Why…why…why… Why didn't my woman listen? I told her too many times not to do that shit. Now look what happened. Look what she made me do. Oh no…don't worry. I ain't talking bout violence. I could never harm my lady. I'm talking about something much more serious. Fuckin.

If I ain't told her a hundred times, I ain't told her once…don't wear those short ass nightees and no undies to bed. I done told her…don't come snuggle up next to me smelling all good and put yo ass all in my crotch and expect to go to sleep. It just won't happen. I warned her…you gonna get fucked if you keep that up. She just smiled and pushed her ass closer to me like she didn't even know what I was talking about. She knew and I'm sure all you studs out there do too.

I try to behave, but before I know it, I'm touching and rubbing all on that ass. Her ass turns me on like a muthafucka. Hell…it was her ass that caught my attention in the first place. Then she starts moaning softly. That shit bout drives me insane. So I start kissing on the back of her neck. Then she start saying …ooooh shit that feels good. Shhhhiiittt… what the fuck am I supposed to do, just turn over and go to sleep. Awwww hell naw.

By now I'm ready to straight fuck. I'm seriously ready to fuck her brains out. I'm touching and feeling all that ass and tits and kissing her neck and ears and she moaning and pulling me close. My senses are just about to explode. Then she turns around and starts kissing me and playing with my tongue with her tongue. Lawdhamercy…my wifey can kiss. Her lips are so soft and her tongue taste so sweet. I could kiss her all night, except that my clit is screaming right about now. And there's only one thing that's gonna make it stop…strapping up and sticking her pussy all night.

But I know she ain't quite ready for that. So I pull her closer and kiss her on her neck. Her moans get louder and I know she starting to want it too cause I feel her start to grind. I slowly pull down the straps on her nightee and start sucking her nipples. I know this drives her crazy. I take my time and pay attention to each one. I try to be gentle, but she squeezing me so tight and saying shit like…this feels so good…can't nobody suck my tits the way you do. Now why she wanna go and say that…ain't my ego …I mean my clit big enough already. Fortunately, I got a big dick to match. But I ain't even got to that part yet. Her moaning and squeezing and grinding make me get more aggressive. I start burying my head in her tits like I'm drowning and the tits got air in em. She's squirming and calling my name all softly like she can't catch her breath. I know it's time.

Time to take a trip downtown. I give her a long kiss on the lips and work my way down to her spot. Before I dive in, I inhale her scent. She always smells so good. I gently kiss her thighs and the crease where her thighs meet her patch. But her grinding makes me go harder. I sink my lips into her. She lets out a loud ass moan. Then I gently lick her clit. My wifey has such a nice clit. It sits right out in the open. No hiding this one. I love playing with it. I love licking it till it gets rock hard. Till she working them hips like she riding a bronco. Till she start talking all kinds of nasty shit. Saying shit like…do me baby…fuck me…fuck me good. That's when I ease up and stick two fingers in and start pumping that shit. I pump that shit till she creaming all over my fingers. Till she so hot that all she wanna do is touch herself. Wifey, the woman that I love and the lady of my life is now my freak. (And I am definitely hers) She's strumming that clit so fast and riding my fingers so fast, that I know any second she gonna cum. I know cuz she saying shit like… don't stop…fuck me…you gonna make me cum all over yo fingers. Hell…I tell her cum on. I keep pumping it for her. Then it happens. Her pussy starts contracting and tightening up on my fingers. Her eyes start rolling in the back of her head while she moaning and saying shit I can't quite make out. Her whole body is rocking, but she still playing her clit only slower. I'm pumping my fingers in time with her. Then, just when her shaking starts to subside I push and make her cum again. I work all that cum out for her till she tells me to stop. Shit I ain't near about ready to do that. Remember, I ain't even broke out the dick yet.

I can't sleep till I do. I gotta do it. I don't know why, but it's like that strap is a part of me. It's like my clit is attached to the damn thing and I can't get a good nut until I'm fucking her with it. Sometimes I hate it, cause my need to strap up and fuck her just takes complete control of me. I know by now that she's ready to curl up and go to sleep. But like I said, if she wouldn't come to bed looking and smelling all good then she wouldn't have to get fucked. So I do what I have to to make her say yes. I beg. Yep…I beg. Don't laugh like you ain't never begged for it. I don't beg for long cause while I'm talking in her ear I climb on top of her. I start grinding on her pussy letting her feel my rhythm. My motion lets her know I gotta have it. My flow lets her know I ain't gonna quit till I get it. I know she's ready for me when she starts grinding me back. I can feel her wetness and smell her readiness.

So I quickly strap up, while she lubes up and gets into position. She likes it doggy style and I ain't got no problem being her big dog. I kneel down behind her and let her guide me in. I let her put it in cause I know that she knows exactly where she wants it. Sometimes it's in the ass. I got no problem with that. Hell…I love that ass. But tonight I'm getting pussy. Yes lawdy…good ole fashioned doggy style pussy. I love it. At first I go kind of slow working the tip right around the edge of her hole. When I feel her start riding me back, I let her have it. I work it a little faster and a little deeper till I'm stroking that dick like I'm digging her a new pussy hole. I know she's liking it cause she's calling my name and moaning all loud and grinding her ass into my shit. I love it.

Ain't nothing like the control I feel when I'm fucking this woman hard deep and good. I mean it just makes me psycho knowing that I'm getting to her; Knowing that at that moment there's no place else she wants to be; Nothing else she wants to do; Nothing else that she needs more than having more of my dick rammed into her. Knowing how she feels makes me give it to her with everything I have in me. I bang her pussy so hard that our bodies start clapping till her pussy starts making noises and talking to me. Till it's telling my dick …yes Daddy. I spell my name on that shit and my name got a lot a letters. I bang that pussy till she never wants a real dick again. Till she knows my dick is real. Till she so dam hot and ready to explode she can't stand it. I bang it till she reaches down and starts strumming that clit again. She's working that shit for me. Playing me a symphony- The Fuck-Me-Good Concerto.

Right about now my shit is in heaven. My clit's as hard as my dick. I know as soon as she starts cummin my load is gonna blow. Now she got me saying shit like…cum on baby…give me my cum… I can't hold it anymore. A few more strokes and damn does she let it go. She lets out this loud ass moan and starts grabbing the sheets till they pop loose. I feel her tense up on my dick. I mean I feel her pussy gripping my dick and it's pushing on my clit.

Damn…damn…damn… my shit explodes and explodes and explodes. I wanna keep stroking but I can't move. My shit is paralyzed. All I can do is grip her hips and hold on. I can feel the nut running down my leg. Shit this feels so good. Every time I try to move another wave hits me. When my senses finally relax and I pull out, all I can do is pass out and go to sleep. Finally, she can too.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author.. All Rights Reserved.

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