The Ultimate Femme (Based on an Idea by Justice)

Charlie fidgeted against the hard bleacher. As much as she loved watching the WNBA live, she hated these damn bleachers. Even the little New York Liberty seat cushion she'd gotten as a gift from her girl didn't seem to help. These bleachers were harder than a fully erect dick and just as painful and annoying, she thought to herself. But even as she complained,Charlie could think of one thing that made WNBA basketball games different from dick .She loved basketball and didn't miss a game. Dick on the other hand, she hated and could definitely do without. Smiling at her own joke ,she didn't hear her girl calling her name.


Startled, Charlie's head turned with a snap. "Huh?"

"Dag. I only called you like 5 times." Cyn laughed. "Where were you just now?"

A little embarrassed at being busted, Charlie smiled. "Oh, ummm, it was nothing. Just wishing this game would hurry up and start."

"Well, let's hope it doesn't start yet. Bri still isn't here and I think Ty is getting restless."

Charlie smiled again at the mention of her best friend's name. She and Br ihad been best friends since almost the day they met. It was nothing for her and Bri to talk on the phone for hours, or hit a club together. But this was the first time Bri had agreed to come to one of the games. It was funny; Bri was the one who had gotten her the season ticket for the NY Liberty. She knew a guy who was a big deal at the arena where the games were held and had pulled strings to get the tickets for Charlie's last birthday. But she never wanted to come to a game, no matter how hard Charlie tried to convince her. Her girl, Ty, on the other hand, didn't take much convincing at all. The thought of Ty brought Charlie back to earth.She turned to look at her, laughing a little as she saw Ty eyeing the door.

"Awww, calm down, dawg. You know Bri's ass ain't never on time. But she gave me her word, so TRUST, she'll be here."

"Yea, well, I just don't want her to come in here and catch me eyeing any of these fine ass girls. I'd be on PR for days maaaaan."

Taking it all in quietly, Cyn shook her head. As much as studs hated to bemistaken for men, she thought, they sure do act like them sometimes. It was clear to her and everyone with half a brain, that Ty was whipped. The girl practically drooled whenever Bri was in sight. But if it made her fee lbetter to play the hard role, so be it. She looked over at Charlie and smiled. Even Charlie played that role sometimes, but in her, Cyn thought ,it was cute. She studied Charlie's face, wondering where she went in her mind whenever that faraway look crossed her face. It happened a lot, and Charlie never told her what she was really thinking. But she didn't have to wonder what it meant when Charlie got the look that was now on her face. Her eyes lit up in recognition and a smile crossed her face. Bri must be here, Cyn thought.

Sure enough, Bri was headed up the bleachers. Shaking her head, Cyn smiled. Leave it to Bri to climb 16 rows of bleachers in a Tommy Hilfiger miniskirt! But that was Bri, always girly even if it wasn't practical. Cyn looked down at her jeans and t-shirt and wished she'd worn something sexier. Angry at herself for her train of thought, she frowned. It was a basketball game for pete's sake, not a fashion show. Besides, Bri was the one who wasn't comfortable, which was obvious as she made her way up the bleachers.

Breathing heavily, Bri stopped a few rows before them and gave them all alook as if she wanted to kill them, one by one.

"It was NOT in my plans to climb Mt. Everest today, people!"

Laughing, she finished the trek to their seats and plopped down next to Ty ,kissing her softly. Leaning over, she gave Charlie a peck on the cheek and smiled a cheerful hello to Cyn. The four of them had gone out together plenty of times, and she always greeted them each the same way. Cyn couldn't help but like the girl, but that hadn't always been the case.

Before she'd actually met Bri, she didn't think she'd like her. Charlie always seemed to be able to bring Bri's name into their conversations and from the things Charlie said, she'd sounded like a very selfish, spoiled woman. But after meeting her, Cyn saw that Bri was the exact opposite. She was a very attractive sista, but Bri didn't even seem to notice the reaction she got from both men and women alike. Even strangers gravitated to Bri, falling over themselves to do for her with the hopes of just seeing her smile, it seemed. The one time Cyn mentioned it to her, Bri had actually blushed and quickly changed the subject. It was obvious that she not only didn't notice it, but she didn't like it either. She won points with Cyn that day, and the two women had gotten along just fine ever since. Cyn didn't even worry about Charlie being attracted to Bri anymore. They were friends, had always acted like friends, and that was fine by Cyn. The buzzer indicating the start of the game pulled everyone away from their private thoughts as they began cheering for the women of the NY Liberty.

It wasn't until half time that either or them spoke again. Charlie noticed that even Bri seemed totally into the game.

"So, you havin a good time Ma?" she asked.

"Oh man, am I?? I can't believe you've been letting me miss this Charlie!"

"Oh, now I've been letting you miss this huh? I've only asked you to come with me a million times girl!"

Bri playfully pushed Charlie's shoulder. "Well, you shoulda tried harder. All you had to say was that half the WNBA are studs on the DL!"

Charlie shook her head at Bri and glanced at Ty. "You gonna let her get away wit dat Son?"

Bri rolled her eyes. "Oh, Ty knows I'm just kidding. Besides, she knows I'm always coming home to her." She leaned over and kissed Ty, but Charlie recognized the look in Ty's eyes. It was the "I hate being whipped" look. Charlie laughed out loud at the sight of it.

"Aw shut up Charlie" Ty mumbled, knowing Charlie's train of thought. Ty knew she gave Bri too much space sometimes, but hell, she didn't want to risk being put on pussy restriction by saying the wrong thing. It wasn't that their relationship was all about sex, but damn, Ty knew a good thing when she saw one. And Bri knew her shit was good too. That's why she'd take it away from Ty in a heartbeat if she made her mad. And well, Ty just wasn't feelin the PR thing, so she let small things slide.

Bri stood up and stretched, causing her top to reveal her stomach. I twasn't Janet Jackson flat, but Bri thought she looked just fine. She was a sista after all, and a little thickness just made her better. Besides, studs love when a sista shows her stomach and there were plenty of those around. After showing just enough to tease, which Bri loved to do, she looked down at her friends.

"I'm going for a soda. Anyone want anything?"

"Naw, we cool."

"Uh uh, I'm chillin."

"Naw baby, but you want me to come with you?" They each answered, the last being Ty.

"No sweetie, I'm fine. Just wanna stretch my legs."

Bri had gotten a few rows down when Charlie decided she might want something after all. She looked up to yell Bri's name and was left speechless by what she saw.

Bri was bent over, tying her shoe or something, and her skirt, alreadyshort, had risen another inch or two. But it wasn't the skirt that caugh tCharlie's eye. It was the site of bare skin as she realized that Bri didn't have any panties on. She could see the smooth brown skin of Bri's ass, and if she looked hard enough, which she did, the soft outline of the lips of her pussy. Almost as if on cue, Bri stood up, looked back at her and proceeded down the bleachers. Was it her imagination or did Bri just smile and wink at her?!? With her mouth hanging open, Charlie looked around hoping someone else had seen what she did to prove she wasn't crazy. She caught the eye of a brotha a few rows back as he gave her thumbs up. Charlie shook her head. She looked at Ty and by the look on her face, could tell that someone else had indeed seen it and that that someone else wasn't happy. Maybe, she thought, the smile and wink were for Ty. She couldn' tbelieve she'd had the thoughts she did about Bri. Of course, Charlie wasn't made of stone. She'd be the first to admit that when she first met Bri, she was sexually attracted to her. But they'd connected as friends first, and so she'd never pursued anything more than that, at least not openly. Hell, what she thought about at night, in her own bed was her own business. But the idea of a sexual relationship never left her fantasies because Br ididn't seem the least bit interested in her that way, and so, the sexual attraction had slowly faded away. Or had it?

As Charlie began to feel that tingle in her stomach, she had to wonder about that. Faded away or just pushed aside? Right now, she couldn't tell.Confused by the path her thoughts were taking, Charlie forced herself to stop thinking that way. Bri was her friend. Period. End of story.

Charlie looked up and noticed Bri coming back to their seats. As she approached, Ty stood up, ready to do battle. "What the hell do you think you're doing Brianna?" she whispered angrily.

"What are you talking about Ty? I was thirsty. I got a soda. Duh."

"Man, don't play wit me. I saw when you bent over girl. Where yo damn draws?"

"Oh that?" Laughed Bri. I'm wearing a thong boo. Hell, you usually beggin to see my thong, thong thong thong thong!!"

Ty didn't seem amused. "Yea, ME .I wanna see it, not all of damn New York."

Obviously, Ty hadn't seen as much as Charlie had, because she knew there was no thong anywhere near Brianna Joseph's body. Trying not to be nosey, Charlie pretended to listen to Cyn chatter about this girl's shoes, or tha tgirl's hair. Cyn hadn't noticed the frustrated whispers being exchanged between Ty and Bri, which meant she hadn't seen Bri's little flashing episode. Charlie let out a sigh of relief at that. At least she didn't have to deal with drama later.

She snuck a glance over to Bri and Ty, who were now hugging. Bri's charming ass had done it again. Shaking her head, Charlie smiled at Bri. Bri smiled, blew Charlie a kiss and licked her lips, slowly, sensuously.Charlie turned her head, dumbfounded, pretending she hadn't seen. But both she and Bri knew she had.

The rest of the game passed by in a blur for Charlie. She barely remembered saying goodbye to everybody after the game, or the kiss she gave Cyn as she dropped her off at home.

Driving back to her own apartment, she couldn't get the incident with Bri out of her mind. Was Bri coming on to her? And if so, why did she choose today to do it, when they were both there with their girls? They'd been alone more times than Charlie could count, and Bri had never even hinted at wanting her. It has to be my imagination, Charlie thought. But she could still see the outline of Bri's pussy, could still see her smiling as she licked her lips, and could still feel the throbbing between her own legs. "Hell, even my imagination ain't that good" Charlie said to the empty car.

In order to reach her apartment, Charlie had to pass the arena again.Without knowing why, she pulled into the parking lot. Empty now, it was hard to believe that there had been a full house just a short while ago,cheering on the NY Liberty as they beat the pants off ___________________. It had been a good game, but it wasn't the game that brought Charlie to the arena parking lot. It was Bri and all of the mixed feelings Charlie had towards her right now.

Charlie got out of the car and tried the doors to the arena. Expecting to find them locked, she was surprised when the door swung open easily. The arena was empty and Charlie wanted nothing more than the quiet it offered her. Maybe here, she could get her thoughts together. With this in mind, she climbed a few of the bleachers and sat with her head in her hands.

"I'm here."

The sound of Bri's voice startled Charlie as she looked up to see Bri reaching for her hand. Without a word, Charlie allowed Bri to lead her under the bleachers. Confusion was obvious on her face, but she trusted Br iand followed her without question.

"Bri, what are you doing here?"

"I knew you were coming back."

"You did? How? Hell, I didn't even know."

"Yes, I did. I knew you were coming back because you knew I would be waiting for you."

"You were waiting for me?" Charlie asked dumbfounded.

Bri looked around and laughed. "Dag, is the echo that strong in here? Yes, Charlie, I was waiting for you."

"But why? How? Bri, man, you fuckin wit my head ma. What's goin down witu?"

No longer teasing, Bri looked straight into Charlie's eyes. That look jolted Charlie all the way to her toes. The sexual tension under the bleachers was stronger than anything she'd ever felt and she allowed it to swallow her completely, like darkness swallows daylight. She listened toBri's explanation, registering only pieces of it.

"Remember Grant? He's the guy I got the season ticket from. He left the doors open for me as a favor. I have to lock them on my way out."

"Ok, I figured as much." Charlie said. "But why Bri? Why are you here, why are you waiting on me and what was earlier all about?"

"Oh come on Charlie, you cannot be this slow!" Bri looked at Charlie with amazement but Charlie wasn't budging. If this was what she thought it was ,if Bri was really coming on to her, then Bri would have to be the one to say it. She wasn't about to assume anything. Bri saw the change in Charlie's expression as it changed from confusion to determination. She realized thatCharlie wasn't going to make this easy for her. She also realized that i twas now or never. Grabbing Charlie's hand, she sat on the floor, pulling Charlie with her. Once they were comfortable, she looked into Charlie's eyes again.

"I didn't plan this, if that's what you're thinking. This morning, when I woke up, I planned to just come to the game, so I could finally get you off of my back. But when I got here, and I saw you.well, let's just say that something happened to me."

"Something like what Bri? You've seen me a thousand, hell, a million times.What was so special about today?"

"I don't know Charlie. And if I'm honest, it's been happening for a while now. I see you and I just get that tingly feelin all over."

"For a while? Really? Why didn't you say anything?"

"Well, because we're friends, boo. Real friends and I didn't wanna mess that up." She looked at Charlie with sad eyes. "And then there's Ty and Cyn."

"So, what changed? I mean, we're still friends, ma and Ty and Cyn haven't disappeared."

"I know. But today on the way to the game, I saw a billboard that said.and don't laugh but it said 'Just do It.' That was my sign Charlie; I felt it. So, I pulled over, slipped my underwear off and stuffed them in my glove compartment." Bri giggled nervously as she waited for Charlie to say something.

"So what now Bri?"

"Well, that depends on if you feel it Charlie, even though if you say you don't you're lying. I know you feel this electricity between us. It's too strong not to."

Charlie thought about all of the times she'd seen Bri and her hand had automatically went to her crotch. Of all the times she'd laid in bed,touching herself to thoughts of Bri. She looked into Bri's face and knew that she couldn't deny it.

"Naw son .I can't lie. I've wanted you since the day we met. But what about Ty and Cyn? "

"I'm not tryin to mess that up for either one of us Charlie. But this desire, it's like a craving that I have to satisfy. I just want this one night with you to satisfy my craving."

Charlie smiled. Hell, this was every studs dream. She'd be a fool to turn it down. She wasn't sure one night would be enough for either of them, but she'd cross that bridge when she came to it. For now, she had a craving of her own to satisfy. She nodded at Bri, to let her know she understood and kissed her hand to let her know she was cool with the idea.

They smiled at one another like kids who've discovered they share a common interest.

"So, what have you been doing here while you were 'waitin on me'?" Charlie asked

"Hmmmmm, I've managed to keep busy boo."

Bri grabbed Charlie's hand and placed it under her skirt. Charlie almost fainted as she came in contact with Bri pussy. She felt Bri's wetness against her fingertips and smiled.

"Damn, you're awfully wet ma."

"I told you I had to do something to keep busy boo."

"How many times did you cum already?"

Bri blushed a pretty red and looked at Charlie shyly. "Three I think."

"Three ma?!? Damn, you have been busy!" Charlie laughed. "How bout we see if I can make it four..or five..or."

Charlie leaned closer and kissed Bri slowly, softly. Bri's lips were warm ,soft and she kissed Charlie back with passion, taking the kiss to another level. She began to move her hips against Charlie's hand, which was still under her skirt. A soft moan left her throat as she felt Charlie's finge rslide deep inside of her. Pulling Bri onto her lap, Charlie slowly withdrew her finger, rubbing Bri's clit as she did. Before she could do anything with her hand, Bri grabbed it and slowly placed Charlie's wetfinger into her mouth, looking deep into Charlie's eyes as she did so. After slowly cleaning Charlie's finger of all her wetness, Bri leaned over and kissed Charlie slowly, allowing her to taste Bri on Bri's own lips.Charlie sighed deeply. Being with Bri this way was everything she'd dreamed and then some. Smiling, she laid Bri down, placing her jacket down on the hard floor. Raising her shirt, she kissed the stomach Bri had so brazenly shown earlier. Allowing her tongue to flicker around her navel, and along the waistline of her skirt, she teased Brianna slowly. Bri squirmed, holding Charlie's head, trying to guide her to the center of her desire, but Charlie resisted.

She continued to lick Bri's stomach, moving up to her chest and then back down to her navel. Over and over she repeated the feathery kisses until Bri was almost begging. Using her teeth, she unbuttoned the skirt then used her hands to shove it down. Knowing Bri wasn't wearing panties didn't stop Charlie from gasping at the sight of Bri's naked pussy and thighs. She placed a light kiss on Bri's inner thigh before kissing her pussy softly. Finally, she allowed her tongue to touch Bri's aching skin. She licked the crease where Bri's thigh and hip met.Without touching the hottest part of Bri, she moved to the other side and licked there as well. Allowing her warm breath to reach Bri, she raised her head only enough to see Bri's face. The look of pleasure there was exactly what she wanted to see. She parted Bri's pussy with her thumbs and in one long, slow lick, managed to touch every inch of Brianna's pussy. Stopping at her clit, she sucked it into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it.Bri's hips jerked as her lower body came up from the floor.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT!!" she yelled.

Charlie smiled and continued to move her tongue over Brianna's pussy. She loved the sounds Bri made, they made her work even harder to please.

"Unnnnnnngh, Charlie..oh my god..ooooooo baby..yes!!"

Charlie felt Bri's hands tighten their grip on the back of her head and knew that Bri was close to cumming. Grabbing her hips to lock her in place,Charlie opened her mouth wide and covered all of Bri's pussy at once. Still moving her tongue back and forth, she was able to suck and lick all at the same time. Charlie smiled to herself as Brianna lost it.

"ooooooooo fuck yea, dat shit boo..unnnnnnngh..i'm gonna ..ohhhh shit I'm gonna cum..take that shit Charlie..mmmmm.make me cum baby..ahhhhhh I'mmmm cummmmmin!!!"

Charlie stayed where she was until Bri's body had stopped it's jerking. Rubbing her thighs, she climbed up and laid her head on Bri's stomach. Bri's hand took turns rubbing her head, shoulders and upper back.

"So," Charlie asked, "craving gone ma?"

Bri laughed then turned serious. "Hell naw. I think it just got stronger. I guess we have to talk about this huh Charlie?"

"Naw," Charlie said. "Talking is overrated. I say we JUST DO IT!"


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author.. All Rights Reserved.

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