"Whew", I exclaimed as I slipped off my work heels to rub my aching feet. Today was a tough day at work and I was ready to relax. My roommate wouldn't be home for hours so I had the whole place to myself. How lucky could I get!

I decided to rid myself of these hot, corporate clothes. Quickly, I discard them and leave them in a pile on the floor. I glanced in the mirror and smiled at the reflection looking back at me. "Not bad for 30", I thought as I slowly turned around and around. There are plenty of women who would love to have my body. At 5'7, 120 pounds, perky breasts, a flat tummy and long slender legs I was a great catch.

My smile disappeared when I thought about Kai. My body wasn't good enough for her, but I knew that from the beginning. Kai was the type of woman that couldn't keep just one lady by her side. Hell, she was seeing two other women when we got together. I thought my love for her was strong enough to change her. I guess I was wrong. "Fuck her and everyone else!" I shouted, picked up my towel and marched towards the hot tub on the deck.

At fist the hot, foamy water stung my bare skin. Soon, I was able to relax. The sky was clear and the busy sounds of the day were far away. My eyes scanned my surroundings. A book laid in the distance half read by my roommate. Then my eyes spotted a forgotten champagne cork from a celebration long ago. Forgotten until now. That was our night. Our first night together.

Damn that girl. No matter what I did I couldn't stop thinking about her. I let my mind replay that wonderful night. I remember how she seduced me. How even the scent of her perfume sent my head spinning out of control. How skillfully she was able to control my body and make it hers. I was hers. Even now, if she wanted me to I'd be back in those arms again. Enjoying our lustful nights again.

My breathing became shallow as thoughts of our nights together played in my mind. I couldn't help myself. I was hot. Slowly I began play with my taunt nipples. My body grew impatient as I teased myself. I imagined Kai licking, sucking, and biting them until I begged her to stop. Begged her for more.

My hand became her hand as I followed the path to my neatly shaven pussy. Our fingers danced around my aching mound. My muscles tightened in anticipation knowing where the dancing would end. I slipped one finger and another and another. Pure excasty overtook my body just as if Kai was there herself. I began to thrash around wildly as I finger fucked myself imaging the pleasure Kai found in bringing me to the point of no return. "Don't stop. Please don't stop!" I begged the imaginary image. With one final thrust I screamed out her name and the juices, that were being held captive in my body, began to flow.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw my roommate staring straight at me. She shook her head and turned away with a smirk on her face. "Girl you got it bad!"

All I could do is laugh to myself. Maybe she is right.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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