Senia Moore

As we enter the restaurant all eyes are on us, two women obviously in love with each other. They’re staring because you are beautiful, and you are wearing the hell out of the dress that I bought you. Today is our 3 year anniversary and i am still as in love with you today as I have ever been. You are all that i have ever wanted or needed, i wish to be with you for another lifetime.

We are seated in a booth at the back of the restaurant, and as the waiter asks to take our orders, i begin to order for you. Caesar salad, extra dressing, porterhouse steak, baked potato, and a piece of vanilla cake, with strawberries on top. For your drink i get you a White Zinfendel. The waiter takes our menus after i order two pieces of sword fish and green beans, with a glass of coconut rum. As he slips away, i find myself staring into your pretty eyes, i want to kiss you. I pull you close to me, and our lips brush each other lightly, and then my tongue slips into your mouth, we deepen our kiss.

My hand is resting on your exposed thigh, it inches farther up to the line of your red panties, you begin to squirm. You whisper in my ear that you wanna feel me inside of you. “Now,” i ask. “Oh yeah,” you plead with me. “Follow me to the bathroom,” i tell you. As i scoot out of the booth i feel your hands cupping my ass, and slowly i walk to the restroom feeling your eyes follow me.

As soon as i step into the stall, i feel your arms wrap around me from behind, one hand trying to unzip my pants and pull out my strap, and the other pinching my nipple. “Leroi” is ready for you as always, quickly i lift the hem of your dress, and pull your panties off stuffing them in my pocket. I turn you around, and put the tip of Leroi inside of you and you rock back hard on me, getting all 10 inches inside of you. Your back is arching, our lips and tongues are feeding off of each other. “How did you get so wet woman,” i ask you. “You did it,” you answer in between moans of extreme pleasure. Your hips are bucking against me so hard, i push one last time deeply into your dripping pussy, and you scream in orgasm. “Good girl,” i whisper to you, as you calm down. As i pull out of you i grab you to steady you and i kiss the back of your neck.

When we get back to the table, our food is sitting there still hot, and we eat, we keep giving each other these wicked looks of lust. Damn i want you. I start to feed you the cake, and strawberries, and you lick my fingers clean, while stroking my pussy through my pants. I know that you know what that is doing to me. I need to touch you. Damnitt. Finishing our food and drinks, i pay the check, and we leave.

The drive home is terrible, cause you keep touching my breast while i am trying to drive. And you keep putting my hand on your bare pussy. “Baby, we are going to wreck this car if you don’t stop,” i say breathlessly. I put the car on cruise control, and push 3 fingers inside of you, feeling your slippery insides, i pull then out to rub on your clit, you start to suck in air through your teeth, cumming on my hand. “There you satisfied,” i ask. “Hell no, i need to taste you to be satisfied,” you moan to me. I look up and am eternally grateful that i picked a restaurant close to the house. I am pulling into the drive way. You have already started to unbutton my shirt, and pull my wife beater our of my pants. You are kissing me as i try to unlock the door.

The door finally opens, rose petals are everywhere, there is a bottle of wine on chill, and a fur rug on the floor, i use the console bye the door to start the music as you slowly undress for me. Damn you are sexy. *licking my lips.* K-Ci and Jo-Jo start to play. You are naked and undressing me, jacket, pants, shirt boxers, tee-shirt all hit the floor. Your lips attack my clit while i am still standing. I love the way you feel when you suck me. I pull you up and kiss you, then leading you to the rug, i pull you down on top of me, and you kiss from my breasts to my hips, and then to my pussy. I know that you want my cum in your mouth.......and you feel so good. Just keep licking baby. “Ooooh yeah boo, i am cummin.” As soon as i cum, you are licking every drop. You are caught off gaurd as i flip you and begin to swallow you whole. “ goo.” i am licking your slit, making wet sounds with my mouth, sucking the cum out of you. Your legs open start to cum again and then your eyes get wide as you see i am putting my strap back on. Easily i enter you again. “You love me baby??” “Oooh yea baby, you know i do,” you whimper to me. “You wanna cum for papi,” i ask as i slide in and out of you. “Yesssssss babygirl, make me cum,” you begin screaming. I know that you are about to cum, so i move slower until i feel you push Leroi out. “Baby, how was your anniversary,”i softly ask you. “Damn, lovin it.”


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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