accident. She was on her way back here and her sister's car went out of control and both of them got killed." Dion hung up the phone on Samara and screamed. Samara came over and tried to calm Dion down. She gave Dion a letter that Kyonia mailed to her house for Dion and a pendant that Kyonia wanted Dion to have. Dion read the letter:
Dear Diondra,
_____I came here to find myself. I don't blame myself for what happened that day with Anna. When you did that you cheated on yourself cause you lost me. Diondra, you became my best friend and that's what I cherished and what I don't want to lose. I am coming back to New York so that we can talk and work things out. I don't want us to get into a relationship. You aren't ready for it, and right now I'm not sure that I can trust you enough for us to be in one. I'm giving you this pendant because you still have a part of my heart I want you to keep this half and I have the other one. Enclosed is a picture of me with the other half. I love you Dion.
P.s: I'll see you when I get there muah. _
_____After daydreaming about the relationship Dion had to go to the last place that she thought that she would ever see Kyonia, her funeral. Dion walked up to the casket and kissed Kyonia and started crying because she knew that she would never see her baby girl again. Kyonia's mom asked Dion to say a few words on Keyonia's behalf. Dion walked up to the podium. She gave her speech and finished with, " Cherish what you have, and appreciate what you have while its here on earth. I lost my best friend, and I didn't realize what I had when I had her. She looked at Kyonia and said I love you Kyonia forever and ever. I'm sorry baby. She started crying and she kissed Kyonia again and walked out of the church.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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