Terri and Kee drive up to a huge house.
"Her name is Elaine? What kinda name is that? Are u sure this is where she lives?" Kee says.
"Yea, hold up. Imma call her," Terri says. She dials Elaine's number.
"Hello Mitchell residence," a voice answers on the other end.
"Hi can I speak to Elaine?" Terri says shyly.
"I'm sorry but Elaine isn't here, may I take a message?"
"Well no, thanks," Terri says clicking off the cell-phone.
"Yo lets go, I told u this wasn't the tricks house," Kee proclaims. Right then Elaine comes rushing out of the front door of the 9- bedroom 19th century stark white mansion. "Hey, sorry about that my mom is just nuts, I'm glad you all didn't leave me."
"Yea well were about to leave your ass," Kee says.

They pull out of the long driveway and onto Hollywood Boulevard. California was beautiful at night; it seemed to be a different breed of people out this late- not to mention there was a full moon.
"So which club are we going to tonight?" Terri asks.
"The spark is live tonight, let's go there," Elaine offers.
Kee laughs, "The who? Girl if this some bogus ass club I'mma talk about yo ass."
"Oh?" Elaine turns up her nose; "we shall see who gets talked about." Already Elaine knew that her and Kee where at odds, she could feel it even in her crotch.

The club was dark, smelly and so loud that the girls had to yell at each other I their ears to hear. Elaine pulled Terri into the bathroom, "Listen Terri I don't like your little friend, who does she think she is talking to me like that?"
Just then Kee walks into bathroom and having overheard he comment she talk about me, then TALK TO ME! With your scary ass!"
For the moment Elaine stood there not saying anything considering whether or not to continue the feud. "Look, there is nothing that I've said to Terri that I can't tell you to your face, I'm not SKERD of u," Elaine says with a fake smile.
"Whatever, trick, u better watch yourself I ain't the one," Kee beams back.
"Whatever," Elaine says pushing past Kee, walking into the crowd.
"Let's leave this bitch and this club is weak," Kee says to Terri. Terri frowns hard at Kee. "We can't leave her," she says as she straightens her skirt and fixes her lipstick.
"Why not? Don't tell me u really like her," Kee frowns.
"She cool," Terri says matter-of-factly.
"Whatever! You lie to yourself- you just want a piece of her brother with your bi ass," Kee frowns.
"Man I'm outta here, fuck both of yal."

Kee exits there clubs almost forgetting that she didn't have a ride home, she walks the long stretch of the boulevard until she comes to another club, the door opens and out blares the best urban music she's heard all week. "Now this, this is what I'm talking about!" she says as she smiles to the bouncer. He opens the door wider, she goes underneath his arm and enter the florescent and black colored club, there are so many people there that she has to squeeze through the crowd. Immediately she stops and notices the people around her, in the far corner on a table she sees the tallest woman she has ever seen in her life. The woman is wearing a leather bodysuit and high heels that had to be at least 8 inches high. Just then a girl and guy with face piercings and chains all over pass her. Suddenly someone touches her on her shoulder, it's the tall dark stranger from the university, and he smiles showing his beautiful perfect teeth. On numerous times Kee has seen him in the weight room.
"So mystery woman, I do believe I've seen ya at the university right? Am I right?"

Kee is wrapped up in his thighs; the way they hug his leather pants that she almost doesn't hear him talking to her.

"My bad," she says as she looks at him hard, "I've never seen a brotha wear leather pants like that, well… except Prince, but u do look good in them though."

He weaky smiles at her, "What are you doing in here anyway hunny? You hardly come across as a lesbian to me."

Kee says "What?" she looks around noticing the all too familiar pride colors that she just happened to miss o her way in. The banner stretches the length of the club and there are drag queens everywhere she turns.

Hours later, Mr. Leather pants, who she soon finds out is actually a Richard, holds up his 5th Scotch and toasts to the equally drunk Kee. She shrugs, "ah well, fuck it, I'll be gay tonight too."

The next morning Kee wakes up in her bed at school, she hasn't a clue how she got home last night, vaguely remembering dancing and later getting into a car.
She walks to her morning class and happens to run into dark and handsome from last night.
"Hey, yo umm, Richard wait up," Kee yells to him.
"Hey hunny!" Richard smiles at her.
"Thanks for bringing me home last night, I appreciate it," she says.
"What? I didn't take u home last night hunny," he smiles with a wicked grin.
"Well if you didn't bring me home, who did?" he shrugs, " I don't know, some girl that u were dancing with."

A girl I was dancing with? What? Wait Richard!" she yells to him as he walks away. "What girl?"
"I dunno hunny, ask her," he yells back as he rushes off to class.
"Richard! Damn man, can u at least tell me what she look like?!" Kee demands.
"Gots go!" he yells back as he disappears behind the doors.
Kee is left standing on an almost empty lawn dumbfounded.
"Hey hunny?" he peer out the door. Kee turns to look at him, "By the way, welcome to the family," he smiles widely, quickly disappearing behind the doors again.
I'm telling u, look I dunno who it was, I don't remember shit!" Kee says to Terri.
Terri says, "Well just be glad they didn't do anything, at least u are ok, stop tripping."
"I can't help it Terri, u know I don't fuck around like that, Richard said I was dancing with some girl!"
"Who in the fuck is Richard?"
"This dude I met, Man, he is fine as hell! Look anyway…"
"Fine as hell? What he look like?"
"Well all I have to say is, the brutha is tall, dark and handsome.
"Well when u see him again give him my number."
Kee just looks at Terri rolls her eyes and leaves for her next class.

She hated this class, the arrogant snooty bitch Elaine was in the class as well, and she hated it for that simple reason. Every time the professor asked a question she has her damn hand up, and worst is she knew all the answers. Kee was sick to her stomach because she was really envious of her, but there was something about her that made Kee always look to see if Elaine was there. There was only one time Elaine hadn't been there and the entire day Kee sat wondering where she was. She hated this about herself; she could be obsessive for no reason.
Shaking her head, she says to herself: "man I need counseling, I hate this bytch and I'm over here thinking about her, ugh man," she says to herself.
Just then the lil twit walked in looking bright as sunshine sporting a little short skirt, sleeveless top and sandals, hair looking as it always did, long, luscious like she went to beauty shop every morning before class.
"Her ass probably does go there every morning," Kee says to herself.

Class was finally over.
"Whew" Kee sighs, "gosh that woman can talk," she says out-loud as the professor leaves.
On the way out Kee notices Elaine, she looks her up and down thinking, "she'd be alright if she wasn't a bytch I guess.
Walking down the hall Kee feels a touch on her shoulder, thinking it was Richard she turns around with an angry face- it was Elaine the bytch.
Kee relaxes her face, and simply looks at her.
Kee is caught off guard by her approach because Elaine has never once intentionally spoken to her much less touched her.
Elaine returns the blank look, yet they glare at each other.
"Hi," Elaine says.
Kee looks around searching for something mean to say as usual but this time she simply says, "Hi yourself."
Elaine looks as though she is about to say something else but she simply licks her lips and look towards the floor.
This of course confuses Kee, she's looking at Elaine with her near flawless features and realizes there's a person behind all the arrogance. She is astonished because Elaine is quiet, vulnerable, and actually talking to her without her nose in the air.
Kee raises her eyebrows and exhales loudly, "umm, what's up?" she asks.
Elaine holds her gaze to the floor, "I need u to meet me at 3:00 in the library."
Kee looks around confused once again, "why?"
"Just be there," Elaine says as she walks down the hall.
For a moment Kee is stunned, did her and Mrs. Shyt just have a conversation? And what does she want to do at the library? Talk?
Kee turns and quickly catches up with Elaine, grabbing her arm. She looks at her hard.
Elaine quickly moves backward snatching her arm away, "Hey, what are u doing? Do u always have to be so mean to me?"
Kee frowns because she is confused, she finds herself at a lost for words. Finally she muscles u a lil something, "No, I was just wondering what's with the library?"
Elaine smiles, "would u prefer we meet somewhere else?"
Kee thinks for a second, "Naw, I mean, that's cool, umm, but I just wanna know what u want to talk to me about… Cus I'm saying like we usually…"
Elaine cuts her off by placing a finger almost directly on her lips, "Shhhhh, just be there," she says as she quickly runs off to class.
Kee is shocked beyond understanding, especially since she didn't feel the urge to knock the hell outta the lil bytch, she thinks, "what the fuck did she put her fingers over my lips for?"
Class is almost over, Kee finds herself as nervous as a lil kid the first day of school. The clock reads 2:50, during the entire class she'd been coming up with reasons for the tension between her and Elaine. Kee knows she's a tough girl, she says what she wants and when she wants; she has always hated arrogant people.
She leaves the class even before the professor finishes and heads to the library.

"Psssssss, hey over here," Elaine says when she spots Kee.
Kee follows her down the long rows of books until they come to a corner with stairs; the stairwell is filled with books too. Kee had been down here one time with an old professor, there was a storage room down here and a few electrical rooms too. There was hardly any walking space and Kee almost fell trying to make her way down, Elaine was already at the bottom.
"Here, you're going to need some help," she says stretching out her hand offering it to Kee. Kee reluctantly takes her hand and walk across the mess of books and tables. She follows Elaine to an empty study room, "put your stuff down if u want, there's a chair," she says to Kee.
Kee sits down shaking her head, "look Elaine, umm, what the fuck are we doing down here?"
Elaine says, "Don't worry we can be down here, we aren't going to get into trouble for trespassing, I study here all the time."
"Oh," Kee says, "well, umm, what's up?"
"Look, I know u don't like me, for whatever reason, most people don't but…"
"It's not that, on the real," Kee says, "look Elaine…"
Elaine stops her again with her fingers over her lips; she stands up looking down at Kee.
"Yo… ummm," Kee is again at a lost for words, she feels uncomfortable with Elaine touching her lips, but she is stumped and doesn't know what to say.
Elaine goes on, "look I'm not a bad person, u just have to get to know me, I might be arrogant, but I'm cool, I'm also very perceptive and I know that u don't hate me, although u act like I'm your fucking enemy.
Kee simply listens to her.
"Look I'm tired of us at each others throats and shit, besides it seems like our separate circle of friends is starting to become one."
Kee frowns, "what are u talking about?"
"Nevermind that, can u come over here and help me with this?"
Kee stops for a moment and looks at Elaine, she decides to get up and see what she is talking about, "help u with what?"
"That," Elaine points to a stack of books at the top of the rack.
Kee simply looks at her.
"Hey I can't help it if I don't want to get dusty," Elaine admits.
"And u think I wanna get dusty?" Kee says.
Elaine smiles and Kee laughs saying, "watch out, its cool, I got this, acting like u shorter than me or something!"
Kee pulls down the stack and holds it in her hands as Elaine shifts through the books tossing some to the side, keeping others resting in Kee's hands.

"Hey Elaine, let me ask u something, did u see me after the cub last night?"
Elaine looks at Kee with an empty look, yet starring her directly in the eyes. There was that weird feeling again; Kee could feel it in the pit of her stomach- nervousness.
Elaine just keeps starring at her as Kee look away from time to time, Kee is at a lost for words again.
Elaine grins, "hmmm, remember I'm that bytch u hate? Why would I take u home?"
Kee swallows hard, "I never said anyone took me home, so I guess it was u."
Elaine takes all the books out of Kee's hands, leaning against her as she places them on a side shelf, Kee is uncomfortable but stands there waiting for Elaine to move away from her. Elaine holds onto Kee's waist, Kee is completely confused and uncomfortable as she feels her body move into Elaine's. She feels Elaine's hands move up her back of her neck. Kee moves backwards, eyes wide open- speechless.
There's that finger over her lips again as Elaine stares her in the eyes.
"I bet you've never kissed a woman," Elaine says softly.
Kee swallows hard, never in her life has she felt so vulnerable, open… she was always so rough on the outside for fear she would get hurt by some knuckle head wanna-be-man.
"I also bet you wouldn't mind if I kissed u right now," Elaine says again.
Kee breathes out as easy as she can, she feels suffocated, and wants to gasp for air, she hears her own heart beat as air escapes her lips, she is frozen, in shock, completely in shock.
Elaine licks her lips slowly; squints her eyes, and moves in closer to Kee.
"Kee, I wanna ask u something," she says.
She looks at Kee for a response. Kee's eyes are moving slowly, she looks uneasy, frozen, but Elaine goes on, "I want to know if I can kiss u… hmmm? Can I kiss u Kee?"
Kee breathes in and out hard.
Elaine moves in to kiss Kee…and there's a knock on the door, they are both startled and the books come crashing down to the floor.
It's Richard at the door, "Hey u two, what yal doing?"

Richard smiles at Kee and hugs Elaine, "what's up lil sis?" he says to Elaine. Kee stands there in shock as reality hits her.
"Yo, I gotta go yal," she says as she grabs her book bag and rushes out of the room.
Elaine yells after her, "wait up Kee."
Kee walks as fast as she can out of the library, down the street and toward her dorm room almost knocking Terri over as she runs up the walkway.
Terri grabs her, "girl what's wrong with u? Shit you ain't gotta run me over!"
Kee is still in shock and simply stands there as she begins to feel sick to her stomach. Terri relaxes her frown and grip as she realizes Kee hasn't gone off on her cursing and all as usual.
"Girl what's wrong with u?" Terri says with concern. Kee is still speechless and simply shakes her head waves Terri goodbye as Elaine runs up behind Terri. By this time Kee has hurried and gone through the dorm doors to her room. Terri turns her face to Elaine and they smile at each other while shrugging their shoulders.

Elaine is back in her dorm room and making sure she locks the door, she plops down on her bed and sighs loudly as the phone rings. Reluctant to answer she simply lets it ring but then decides that it might be someone she actually wants to speak to she answers hurriedly.
"Hello?" she says.
"Yea, hey hunny it's Richard girl, we need to talk."
"About what Richard?" Kee says tiredly.
"About last night girlfriend, come on, I'm sure you want to know what's all this about."
"What's all what about?" she says.
"Look you know what I'm talking about girlfriend, don't you want to know about my sister? And why all of sudden she's interested in you?" he asks.
"Well Richard I wasn't aware that she was, and I don't know what for because I don't swing that way; obviously you and your sister do huh?" Kee says angrily. Richard says, "Now hunny you know…" but he is cut off when Kee hangs up the phone. Shortly after that phone rings again just as someone knocks on the door.
Kee gets up to look through the peephole and as she suspected it was Terri.
Kee opens the door and Terri walks in.
Terri says, "look girl I don't know what your problem is, and what did you do to Elaine?"
"What did I do to Elaine?" Kee asks.
"Yea," Terri looks at her questionably.
"Yo I ain't do nothing to ole girl ok, I don't know what fuck you talking about, so look I don't feel like talking to you or anybody else for that matter right now ok? So I'd appreciate if you'd leave." Kee snaps.
Terri shakes her head and says, "fine, look I don't care what you say but we all know the truth here, when you ready to talk to me, you will."
Kee closes the door after her wondering what Terri meant by her last statement.

That night Kee sat thinking for a long time about the day and that night at the club. She also thought a lot about Elaine, admitting that she admired Elaine's beauty and that she was actually intrigued by her. Then she started to think about how uncomfortable it made her to be pinned against bookshelf in the library and having Elaine ask her for a kiss. The idea kissing a woman still made Kee uncomfortable but she was still serious. After ignoring the ringing phone in the last part of the evening, Kee finally able to get some sleep.

Kee woke in the morning feeling a little better and listened to her voicemail. There was only one message and it was from Richard apologizing for not coming clean with her. Wondering what Richard meant by that Kee began her day but not before she thumbed through her student guide to find out what day and time to LGBT meeting was.
The one thing Kee could not figure out was "where" the meeting was. She decided to go ahead and cal Terri over.
Terri showed up minutes after getting the call from Kee.
"Hey Boo, is it safe for me to come in?" Terri jokes as she peers around the open door to Kee's dorm room. Kee just simply looks at her and motions for her to sit o the opposite bed.
"Girl it must be nice to not have a roommate, shit if I didn't have roomie big thangs would be going on in Teresa's!" Terri laughs.
"Look Terri I'm not going to trip, ok?" Kee says, "you are my best friend and I'm sorry about yesterday, I was just really fuckin' frustrated and shit." Kee says as her voice cracks. Kee looks down to the floor out of embarrassment. "Elaine came on to me," she says.
Terri gets up and sits down next to Kee, "look I know this is new for you, but I've been telling you that your ass is bi, lesbian or something and you should give it a try, I mean, what hurt could it do?" Kee looks up and frowns as Terri continues.
"I know you're curious and Elaine has been interesting in you since we first startles classes."
"Oh, so nobody decided to tell me huh?" Kee says as she remembers her first run- in with Elaine. She remembers how Elaine came up to her smirking and telling her "nice outfit, looks like you and my brother shop in the same store," since that day they never got along. Since then Kee hasn't worm an entire jeans pants suit, she figured that was the reason Terri was always saying that she was "family."

"So, what do u want to know girl, I can teach you somethings, you and Elaine can go out to that lace…" Terri says.
"Slow down girl," Kee says, "I just thought I'd go to one of yal meetings, there's one tonight right?"
"For real! Girl! Hey! I knew it!" Terri screams as she jumps around the room, "representing up in here! Yal do make a good couple too."

"Hold ya horses, I ain't saying all that, I just want to see what it's all about," Kee says.

That night Kee went to the Rainbow club meeting and wasn't surprised at all to see both Elaine and Richard; along with some more classmates who she'd have never guessed would be there. After the meeting Richard apologized to Kee and told her that it was all a setup so that Elaine could get what she wanted.
"And what was that?" Kee says to Richard.
"She wants YOU hunny," he says.
"Hmmm," Kee says as she looks across the room at Elaine.

The walk down campus was quiet as they all walked in a group, passed by the guy's down and said goodbye to Richard. Soon after, only Elaine and Kee were left when Terri went her separate way to her upperclassmen dorm.
Kee and Elaine talked a bit about the meeting and continued down the long campus in silence.
"So, how bout that kiss?" Elaine says.
Kee stops and looks at Elaine, "mmmm," she says, as she shakes her head no, "you know I've never kissed a woman."
"I know," Elaine says as she steps in to kiss Kee but Kee moves backwards and stops her.
"Wait, not in public," Kee says as she places a finer over Elaine's lips, "I do have a reputation to protect," Kee smiles.
Elaine smiles back as they enter the lower classmen dorm on the far end of the campus. That night they talked, kissed and held each other until morning.
Nowadays you can find Terri, Richard, Kee and Elaine all hanging around campus, just a little clique of LGBT friends.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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