_____Time is evil. It’s this insanely ironic twist that just fucks with our heads every single day of our lives. When you are in the middle of something you enjoy, time just flies. But when you’re anticipating something you enjoy to happen, time will move slower than a snail moving in molasses. And you can’t just chalk it all up to impatience either. Because everyone in the world can’t be impatient, but everyone in the world has been effected by Evil Time.

_____Yes, I was aggravated and bored. I stared at my watch for the umpteenth time, trying to mentally move the hands so that it would be our boarding time. But, of course, the hands did not move fast enough, and I was stuck, sitting in this uncomfortable chair, waiting for a droned-out female voice to announce when it was time to board our plane.

_____I looked over at Ty, who was reading a magazine she found in the airport’s bookstore. She must have sensed my gaze, because she looked up, a half smile playing on her lips when she noticed my very visible pout.

_____“Feeling a little impatient, baby girl?” She asked.

_____I nodded. “Evil Time.” She had heard my theory and would know what I was talking about.

_____She just nodded and she leaned over and kissed my cheek. Her voice was teasingly low, “Daddy’s little girl can’t wait to start our vacation, huh?”

_____I blushed at her words being said while so many people in the busy terminal surrounded us. “Yes, Daddy.”

_____“I know, sweetie.” She kissed my cheek again before sitting up. “Didn’t you bring a book with you to read?”

_____“Why did we have to come so early?” I whined ignoring her question. I was being a little bratty and I knew it, but I just wasn’t the patient type. I didn’t like feeling idle even for a moment, always having to do something.

_____“You know that shit can happen when you’re getting ready to fly, so we need to make sure we’re here early enough just in case.” Was her answer, before she went back to her magazine.

_____I just sighed as I rifled through my tote, looking for the book I had gotten at the bookstore, but I wasn’t in the mood to read. I was in the mood to be on that plane, on our way to Atlantic City, where we would spend five glorious days, gambling, walking the boardwalk, and just living hedonistically off each other. Well, four out of five days anyway. Ty had no choice but to go Atlantic City for a marketing conference. Since neither of us had been to the city before, we figured we’d make it into a little vacation. I’d have to spend the first day alone while she did her thing, but the remainder of the time would be ours.

_____I actually got caught up in my book, when, at last, the droning voice came over the loud speaker, announcing it was time to board the plane. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I grabbed my tote and Ty’s hand as we walked to the gate. To be honest, I was mildly afraid of flying. I mean I’ve done it…many times. It’s so rare to find anyone that lives in a metro city who has not been on a plane. But I’ve always been a little skittish. Ty knows this, and before we even left the house, had me smoke a couple of joints to calm my nerves. And in her bag, only if it was necessary, she had her bottle of Valium. I knew I wouldn’t need it; I never did, but for some reason it made me feel more comfortable knowing it was there.

_____As always, Ty let me have the window seat, and as soon as we buckled in, she took my hand, squeezing it gently. I lay my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes trying to lull myself to sleep. I purposely had only let myself sleep for about two hours the night before, so I could sleep on the plane.

_____I felt Ty’s lips on my forehead. “Just relax, little one, ok?” She said softly.

_____I just nodded, feeling her thumb casually caress my palm, as I let my body fall asleep. The total trip was three hours, having to switch planes in Pittsburgh. By the time we arrived in Atlantic City, it was already evening, and the city was lit up, the dazzling lights helping me awake. The city looked like it could be a lot of fun, and definitely created for night stalkers like Ty and me.

_____As soon as we claimed our luggage, we got into a taxi, and I could feel myself start to fall deeper into my role, as I always did when I got tired. Ty must have sensed it, cuz she placed her arm around my shoulders, kissing my forehead.

_____“We’re almost there, little one.”

_____“How far?” I asked, yawning.

_____“Probably about fifteen. Are you too tired for dinner?”

_____“Can we eat in?” As much as I would love to try one of the city’s many restaurants, I was in the mood to just strip naked and be alone with Ty.

_____“Yes, baby, we can.” She relaxed against the seat, and I relaxed against her.

_____I must have not been paying attention when Ty had given the taxi driver our destination, because when we took a right off Virginia Ave, and pulled into an expansive driveway with large golden statues of elephants on either side, my eyes widened in surprise.

_____“Trump Taj Mahal?” I asked softly, alternating between looking up at Ty, and trying to take in the view of luxury hotel that looked like a large Arabian palace, with an adjoining sky rise to the left.

_____“Yeah.” Ty said. I could hear the excitement in her voice as well. “My conference is at Trump Plaza, so I figured we might as well just do it up and stay at the sister hotel.”

_____“Why not stay at Trump Plaza?” I asked. Not that I didn’t like where we were heading, but it just seemed to make more sense.

_____“I don’t want to stay in the same hotel as the conference.” She said simply. And I knew that meant she didn’t want to be bothered with bumping into anyone she might know, who may ruin our trip.

_____My eyes were still wide with awe as the taxi stopped. Ty got out along with the driver, who went to the trunk to remove our luggage. My door opened and Ty helped me out onto my feet. I was standing before the most amazing view I had ever seen. Checking in was a big whirlwind because I couldn’t stop staring at everything we passed by. I mean, I wasn’t an idiot; I didn’t want to look like some major tourist, so I did my best to keep my gawking at a minimum, trying to take in the luxurious décor out of the corner of my eyes. But when we approached the massive lobby desk, I was floored. It had to have been at least a hundred feet long, with over a dozen check-in stations. Ty had me sit in one of the plush chairs alongside our luggage as she checked in. And in less than five minutes we were in the elevator, alongside a bellhop and our luggage, going up to our room.

_____As the bellhop unlocked our room door, he announced, “Welcome to your Viceroy suite.” He stood back as we walked in, me first, holding Ty’s hand as I surveyed the suite. Our suite. Where can I even begin? Lush doesn’t even do it justice. It was a large L-shape room with a kitchenette, living room area, and the king-sized bed. The décor was complete Arabian; plush loveseat and sitting chairs, satin and velour, rich royal blues, greens, purples, fuchsias, and golds. As Ty took care of the bellhop, I looked in the bathroom and marveled at the deep, two-person marble Jacuzzi tub, the marble double-sink counter with the wall-length mirror, and the radiant light fixtures.

_____“Rhonda.” Ty called.

_____I left the bathroom, returning to the main room, where I found Ty sprawled on her back on the bed. I grinned like a child as I rushed to her, jumping on top of her body, planting a kiss on her sweet lips.

_____“You like?” She asked.

_____“I love.” I replied as I sat up, wiggling my bottom until I was comfortable on her lap. She sat up, propping herself on her elbows.

_____“Wanna see how crazy room service is?” She asked mischievously.

_____“You do realize it’s gonna be ridiculously expensive.” I told her.

_____She shrugged. “You can only live once, right?” She smiled as she reached for the phone. I couldn’t help but shake my head at her, just knowing that this was only the beginning of what was to be an unforgettable vacation.

_____I awoke the next morning, the smell of Ty lingering in the bed, although I could already sense she wasn’t in the room before I even opened my eyes. As soon as I had, my eyes settled on a hastily written note on her pillow. “Had to leave for my conference. You looked too beautiful sleeping to wake you up. Well, to be honest, I did want to ruin your sleep by ravaging you---your ass is way too fine, baby. But I know that as soon as I touch you, the conference will be completely forgotten. Hopefully this shit won’t take too long and I can be back in your arms soon. Have a good day, and enjoy as much as you can. Be safe. Missing you already, baby girl. Ty.”

_____I gave a pout as I stretched, not looking forward to having to discover this city alone on my first day. I lay in bed for a while, just enjoying the feeling of knowing that I truly didn’t have to do anything today if I didn’t want to---you know that feeling when it comes and admit it, it’s a pure blessing. Eventually, I forced myself out of bed, finding a basket of bagels and fruit that was in the kitchenette. I poured some orange juice from the already stocked mini-fridge, and snacked on a bagel, slices of apples and cheese. While I bit into the bagel, I got up, heading to the balcony. I slid the glass door to the side and stepped out into the cool morning air, and was greeted with the most amazing view of the ocean. Even with the distant morning noise of the city below me, I could hear the soft crashing of the waves against the rocks, and just let my eyes close for a moment relishing in it. Living in the city, you don’t get to wake up to the sound of the ocean, and I wanted to take advantage of this peaceful moment.

_____After breakfast, I showered and dressed before unpacking our suitcases, putting away our clothes and shoes, and whatever else we had brought along. I found Ty’s toy bag, a new one I had given her for Christmas, but I didn’t open it, just placing it in the back of the closet.

_____By the time I was done organizing the room, it was already noon, and I decided it was time to visit the city. My excursion for the day was pleasurable. Our hotel was a mini city itself. I toured the shops, starting at Beka’s Pasty Shop for an espresso and pastries for lunch. I did some window-shopping at the jewelry stores, mesmerized by how people can dish out some serious cash for jewelry. I checked out some of the clothing stores, completely fascinated by Caché, the woman’s clothing boutique, which housed all of the latest high couture fashions. In B. Gentleman, for Ty, I found a gorgeous dark red silk tie and a pair of bloodstone cufflinks and tiepin to coordinate. By the time I had seen all the stores, it was already three o’clock, and I knew Ty’s conference would be over in about an hour or so. And just as the thought crossed my mind, my cell rang.

_____“I can’t wait to get out of here and see you.” Her deep voice crooned longingly.

_____“Hello to you too.” I giggled. I was walking the promenade, now just killing time, realizing I hadn’t even left the hotel yet. Taking in the whole city seemed to be like it was going to take a couple of days.

_____“I’m going to be at the suite at five o’clock sharp. Be dressed and ready for dinner. Wear the black backless.” She said, her voice full of authority.

_____“Yes, Daddy.” I breathed, already feeling my nipples tighten. “Where are we going for dinner?”

_____“Don’t worry about that. Just be ready. I love you.”

_____“I love you too.”

_____Then she was gone.

_____I didn’t waste any time returning to our suite. As soon as I let myself in, I slipped my clothes off, tossing them aside. I casually snacked on a mandarin as I went through the closet looking for the dress Ty wanted me to wear. Another one of her gifts. It was a simple black dress; flared at the waist to my knees, halter style to show off my cleavage, backless with criss-cross straps, the scoop dipping barely an inch above my ass. This dress was a triumph for me to wear, because I was still self-conscious about my thick body, but Ty completely adored me in it. I selected a pair of black, strappy, suede sandals, and lay out my garter belt and stockings before drawing my bath, adding vanilla scented oil to the bubbling water.

_____The suite was no joke, having a sweet entertainment system, and I popped in my Truth Hurts CD, turning up the volume, so I could lose myself in the rugged yet sexy voice, as I slipped into the warm water. I couldn’t help but smile as “Addictive” played, harmonizing with the atmosphere.

_____It took me about an hour to finish getting ready (I am the ultimate femme), donning a pair of simple gold hoops that complimented my choker. As I stared at my reflection in the mirror, I touched the choker as always, remembering its symbolism.

_____“Loved and Owned.” I said softly, the very words that were engraved on the inside. Every time I said it to myself, chills would run up my spine. Nothing is better than being loved and owned by someone like Ty.

_____I was sitting on the sofa, flipping through a magazine when I heard the tone of the passkey for the lock, and Ty walked through the door at exactly five o’clock. She smiled as I rose to my feet.

_____“Damn, Rhonda. Looking fly as always.” She said, planting a kiss on my lips.

_____“Thank you.” I replied.

_____“Close your eyes.” She ordered softly, and I did as I was told. “Now, open your mouth.”

_____I did so, and was rewarded with the taste of rich chocolate in my mouth, followed by Ty’s lips. She kissed me deeply, her tongue pushing the piece of chocolate deep in my mouth, and I greedily sucked on them both. I heard her softly growl, as her hands made the move to cup my ass, but she quickly relinquished her hold, pulling away.

_____“Let me not get carried away, we have reservations.” She kissed my lips again, winking at me. “Give Daddy a few minutes to shower and get ready, ok?”

_____I nodded. “And you have a present on the bed.”

_____She glanced at the elaborately wrapped gift from B. Gentleman, and just smiled wickedly at me. I watched her open the box, and I could tell she was pleased. “Baby, these are tight.” She held up the tie. “And will look perfect for this evening. Thank you.” She kissed my cheek before disappearing into the bathroom.

_____In about fifteen minutes, Ty was out of the bathroom and already finishing getting ready. Isn’t that always the way with studs? In less than half the time it takes us femmes, they can be dressed, ready, and looking fine as hell like it took absolutely no effort at all. But I was smiling to myself as I helped Ty with her tie, stealing kisses as I straightened it. She did indeed look handsome as hell. Black Hugo Boss suit, black silk shirt, and black suede dressing shoes, and the tie and cufflink set coordinated perfectly. She looked so good I wasn’t sure if I wanted to strip her now and get my mouth on her pussy or show her off to the world.

_____We left our suite, me feeling giddy anticipating the night Ty had planned. Distant memories of when I needed to be involved in everything tugged at the corners of my mind. But those were memories that were happily in the past. I adored Ty’s sense of adventure and need to surprise me whenever she could. I loved that she was lovingly in control. As independent as I was, just knowing that I could bank on the fact that she usually had everything under control was more than comforting. And knowing that the look of surprise and excitement on my face made her feel good, helped me to just let her do what she wanted to do.

_____The taxi ride was quick. I would soon get used to it, because as big as Atlantic City was, getting around wasn’t too hard if you were in the heart of the city. When we pulled into the large driveway of Caesar’s Palace, my eyes were again wide with awe. I would come to learn that every hotel indeed kept up with the décor of their name. Caesar’s Palace was indeed all Roman. Beginning with the large Roman architecture white hotel with the massive columns, to the large statues and water fountains that were both outside and in. As we ascended the escalator to the second floor, my eyes lifted to the ceiling to find it painted to look like a glittered day sky.

_____“Now that is glamorous.” I heard Ty say as she looked up with me.

_____I just nodded, holding her hand tightly. We asked for directions (ok, well I had to practically force Ty to, because her stud pride was on high; not wanting to let me know where we were going, and wanting to find it on her own, but she gave in because we had reservations at six), and we found ourselves walking away from the stores on the second level to the back of the hotel. As soon as we took a left, and saw the red-carpeted spiral staircase, we knew we were heading to heaven.

_____The Bacchanal. This is one restaurant I would have safely told you I would never experience in my life. We are talking beyond fine dining. In honour of the Roman God of wine and revelry, Bacchus, it was designed to make you feel as if you were transported back to ancient Rome for a feast. As soon as we stepped into the restaurant, we were greeted by a man dressed in navy blue robes, who smiled genuinely asking if we had reservations. Ty gave her name, and we were quickly led inside. I tried my best to take in the ornate décor; one room, cozy that could fit probably about a hundred people, but the design was made for far less. There was a large water fountain in the centre of the room with statues of goddesses, surrounded by hanging vines of flowers and grape leaves, the lighting was low, definitely for a romantic ambiance, and no lie, there was even a woman playing a harp in the corner of the room. We were led to a velour crescent-shaped booth, where the host pulled out the table, letting us scoot in, and then moved it back in its position. He smiled, handing us two scrolls, which were our menus, and explained the restaurant’s dining set-up: five-course meal; we’d choose our salads, soups, main courses, and desserts. We could choose between three types of wine, which were never-ending, and anything else we needed, to just let them know. He smiled, welcomed us again then disappeared.

_____“How on earth did you find this place?” Was my first question to Ty, as I eyed the gold-trimmed plates and glasses and the gold silverware.

_____She chuckled. “Not telling.” She kissed my cheek. “No details tonight, baby girl, just let me spoil you, ok?”

_____I blushed and got ready. The evening was beyond magical. Our main waiter (dressed in white robes), took our order of choices from the menu, then poured us each glasses of our chosen Merlot. Now, just watching them pour the wine was entertainment, because they held it from shoulder-length and expertly let it pour fountain-like into our glasses. And when they say never-ending, they mean never-ending. Throughout the entire meal, if our glasses reached less than half-filled, there was someone at our table refilling it. We started with a variety of hors d'oeuvres that arrived on a misting, lighted, tiered glass platter. Next were salads, then we both had lobster bisque for our soups. In between meals, they gave us time to chill and digest, and we enjoyed the entertainment of a magician who stood at our table with a lighting trick that I tried, then violinists who serenaded us while the harpist wasn’t playing. There were women, also dressed in white robes, walking around giving shoulder massages, and I was so tempted to try one, even with Ty suggesting that I do, but I declined, just wanting to voyeuristically soak everything up instead. Our entrees arrived and the portions were beyond grand, surprising us both, because we had assumed fine dining meant beautifully sculpted by menial portions (you know the deal). The food was so good yet neither of us made half a dent to our plates because there was so much. More wine, of course, then came our desserts. I had let Ty choose for me, because I wasn’t that big on sweets, which was one of her weaknesses. She had chosen a German chocolate mousse cake that, no lie, literally melted in my mouth, and I had a new favourite.

_____Throughout the entire meal, you could sense the kind of love we were in. As waiters and patrons walked by, I’d see them glance our way with envious looks of admiration. We were feeding each other, my having the need to seductively lick Ty’s fork every time she raised it to my lips. Halfway through, I had rested my leg over one of hers, and I could tell it was getting to her. Occasionally, I’d sneak my hand under the table to give her crotch a squeeze, knowing she was packing. Ty would give me her famous ready-to-devour you look, but I would just wink back at her letting her know I was ready whenever she was.

_____“You are positively evil.” She whispered to me.

_____“Like Daddy like little girl.” I replied, making her eyes flash with arousal.

_____By the time dinner was over, we had spent over two hours in the restaurant, and all I could think of was that I had been treated like a princess for real. When we rose to our feet, I was a bit more than tipsy, which was okay, because so was Ty. We leisurely walked back through the hotel, reliving our favourite parts of our dining experience. When we slipped into our taxi, I had expected Ty to give our hotel as our destination, but she whispered something I couldn’t completely hear, but I knew it wasn’t our hotel.

_____I gave her a quizzical look, but I could tell from her face that she didn’t want to be questioned. I just relaxed against her as we drove. The taxi sped away from the downtown area for about ten minutes, before stopping at a dark red, brick building, with blacked out windows and doors. Ty paid the driver, then got out, before helping me. We were in a chill part of town, but it wasn’t as crowded, and I couldn’t help feel that we were overdressed. But she ushered us inside the building, which was very dimly lit, but I heard loud music in the distance. Once we turned the corner, we were faced with a man sitting at a table. He smiled as he got to his feet.

_____“Welcome to Deviance. May I see your IDs?”

_____We showed him our IDs, and Ty paid the entrance fee, then we stepped though a curtain to what I now knew had to be a strip bar. But oh, God, I could not have been prepared for what I saw. I had been to strip bars quite a few times, but this place was not to be compared to. There was one large stage that was in a U-shape, with the curve as the centre, with a large black curtain behind it, and lit stairs leading from the middle to the floor. The place was a decent size with a full bar opposite the stage, and about ten round tables, scattered about. On the two opposite sides were six half booths, and on the wall opposite entrance there was a curtained doorway.

_____The place was a little more than halfway filled, yet it was jumping. On the stage were four girls, already into their routine, “Slave For You” by Britney Spears filled the air, and each girl was giving the song their individual style of eroticness. On the floor, were waitresses wearing various revealing costumes, some revealing their breasts, some not. Ty led us to a booth on the opposite side of the room, and I could feel eyes on us as we walked by tables. I was pretty used to this, and actually enjoyed shocking people from time to time. Homosexuality was well known, but lesbians in a strip bar were still a treat for straight men to see.

_____Not even two minutes after we sat down, a waitress wearing a black, see-thru cat suit with silver heart-shaped pasties and g-string underneath, approached us. I was a little mesmerized by her black five-inch platform boots, while Ty ordered us a couple of drinks.

_____“You see anyone you like?” Ty’s voice asked in my ear after the waitress left. I quickly surveyed the dancers. All were completely nude and beautiful in their own right. Two were blonde, both tall and slender with completely shaved pussies; one with small breasts and brown, nipples, the other with heavy breasts, and pale pink nipples. The third was brunette, petite, with olive skin, and average-sized breasts, a trimmed bush, and a beautiful tattoo of a dragon on her back. The last was Hispanic, thick, long body, also with heavy breasts, and a thick bush which surprised me because all strippers I had scene in the past were at least trimmed, but it made her look even more appetizing.

_____“The Hispanic and the brunette.” I said softly. Nothing against blondes, but I preferred my dark-haired beauties.

_____Ty nodded in agreement. “Chicana got a bush on her huh?”

_____I chuckled. “I bet you’d love to dive into that, huh?”

_____She winked at me. “Not as much as you would.”

_____I gave her a playful pout, which made her laugh. We relaxed against each other, enjoying the show before us. See, this was the type of relationship I have always wanted, but never truly knew. The idea that we could go to a strip bar together and admire women was amazing to me. So many couples I knew, gay or straight, couldn’t do acts like that, and I found that sad. Sex was such a big factor in life, and people were normally attracted to other people, regardless if they were in love or not. It was only human nature. I just couldn’t be that kind of wife getting all jealous just because my man or woman was out watching naked chicks dance. Just because they enjoyed watching didn’t always mean they wanted to have sex with them. It all played into a fantasy. But knowing that I was such an adventurous lover for Ty, did play into it as well. Ty didn’t need to go try someone else. She had what she fantasized about the most right at home. And I knew after tonight, we’d both be so worked up that we’d probably start tearing at each other’s clothes as soon as we entered our suite back at the hotel.

_____The waitress had delivered our drinks, and I was relaxing against Ty, her arm around my shoulders, gently grazing my bare arm with her fingertips, as I sipped my apple martini. We had watched about three sets, all the dancers were extremely talented, sliding up and down the poles effortlessly, some doing two-girl routines, that left my pussy wet. It was then that I remembered I wasn’t wearing panties, and I could feel my wetness on my thighs. Mmm, this was definitely going to be an interesting night when we got back.

_____All of a sudden, the already dim club went suddenly black, and the music stopped. We heard a tapping sound from the loudspeaker and a soft voice said, “Gentleman, tonight we have a special treat for you. Try your best to keep your pants dry, as you enjoy the next show. We’re talking heat that will chill you to the bones. Please, put your hands together for Fire & Ice.”

_____I glanced at Ty, who just winked at me before returning her gaze to the stage. The stage was suddenly lit with blue and red lights, and two girls---one Hispanic, one black---stood in the centre, holding each other provocatively; the Hispanic laying her head on the black girl’s shoulder who held her with a sensual air of protectiveness. Both had similar bodies, tall and voluptuous, with heavy breasts and hips. But the black chick had an ass and thighs for days. I couldn’t help but feel that the lower portion of her body almost rivaled mine. She was light-skinned, with thick lips, and almond-shaped eyes, her hair was brown with blonde streaks, swept up in a half-twist and secured with hair sticks. She held my attention the most. She reminded me of that stripper Ronnie, from the movie Players Club, but had a more attractive, exotic face.

_____They were both dressed in belly dancing costumes, the black girl wearing red and the Hispanic wearing blue. They were both adorned with belled anklets, bracelets and hip belts, completing their outfits, so when “Addictive” by Truth Hurts started to play, I wasn’t surprised. I smiled to myself remembering my bath earlier as I listened to the song.

_____Judging from their costume colours, I was going to assume that the black girl was Fire and the Hispanic was Ice. They parted, bodies gyrating expertly to the beat, eyeing everyone in the club, faces erotically serious. Each made her way to one end of the stage, doing her own little routine for a while; Ice giving a jump as she wrapped her legs around the pole, sliding down as she twisted, and Fire leaning backwards with amazing flexibility, grabbing her own pole behind her as she spread her legs wide, rolling her hips. The crowd of guys beneath them yelled and hollered their approval, and I sat there amazed.

_____They were in sync as they finished their individual mini routines by the time the second chorus had ended, still moving fluidly with the song, they reunited in the middle, caressing each other, as the routine became more heated. Fire started by sauntering behind Ice, squatting low as Ice rolled her hips spreading her legs. Fire slid one hand between Ice’s legs, cupping her crotch, and you could see the pleasure in Ice’s face as she gently bucked her hips forward against Fire’s hand. Then suddenly, Fire grabbed the fabric of Ice’s sheer pants, tearing it away from the girl’s body, leaving her nude from the waist down. Fire stood, roughly bending Ice over at the waist, grabbing her hair and snapping her head back, forcing her to face us.

_____I could feel Ty tense beside me as we watched Fire give Ice a few, very audible slaps on her ass, and we all watched as the girl trembled, obviously enjoying it. Fire’s hand released Ice’s hair and found its way around the Hispanic’s neck, gripping it tightly as she pulled the girl upright, and even I softly gasped in shock. You could see the muscles in Fire’s forearm flex as she held Ice by the neck tightly, pulling her close to give her a deep, visual kiss. Ice seemed to have surrendered to Fire’s aggressiveness, and I had to cross my legs in response to the tingle in my pussy, my mind recognizing that same look in myself. Fire then pulled her lips away, turning Ice to face us, and we watched as she started to provocatively undress the girl.

_____By now, the song was just repeating the track, but not in an annoying way. And to be honest, I don’t think anyone was really paying much attention to it, all caught up in the live dominance on stage, the guys all quiet, hungrily watching. Soon Ice was completely naked, except for the jewelry, and Fire made her get down on her knees, hands clasp behind her back, but Ice’s body was still moving almost snake-like to the song.

_____We watched Fire undress herself, licking her lips as she watched Ice’s body writhe. As soon as she tossed her top aside, now completely naked herself, she placed one bare foot on Ice’s chest, pushing the Hispanic back, until her elbows were practically brushing the floor beneath her. She then removed her foot, Ice remaining in her position. Fire moved to stand behind Ice’s head, and then she did the most amazing thing. They were both remarkably moving in sync with each other and the music, as Fire spread her legs, slowly grinding down till her pussy was over Ice’s mouth, her own mouth over Ice’s pussy, in a beautifully artistic sixty-nine.

_____Except for the music playing, you couldn’t hear a pin drop in the entire place as we all watched these two girls go down on each other, moaning, sighing, humping, as their bodies still moved to the music. We all watched, on the edge of our seats, as the most electrifying and erotic performance unfolded before us. Each girl wouldn’t let up, Fire obviously controlling the entire scene, because she had freedom to touch and stroke Ice as she pleased, but Ice remained in her restrained position, hands still clasped behind her back. They kept it up for a few minutes until we watched Fire’s body start to tremble, and then Ice’s below her. I was holding tightly onto Ty’s hand by now, watching both girls cum on stage before everyone.

_____“Wow.” I managed to say, quickly downing my martini.

_____“Wow, indeed.” Ty breathed.

_____“Daddy, I like her.” I said wistfully.

_____“Who, baby?”


_____She just nodded thoughtfully.

_____In a few moments, the girls, visibly panting, detangled themselves, getting to their feet and bowed graciously before leaving the stage, as everyone in the bar, even Ty and I, gave them applause. That was the most fantastic thing I had ever seen in my life.

_____When they were gone and other dancers came onto the stage to do a more “regular” show, I gave Ty a pointed look. “Daddy, can we go home?”

_____She winked at me, before kissing my forehead. “Yeah. Give me a moment to run to the bathroom real quick, ok?”

_____I just nodded before she walked off, resigning myself to people watching, another favourite hobby of mine. It was interesting to watch men in a strip bar. Most of them were either middle-aged businessmen trying to wind down or college boys trying to get their young rocks off. I was all caught up in watching one girl give a lap dance to a boy who didn’t look one day over eighteen, when Ty returned.

_____“Come on, baby girl, time to go home.” She took my hand and we left the bar. The ride to the Taj wasn’t too long. I lay my head on Ty’s shoulder, just losing myself in playback of what we had just scene. Damn, the entire night in fact. First dinner in the most amazing place, then a live sex show, that I probably never thought I’d ever experience, and part of me felt the Ty had been surprised as well.

_____I couldn’t get my mind off Fire, with her amazing body and the extraordinary talent she had for what she did. People may give erotic dancers a lot of flak, but some of them, I felt, were just created for what they did. And obviously Fire and Ice were a team that enjoyed performing. It seemed as if they were lovers, probably a couple who were into BDSM like Ty and me, but they just enjoyed exhibiting their love. That, right there, amazed me, because, no offense…as adventurous as I could get, performing sexually for an entire group was something I just couldn’t do. I was remembering a conversation Ty and I had on possibly trying a threesome with another woman for the hell of it. We had never settled on a complete yes or no about it, but I knew she knew that I was feeling a little self-conscious about having a stranger look at me naked. I wasn’t completely opposed to it, but it was something I would have to think about for a while.

_____By the time we arrived at the hotel, I was caught between the mental exhaustion by all that I had taken in today, and my body screaming to literally jump Ty. But I remained a good girl and held back as we walked into the suite. I was kicking off my shoes, when I felt her arms around my waist, her lips nuzzling my ear.

_____“Tonight was interesting, huh?” She asked.

_____I nodded, turning in her arms to plant a kiss on her lips. “Very special. Thank you, Daddy.”

_____“Your welcome, baby girl.” Her eyes were intense as they drank me in and I knew that meant we were going to have a late night. Ty kissed me again, this time deeper, and I felt my nipples tighten instantly. She slipped her hands down to cup my ass, pulling me into her and I felt her dick pressing into my crotch. I raised my hands, wounding my fingers in her dreds, kissing her just as hungrily.

_____Ty suddenly growled, pulling her lips away from mine, releasing me. She took a step away, smiling wickedly.


_____I quickly slipped out of my clothes, knowing that Ty was getting more aroused watching me undo the garters from my stockings, because I had to bend over giving her the view of my ass she loved so much. When I finally slipped off the garter belt, tossing it onto the sofa alongside my clothes, I felt Ty’s hand suddenly grab my neck the way Fire had done to Ice.

_____I literally sighed.

_____“Daddy treated you really well tonight, huh?” And there was the voice I learned to submit to. Menacing with a touch of velvety softness that always made me weak.

_____“Yes, Daddy.” I said as loud as I could. Her grip on my neck was tight.

_____She kissed my cheek softly. “I love treating my little girl like the lady she is. But you know what that means, don’t you?”

_____“What, Daddy?”

_____“Just because you’re my lady, I don’t want you to forget that you’re also my whore.”

_____The words completely inflamed me, and I just trembled. “I never forget, Daddy.”

_____She pushed me down on the bed roughly. “Stay there.” I did, keeping my eyes closed tight, feeling the slickness of my thighs from my juices, anticipating what she might do. When I heard the closet door, I had to force myself to not respond, because I knew that meant she was going for her toy bag.

_____Ty returned a few moments later, suddenly straddling my middle. Before I could even think of uttering a word, I felt her take my hands, puling them high. She slid my leather cuffs on each wrist, and then I felt her get off me, take one hand and she started to work. I didn’t even have to look to know that she was securing my wrists to the bed railings by her signature red ropes, one of the few gifts I felt comfortable to get her for our sexual play. This would leave me completely restrained from the waist up and my hips would be at the foot of the bed, right at the edge, ready for her to take me when she was ready.

_____As soon as she was sure that I was secure and comfortable, she was on me, raising my legs high, and I wrapped them around her waist as she kissed me passionately, pushing her tongue in my mouth. She was completely dressed, still even had the suit jacket and tie on, and feeling the fabric of the suit against my bare skin was tantalizing. I locked my ankles about her waist, pulling her close to me as her hands roamed over my body.

_____She released her lips, licking her way down to my chin, then throat, and I turned my head baring my neck to her. I felt her tongue give the base of my throat a long lick, before she fixed her lips on the same spot. I sighed, relishing in the feel of her lips on my body, when I felt her teeth nip at my skin. I tensed up when I felt her bare her teeth, and she started to bite me. Ty simply adored biting me. I would tease her by calling her my own personal vampire, and she would just wink at me. But no lie, when Ty starts to bite me, it becomes this sensual ride. She’d nip at me for a little bit, but then her teeth would gently sink in, little by little, taking her sweet time, until she was literally biting me almost to the point of breaking my skin. It would become this sweet pain that I would grit my teeth to endure for her, but by the time she was done, I’d be beyond wet, ready for her to just invade me.

_____Ty was just starting to settle in with the hold her had on me, when I heard a knock at the door. She softly growled, then released me, getting to her feet. She gave me a wink before walking away.

_____Who the fuck could that be? I was so turned on and frustrated that if I wasn’t restrained I, no lie, would have been touching myself until Ty came back. But, of course, even if I wasn’t restrained I wouldn’t or Ty would find some way of punishing me for my impatience.

_____I was lying there for about five minutes, when Ty returned with a serious yet lustful mischievous look on her face. I knew this look, it only came out when she was in complete Dom mode and up to something new.

_____She suddenly turned her head and said, “Come here and show yourself.”

_____What the….? I turned my head, and my heart almost stopped when I saw a black woman cautiously walk into the room. It was Fire from the strip bar. She looked different not dressed in a costume, only wearing a pair of tight, red boot-cut jeans and a black tube top. Her hair was still swept up in the half-twist, her face was clean of makeup, but she still looked gorgeously exotic.

_____I couldn’t help myself, even if it warranted me a flogging later, I needed to say something. “Daddy?”

_____Ty just smiled as she sat beside me on the bed. She gave my earlobe a lick before saying, “Didn’t I tell you that I was going to spoil you tonight?”

_____“Yeah…?” I was trying to figure out how Fire fit into the plan.

_____“Well, baby girl,” Ty’s hands had found my navel and she was drawing circles around it with her fingers, “tonight, I’m going to spoil you by letting this whore please you.”

_____Oh, shit. Hearing her words almost made me purr. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Fire standing before me, this look of aggressive lust on her face that was driving me even crazier.

_____Ty’s hand touched my chin, turning my face so that I could look in her eyes. “It would make Daddy really happy, baby girl.” I knew those were words that should make a sub automatically succumb, but I also saw the look in Ty’s eyes, telling me that I didn’t have to do it if I didn’t want to. It would be no big deal if I said no.

_____But you know I HAD to say yes. I’d be an idiot to pass this opportunity up. So I just simply said, “Yes, Daddy.”

_____I could see the quick flash of pleasant surprise in Ty’s eyes that I agreed so easily, but then it faded away as Ty the Dom officially kicked in. She just roughly kissed my lips, before saying, “That’s a good girl.” Then she moved away. I watched her approach Fire and gruffly say, “Get undressed.”

_____Fire looked a little uneasy by Ty’s forcefulness, but I could also tell that it was something she liked.

_____“Where’s my money?” She asked, an annoyed look on her face.

_____I watched one of Ty’s eyebrows rise like it always did when she was not pleased. But she just reached into her pocket and pulled out her money clip, counting off a couple of bills and handed it to Fire.

_____“Half now. You get the rest when my lady is satisfied.”

_____Fire just nodded, now a wicked smile on her face as she turned to look at me.

_____Oh, God, what was I in for?

_____I watched as Fire started to undress, slowly removing her boots, jeans, then the tube top, keeping her eyes on me the entire time. Ty took a seat in one of the plush armchairs beside the bed, taking in the view before her.

_____When Fire was completely naked, she sauntered over to me, her eyes taking in my restrained position. She smiled, licking her lips, as she climbed on top of me, straddling my middle. Her hands reached out, caressing my cuffs lightly, her breasts hovering above my face. I opened my mouth, pulling one of her nipples in, sucking hard. She moaned above me, gently grinding her hips into my tummy, her pussy making it wet. I was pulling against my restraints already, instinctively wanting to wrap my arms around her to keep her where she was, but she pulled her nipple out of my mouth, switching breasts. I caught the look of enjoyment in her eyes at watching me suck it in.

_____After a few moments, she pulled her breasts away, shimmying down my body until she could feed on my breasts herself. I groaned audibly. She had this way of being gentle yet rough, as her long fingers almost painfully kneaded my flesh, her talented tongue softly circling each nipple as she sucked hard. Her other hand was tenderly roaming my body, her fingertips barely grazing my skin, automatically finding my pleasure zones. When she stopped, she sat up looking down at me.

_____I watched as she lifted one of her breasts to her lips, licking the nipple, as her other hand slid down to her pussy, stroking her hard clit. She leaned back a bit to give me a better view as she pleasured herself. I was biting my bottom lip, completely entranced by what she was doing. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Ty intently watching as well, knowing she was so getting off on this.

_____Fire was starting to roll her hips to the beat of a song only she could hear. She was losing herself in her little performance, her eyes half-closed as she masturbated, and it was just driving me insane that I couldn’t touch her. She had let go of her breast, reaching behind her and I felt two fingers swiftly fill me, making me moan aloud. She was fucking my pussy as she still fingered her clit, when she turned her head to face Ty and seductively licked her lips.

_____“Fuck…” I whispered, my hips bucking to get her fingers deeper inside me.

_____“Mmm, yes.” Fire crooned, as she pumped harder. “Someone needs it really bad, huh?”

_____“Yes.” I panted.

_____She winked at me, before suddenly pulling her fingers away. She quickly climbed off my body, lifting my legs high and wide, and in a matter of seconds her lips were on my pussy, tongue driving deep inside.

_____“Oh God, yes!” I cried in surprise. I could feel her tongue twisting inside me before she pulled it back, settling on teasing the very tip of my clit. She was meticulous in her movements, giving just enough pressure so I could feel her tongue, sending occasional intense zings through my pussy, but not enough that it could completely get me off. It was sweet torture. I felt her tongue move lower, teasing at my hole, circling it a few times, before it dipped even lower…then I felt it at my asshole.

_____“Oh, no…” I groaned as I felt her tongue gently lick across my hole, and my body jerked in response. I turned my head to look at Ty, who just winked at me and silently mouthed, “That looks so divine.”

_____I was biting my lip so hard now that it hurt, trying to fight this urge to scream so loud, but when I felt Fire’s tongue push its way inside my ass, I couldn’t hold back, and I was so afraid that whomever in the suite next to us was going to complain.

_____“That’s it, baby girl.” I heard Ty say, “Just enjoy it.”

_____The feeling was exquisite. I forced myself to relax and just enjoy how her tongue was twisting and turning, caressing and invading me, and I knew my orgasm wasn’t too far away. I was moaning loudly now, but I could care less if anyone heard me at that point. Fire let go of one of my legs, bracing both of them at the back of my knee with one arm, as she found my pussy again, this time pushing three fingers inside. She was pumping me fast, and her tongue was now moving in and out of my ass just as quickly, and I felt my legs start to tremble.

_____Ty was suddenly at my side, her fingers pinching my nipples roughly. “You gonna cum soon, baby girl?”

_____“Yes, Daddy!” I cried.

_____Her voice was at my ear, low and sternly teasing, “Daddy so enjoyed watching this whore fuck you. And believe me when I say she’s a whore, Rhonda. As soon as I told her what I wanted and she saw you, she practically jumped at the chance to get to your pussy.”

_____“Oh shit…” I gasped. She knew her words were pushing me over the edge. Fire’s tongue had stiffened even more and she was fucking my ass harder.

_____“I know you loved the fact that she was so forceful with that Hispanic chick on stage. But look at her now, baby girl…just another whore willing to do anything for pleasure and money.”

_____“Daddy…” I moaned. I felt Fire push yet another finger inside me, all four just barreling me.

_____“Does that excite you, baby girl? That Daddy could buy her like that? That you wanted her and I got her for you? You know why don’t you?” She licked my earlobe. “Cuz I love you, Rhonda. Even though I own and rule you, I would do anything for you. Even buy a bitch like this to fuck you.”

_____And that did it. My whole body tensed as I exploded. Ty’s mouth had suddenly covered mine in a deep kiss, muffling my screams as my orgasm completely raged through my body. I was pulling on my restraints so hard I could feel the cuffs practically cutting into my skin, but I didn’t care. The orgasm was so intense; I could feel tears running down the sides of my face as the shocks still went through me.

_____And then it was all over. Ty moved away from me, and I felt Fire let my exhausted body go. In a few minutes, I heard the door open and close, then Ty was back with me, undoing my cuffs, as she kissed my lips gently.

_____A few moments later, she undressed then helped me to the bathroom, where the tub was already filling with warm water. She eased me inside, getting in behind me, then until the water grew too cold, gave me a luxurious sponge bath.

_____“I love you.” She whispered affectionately in my ear.

_____“I love you too.”

_____She turned my face so she could look me in the eyes, and all I could see in hers was complete love and devotion. “I’d do anything for you, you know that right?”

_____I smiled, enjoying the feeling of my completely relaxed body. “I know.” The unsaid fact of BDSM was that even though the Dom ruled…the sub had more control that she would ever realize. I may strive all that I was worth to please Ty, but did all she could to please me as well. She may own me, but I owned her as well.

_____She kissed my lips tenderly. “You drive a woman do some insane shit sometimes.”

_____I chuckled. “Indeed.”

_____“But you enjoyed it.”

_____“Very much, Daddy.”

_____“Good. That’s all that matters.” Then she wrapped her arms around me, and I closed my eyes, my mind sinking into a space that only she could bring me.

_____And to believe, we had three more nights to go.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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