Andrea was the type of woman who knew that she was a lesbian from the time she was little. She hadn’t ever been with a man, nor did she want to ever be with one. Kaiya, on the other hand, was the type of woman who discovered her attraction for women a little later in life. The two of them had been together for a couple of months, and they were very into each other. When they would make love, however, it was very passionate, but routine. Andrea would allow Kaiya to taste her, but whenever Kaiya would try to penetrate her, Andrea would stop her. “I don’t understand why women like penetration," she would say. “Dre, you’ll never understand until you experience it for yourself," was Kaiya’s response.

One night, Andrea came home horny as hell. The first thing she did when she walked through the door was to shove Kaiya up against the wall and begin to kiss her roughly. While sucking on her tongue, Dre began to roughly strip Kaiya until she was completely naked. Dre then dropped to her knees, parted Kaiya’s nether lips, and began to kiss her nether lips hungrily. A loud, throaty moan escaped Kaiya’s lips as Dre continued to go to work on Kaiya’s clit; flicking her long, thick tongue back and forth against it slowly, yet firmly. Kaiya then grabbed Dre’s braids ands shoved her head deeper into her dripping wet pussy.

“I want to feel you deep inside of me," was the sentence that came out of Kaiya’s mouth soon after. Not wanting to spoil the flow, Dre slid her index and middle fingers deep inside of Kaiya’s wetness as she continued to flick her tongue back and forth against her succulent clit. Kaiya’s hips began to thrust to the rhythm of Dre’s tongue and fingers. Dre could feel her baby’s walls tightening around her, so the speed of her tongue and the forcefulness of her thrusts began to increase. Kaiya came so hard till both of their bodies shook.

After Kaiya’s body recovered, Dre said, “I just don’t understand.” Kaiya then led Dre to the bedroom, gently removed all of her clothing, and pushed her backwards onto the bed. Kaiya then climbed on top of her and started to kiss her tenderly, exploring her mouth with her tongue. Moving downward, Kaiya began to kiss the side of Dre’s neck (that was Dre’s spot), which caused a hissing sound to escape Dre’s lips. While continuing to make love to the magic spot on the side of Dre’s neck, Kaiya started to caress Dre’s right breast; kneading it and stroking her nipple until it turned into a hard nub. Kaiya then took the bud between her teeth and flicked her tongue back and forth against it rather swiftly while her thumb and forefinger tweaked the other one. “Damn Girl," Dre sighed as her woman continued to worship her breasts with her lips, tongue and fingers.

Kaiya then started to lick her way from the valley between Dre’s breasts, down her chest and stomach, to her belly button. Dre rubbed Kaiya’s back as she continued to caress Dre’s breasts and tongue her navel. The parade of kisses continued to travel lower, until Kaiya reached Dre’s swollen clit. She then tongued Dre’s clit just like she had kissed her lips above just moments before. Kaiya took her time making love to Dre, being sure not to leave any part of Dre’s exposed pussy untouched. Dre’s hips were rotating in a circular motion, as if they had a mind of their own. Eyes closed, Dre placed both of her hands in Kaiya’s hair; this was all the encouragement Kaiya needed to make her next move. While continuing to stroke Dre’s clit with her tongue, Kaiya slowly slid her index finger inside of Dre’s sopping wet pussy. Dre’s eyes flew open and she sat straight up on the bed. Kaiya gently pushed Dre back down on the bed and whispered, “Baby, let me do this.” Dre’s body relaxed, and Kaiya shoved the finger inside, breaking Dre’s Hymen. Once Kaiya saw that Dre had gotten over the initial shock, she then started to slide the finger in and out of Dre; allowing her body to get used to this wonderful new invasion. A high pitched “OHHH” came out of Dre’s mouth, which let Kaiya know that Dre was enjoying this new sensation. Dre then started to move her hips to the rhythm of Kaiya’s gentile thrusts; holding on to the sheets for dear life. When Kaiya increased the pace of her thrusts and placed her lips on her lover’s throbbing clit, “Jesus!” came out of Dre’s mouth; the convulsions came soon after that.

Kaiya then slid her body atop Dre’s and kissed Dre deeply, allowing her to taste herself. Dre said, “Damn girl, you got me calling on the Son.” All Kaiya could say was, “See, I tried to tell you, but you had to learn for yourself.”

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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