__________by D. Alexandria aka Glitter

My Girl's Got A Dick
I didn't stutter
Go ahead, blink rapidly
You did read that line correctly
She got many dicks actually
"Regular", "Large", and "Blow Out My Lady's Back"
And I enjoy them all regularly
Nothing feels better than grinding up on her
Feeling that present she got waitin’ in her boxers
I sometimes be anticipatin’
Practically feenin’
She be maki’n a woman want to lose her mind
Thinking of when she'll spread me wide
And give me that Ultimate Stud Ride
Yeah, my baby is a Stud
The Epitome of the word actually
She got that Thug appeal that makes me squeal
And calling her Daddy for me is heavenly
Especially when I'm up against that wall
And my legs are around her tight
Cuz only this little girl can handle her just right
She can be the perfect Gentleman
Meaning that she'll politely ask me to lift my skirt
And dammit, then she'll make it work...and work...and work
Her dick is on her most of the time
She got this way of grabbin’ it
When she's only in my visual line
And she'll do that goddamn weakening Stud trick
Ladies, are you with me, I KNOW you all know it
She'll casually lick that bottom lip
While her eyes are seductively drinking me in
And a chick like me just can't handle it
And my ass will be on my knees
And a warning for those who easily squeam...
I gladly suck it
I even make a lavish production of it
I will lick and tease
And the sight of me loving her dick
Will make her weak in the knees
Damn...a girl like me just has this urgency to please
And please it I do
There's pretty much nothing I wouldn't do
When it comes to respecting what my girl got packin’
But for those of you, who already got your heads waggin’
She ain't trippin’, she's ALL WOMAN
I get to enjoy all that she is
Every nook and deliciously wet cranny
But I respect all she represents
And that, Ladies...is a Stud with a dick

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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