It would be the hottest day of the year when I was scheduled to drive down to LA on business. I was due at an 8am meeting Monday so I left a day early since I wanted at least one night on the town. After going through four cokes and a bottle of water, I was badly in need of a bathroom and something sweet to take my mind off the heat. About 10 miles outside of San Luis Obispo, I noticed two women in a black little sports car on my tail. Trying not to be obvious getting a good look at them, I got over hoping they would pass and I could get a peek. Sure enough, they passed on my left.

As they went by, the driver smiled, reached into the blouse of her very sexy passenger and squeezed her breast for me to see. Before my eyes could even fix on the image, they flew off ahead and soon disappeared down the highway. As I drove, I couldn't keep my mind from wondering about those two women I saw before. After awhile I noticed signs pointing towards a roadside fruit market coming up soon and decided to make a stop for some fruit to toss in my cooler for an additional way to beat the heat.

When I got out of my car, I noticed in the lot a car similar to the black sports car the two women I saw were driving and couldn't help but get a little excited. I tried not to make eye contact with anyone as I entered the market, but I could feel those women surveying me as I made my way about the place. I moved to the bunches of strawberries, they both came up and stood on each side of me. I looked to my left at the woman who was driving the car and said "Hi". She said, "Hi, I'm Eva and this is Valentina. Did you like the show?". I instantly blushed. "That's ok," she said, " We were just trying to get your attention." "Why is that," I was interested in knowing. "If you are that curious, get in your car, follow us and you will find out first hand," Valentina said. "First I want a bunch of these strawberries for the ride." I smiled. "That may not be the sweetest thing you have today...we'll wait out side for you," shouted Eva.

When I came outside, Valentina was sitting in the backseat of my car and Eva was back in her car revving the engine. I tried to remain cool, though this was kinda weird. I got into my car and started the engine and followed behind Eva on the highway. "So, do you two do this sort of thing often?" I asked Valentina. "Do you," she snapped back. "Uh no. Can't say that I do. You two don't seem too shy." "We just seem to have trouble passing up a potential good time," she said. "And, I suppose that I am this pending 'good time'?" Her look grew seductive, "Keep your eyes on the road." Something in her tone made me not question her command. Before I really realized where she was and what she was doing, she was un-doing my belt buckle and sliding her hand down the front of my jean shorts and the other up my shirt, her fingers finding my nipples. "Hey, no fair! How am I supposed to focus on driving with you molesting me like that," I whined, trying not to let on how good she felt. She smiled," I think you can handle it." I got so caught up in her touch, I forgot about Eva driving alongside us. I glanced out my window to acknowledge Eva, and she just smiled back seeming to be pleased that her(?) lover's hands were all over me. "Don't worry about her, we'll play with her later. Right now it's just you and me." Valentina said. I heard her pop open the ice chest in the back so I observed her in the rearview as she dipped both hands in the icy water. She then slipped her hands under my shirt, resting them on my breasts. In contrast to the heavy rays of the summer heat, her hands were heavenly. I had to fight not to close my eyes and give in to the sensation. Valentina whispered, "We're almost there." My mind began to race with images of potential sensual situations 3 young women could get into in this heat, with the four baskets of strawberries I bought earlier.

Eva took the next turn off as I followed , Val still running her hands on all of me that she could touch. We got onto a long one lane road that led up to a large old barn. Before I could even set the parking brake, Val bolted from the car towards the barn door. Once inside, I began to look around at how this old barn was fixed up with all the comforts of home. "What is this place," I asked Val. "My uncle owns the land and the main house up beyond the trees. He let me use this as my hideout as long as I want it," Val said. "So, what is the chance of him wandering back to check on you?" Val laughed, "Let's just say when he knows I'm here, he stays clear. He doesn't want to know what goes on in here." "And just what does go on in here," I asked grinning. "Patience, you know soon enough," Eva teased.

"Why don't you run out to your car and grab those delicious looking strawberries," Valentina asked. "OK, be right back, don't start without me!", I laughed. I took my time going back to the car so that I could fully realize the potential of this situation. I mean, it doesn't exactly happen to me often that two very sexy women lure me to a secluded playpen. I grabbed my baskets of strawberries and headed for the barn door. I know I closed the door when I left out but it was opened slightly, leaking out the glow of many color candles burning inside.

When I walked back in, both women were naked in the 69 position, on a huge round bed filled with pillows. They did not flinch as I took a seat across from them and began to remove the tops from the strawberries as I watched them smothering in each others pussies. Once I had removed the tops from about two baskets and washed them, I sat on the edge of the bed next to the action and nibbled on a strawberry. Eva looked over at me and stuck her hand out for one. She took the berry, stuck it on the tip of her finger and slowly pushed it into Val's pussy. Val gasped then giggled asking, "Was that what I think it was?" "Don't worry I'll get it!", Eva said, as she began probing Val with her tongue. Val instantly became more animated. Eva was furiously exploring Val, licking and sucking at her cunt. I could feel my own pussy throbbing as I watched these two go at it.

I noticed a harness already saddled with a 9 inch fat dick hanging off the back of a chair, so I grabbed it and slipped out to the bathroom to strap on. When I returned bedside, they had changed configurations to Eva laying on her back with her hips in the air and Val 3 fingers deep inside her. Val looked up at me packing, smiling big and said, "I would love to be on the receiving end of that." With that she got up on her knees, still buried in Eva and put her ass in the air for me to slip in from behind. I ran two of my fingers up from between her pussy lips...clit to dripping hole, plunging in for a moment. She felt so good, so sticky on my fingers. I grabbed hold of the thickness strapped to me and poked the head into Val, watching her walls close around it. I steadied myself on my knees, and pushed into her deeper. "You want s'more?" I asked. Val lifts her ass even higher and moans, "Yeesss!" Like a piston, I start pumping, thrusting deep then, pulling out to the very edge of her pussy, just to rip right back in making her cry out. With my eyes closed, I had not noticed the progression of Val's hand in Eva's pussy, from 3 fingers to her whole hand. Eva was back on her elbows, hips raised completely off the bad taking every inch of Val. The three of us seemed to move in sequence, me pumping Val, Val pumping Eva. I reached around to Val's stiff clit, stroking it spreading all her juices. The faster I rubbed, the harder Val sat down on it, aching for every inch. From Eva's moans I could tell she was nearing her peak. It seemed Valentina's own climax was being powered by a moaning Eva. "Oh, yeah ...fuck me!," Eva screamed just as her body began to shake into her orgasm. This set off Val moments later. I pumped into her deep as she came, squeezing the dick with every contraction. We three collapsed on the bed, all breathing heavy and sweaty...also very pleased.

I closed my eyes and took a deep sigh.

Val and Eva chose that moment to pin me down with Eva's bush straddling down onto my face and Val's hot mouth raping my hole, sucking and flicking my clit. I try to match Val's stroke on me to mine on Eva's wet slit. Val feels so good I can't help but grind my hips, forcing her deeper into my pussy. She was all teeth and tongue down there, eating me till I came hard, my moans muffled by Eva riding my tongue.


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