_____Today started out like any other day, I woke up, called my home girl Victoria. “Hey, Vic what are we doing today?”
_____Vic answered in her usual sleepy voice, “Damn Lisa, how can you sound so peppy so early in the morning?”
_____“It’s just life, baby, just life,” I teased.
_____“Anyway, I thought we’d go drag T.J. out of bed and chill at the beach.” T.J. was Vic’s running buddy. I was the one who kept her sane. We head on out to T.J.s ranch, she calls it a house, I call it a ranch. The road leading to the house was about a quarter of a mile long, and to get to it you had to drive 3 miles off the main highway in. Behind the house was 25 acres of orange grove.
_____ I loved going to T.J.s because I loved the clean citrus smell around the area. T.J. was coming out of the house as we drove up. She was smiling as she walked over to my Jeep.
_____“Waassup Dawg! Hi Lil’bit.” Lil’bit was her name for me, since I stand only 5’1” and weigh 120, while she was over 6 feet tall. “Listen, I’m taking my ‘stang over to my friend’s house so her husband can change the oil and do the brakes.” T.J. had a bad assed 1965 Mustang she only drove on the weekends.
_____ We finally get going to her friend’s house, which just happened to be on the Air Force Base. Her friend came out to meet us as Vic and I were getting the groceries out of the car, so T.J. made the introductions. I looked up into the most beautiful hazel-brown eyes I’d ever seen. I didn’t even catch her name, I was so mesmerized. When T.J. introduced me as Lil’bit, I blushed.
_____This goddess says to me, “What’s your real name?” I was so awestruck; I couldn’t even say my name.
_____Vic answered for me, “Her mama named her Lisa.”
_____“Hello Lisa, I’m Danielle, I’m very pleased to meet you. Please, call me D,” were the most beautifully pronounced words I’d ever heard and seen. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her face.
_____ We went on inside and proceeded to get on with our little get together. While D’s husband, Kenneth and T.J. worked on the car; D, Vic and I settled in the den and on the patio with the music and grill. While I grilled, D and Vic talked and discovered that they knew some of the same people. They were talking when I came into the house and asked where her bathroom was. D says “Do I know you?”
_____I was thinking, “No, but I’d like to get to know you,” and what comes out, but the inevitable? “No, but we could work on it!” I blurted. Vic choked on her drink because she’d never heard me be so forward with a womyn before. I of course blushed (if I was white, I’d be all shades of red) and turned away. (Did I mention I was very shy?) D escorted me to the bathroom, but she stood in the doorway with one arm blocking my entrance.
_____She whispered in her sexy sultry voice, “So, you’d like to get to know me, huh, show me”. I’d forgotten that I needed to use the bathroom because at this point I was so hot that if D had suggested it, I would have done her right there in the hallway.
_____I turned to her and stood on my tiptoes and kissed her earlobe and whispered “More than you know.” Now I was at a loss as to how I was going arrange things for us to get to know each other. She bent down and gave me the most passionate kiss I’d ever received and walked back into the living room. Now I know I have got to get to know this womyn better because that kiss just blew me away.
_____ While I washed my hands, I thought about how Vic and I were getting close to ending our Air Force Careers, and we really wanted our retirements, so I had to be very discrete even though don’t ask, don’t tell was in effect, we still wanted to go out standing rather than getting booted. Vic and I went in under the buddy system and got stationed together most of our tours stateside. I decided that I’d invite D to my house to have dessert one day. I just have to find out what kind of sweets she likes.
_____ I walked back out on the patio to the sounds of D’s Bose system playing a mixed Jazz CD that she’d made. I started bopping to the music and she asked me if I liked Jazz. I explained that I listen to a lot of Jazz but didn’t know a lot of who I was listening to, but I really enjoy it. She showed me her collection and we struck up a conversation about music while everybody else ate.
_____ This ritual of D inviting Me, TJ, Vic and a few other friends went on throughout the summer. I always enjoyed these trips to her place because it seemed I was constantly getting lessons in jazz, and learning more about D in the process. One of the things I found out was that Danielle had a huge weakness for cheesecake. I finally got the nerve to ask her over to my spot for that dessert, which was a homemade cheesecake (really), and she accepted.
_____I guess I showed a little too much enthusiasm when she accepted because she asked “Will we get to know each other better then?” I just smiled, trying not to blush.
_____ I asked if she was ready to go because Vic, T.J. and the other guests had long gone, leaving me and D lost in our conversation, as usual. I helped her clean the dishes and we left. She followed so she would know how to get there the next time. I’m making sure there is a next time! We arrive at my place, and get inside. I give D the grand tour and we go into the kitchen.
_____“You get the plates for our cheesecake, while I get the cheesecake out of the fridge,” I requested. She agrees, sets the plates on the counter and positions herself right behind me, not touching, just close enough for me to feel her heat. I knew I wanted her since we met in her front yard, but I wanted the moment to be right. I was about to turn around, when she put her arms around me and started kissing the back of my neck and caressing my body. Oh, this womyn really knows what to do to get me hot!
_____She whispered, “You smell soooo good, what are you wearing?”
_____I smiled, glad she noticed. “It is called Lisa’s Desire.”
_____“Yeah sure!” D replied and took a step back.
_____I turned around, “No, I’m serious, my brother is a chemist with one of the major perfume companies and this was the design that got him the job. He continues making it just for me whenever I need more. I have body lotions and washes too.”
_____ The conversation continued over cheesecake and wine. The chemistry between us was unmistakable.
_____“Would you like me to stay the night?” D finally asked. My reply to that was to dim the lights and kiss her.
_____Then I asked, “Do you want to stay the night?” She took my hand and led me to the bathroom, where we started undressing each other. Each article of clothing that came off was rewarded with a kiss until we were both totally nude. Her body was a beautiful bronze, and oh did she ever have a hard body!
_____She said aloud what I was thinking, “Someone likes to workout.” I blushed again. We climbed into the shower, exploring each other. I lathered her with my Lisa’s Desire scented body gel, she reciprocated. She was so gentle as she glided her hands over my body. After we both rinsed off, she got on her knees and kissed my thighs starting at my knees up to the creases in my legs, as she spread my legs, she asked “May I please taste your sweet nectar?” I could only moan my consent. She sat me down on the corner seat and proceeded to suck and lick my now swollen clit. I have waited for months to find out how good those lips feel on my pussy. They felt better than I imagined. She licked and sucked and licked and licked my hard clit.
_____I moaned, “Mmmmmmmmm, ooooooohhhhhhh that feels soooooooo goooooood, dddddddon’t ssstttop.” I was losing control, when she put two fingers inside me. Then three, then all four fingers, she continued to lick and four-finger fuck my pussy until I came all inside her mouth. She moaned and licked her fingers, one by one, which made me horny all over again. We got out of the shower, didn’t even bother drying off. She picked me up and carried me to the bed and gently laid me on the bed and just moaned as she looked me up and down. She then straddled me and proceeded to rub me down with body oil. After the rubdown, she wanted more of me. Who was I to deny her that!
_____When we were able to catch our breath, she pulled back and looked into my eyes and asked, “Did I please you?”
_____My reply was, “Oh honey, more than you know, more than you know.”
_____I could not believe that we were finally here alone and making love. As I began my journey of D’s body, I could feel her relax even more, even though I was nervous. This was the first time I’d ever been with a womyn. I think that I mentioned it in one of our previous conversations. She was so patient and sweet, and seemed totally oblivious to the fact that my hands were shaking. Believe it or not, I did get through 4 years of college and 5 years in the U. S. Air Force before ever having any kind of affair with a womyn. Sometimes, the right person and moment just creeps up on you!
_____She caressed me and just said “Relax, sweetie and take your time, we have the rest of the weekend.” I just caressed, kissed and licked all the places that I felt she would like, which she did. After her body finished it’s convulsions of pleasure, she asked me, “Are you sure you’ve never been with another womyn?” This of course made me blush but I still had to ask her if I had satisfied her, her reply was “Luv I have never experienced an orgasm like that before!” I knew then that she was just for me!

Author’s note: Lisa, Victoria and T.J. retired from the Air Force and remain friends. Lisa and Danielle have been lovers for 19 years and on their 20th anniversary, which happens to be Christmas Eve 2003, plan a commitment ceremony to celebrate their love.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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