She touched me in a way that no other woman has ever touched me. Her touch was powerful but yet it was gentle. She touched my soul with her mind and with her soul. She made my body feel a sensation that no other women has ever made me feel. She brought me rainbows with colors so bright that even I could not believe my eyes.

This lady made me strut and walk like a tigress on the prowl and she had not even laid eyes on me. She made me want to strut my stuff and and sway my hips and move my round ass in a way that I hoped would hypnotize her if she ever did see me walk her way. This woman I am talking about has me dreaming at night tossing and turning and wondering how it would be just for her to hold me once. My nights are full of visions that hunt me and chase me around my bed...feelings of desire and passion and lust fill my room. I try to take hold of my self but desire has a hold on me.

This woman has me walking in a daze, swinging my hips, dancing to a tune that she has made. She has me feeling like I want to go into the jungle and run wild. I wan her to watch me run and glide through the jungle like a lioness on the prowl for her. I want this woman to see me glide and move and dance to the beat of her heart. I want the woman that has made me feel the rhythm of my hands warm my body to know that she has brought a desire into my life that makes my nights full of curiosity and makes my days full of wanting.

You make my walk a strut and a glide and makes my hips move from side to side and makes my round ass move in away that only happens when I think of you lady. Your simple gesture at the end of your e-mail has me thinking of peach nectar and honey and molasses mixed together. My what a combination! I imagine that you taste like that combination mixed with pure original love.

This lady that I am talking about is a woman of true and rare beauty not the beauty that is seen by the naked eye but the beauty that last forever, soul beauty. Her soul is rare and real. This lady that I am talking about knows who she is. She is the lady that has touched my heart by stroking a keyboard and sending a sensation through what we call the internet. My, I can only imagine what would happen if she would just touch my hand or hold me. I would have just to look into the eyes of the woman who has me smiling and walking with a sway to my hips and a strut that only a tigress could have.

They do say the eyes are the window to ones soul. My lady you have touched my soul, now I want you to see my soul. I want you to look into my eyes.

This lady I am talking about likes all to be real . . .

So, Ms.tobereal once you look into my eyes you will see that I am to be real for you . . . Deb.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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