The alarm clock rings. Damn, its 2am. I didn't mean to sleep so late, but the evening was so beautiful!! I love talking to her, being with her. I know that I should have gone home but when she pulled me close and whispered in my ear "Please stay" I cound not resist.

Now I awake nude with the smells of our love permeating my nostrils, and her wrapped in my arms. Her butt is up against my pussy and I feel her to stir. My mind remembers the early evening. A surge of wanting her rushes through my body and I start to match her movements....Mmmm,Uh-huh!

I have to leave. "No baby, I have to go." I gently unwrap myself from her body and start for the bathroom to shower.

I hear her knocking, wanting to come in to take a shower with me. "Lover, please let me in."

I know that if I open that door I will never go home. Home to you. Home is a little piece of heaven that you and I have carved out of our love for each other. I know that you are sleeping in the recliner. You always stay there until I come home. When I complain, you say, "Baby, I don't like sleeping in our bed without you."

What would my life be without you? I quietly kiss you on your forehead. You awake immediately. Smiling, you pull me down on top of you. "Hi baby, how was your night?" I kiss you lightly on your lips . . . and I tell a lie.

The End

Copyright © 1999. All Rights Reserved. Used with Author's permission

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