(A Femme's Point of View)
__________by STING

Gazing into her eyes as the beam of the moonlight hit the inside of the
bedroom onto her face, letting me know she was ready to experience something new.

The entry is the most fulfilling part of a female inserting her unknown
nature into you. Something she made a part of her sexual pleasure, no need to only
please herself but to make sure she gives you all of her love with every
stroke and whine.

Body trembles, feet nimble, toes curled, eyes closed and legs open wide.
Allowing her to become a part of me by blessing me with her love tool, soothing my
insides with grace and affection made me feel wild and crazy.

She bought her face closer to my nature, ready to explore my wetness with her
With my eyes closed shut I let out a loud moan as I came into her mouth, she
knew it was time, time to unwind.

As she eased up onto her knees, getting prepared to lace me with something so
invigorating in which I never felt before. My nipples were hard as she
suckled on them to keep the mood more intensifying.

Spreading my legs wider made me tremble, she said "just relax I got you" as
she entered her love inside of me.

We moaned simultaneously at the fact it felt so good.
She stroked slowly and slowly with all of her lower body strength making sure
I felt every movement.

It was joyous, remarkable, enlightening, great, and oh so sexy as she moved
to the beat of her steel pan playing in her head. Giving me that calypso type
penetration that went throughout my entire body.

Kissing me ever so softly, while inserting her tongue into my mouth as she
continued to move at the rhythm of my heartbeat, made the climax grow even

Beginning to twirk gave her the idea that I was read to explode, she wanted
to share that with me so I began to put a bit more of a whine in there myself
giving her the extra beat to make our own song.

Getting ready to cum as we both moaned in each other's ear making a more
intense feeling race through our bodies and to the vein in our clits that made it
pulsate. The was the best sexual experience with an unknown tool, the "strap"
the she used.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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