The internet was my favorite pastime. I would go on my favorite website and read the literature. I guess it helped to know that there were other lonely females, like myself, burying their time in fantasies that seemed unreal. As I sit here I can recall that fine morning when my computer finally became second best to women’s basketball.

I remember leaving high school and feeling like I was lost. I was Miss Shyt in high school and the day before I was supposed to begin my first classes at a local community college, I realized that I didn’t know what I was going to do with my shytty life. I remember telling everyone I would major in English just to get people off of my azz, but that soon changed. So I figured I would take up nursing. I always wanted to become a travel nurse and I loved the feeling that I could be a help to someone while they were sick. So the day I walked into my classes, I never expected to fall for someone, literally. .

She was sitting in a little spot with what it seemed like was the whole damn basketball team. They were pretty good I must admit, but the rumor was that they were all “dykes.” (Living in a small town like mine, “dyke” was seen more politically correct than “lesbian.” Then again you know how backwards the south can be.) They didn’t try to hide their lifestyles either because from what I seen, they were all studs. As soon as I walked in the door my professor, who was commonly called Doc, came plunging in to me, knocking me down. He tried to help me up but as he reached for my hand he grabbed my shirt and tore my sleeve completely off my sheer and lace blouse.

Most of the “good ole boys” laughed loudly and the girls star basketball player, Jai, laughed the loudest. I was blinded by the embarrassment and laughter that I didn’t even noticed “her” reaching down to pick up my binder and pens. I soon grabbed hold of myself and realized that my black Victoria’s bra was exposing all of my “melons.” (Honey when I say that they are melons, I mean like watermelons.) The girls basketball team started whistling and I just knew my face was turning red. “She” took off one of “her” many t-shirts and gave me one to put on. I smiled and slipped it on, making my way to my seat. The whole time I sat there, I could hear the team talking about how big my “whoppers” were and I distinctly heard “her” telling them to be quiet. It gave me a sense of respect for her and I was ultimately glad when class ended. I think I was the first one out. Before I left I tried to walk over to “her” and tell her that I would give her shirt back but as soon as I walked over to where she was standing, she ran off hollering with her friends. So I left and not once thought of the shirt again.

~2 Weeks Later~

Doc was actually a damn good professor. He taught me about analyzing all factors of a lab and I admired him. I think I was actually his “pick,”and when he asked me to become his assistant two weeks after the whole incident, I was honored. I would often see Gina but pre-season basketball was now in full effect so she always seemed to be rushed. I woke up one morning late, and as a professor’s assistant that was not allowed. I rushed around looking for my t-shirts .(I wore regular shirts after the whole sheer shirt episode.) I remembered that I put all of them in the washer but forgot to pull them out and put them in the dryer. So I slipped on the t-shirt and rushed off to class. I walked in fast and jumped to my seat two seconds before Doc did his normal rush in.

Doc lectured and finally introduced us to a new lab. This particular day he presented to us a problem he found with some copying. His eyes seemed to shift towards the whole basketball team, and he explained that he would be re-assigning lab partners. When he called out my name with Gina, (that was her name), I wanted to faint. She walked over to me and smiled, but it was one of those smiles that felt more like pity than friendliness. Oh well, I thought to myself. There wasn’t shyt I could do now but smile back and endure our 90 minute sessions in the lab. We talked for a quick second and agreed that we would meet at the school on Wednesdays and Sundays, since she usually didn’t practice on those days.

Wednesday came quick and I reminded her that I would see her that night at six, but she shrugged me off and ran off to talk to Jai. I walked in the lab and sat out our equipment. I realized that my arms were tense and I let down my hair and shook it out, trying to relax myself before Gina came in. 6:15 came and she still hadn’t made it. I began the lab by myself and was almost finished when at 8:55 she walked in. By this time I had an attitude and rolled my eyes. I mean, all the work had been done and she just wanted to get the credit for the grade.

She glided across the room and grabbed her lab coat. It was the first time I actually noticed her body. She was 6’0, about 185, all muscles. Her eyes were beautiful with a chestnut tint to them, but at that time I didn’t give a shyt if her eyes were red and she was the devil. I had to tell her how I felt. She tied her lab coat and sat down beside me. I was about to tell her about herself when she spoke up in this deep hoarse voice.

“I am sorry I am late, but I think I am coming down with something ill. I didn’t even make it to basketball practice but I knew that I needed to be here.”

Now normally I would have rolled my eyes and said “Uh huh,”but she touched a part of my heart for even showing up and so I felt sorry for her.

“Look, Gina. I am done with this lab, but if you want, you can go home and I will bring you some chicken stew for your cold.”

She looked at me and whispered back, “Thanks, I would like that a lot. By the way, you can call me G.”

“Ok G.” I said.

I finished the lab and walked out behind her to lock up stuff. I seen her pausing as she turned around and looked at me.

“I will probably be lying down Tamya, so here is an extra key. I live in apartment 118 in the Johnson Duplex. Jai is my roommate so ignore her if she asks any questions.”

“Ok,”I told her.

I got in my little red Honda Accord and drove home. I figured the least I could do was to warm up her soup, just in case she didn’t have a microwave or something. I drove up to the apartment and was putting the key in when she opened the door.

“I decided not to lay down after all, come on in.”

I gave her the key she loaned to me and walked in. Her apartment was what we down south call “G’d Up.” Her living room was red and zebra. It was the epitome of a sex room and I was feeling it. She turned down the t.v. and grabbed a spoon out of a cabinet. It was very “studly” with a small feminine touch.

“My mom decorated this place,” she whispered to me.

I guess she saw how I was staring at everything.

“She did an awesome job. I think I need to hire her as my personal decorator,” I responded.

“Yeah well she would get on your nerves cause she has her on way of doing things. She’s very eccentric.”

Right then I see her look at my blue streaks in my hair.

“I guess we have something in common. I streaked my hair this color to spite my mom.”

“Well my mom thinks I became gay to spite her. You did know I was gay right?” she asked.

“Well I heard, but I date women also, so it’s no big deal.”

After that last comment I could have sworn that her eyes would pop out of their sockets. She had one of the most intense looks, like she was in disbelief. I think that was when she finally started opening up to me. We sat on her couch and talked for hours about life, love, and the different relationships we had. It was obvious that after that night we would be good buddies. It was getting late so I stood up and grabbed my keys when she grabbed my arm.

“You are beautiful. I mean like very beautiful. You have gorgeous eyes, and teeth, and your smile is contagious,” she spoke so seriously.

I looked at her in a very confused manner and replied in a blushing thank you. She stood up and hugged me and told me goodbye. I walked slowly to my car but I could feel her looking at my azz. I got in the car and drove off.

The next morning I walked in and handed Doc the lab sheets. G was not in her normal spot, but in a spot right behind my normal seat. She looked at me and winked as I sat down in my chair. Doc was tired from a dinner party so he took roll and dismissed us. As I was walking out of the room I heard G shout out my name.

“Yeah,” I hollered back.

“Your chicken stew was tha shyt and I think it made my cold disappear. Hey, how about we go to lunch, my treat. I will even drive us.”

I smiled and said in a charming voice, “Sure dear.”

She was a total charmer herself. She opened the door for me and let me in . As she was driving I was enjoying her music.

“I thought I was the only one that enjoyed Vivian Green,” I said.

“Nawll baby, I love her,” she responded. I like music that talks to your soul.”

I was learning that G was a laid back chick who enjoyed many of my same interests. We arrived at the restaurant and walked in. We both ordered the same thing, fettuccine alfredo, laughed and talked, and enjoyed our food. She looked at the clock and I knew that she had basketball practice in about an hour.

“I hate to rush you baby but I have practice.” she explained. She paid for the food and as we were walking out she grabbed my hand and began to swing it. At the same time, I heard Jai’s voice.

“Sup my nigga! Coach was looking for you. You know we got practice in about an hour. Hey Tamya,” she said in a smirk.

I said hey and G nodded and told her she would see her there while unlocking the doors to the car. She drove us back to the college and helped me out.

“Hey Tamya I know you’re not into the whole sports thing but I want you to come to our pre-season party at The Diamond around 11 . Oh yeah, bring some friends, particularly family.”

She kind of caught me off guard because I am not what you would call a “party girl” and especially not a “club kid” . I got so caught up in thinking that I noticed I hadn’t even answered her back.

“Sure I will be there and I have a lot of family so you know we will represent. See you there baby.”

“Aight shorty,”she smiled back.

She waited till I drove off before walking into the gym. I was delighted that she asked me to come, but it kind of surprised me. I knew I had to look sexy. The only thing I could think about wearing was black, my signature color, but I didn’t have anything sexy enough for The Diamond. It was one of the tightest clubs in the south. It seemed that they rented out the whole club just for their special party. My last resort was my friend Lisey. She was a fashion goddess and also family. Not only would I drop by there to find something to wear, but I would drop the invitation to accompany me to the party.

“A party at The Diamond, hell yeah I am there. And I’ll call the crew too,” Lisey hollered from the back room.

She came back with 5 black dresses that seemed to be what I was looking for. I wanted G to be impressed with me. She was used to seeing me look like the “regular college girl,”but tonight I wanted her to see me with some sex appeal. I also wanted to see the look of all those regular pom pom girls that G told me about, who try to get all the basketball players, including women, in bed. She told me they were all regulars at The Diamond, so I would be a slight outsider.

I tried on the first dress but it was too small. The second one made my azz look huge. The third one was too big and the fourth one couldn’t hold my boobs. But the last and final dress made me look at my own damn self and get horney. Hell I was going to look good and there was no way G could resist me. The straps were perfect and it made anyone want to admire all the curves I possessed. I even caught Lisey checking me out, which was kind of funny since she is “all about some studs.”

I told her I would pick her up at 11 and headed home to shower and relax. As soon as I walked in the door my answering machine was flashing. I pushed the button.

“Hey Tamya, this is Gina. I was calling to tell you that the party is at 11, just in case I forgot. I really really hope that you come. I have a special something to give to you and something serious to talk to you about. Rest up, cause you know we got to get it crunk. See you later baby. Bye Bye.”

She sounded so cute on the phone. She was even more cuter in person. I remember seeing the looks we got from some female as we walked out of the restaurant holding hands. G and Jai were very outgoing and had girls galore. Even Lisey “knew of” Jai. The smile that she gave when she said that made me think that she knew her a little too well. I laid down and began listening to some poetry by Sarah Jones, one of my favorite poets. My alarm clock went off and I realized it was 9:45. I had to get up and take a shower so that I could be fresh and clean for G. Tonight, I had decided, would be the night that G asks me to be her girl.

“Come on girl. Get your azz in this car,” I yelled.

“I’m coming. You know I had to tell my girl where I was going,” Teresa tried to explain.

She was the only one out of our crew of single gals who had a girlfriend. The way they loved on each other it was very obvious that they were in love. I mean they were serious.

We were all rolling with my friend Nikki. Her parents had just bought her a 2003 black Escalade. We decided to pull up at The Diamond in style. We all got out of the car and as we were walking in, we seen Jai, escorted by 6 women. She was really too much for me. All my girls separated and I went to sit on a big pink sofa. I looked out on the dance floor and spotted G. She was hugged up with some girl who looked as if she was used to the position they were dancing in. It kind of bothered me until I seen one of G’s teammates walk up to the girl and kiss her. My heart gained back its normal pulse.

G was looking extremely good tonight. She had on a black suit with a sporty lime green shirt underneath. She had it unbuttoned and I could see the outline of her muscles. My body shivered as I saw her moving towards me.

“Damn girl. I know you’re not my friend Tamya that I took out to lunch earlier,” she screamed.

“Yes I am. You’re embarrassing me,”I responded.

She laughed and took my hand leading me to the dance floor. Nappy Roots were on and we danced. It felt as if no one existed but me and her. That’s the funny thing about love I guess. When you’re really in love, no one exists but you and that other person. Right then I felt G break from me as the d.j. came across the speakers.

“Now is the time for the tradition of the players presenting their roses to their special person.”

G walked to the center of the floor, leaving me sitting there by myself.. All the players took a rose and presented one to their girls. I felt kind of awkward considering I wasn’t G’s girl, so I figured she wouldn’t present one. She took the rose and came walking to me.

“Here ya go boo,”she said sweetly.

“Thanks G,” I smiled back.

One of her teammates walked up to her.

“Hey, who is this G?”she asked.

“Oh, this is Tamya. She’s my new girlfriend,” she responded back casually.

I said hey and looked at her with a big ass grin on my face. We danced some more but I was tired so I caught a ride with G. We went back to my place. We walked in and I turned to tell her goodnight when instead I felt her tongue in my mouth.

She was moving quick too. Before I knew it I was butt naked riding her strap. I looked down in her eyes and realized she was coming, I was coming, and we were coming together. Then all of a sudden she flipped me on my stomach. I pulled up on my knees and she kept on smacking my ass while drilling her strap in me.

“Oh shyt,” I moaned.

She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed it in harder. Our bodies shook as we climaxed together.

I had never felt anything like that. I always swore that I would never let any female use a strap on me. But then G wasn’t just any female.

Now as I sit here screaming and shouting for her in the game, I think back on our coincidences that brought us together. By the way, this isn’t any old game. I am talking WNBA baby, and G is starting. She runs out and spots me. She points at me with a grin and I know by that smile, that we will be together forever.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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