I hadn’t been to Gatlinburg in 10 years. Even when I went then it was with Cheryl. Cheryl was my wife whom I was getting a “separation” from. After 10 years and so many tears, she decided that she needed time away. I didn’t believe in breathing room, especially in the sacredness of marriage, so in my nice way I told her to get her shit and leave.

In return she did and here I was sitting on my couch in a living room that still felt the need for Cheryl. But I couldn’t make a woman stay where she didn’t want to be. I never knew that our love had grew apart the way it did. With me being on call at the hospital and her working long nights at the office, it tore us apart.

I remember now that we never talked anymore. Most of the time our conversations consisted of her saying hi and bye and me doing the same. Relationships just can’t stand in that nature and we were reaping the effects of bad communication lines.

I was very depressed. I hurt all over. I took a one month leave from the hospital. Something that Cheryl had been begging me to do for years now. The first week I cried, as she moved all of her things out. The second week I realized how bad I missed her. The third week I decided to deal with it.

My best friend, Lindy, had suggested going to Gatlinburg for a weekend. It sounded like an awesome plan and I was down for it. We decided to stay in her beautiful loft. One that Lindy took when she divorced her husband two years back. We also decided to take all of our circle that consisted of all of us girls who were old DST sorority sisters. In all it as 6 of us and we were going to party, laugh, cry, and get over my hump.

We all met up there on Friday. I was the last to get there and everyone had been afraid that I chickened out of coming. That was just my way. I was the wild one in back in our party days.

I guess we all needed to live again because that night as we prepared to drive to Atlanta to party, all the ladies were dressed sluttish. It brought back old memories as we all swayed to the music. It brought back those times when love was never a problem but only a slight satisfaction when needed. We enjoyed ourselves and drove back that night.

The next morning we got up to hit the outlet malls. I bought things I knew I didn’t need but it felt nice to splurge a little. I bought shoes, purses, clothes, and clothes and clothes. I wasn’t the only one though. Lindy bought so much shit, I had to put some in my car because it wouldn’t fit in the trunk.

We all went out for dinner and toasted the weekend. It really was a good one. The rest of the girls were leaving out to travel to their destinations early in the morning, so we all retired to our rooms right after dinner.

While traveling from the restaurant, I remembered passing by a bungee jumping place. So I decided to go back to my room and put on some shorts, so I could try it. I remembered begging Cheryl to let me jump, on our honeymoon 10 years ago. She totally was not up for it so I left it alone. But my curiosity was killing me, and I just had to do it.

I pulled up to the place but it looked closed. I found the owner sitting out by the restroom smoking a cigarette.

“Hi my name is Dora and I was wondering if there is any possibility that I can jump, or are you closed?”

She looked me from head to toe and stepped out in the light. I could see how tall, and brown she was. I knew from the likes of her that she was way butch. Not to mention that she had this “rough around the edges” look about her. I would be lying if I said that she wasn’t attractive because sister girl appealed to that naughty side of me.

“I can hook this back up for you, just because you’re so gorgeous my love.”

When she spoke it sent chills down my spine. She had a strong island accent and my panties were loving it. I smiled at her and she began to get the ropes. I don’t know exactly what happened but I got up there, and got scared. She called up to me in a comforting voice.

“There is no easy way down my love. It’s all about your inner trust.”

I looked down at her and before I knew it, I jumped. The feeling was awesome. I was so rushed with adrenaline that when I got down I started to hug her. All of a sudden, I was kissing her. Emotions were really getting tied up here.

She picked me up and put me in the back of her truck. She climbed on top of me and began massaging my breasts while playing games with my tongue. I moaned deep in my neck as she began pulling down my shorts and then my panties.

She stuck a finger in my “loveless” and I jumped. She placed her hand behind my back, which was something I never felt. It kind of felt like she was supporting my whole body. I arched my back and let go. She slipped more fingers in and I was loving it. My body was feeling her rhythm. I could hear the cars whizzing by, but we were unknown to the world. I let go so much that I didn’t even care if someone did see us.

She tried to go down, but I wasn’t into that. I had only let one woman do that and she was Cheryl. I just liked her simple movements with her hand. I liked the feeling of saturating myself with a pulse. It was the purest form of fucking, and it opened my eyes. As I lay there with this complete stranger on top of me, I realized that I missed Cheryl.

I jumped up and pulled up my clothes. Not before giving this girl a kiss that sent a message of wisdom. I didn’t even know her name, but I was so thankful for her. It didn’t matter to me that I would never see her because after tonight, I would have my wife back. I got in my car and drove back to the hotel.

I called all the girls from my room and told them there was an emergency and that I had to leave that night. Indeed the emergency was that I had to get my baby back. Being with that female made me realize that the thing I forgot to do was trust myself enough to know that me and Cheryl’s love was going to make it. Cheryl being the genius she is picked up on that.

I hit the road and went to get my woman. I knew she would only stay in one hotel and I showed up. I claimed to be her sister with an emergency, just to get her downstairs. She was pissed off when she seen me, I had lost track of time and finally realized that it was 4 a.m.

She grabbed my arm to escort me out, and that’s when I turned to her and broke it down. I explained to her that she knew that I didn’t trust us anymore and that my faith in our love had melted. I explained to her that I loved her more than life and that I was incomplete without her. She was my love.

She said she understood and that she would call me the next day. It turned out that the next morning my love had cooked breakfast and moved all her things back. We are not perfect yet, but I know of no relationship that is. We are working on it and she knows that I love her. It is true that there is no easy way down, but it is always easy to go back up.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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