Glitter (formerly Pandora)

Her name said it all. As soon as I heard that voice, dripping with charm and coyness, saying that name, I should have high-tailed my ass anywhere that she wasn't. But those damn black eyes, outlined in that silver eyeliner, just held me captive. Before I knew it, I was hanging onto her every word, not able to take my eyes off her, and she was playing me like a cheap violin, for real. I got so caught up. And my life has never been the same since.

You're lost, huh? Lemme back up. My name is Charlie, short for Charlene. I'm 18, just outta high school, and trying to enjoy my last free summer before I have to go away to college in the fall. My friends were planning this hyped up summer of just going to clubs, parties, and getting into whatever that was fun. I was down for all that, but for my mom's sake I had to be a bit more low-key. She was always after me about going to college and shit, and if I got into any trouble, it would hurt her too much. So I had to chill a bit, working five hours during the day at the bookstore, then chill with my friends at night-but if they were getting into anything sketchy, I'd keep my ass home.

I wasn't all that big into clubbing anyway, but my friends were. There's nothing wrong with it, I love to dance, and I can shake my ass like the best of them. But dealing with the meat market got on my nerves. I just wanted to go to the club and have fun with my friends, get my drink on, and just bug out. But these guys would be hanging all over us, trying to get a dance or a number. When that happened, I would just step back and let my friends deal with it. I wanted no part of it. And it wasn't like I didn't get my share. I was an attractive woman, 5'9", solid build from weightlifting and playing basketball with my brothers and the neighbourhood guys since I was a kid. My skin colour was like wheat, deep brown wide eyes, a rounded nose, dimples when I smiled, and shoulder-length light brown hair that I religiously kept in a tight ponytail. So even though I wasn't dressed as skimpy or as daring as most chicks, I got my share of offers, but just wasn't in the mood for any of it.

"One of these days, people are gonna start thinking you're a dyke or something." My friend Angela would say. "You can't keep your ass a virgin forever, girl."

I'd always flip her the finger and just brush it off. It wasn't the first time I heard it. Just because I wasn't like the other chicks running after guys all the time, didn't mean that something was up with me. And I didn't look at chicks that way. I mean, guys were attractive and all, but I just wasn't in the mood to deal with anything like that. I would rather just spend time with my girls. Plus, I watched all my friends date and I watched all the drama and bullshit they had to deal with. I had three friends I was close with. Two had kids, two have been dumped brutally, and all three had been cheated on in some form or fashion. And we're all the same age. Can you see why I wanted no part of that?

But lemme not get sidetracked. Ok. So it's Thursday night, and we're at my friend Roanoke's house getting ready to go to the club. I'm sitting in Ro's bedroom, already dressed and ready. It's going on 10pm and the others are running around-skirts, dresses, nylons, and make-up flying.

"You know, I did want to grab something to eat first!" I called out as I flipped channels on the TV. The LA Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers were playing tonight and it was the finals. I was trying my best not to watch it, because the game was more important than going to the club, and I'd end up bailing on my friends. But as long as they were wasting time getting ready, I could watch a little bit.

Angela was the first to emerge from the bathroom, still only in her bra and panties, but at least she had her hair done. "Why don't we eat afterwards? It just makes more sense. I don't want to get all full, then go dancing."

"Like you're gonna be dancing." Ro was next to come into the room. She was dressed, but her long, dyed, fire engine red hair was still up in rollers. "You know you're gonna be in the back, on your knees as always."

I started laughing.

"Oh, no she didn't." Angela said, but I saw her trying to suppress her own laugh. She gave Ro the finger. "Where's your blue skirt. The one with the cut-out hearts."

Ro pointed to the closet. She stood before the full-length mirror. "Charlie, what do you think?"

I glanced at her outfit. Black cat suit, red leather boots, red leather hip belt, and black headband. When she'd finally let her hair out, it would fall in loose red curls around her shoulders. Very comic book heroin. Ro was our "alternative chick" of the group; she loved looking differently, always ready to stand out.

"Very cool." I replied.

Big grin, then back to the bathroom to finish up. I sighed and focused back on the TV. Go Iverson.


Ro called out, "Charlie can you get that? That's probably Sinthia."

"Who's Sinthia?" I asked getting to my feet.

"This new girl at my job. I mentioned we were going clubbing and she wanted to come."

"Is she cool?" I heard Sherri ask. Meaning would we have the freedom to bug out our usual way without her freaking out.

"Yeah, I think so." Ro said.

Great, I thought sarcastically. I walked to the front door, ready to open the door to another silly chick. But when I opened the door, there stood the most stunning woman I had ever laid eyes on. A little bit shorter than me, probably about 5'6" maybe 5'7", smooth dark skin, short black hair, kept in tight curls, cat-like, black eyes that seemed to stand out cuz she lined them in silver. High cheekbones, beautifully shaped, thick lips that broke into a breathtaking smile.

"Do I have the right apartment? Does Roanoke Johnson live here?" And that voice. Light, airy, I swear almost musical.

"Yeah." I stepped back to let her in. Quick glance as she walks by. Thick build...very thick. Could already tell that most guys would look her over because of her weight. But watching her move in the purple fitted pantsuit and silver heels just...I don't know. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I had to force myself to look away and close the door.

"Sinthia!" Ro burst out of the bedroom, red hair blazing behind her as she came up to her friend and gave her a hug. "You found me ok?"

"No problem." Her friend replied.

Ro turned her to face me. "Charlie, this is Sinthia. Spelled with an 'S-i', not 'C-y.'"

I caught on. "Sin?"

She smiled. "Bad for your soul, I guess." Then she winked.

Oh, my God why did I find that so...appetizing?

"Make yourself at home." Ro was saying. "Charlie keep her company, ok? We're almost finished getting ready." Disappear into the bedroom again.

I turned and smiled at Sinthia. "Have a seat."

She sat on the sofa, adjusting her clothes, and I caught a glance at her generous cleavage encased in the low-cut, silver tank she wore under the jacket. I forced my eyes up to her face and forced a smile. What the hell was going on with me tonight?

"You're name is Charlie?" She asked.

I nodded. "Short for Charlene, but I'm not crazy about my name."

She grinned. "I like it. Charlie. It's cute." Hearing her say my name alone was cute in itself. I wanted to hear her say it all the time.

"So you work with Ro?" I said trying to find a safe subject.

She nodded. "Yep, I just started last week actually. Normally I wouldn't do a retail job, but I love the Gap, and I figured that working there would be easier on my wallet."

I nodded making a mental note that I should start checking out the Gap more, although I usually avoided trendy stores like that. Not saying I wasn't into trendy stuff, but I was more into hip-hop clothes like Fubu, Nautica, Phat Farm, etc.

"See, I got this top at work this afternoon." She slid the jacket off her shoulders, showing me that the top was not a tank, but actually a halter-top. When she turned, I got a good view of her bare, upper back and shoulders, and I had this sudden urge to touch her skin. She turned back, smiling. "Ain't it cute?"

"It's nice, yes." I wonder how it would feel to slide it off your shoulders?

Oh hells no. What the fuck was I thinking?

"Ready!" Ro first walked out. "Well, almost. Still waiting for Sherri to decide if she's going to wear her hair up or down tonight."

Angela was next to come out. "Personally, I think she needs to chill with messing around with that weave before it falls out altogether."

"Why you gotta be telling everyone my business?" Sherri said, walking out. She had decided to wear it down. She smiled at Sinthia. "Hi."

"Hi." Sinthia stood. "So are we ready?"

Last minute shit for Ro to check on, then we were on our way, me being quiet, since I was deep in thought. Never, NEVER before in my life had I found another woman sexually attractive. Come on, I was surrounded by women all the damn time. An honest look at my friends? All three were beautiful and had killer bodies, according to guys I knew, and they were always dressed to kill. So it's not like I didn't have opportunity to find a woman attractive. So why now?

Why was there a hand waving in my face?

"Charlie, hello!" Sherri poked my shoulder. "Are you in there?"

"Yes, I am." I pushed her hand away. "What's up?"

"Which club?" Sherri asked. Even though they were the ones that I considered the clubbing divas, they always insisted I choose the club. And as always, I tried to think of one that meant I wouldn't be hassled at. And of course, I couldn't, so I mentioned the one we went to last Friday, and they all agreed. So we squeezed into a cab and we were on our way. By the time we arrived, it was almost 11:30pm, and that meant the club was just about to start jumping.

"Yo, dawg!" Heavy hand patting me on my back. "What's with the harem? Willing to share?"

I turned to face a guy I've never seen before, and his face fell. He took a step back. "Yo, Queen, I'm sorry, I thought you was a dude."

I just rolled my eyes and waved him off. I was used to it. I wasn't into the skirts, dresses, and make-up shit like my friends were. Give me a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and I was in heaven. Tomboy for life, that's what I always told everyone. Tonight, I was sporting a new Phat Farm, silver-gray jeans and jacket outfit, black wife-beater, with my favourite black Tims. This was me comfortable. After awhile, you just get used to people's assumptions.

As I turned to face the line, I caught Sinthia staring at me. When she saw me looking, she winked before turning back to Ro.

Get it out of your head, I told myself. And that's just what I did. Well, for the first hour anyway. We found our usual spot, and I got drinks for the girls like I always do, then settled back with a Newport and watched the dance floor. One of my favourite things to do at the club was just watching people dance. And at this moment, this one cat was seriously getting his groove on. The way he danced reminded me of Sisqo, and the girl he was dancing with wasn't far behind either. I found myself checking out how she moved in sync with him, when he'd bend forward, she'd lean far back, baring her tummy even more in the short top that she was wearing. And if she leaned back even more, you'd probably be able to see her breasts. And part of me was hoping she'd lean farther.

What the fuck? I made myself focus on something else, and my gaze ended up on Sinthia. Missy Elliot's "Get Your Freak On" was screaming through the speakers, and Sinthia was standing about ten feet away from me, just on the edge of the dance floor, dancing by herself. Her eyes were closed; she was lost in the music. My eyes traveled down her body, noticing how her breasts really did seem trapped in that halter-top, cuz her cleavage seemed like it was going to spill out of her top. Down, down, past the tummy...damn, she had some hips on her. I watched as the shook and grinded to the beat, and she turned slightly, so I got a view of her ass. She had what my brothers called an onion butt. Perfectly rounded. Damn, I wanted to just hold onto that.

Fuck this. I forced my eyes up, and our eyes met. She was now staring at me boldly, and winked again. But this time she didn't turn away. Instead, she turned to face me fully, raising her arms as she rocked her hips from side to side.

What was she doing? Was she dancing for me? Oh, my fucking God, she was. This chick was serious. In shock, I watched as she was becoming more blatant with the sexy dance moves she had been doing earlier, and she made sure that she kept looking my way. I glanced around looking for a guy behind me, or one of my girls to see if she was just trying to play a joke. But no one was behind me, and my girls were off dancing. It was just me. And when I looked back at her, she was definitely looking right at me. I watched as she put her hands into play, rubbing them suggestively over her body; cupping her breasts slightly, then sliding her hands down to her crotch, then sliding them to her knees, spreading her legs, as she lowered herself to a squat, rolling her ass slightly, then standing upright, winking at me again.

I was feeling this heat between my legs, and I had this strong urge to touch myself. Damn, what was this girl doing to me? I wasn't a masturbating type chick. I mean, I tried it a few times, but it didn't really do anything for me. But right now I really wanted to just slide my finger between my lips and touch my clit that I knew was getting hard. But as I watched Sinthia dancing, I realized that it wasn't me that I wanted to touch, but her. I wondered how it would feel to spread those legs and just touch her wetness, feeling that little clit of hers between my fingers.

I was so into what I was thinking that I hadn't realized that she had stopped dancing and was moving towards me. It wasn't until she was standing before me, that my thoughts fell away and I was forced to focus my eyes and they settled on that beautiful face.

She smiled, fanning herself as she fished a cigarette out of a pack. "May I have a light?"

I just nodded, taking my lighter out of my pocket. She leaned forward and I was rewarded with another view of her cleavage as I lit her cigarette. When she stood upright, she looked around.

"No more seats." She frowned.

"Oh, sit here." I said, getting to my feet.

"No, I don't want you to move. I'll just sit on your lap." She said. She lowered that beautiful ass on my lap sideways, so I could see her profile, then she placed her arm around my neck and shoulders.

"Oh, my God is it hot!" She giggled. "How come you're not dancing?"

Too busy watching you. "Not in the mood yet."

She narrowed those cat eyes. "And what gets you in the mood, Charlie?"

Damn, tell me she's not flirting. "It depends."

"On what?"

Play along, playa. You've seen your brothers do this all the time. "You'll have to find out, won't you?"

Flash that gorgeous smile. Shit, you got dimples too. "And I will."

Was she wiggling that ass in my crotch? I was trying to not blatantly look at her breasts, but it was hard since they were right underneath my eyes. Look up, look up. Damn, not into the eyes.

"You're not like your friends." Sinthia said after a moment of silence.

"Neither are you." I replied.

She stared at me then grinned. She took a drag off her cigarette, then I watched her tongue snake out and lick her bottom lip slowly, then disappear back into her mouth before she exhaled.

Screw it. I didn't know how, but I knew I wanted her. I wanted to kiss those lips. I wanted to feel her ass in my hands as I pressed my body against her. I wanted to make her say my name over and over again in that damned sexy voice of hers.

Before I could entertain more thoughts, she got to her feet, stubbing out her cigarette. "Back to the dance floor." Then she was gone.

For the remainder of the night, I found myself looking for her. I didn't sit the entire time; I did get up and shake my ass. But I realized that as I was moving around on the dance floor, I was looking for her. And for the life of me, I couldn't find her. When I was about to give up, I finally found her back at our table, with Ro and Sherri. I made my way through the crowd.

"There you are." Ro yawned. "I'm ready to go home. Have you seen Angela?"

"I'm here!" Angela appeared with a big grin on her face, as she toted a tall, extra light-skinned brother along with her. "Ladies, this is Antoine. Antoine, this is Ro, Sherri, Charlie, and Sinthia." When he wasn't looking, she gave us a dreamy look. Her way of saying she caught a good one.


He was all right, I guess. He looked a little too cocky for me, and I didn't like his nose, but as long as Angela was cool with him.

"We're ready to go." Ro told Angela.

Angela pouted, but turned to her latest boy toy. "You have my number. Give me a call sometime, Ok?"

"No doubt." He said, and he kissed her cheek lightly before waving to us and disappearing.

When we were outside, I immediately lit up and prepared for the havoc that usually happened when we're ready to go home. Sherri and Angela both had kids home, but didn't want to wake them up coming home so late. Angela relented and decided to go home, while Sherri was gonna go home with Ro. As usual, I was going home, and that left Sinthia.

"I'm cool going home," She told us. "I live in the North End."

Nowhere near me, so why did I say something? "I'll make sure you get home, ok."

Angela and Sherri both gave me weird looks, but Ro just yawned. "Ok, cool, so I'm out. Where the fuck are the cabs anyway?"

Hugs, kisses, and then we all went into our separate cabs.

Alone with Sinthia.

"You don't live near me." She finally said.

"It's cool."

"You're coming home with me." It wasn't a question.

And I didn't deny it.

I wasn't sure what the hell to expect. All I did was follow her up to her apartment. She put her fingers to her lips; we didn't want to wake her mother. I quietly followed her to her room in the back of the apartment, and after she closed and locked her door, she turned to me with a Cheshire smiled.

"Do your girls know you're gay?" She asked.

"I don't even know." I answered honestly.

Sinthia just smiled as she walked towards me. "Well, we'll have to find out, I guess, huh?"

"I guess so." I said softly, as she slid her arms around my neck, pulling my head down to hers. Our lips met, and God, her lips felt as wonderful as I thought they would. I slid my hands down to that ass I had been watching all night, and pulled her closer to me. No gentle kisses either. Pure lust and hunger. It felt like she was devouring me, but I liked it, God I did. She slid her hands down and pushed my jacket off me, tossing it aside, then she took a step back and looked at me as she glided her hands up and down my bare arms.

"Wife beaters," She said huskily grazing her nails up my arms and across my chest, tugging on my top, "I got such a weakness for them. Sit." She pointed to the bed.

I did, and watched as she walked over to her stereo. A few moments of poking around, then Tank's, "Maybe I Deserve", filled the room. Good one, he was one of my favourite singers. She turned back to face me and gone was the playfulness in her eyes. She slowly started rocking her hips to the beat, and I got a deja vu feeling from the club. I leaned back on my hands and prepared for something good.

And she didn't disappoint me. She turned slightly away from me, sliding her hands up her thighs, then up her tummy, chest, and she crossed her arms, sliding her jacket off her shoulders and tossing it aside. God, that damn top. Hands sliding back to her breasts, cupping them tighter this time. Then one hand moved away, and my eyes followed it move to her lips. She parted her lips, sliding a finger in her mouth, and sucked on it gently as she slid her other hand down between her thighs, and bucked her hips forward slightly.

I groaned softly, just wanted to jump on her right there.

Song switch. Ahh...mixed CD. 112's "Peaches 'N Cream". I watched her eyes light up, and she let her tongue snake out and she curved it gently, raising her arms, as she turned around, rolling those hips faster to match the beat. Her hands came down and reached behind to cup her ass and she rocked them from side to side. I felt my nipples harden, and I bit my bottom lip.

She turned walking towards me, still moving to the beat, and she lifted her leg, placing her foot on the bed between my spread legs, looking at me expectantly. I caught on. I untied the straps on her heels, and slid it off, then repeated with the other one. Now barefoot, she stepped a few feet back and turned her back to me. Eyes traveling down to her swaying hips, and I saw her hands hook into her waist band, and I watched as she slowly slid her pants down those hips, revealing a silver thong. As she slid the pants down, she bent forward, pushing her generous ass out towards me, and I had to resist the urge to reach out and grab it.

Pants off, kick them aside, bend forward even more, giving me a perfect view of her crotch encased in silver. She then stood upright, turning to face me, with a mischievous smile on those lips. Just the silver halter and thongs now. God, she had a beautiful body. I won't knock thin girls, I mean, I am one myself, but her body was so beautifully soft and full, and when she shook that ass, the ass actually jiggled. Now I understand what some of my male friends were talking about.

Song change again. Get the fuck out of here. Ella Fitzgerald's "Fever". Sinthia sashayed her way to me, her hips gyrating to the heavy beat of the song. She licked her forefinger, then reached out and placed it on my lips. I kissed it, then sucked it into my mouth, and she let out a soft purr, closing her eyes.

Sinthia then took a step back, licking her lips, as she slowly slid her panties off. Holy fuck, she was completely shaved. I was itching to feel that smooth pussy of hers.

God, I'm totally gone now.

She took my hands, placing them on her hips. I couldn't help myself, I got a grip and pulled her closer to me, and she spread her legs just in time to straddle my lap. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled face towards mine, crushing her lips with a deep kiss, my tongue sliding into her mouth. She moaned, then sucked on my tongue, wrapping her arms around my neck.

I was surprised by how excited I was. Just the feel of her soft skin. How when she pulled my hair free, I moaned and especially when I felt her fingers run through my hair. How my fingers dug into her flesh, as I cupped her ass, pulling her as close to me as possible.

For a big girl, she was flexible as shit. In a smooth movement, she unfolded her legs, and wrapped them around my waist, locking her ankles. She sucked my bottom lip into her mouth and gave it a few licks with the tip of her tongue, before releasing my lips. She winked at me, as she got a good grip on my shoulders, and started gyrating her hips, grinding her crotch into my lap.

Oh hell yes. I held onto her hips, as she moved, rocking her body to the beat, then she let go of my shoulders and started to lean back, as she still gyrated. I held onto her hips tighter, as she leaned far back, practically lying flat, and I looked down between her open legs, and I could see her wet lips, and they were spread slightly, and I could see pink and smell how excited she was.

That's it, I thought, I cant' take it anymore. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her up. I took her face in my hands and kissed her hard.

She pulled away, a teasing smile on her lips, "You want me, Charlie?"

"Fuck, yes." I growled.

She raised her arms, and I took the cue, and pulled her halter-top up and took it off. Her full breasts spilled into view. She took one breast in her hand and lifted it to my lips. I greedily sucked on her nipple, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"God, that feels so good," she was moaning, "suck it harder, bite it."

There was no need in telling me. I might have not known what to really do, but I knew I wanted to taste every part of her. I gently sank my teeth in her nipples, and I felt her nails dig into my shoulder. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted her so bad. I gave her nipple one more gentle bite, and moved my mouth away. I kissed her lips again, then lifted her, and myself and moved her to lie on the bed.

I quickly shed my clothes, and knelt between her open thighs. I took a moment to just look at her beautiful face and body. The body I had been wondering about all night. The face that, in one damn night, made me flip my script. I looked at the girl that had totally caught me in her web.

She winked at me, smirking, "Come and get it."

I spread her legs a little wider and settled between them, getting my first look at another woman's pussy. The smell was musky and intoxicating. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just started gently kissing on her thick lips. She sighed. It wasn't long before I started feeling this hunger in my stomach. I parted my lips, and as soon as my tongue got a taste of her, all hell brook loose and I was sold. I was literally licking her like I hadn't eaten in years.

Sinthia's hands got a hold of my hair and she roughly pulled my face closer to her pussy, and I happily obliged. I was pushing my tongue as far in her as possible, then I got a better idea and slid a finger inside instead.

"Oh, Charlie, yes!" She hissed, spreading her legs wider, giving me better access. I slid another finger insider of her, now licking on her clit, and she was thrashing on the bed like crazy. She felt so good on my fingers. She was getting so wet, I could hear her juices as I pumped her pussy.

"Come here." She whispered. "Turn your body around, I want to taste you."

Still keeping my fingers in her pussy, I turned my body around so that I was on top of her, my crotch just over her face. She reached up, getting a grip on my ass and pulled my pussy down to her waiting lips. And I felt the most amazing feeling in the world. I almost forgot what I was doing, I swear. But my mind didn't wander far. As good as what she was doing felt, I couldn't take my mind off what I was doing as well. I started pumping her harder, and she started licking me harder.

I wrapped my lips around her clit and started to suck hard on it, and her hips heaved off the bed. I smiled to myself, she really liked that. I started doing just that as I slid another finger inside of her.

"Charlie, you're gonna make me cum." She panted beneath me.

"I want you to cum." I told her.

She groaned and I felt her slid her tongue inside me. I felt my body spasm, and I knew I wasn't too far behind her on cumming.

"'re gonna cum for me too, huh?" I heard her say. Then she totally blew my mind away. She fastened her lips around my clit and started sucking on it hard like I was doing to her. It was the ultimate feeling. She was matching my movements, so when I sucked, it felt like I was sucking myself. The feeling was getting too good, and I felt my hips start to buck.

_____"That's it." She was saying. "I'm gonna cum for you soon."

I released her clit and gave it a few hard licks with my tongue and her breathing grew really heavy.

"I'm gonna cum." She was saying so softly, I could barely hear her. "Now, honey, I'm cumming now."

Her pussy tightened around my fingers and I felt this sudden heat, then total wetness. I carefully slid my fingers out of her and just buried my head between her legs, licking all her juices, feeling her shake beneath me. Just knowing I got her like that triggered something in me, and I felt my own orgasm burst. I went rigid, still licking her, then my body just started to tremble.

"That's it, give it to me." Sinthia pulled my pussy close to her mouth, her tongue going even deeper in me. She was moaning so loud, I was afraid she'd wake her moms, for real.

After a moment, I moved beside her, and just pulled her in my arms. She giggled.

"So, what do you think?" She asked yawning.

"I'll tell you in the morning." I said to her. I wanted to think first.

"I already know the answer." She said.

"And what is that?" I asked.

"You're down for it. Nobody who eats pussy like you can, can not be. And I'm gonna have fun taking your cherry." She winked. "I've always wanted to do that to a butch."

I knew the term, had heard it before, and just rolled my eyes, but for some reason, now it didn't feel so weird to hear it.

Hold up, what did she say? "My cherry?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, I know about your virgin ass."

"And how do you know about that?" I asked.

She just gave me that mischievous, sexy grin of hers. "Ro told me."

What? "What? What for?"

"When she and I first met, I told her I was gay and looking for someone to kick it with. She mentioned you and said that you were probably not even sure of yourself, but that she knew. And that you were a virgin. She set us up, girl. She wanted us to meet."

I probably should have been mad, and in the back of my mind, a mental note to see Ro in the morning and kick her ass...right after I gave her a big hug.

I just shook my head laughing as I settled in the bed. Sinthia cuddled up to me. "Don't be mad," she was saying sleepily, "I'm glad she hooked us up. And I'm glad she was right about you."

Damn...I'm glad that someone was right.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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