The Ultimate Femme

_____ Maya placed her groceries on the counter and reached into her wallet for her money. She hated shopping for food, but she knew that if she didn't, McDonald's, Wendy's and Subway would get way too much of her money. Not to mention what that would do to her waistline. Thinking of her waistline, Maya couldn't help looking at the candy section right next to the checkout. She knew this was supposed to be a temptation for kids who accompanied their parents shopping, but she was tempted more than any kid right now. It was then that her eyes fell across the charms blow pops. She hadn't had one of those since she was a kid, but she'd always liked them then. They had a larger size one now, a SUPER BLOW POP. It was then that an idea began to form in her mind, and a wicked smile formed on her face. Before she could change her mind, she placed the Cherry Super blow pop on the counter with the rest of her items.
_____"Damn," she yelled as she fumbled with her keys at the door. She could hear the phone ringing and didn't want to miss Tre's call. Finally getting the door open, she dropped the bags in the entryway and ran for the phone. "Hello?"
_____"Damn bay. You just finish running a marathon or something?"
_____"No, silly. I went to the grocery store and it took a little longer than I thought." She didn't dare mention that she had missed several lights, and been honked at several times because she was daydreaming. On the way home, Maya had planned an evening that Tre would never forget.
_____"Maya, you there?"
_____"Huh? Oh I'm sorry baby. My mind was somewhere else."
_____"Well thanks. I feel loved." Tre laughed softly.
_____"Oh baby, you know I love you. In the almost 3 years that we have been together, have I missed even one of your midday phone calls?" Maya knew the answer.
_____She and Tre had met and fallen in love almost instantly. They had moved in together shortly after that. Her career allowed her to work from home, which she loved, because she was able to be a housewife, yet still contribute to the bills. She loved taking care of home, had always felt it was one of the joys of being a wife. Tre helped out as much as she could but rarely had to because it was something that Maya truly enjoyed doing. The other thing she enjoyed was hearing Tre's voice at lunchtime every day. Even though Tre would have just left home a few hours before, they missed one another terribly, and both needed that midday fix. She had never missed one of those calls, and she knew Tre knew it.
_____She smiled at how "normal" their lives were. She knew that most people expected lesbian relationships to be all about sex, but she and Tre's relationship was built on so much more than that. They fit the "stereotypes" of a lesbian relationship too though. Maya was definitely the more feminine of the two, while Tre took on the more masculine role. Not a "butch" by any means though, Tre was sensitive, caring, and a woman in every sense of the word. But she enjoyed protecting Maya, taking care of her. Not to mention that Tre couldn't care less about her nails, her hair, or fancy clothes. Jeans, sneakers, and braids were her every day attire and neither she, nor Maya, cared to change their roles. At least not until today.
_____Being the more masculine of the two, Tre often took on the role of aggressor during sex. When the couple used a strap on, which wasn't often, it was Tre who wore it. She loved the look on Maya's face when she penetrated her. Maya loved the look on Tre's face as she watched the head slide deep inside of her. But tonight, Maya decided to turn the tables a bit. She knew Tre would never go for the strap on, but tonight, she had another surprise for her.
_____Maya felt her excitement build as she heard Tre's keys in the door. She ran to the living room to greet her, but tried not to appear too excited so as not to give away that she was up to something. Kissing her softly on her lips, she wrapped her arms around Tre's neck.
_____"Hey Boo. How was work?"
_____"Nothing special. How was your day?"
_____"Oh, nothing special. I missed you more than usual today."
_____"You did? Now why is that?"
_____"I don't know, but I did. I'm glad you're home."
_____Throwing her keys on the table, and wrapping her arms around Maya's waist, Tre allowed her hands to rub up and down Maya's soft, round ass. "Mmmmm, I'm glad too, baby. I'm ready to just lie back and relax for a while."
_____"You hungry?"
_____"A little, but I can wait." It was exactly the answer Maya had hoped for because so she had made something for dinner that could keep for a while…a long while, if necessary. Tre flopped down on the couch and removed her shoes. "I just wanna get comfortable."
_____"Why don't you go ahead and shower baby. Dinner can wait a while."
_____"Yea, I think I'll do that. You coming?"
_____"No baby. I actually wanted to finish up this chapter. You know the editors are on my ass for it."
_____"Ok baby. I wanna read it when I get out aight?"
_____Maya loved how Tre was always so supportive of her writing. Because of it, Tre had become her proofreader, critic, and cheering squad. But writing was the last thing on Maya's mind. She waited until she heard the water running and rummaged through the grocery bag that she knew held her secret treasure.
_____ She smiled as she removed the wrapper from the blow pop and placed it in a tall glass filled with ice. She casually placed the glass on the nightstand in the bedroom, knowing that Tre wouldn't notice it. She was nervous, because she had never acted so boldly before, had never taken such an aggressive approach to sex. But tonight, she was ready.
_____Tre jumped as a blast of cool air hit her backside. Turning, she smiled as Maya climbed into the shower with her. Before she could say anything, Maya had grabbed the back of her head and began kissing her, roughly at first, but then softer. She was definitely shocked. Maya had never shown this type of urgent desire before, but Tre had to admit that she liked it. She felt the tingle in her belly and the warmth spread over her inner thighs. She knew without touching herself that she was wet. Her natural instincts told her to take over, to slowly lower her head and follow the path of the water as it fell over Maya's nipples with her tongue. But before she could, it was Maya's head that lowered and Tre felt the warmth of Maya's tongue on her nipples instead. She couldn't stop the low moan that escaped from her throat.
_____"Mmm baby. Damn that feels so good. What's gotten into you ma?"
_____Maya's only answer was to pull Tre's nipple into her mouth and suck on it while circling her tongue around it. Tre grabbed the back of Maya's head and held her there. This shit felt better than it ever had before. She felt herself opening her legs as Maya's hands nudged her thighs apart. Maya ran her finger up the slit of Tre's pussy and rubbed small circles over her clit. Tre's knees began to buckle and she heard Maya giggle against her breast. "Oh, you lovin this shit huh?"
_____Maya said nothing, but moved even lower down Tre's body until she was able to replace her finger with her tongue. She slowly licked Tre's pussy, pressing her tongue hard against Tre's clit. "Oh shit Maya. Damn baby…that shit feels good!"
_____Maya smiled. The rush she got from knowing she was pleasing Tre was more than she had imagined, more than she had hoped for. She couldn't believe that it had taken her 3 years to do this. Smiling still, she grabbed Tre's hand and led her to the bedroom. With just a little force, she pushed Tre's shoulders back until she lay back on the bed.
_____Falling to her knees, she pushed Tre's legs up and open and buried her face in her pussy. She loved the smell of Tre, and though she didn't get to taste her often, she took pleasure in it when she did. Loving this rush she got from being aggressive, she decided to continue. "Hold it open for me Tre."
_____Tre couldn't believe that Maya was being so forward, but before she knew it, she felt her hands holding open the folds of her pussy so that her clit was exposed to Maya. She felt Maya's tongue as it darted inside of her, and then slid slowly up her pussy to her clit. It took all of her energy to continue to hold herself open, especially when Maya sucked her clit into her mouth. Shudders ran through Tre's body and she allowed one hand to move to the back of Maya's head. Thrusting her hips up to meet Maya's tongue, she moaned loudly. "Mmmmmm, baby. Yea Maya…just like that baby. Suck dat shit ma."
_____Maya loved when Tre talked shit to her. It made her work even harder to please her. She let Tre's clit slide from her mouth and blew on it. She watched Tre's clit get bigger, harder and smiled to herself as she ran her tongue around it in a small, tight circle. Tre's thighs were clamped so tightly over her ears that Tre's moans were muffled, but she could still hear them. Sliding her finger down between her own thighs, she began to rub her own pussy too. Tre was right…this shit felt good!
_____Regaining her control, she continued to lick, and suck Tre's pussy as she reached over to the nightstand and removed the blow pop from the glass of ice. It had been there for quite a while now and was extremely cold. Without a hint to Tre, she slid the blow pop slowly into Tre's pussy as she licked her clit. She almost yelled with pride when Tre's bottom came up off the bed and Tre let out a long, slow moan of pleasure.
_____"Mmmmmmmmm. Unnnngh, Maya. Baby? Umm what … What you doing to me?" Maya still never said a word and slowly slid the blow pop in and out of Tre's pussy. She felt Tre's hips moving faster and faster against her face and against her hand and knew that Tre was close to climax.
_____"Oh fuck. Oh shit, Maya, baby, Imma cum. Oh got damnnnnnnnnn I'm cummmmmmmmin!!!"
_____Maya used her free hand to hold Tre's hip as the orgasm rocked her body. As the shudders subsided, she slowly removed the blow pop and slid up Tre's body. She looked directly into Tre's eyes and seductively slid the blow pop into her mouth.
_____"Oh my God!! Maya Gregory, what the hell are you tryin to do to me?" Maya smiled. This aggressor thing was more fun than she thought. It was definitely something she needed to do more often.
_____Always the protector, Tre rubbed on Maya's back and whispered in her ear. "Damn baby, that shit was off the hook. But you didn't cum ma. What about you?"
_____Still without a word, Maya slid off of the bed and lay on the floor, legs open. Tre sat up, wondering what this girl could possibly have in mind now. A huge smile lit her face as she watched Maya slowly pull the blow pop from her mouth. The smile grew larger as Maya slid the blow pop into her own pussy and moaned softly.
_____"Damn babygirl…I will never see a blow pop again without smiling . . ."


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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