(Chloe): It was really hot that night; so hot not even the high fan in our bedroom window did much good. We left a sheet on the bed, but even that we didn't cover ourselves with. I slept on the bottom of the bed to get better access to the high winds of the fan, Kimera slept at the top. It was impossible for me to fall asleep that night because of the heat. As for Kimera, she was out like a light.

I needed something to take my mind off the heat. I didn't feel like television that night. I thought about sitting outside on the front steps of our apartment building, but didn't feel like getting out of bed. What can I do, I asked myself. Just then I felt Kimera move a little next to me. I turned my head to her and saw that her legs were partly open. Well they were open enough for me to see the wet spot on the seat of her panties. Mmmmmmmmmm what have we got here , I asked myself, a wet dream? Maybe I should help it out.

(Kimera): I laid there still in the bed with my eyes closed. I could not fall asleep for nothing that night. As I lie there, a great memory popped into my head. I remembered one night while I slept, Chloe ate me out. When I woke up, we had wild sex. The thought of this made my vagina tingle. I opened my legs a little and imaged Chloe was eating me right then. I felt the winds of the fan hit the wet spot of my panties making my clit jump with excitement. That made me really horny now. Oh how I wanted my dear Chloe to lick my wet pussy right then. Too bad she was sleep though or so I thought.

(Chloe): Feeling a little naughty I played my fingers up and down Kimera's thigh, then I let my fingertips play along the thin wet fabric of her panties. This just had to drive her wild in her dream now.

(Kimera): I tried so hard to control my heavy breathing, because I didn't want Chloe to know I was wake yet. I wanted to "see" what she was going to do next. Having my eyes closed added to the excitement I felt myself become wetter every second as Chloe tickled my pussy through my underwear. After a little while I felt Chloe shuffle a bit, then she spread my legs wider. I nearly jumped off the bed when I felt her tongue glide across my covered sex.My breathing became heavier and my pussy got wetter. God this woman really knew how to drive me wild!

(Chloe): By the heaving of her stomach and the rolling of her pelvis, I saw Kimera was enjoying the help I was giving her dream. Besides the help of my saliva, Kimera's panties were soaked. The taste and smell of her pussy made me wet myself. With each taste of Kimera's juice, I became even wetter and I felt my clit swell.

Before removing her panties, I sucked the cream that clung to the fabric. Mmmmmmmmm
the taste made me crazy for more. After getting what I could, I slipped off Kimera's panties.

(Kimera): I couldn't help but buck my hips and let out a soft moan as Chloe licked me. My breathing became uncontrollable and I was sweating all over. The more she licked me the more my hips bucked, grinding my pussy into her mouth. I tried to muffle my moans by biting down on my bottom lip, but they were too loud to hold back. I could feel my climax coming any minute.

(Chloe): As I lapped away at Kimera's dripping cunt, I fingered my own. I wanted so bad for her to lick me. She would probably be too tired to go down on me, I thought to myself. So I rotated into the 69 position so that way when Kimera woke up, she could just stick her tongue out and lick my pussy.

(Kimera): I was too deep in a pleasurable bliss to notice my lover's cunt hovering over my mouth. It was Chloe's thick drops of sweet honey dripping on my lips that snapped me out of it. I licked her sweet pre-cum from my lips as she sucked my clit. I return I circled her clit with my tongue.

(Chloe): The incredible tingling upon my clit could only be my pet's talented tongue. Jolts of lighting shot through my body as Kimera's tongue flicked my bump up and down. I shivered as the pleasure my lover was giving me took over my body. I knew I was only on the brink of cumming.

(Kimera): Oh god I was almost there! I tightly shut my eyes and gripped the bed sheets.

(Chloe): My toes curled and my heart pounded hard against Kimera's stomach. Oh yes I was almost there!

(Kimera): I slipped two fingers into my lover's drenched hole. I pumped them fast in and out her cunt, for I knew her climax was very close.

(Chloe): Her moans became louder and louder. I knew now that Kimera was ready to explode any time now. I took my mouth away from her pussy only long enough to wet my finger with my saliva. With my spit lubed finger I let it slide into my lover's tight anus as I continued to suck her erect clit.

(Kimera): My orgasm totally took me by suprise. I knew I was going to cum from the attention Chloe was giving my clit, but when her finger went in my ass I erupted!

(Chloe): Kimera's sweet nectar flowed from her like a fountain. She couldn't stop moaning and cumming as I masturbated her ass. I felt my orgasm coming very close. Then it happened.

(Kimera): Chloe's cum spilled down my throat as she came. I swallowed every drop of course. Her clit throbbed against my tongue as she came over and over again. I too had my own multiple orgasm.

(Chloe): I caught almost every drop of my lover's hot cum, most spilled on the sheets below. Finally after what seemed like forever both our tense bodies relaxed and we lie there catching our breath. It took a while but soon our breathing was back to normal.

(Kimera): Chloe rotated her body around and I wrapped my arms around her. She kissed me deeply allowing me to taste my own juice on her tongue. As our tongues intertwined our kiss became deeper and more passionate. "Go back to sleep now, love," Chloe said in her sweet sexy voice.

(Chloe): I gave my lover a final kiss good night and rested my head on her chest. To my surprise, I felt myself drifting off to sleep. I didn't really realize it but I actually found some thing to take my mind off the heat. And I didn't even have to leave the bed.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author.. All Rights Reserved.

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