Lady Scorpion

Treesa was checking out a few pieces of work by a lesbian sculptor she had been hearing about. She was seriously thinking of purchasing 2 pieces. One for home the other for her store.

She was taken by the pieces because they were done in a deep rich mahogany and 1 of the womyn looked like her? A twin if you will. She was short round and very feminine, with very expressive eyes. She had to admit she was very intrigued by the tall muscular beautifully featured womyn in these pieces. The obvious aggressor in this coupling of 2. The look these 2 lovers gave was a look Treesa longed for in her life. Little did she know she was getting her wish. She was so intent in her choosing the right pieces she hadn't noticed the tall muscular womyn watching her.

Kasey was intrigued by the very sexy and stunning womyn. She was so natural in her skin she couldn't know the stir her natural sensuality caused all around her. Kasey was shocked it was as if her imagination had taken on a life force. Standing before her in the flesh was her lady in sculpture come to life. Her every move, every expression was exactly as Kasey pictured her in her minds eye when she began these series of pieces. Kasey needed to hear her voice. She came out of the shadows and introduced herself as the artist. Hello you seem taken by a couple of my pieces. Treesa looked up into a pair of the most intense eyes she had ever encountered. She gulped as her eyes traveled over the full length of Kasey. .it was then she realized this was the womyn, the aggressor in the pieces.

Finally she found her voice. Why yes, I'm trying to decide which piece to purchase for my store and which one for my home. What kind of store do you own I may be of help? I own a lesbian bookstore/coffeehouse that doubles as a poetry reading spot in the evenings. YESSSSSSSSS Kasey screamed internally. Her expression never changed however except for the glint in her eyes. and Treesa did notice it.

Treesa stood transfixed as Kasey stared right through her soul. Her bodies reaction scared her because she wanted this womyn. With a desire she'd never felt. She turned away and began to look at the sculptures again. Anything as long as she didn't have to look at Kasey. Kasey was moved beyond thought as she stood there staring at this womyn. She took Treesa's chin in her hand and turned her face back to look at her. Don't turn away from me little one. She bent down and touched Treesa's lips to hers. Treesa could not begin to say what had happened but when their lips touched her arms went around Kasey's neck and she went upon her tiptoes.

What was to be a simple kiss turned into a pulse racing heart stopping one. When they parted lips Treesa had no choice but to lay her head on Kasey's chest as she tried to regain her composure. Kasey's arms wrapped around her protectively. Wow was all Treesa could manage to say. Kasey mumbled I know baby I know. As they parted Treesa looked up at Kasey with those eloquent eyes and Kasey knew her heart was no longer her own.

She closed the showing as soon as she could. She wanted, no needed to talk to this womyn who had just stolen her heart. Treesa was singing her favorite love song in her mind. "At Last" by Etta James. Kasey was saying a similar statement in her mind. "At Last" my dream has become my reality. Her sculptures would now come to life. This was her womyn there was no doubt.

And she willing gave herself to Treesa. They talked well into the night. they went upstairs to Kasey's loft and were both shocked at how much they truly had in common. In the kitchen they worked side by side preparing dinner as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. They talked about Kasey's art and how she came to pursue it and about Treesa's bookstore and the conception of the poetry aspect of it. They had similar visions about where they could help in "their community". Treesa explained to Kasey her "old fashioned" morals and how she liked to be courted Kasey was delighted with this news, since neither believed in gratuitous sex. She was charmed by the class and old school values of Treesa. After another heart stopping kiss they parted. Treesa went home her soul humming her spirit singing a song.

The next morning Treesa had a delivery to her home. When she got to the store she had another that afternoon. Kasey had sent her the sculptures as a gift and token of a future together. Everyone was in awe of the piece at the store and kept commenting on how much the shorter womyn in the piece looked like Treesa. She kept reading the cards sent with the pieces "the womyn who stole my heart" Love, Kasey.

She was a crying and moved beyond words fool. After calming down she wondered how she'd reciprocate with something as meaningful?. Then it came to her she had a messenger take an invite to Kasey to come to the store tonight. And then she left instructions that she was not to be disturbed until she said so.

She sat down at her desk to write a special poem for Kasey. She closed the bookstore down early and they prepared for the reading. She hired a very nice jazz quartet to back the readings tonight. They played some of her favorite tunes as she lit the candles as incense. Her piece she hoped would explain all she felt to Kasey. Treesa put on her poetry gear as it was called, hair in a high pony tail, exotic eyes, bright lips, high heeled sandals and a flowing burgundy dress. The piece she wrote was very sensual so was the music to accompany it. She sat in a dark corner facing the entrance so she could watch Kasey as she walked in.

Oh my goodness she sighed as she spotted Kasey taking long panther like strides through the crowd. Damn she liked the poetry of this womyn's body language. The heads turning to watch Kasey pleased her rather then pissing her off. This womyn was gorgeous and without that air of conceit it was like she wasn't aware of it. Treesa took in the body hugging jeans that showed off those muscular thighs she had dreamed just last night about. She also wore a tee-shirt and a chambray over shirt and loafers. Mmmmm was the thought dejour. Kasey never looked at the ladies watching her every move she was looking for the "one".

Kasey was seated center right in front of the stage as Treesa had instructed. The house lights went down. setting a sultry mood. the combo playing some mellow rhythms. Treesa took a drink of her sparkling water and walked up on stage. She was greeted with thunderous applause. Kasey looked around watching the reaction to Treesa feeling she was missing something? What Kasey didn't yet know is that Treesa was a well known lesbian erotic poet. Her works sold world wide. She was a very wealthy womyn and helped where she could in the community. She owned not only the block the bookstore was on but the three surrounding blocks and the buildings. The jazz combo played her selection and she began to read. Kasey's ears perked up she knew this flow. This style, her favorite lez-poet did works like this. She sat mesmerized by Treesa in all her glory the joy of what she was doing written in her every move. She could see her words, feel her words, almost touch her words. Kasey was thinking as she listened, whew this womyn had many layers to her.

In the middle of her reading Treesa looked up into Kasey's face. "Yessss she surrounded me, touching me. Yet we had not touched; our lips caressed, so sweet her taste. She unlocked long dormant desires. This was bliss, this seemingly simple kiss". If you asked Kasey what else was said she could not help you out at all. She was locked in eyes with Treesa. That and the calming effect of her voice ,the jazz, the soothing herbal tea, low lights. Well, she was in a zone just then. Her imagination taking her to places she was soon to travel. Yes, this womyn of words was hers, this she knew without a doubt.

What moved Kasey even more was the love she saw in Treesa's eyes, this womyn loved her thinking she was a struggling artist. . It was all she'd hoped for. She was however as rich if not more so than Treesa. It seemed they both had a few surprises for each other. So Treesa finished her piece and dedicated it to Kasey. She called it "meant to be". Treesa was courted like she had only dreamed of. Kasey was relentless until there came a fork in the road. That time to consummate their love in a physical sense.

Kasey took Treesa to her "real home" and they came clean about what they had and who they were. She found out Treesa was the poetess whose works had been turning her on for years. She had always wondered about the womyn who could right in this manner. What she would look like, kiss like, felt like. And what making love to her would be like. Did she make love like she wrote about it? Kasey was more than ready to find out. Treesa was having similar thoughts about this womyn who created such beauty with her mind and hands.

She was so into her thoughts she didn't notice the shift on the couch until Kasey pulled her on top of her. Ahhhh she sighed this felt like heaven. Kasey am I too heavy on top of you like this? Noooo baby you feel so good to me. . Mmmmm good because it feels wonderful to me too. Treesa somehow knew she could discover with Kasey. Take her passion to roads not yet explored. She spread Kasey's thighs and pressed her thigh into the seam of her jeans. she knew she was on Kasey's clit. Kasey shifted so her thigh was putting pressure on Treesa's clit too. Ahhhh she made this purring sound that drove Kasey mad with desire. She took Treesa's face in her hands and kissed her thoroughly.

They were both hot to melting. Treesa raised up and unzipped Kasey's jeans. She kissed her way down her body as she slipped them off of her. She removed her dress and slid back onto Kasey's big warm body. Their skin touching was like a cloud of pleasure to both. Kasey enjoyed the feeling of Treesa's warm round body on hers. Damn she smelled soooo good. Her hair had fallen over Kasey's face. she was so busy sniffing she didn't notice how busy Treesa was until she felt the cool air hit her clit. She had no time to do anything but cry out. This girl had skillful fingers and she knew how to use them. She worked Kasey's pussy until she was raising them both up high.

Treesa's fingers sought her out. She strummed her clit & plunged 2 fingers deep into her. Kissing her as she plunged. She caught Kasey's cry in her lips. Fucking her at a mad pace. She was so excited she was growling at Kasey turning her on even more. Ahhhh yes baby is it good? Am I fucking this wet, juicy pussy right? Tell me girl am I? Tell me baby tell me. Arghhhhhh yes its good. Kasey screamed out as she came. She tried to regain her composure.

Whew shit, never had a womyn taken the lead like that. This was all very new to them both the other not realizing it. They liked it a lot. Come on Treesa lets go make love. Hand in hand they walked into the bedroom. She was thinking damn I am so thankful I waited for this womyn. She had been waiting for 3 years and Treesa had waited for 5. Something they would discover later. They had both waited for a more meaningful relationship than what had been offered them. Kasey took Treesa in her arms and kissed her like a womyn in love. She removed her underwear kissing her body as she did. She kneeled before Treesa, her nose level with her pussy. Pushing her nose into those slick almost hairless lips and sniffed. Treesa sighed. She spread her thighs and sucked her pussy into her mouth. All Treesa could do was tremble and cum in her mouth. She cried out Kasey's name held her head and pumped her pussy into her mouth.

Ahhhhh she had never felt anything like this. Not ever. She felt like she was on fire. By the time she finished cumming she was on the floor. How or when she couldn't tell you. Kasey's lips were still attached to her pussy. They discovered each others bodies in every way imaginable. Their collective favorite was Kasey getting her from the back on all fours. Kasey would slide between her thighs and suck her into her mouth. Kasey loved having her face rode. So they 69 for a time then Treesa laid atop Kasey and they made love clit to clit until they came and fell asleep in that very position.

Treesa woke up to Kasey licking and sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy. She woke up cumming.

It has been 11 years. It was as they say "Meant to be"


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author.. All Rights Reserved.

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