Wynn Kai

Rowen sat up with a start, a small gasp escaping her lips, for a moment she gazed around the room in confusion trying to place where she was. A covered lump next to her moaned and an arm snaked out towards her gently entwining itself around her waist drawing her towards the lump. Rowen pulled away in surprise, the arm snaked back under the cloth, and the lump turned over revealing itself.

"Wynn?" A very sleepy looking Dala looked up at Rowen, "What's the matter, bad dreams again?" Dala slowly sat up and gently pulled Rowen in to her strong tender embrace, her lips softly caressing Rowen's neck as her hands rubbed Rowen's arms. Rowen turned her head to look at Dala's face, eyes searching hers, worry, and fear clouding her face. Dala turned Rowen towards her and clasped her shoulder, now fully awake. "Wynn, what on earth is wrong? You look terrible."

Rowen pulled away from Dala and stood up, the silky cotton sheets falling away from her pale coffee toned body, she crossed to the window and stood looking out over the city. Dala stood up and gathered the sheet into her hands, walked over to Rowen to wrap the cloth around her naked body. Dala then turned Rowen to face her, "Wynn, tell me what troubles you." Rowen sighed and looked once more into Dala's rich chocolate brown eyes, searching for hidden thoughts or clues to unravel her dreams.

Rowen wrapped her arms around Dala and sighed again, "He was in my dreams again, long dark dreams of capture and separation. I'm scared Dala, I know he is searching for me, he means us harm!" Dala's arms tightened reflexively around Rowen as if to ward off any unseen attacks. "You are safe with me, he will never touch or harm you again, I will see to that!" Rowen smiled and allowed Dala to lead her back to bed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed Rowen stared at the sky showing through the window, Dala climbed on to the bed and knelt behind Rowen. She reached out to Rowen with her hands and began to massage Rowen's shoulders, releasing the knots of tension and fear from her muscles. Rowen leaned back into the powerful kneading action of Dala's strong searching fingers, the tension flowing out of her, relaxing her. Dala slowly worked her way down Rowen's back and then she moved her position to scoop Rowen up and lay her down onto the bed to continue her ministration of gentle healing through soft warm tender kisses.

A growl came from the back of Rowen's throat as Dala rained kisses down on her face and neck. Dala's hand gently kneading and massaging the tops of Rowen's arms. Rowen turned her head to look up at her beloved Dala. She smiled as Dala's lips came down once more to enslave her mouth, her tongue seeking gentle but persuasive access between Rowen's teeth, the kiss deep and hard. Rowen wrapped her arms around Dala, her fingers lacing themselves in Dala's long dark hair imprisoning her in her embrace. Dala wiggled free and sat up laughing at her, "Beautiful Wynn you're a temptation beyond all that I know."

Rowen laid back on the pillows and gazed up into her adoring eyes, "Dala, you make my world complete..." Her words trailed off as Dala leaned down and planted another kiss on her lips making hot and cold shivers race along Rowen's spine. Dala sat back on her heels and surveyed Rowen's body, an evil glint in her eye, "It's a pity that such a beauty hides herself in such a manner." Dala lunging towards Rowen caught the edge of the sheet she was covered by and ripped it away, tossing it into the far corner of the room. Rowen gasped in shock and pleasure, feeling the cool breeze from the window caressing her naked body, her nipples contracting from the touch of the breeze that played across her skin.

Dala sat for a moment admiring Rowen's smooth skin and the pert erect nipples of her breast before covering them with her hands, gently stroking and touching them. Rowen giggled, and reached out to Dala pulling her close, directing Dala's mouth to one of the pert breast, longing for Dala's fiery touch on her aching skin. As Dala's mouth closed around Rowen's breast, Dala reached down to caress Rowen's inner thigh. Rowen gasped and arched her back pushing her self up to Dala, mewing for more, Dala's touch igniting hot passions in her body.

Dala's hand caressed Rowen's thigh slowly working higher, Rowen arching her body, pushing herself up, wanting more. "Dala, pleaseeeeeeee...." At her gasping request Dala smiled and moved her hand from Rowen's thigh, caressing her and seeking entry to Rowen's hot wet centre, Dala's fingers finding her hard throbbing clit and gently but firmly massaging it. Rowen cried out at Dala's touch, begging, demanding more, demanding more of Dala. Dala moved her fingers into the wet well of Rowen's pulsing depths, exerting a gentle pressure upward. Rowen moaned and tossed her head, Dala feeling a new surge of dampness on her fingers. Rowen writhed under Dala's burning touch, squealing in delight; she reached for Dala's mouth for a deep lingering kiss.

Dala abruptly stood and strode over to the chest of drawers, opening the top one she extracted her strap-on. Rowen lay propped up on one elbow watching as Dala deftly slipped it on and walked back to the bed, the shaft bouncing up and down with each step. Rowen giggled and reached out a hand to trace a finger down the shaft. Dala grinned and kissed the end of Rowen's nose; "No you don't my lovely Wynn." Kneeling on the end of the bed, Dala gently pushed Rowen back down onto the bed and then spread her legs. Running her hands slowly up Rowen's firm thighs, Dala bent down to kiss Rowen's wet mound, running her hot tongue down the slippery moist slit. Rowen growled and tossed her head, reaching for Dala, mewing, "Please Dala...." Dala deftly changed position and slipped the strap-on into Rowen's inviting throbbing moist depths. Rowen arched to receive the gift as Dala surged into; she embraced fully the shaft as Dala surged and plunged in, the tempo picking up as they pounded on in abandoned passion.

Rowen matched Dala stroke for stroke, as the pressure and tension mounted, reaching a crescendo. Rowen screamed her lust and savage passion as she climaxed with a fierce convulsing orgasm, Dala thrusting in, pushing Rowen higher, and sustaining the peak. Dala crying out as she came, roaring her joy as wave after wave of ecstasy shock her body. Finally spent they collapsed back into the pillows of the bed, Rowen sighing in total bliss, "Dala...." She whispered as she snuggled up in Dala's warm embrace. Dala lay for a little while listening to Rowen's gentle breathing slow as she slipped into a blissful sleep; Dala turned her head to look at her women smiling in her sleep. Gently kissed Rowen's smile Dala drew her closer before she too fell into a contented sleep...


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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