__________by Phoenix Vaughn

Took a risk,
Thought long and hard about that leap
That first leap
That took me on a flight to places I only thought about in my sleep

I let myself take that step
That opened my mind
My soul
And my spirit,
Yeah, my very spirit
To the option,
The option of exposing my heart.

A heart fragile with wear and tear from
Too many hurts, too many inconsiderations, too many
Who knew too little of what to do with a heart that felt
Too much

Yet, once in motion, it was good,
Good indeed.
That leap took me to heights only relived in experiences of
Melted chocolate and full moons
Experiences of anticipation and spiritual revitalization

In and out of seasons we rode the high of that elevation
Of that chance,
That choice to be
And I
As we
Sweet as can be.

As I now look back
I can see,
There was a point of notice,
There was she
And somewhere else

Deep inside I had to swallow my pride
Try to hide what I saw as the ending of this fine glide,
Slowly shifting into a mist
Losing height, Should I fight?
Knowing what happens in the dark
Would surely come to light?

Waving frantically, trying to stay afloat
ďI can Fly!
I want to die,
As I see the landing before me
Where I be
A solo pilot in my own misery.

Boo? Who? Fuck you, how can this be through?
Iím still stuck on you1
Thatís whack! Itís a fact, Iím ready to attack!
Do whatever, Do WHAT EVER to get my high back,
Lean back, stay back, kick this new chick in the back!

Wonít make her stay,
Not that way,
On earth
Her life in a rebirth
Just not with you,
The flight is through.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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