I came home from work to see that you have cooked my favorite meal, steak and potatoes. You know that I am not a very picky eater and I appreciate everything you cook for me. I ask you what's for desert and you reply, "Don't worry about that. It's something I know you crave all day while at work". With that I sit down to enjoy the meal you have so wonderfully prepared. I stick my finger in the gravy for the steak and it tastes delicious. I ask you what you did to get your gravy to taste sooo good. You say, "It's my personal recipe." I plead for you to tell me what it is and you look at me and grin. A very wicked but sexy grin that makes my pussy wet and my clit throb. I finally realize that you have put some of your juices from your pussy into the gravy. Ummmmm. The thought of your juice on my steak and potatoes makes me love every bite that much more.

After dinner we move to the living room on the couch drinking a very nice red wine. Since I am not a drinker it takes me a while to finish that one glass. You watch me as one drop of wine "purposely" falls from my mouth. You move closer to me. You stick your tongue out to lick the wine from my lip. My lip is sweet from the taste of the wine and you thoroughly enjoy the taste. You begin to suck on my bottom lip gently. "Oooooohh baby that feels so good." We kiss very passionately and we don't rush the moment, instead enjoying and prolonging our kiss. We have all night to make love.

As I kiss your neck, you shiver. I know all of your most sensitive parts so I plan to spend an ample amount of time caressing them with my tongue. While sucking on your nice, soft neck I think of how it would feel to have some ice in between my lips, melting over your very hot body. I stop briefly to run to the kitchen. I return to you and ask you to join me in the bed room. Once we get into the room you see that I have a small sandwich bag filled with ice along with some chocolate covered strawberries that you didn't see me sneak into the house.

I begin to undress you, it doesn't take long because you thought ahead and decided not to wear any panties or a bra. You were wearing a very short slip dress that flattered all of your curves. Baby you are so damn sexy. We are standing there in the nude. I pick up the bag of ice and put a piece between my lips and walk towards you. You are smiling. You lick the ice and suck it threw your lips. I decide to retrieve the ice. We volley it back forth. Your lips are so cold. I love the way your soft lips feel when they're cold. The ice is gone now. I get another piece. This time I do not allow you to touch it with your mouth. I run the ice around your neck. Placing a kiss and suck everywhere the ice touches. You shiver again but more than you did on the couch. Your nipples are erect and begging for attention. I grab some more ice and gently rub it around your nipples. I suck them for a while because I love the way they feel on my tongue. Your body taste so sweet, even after the ice has rubbed away the "motion lotion" you applied before I came home.

My frustration is building and that prompts me to pick the remaining ice and spread it out over your stomach. I take one of those cubes and make my way down to your pussy. I rub it around your hard wet clit. I keep rubbing it and the ice is melting quickly over your steaming hot pussy. I get another piece if ice and with it placed between my lips I insert it into your pussy. You let out a small scream because I caught you off guard, but you love that feeling. I play with your pussy and the ice. I push it in with my tongue only to suck it right back out. After the ice melts I continue sucking you. You are moaning. That sounds makes me suck harder and harder. I move up to your clit but I use two fingers to replace my tongue inside your sweet, smooth pussy. I finger you and suck you as I hear your moans get louder and your breathing turns to panting. Ooooohh woman that sound turns me on more. I continue to make love to you until your body tenses and you shiver because your orgasm is so very intense. I suck all of your juices from your body. It is somewhat difficult because you keep cumming and your body is jerking but I enjoy it. Baby your juice is so sweet. I come up to your face and kiss you, letting you taste your own sweetness. Then we lay there, after eating those chocolate covered strawberries out of each other's mouths, and fall asleep in your cum spots that are all over the bed. I love the way that feels against my body.

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