Iíve been living in Philly for three years now. Luckily things have been moving rather quickly. I went right into grad school after college so now I have three degrees and really donít need another one unless I go crazy or something. At the age of 27 I am the head consultant at the largest computer information consulting company on the East Coast. I make $550 an hour telling large companies how to update and or install the latest technology to help them better and more efficiently run their business. Then I supervise their computer people in the process of getting it started. So it doesnít take much to guess that I work a lot of hours doing something it takes me very few hours to do.

One day I was working at FedEx with their tech services department. The head of the department informed me that each department in the company had drawn up an outline of the specific functions that needed to be implemented to improve their work output. He suggested that I go to the heads of each department to speak with them and come up with the final plan for the installation of the new technology. I decided to start with the collections/comptrollers department because that is where the money is being monitored; it is the most important department next to customer service in the eyes of the President and CEO of FedEx.

So, anyway I set up a meeting with Elizabeth Brown, the head of the "Funds" department as it was affectionately known by the employees. Her name told me that she was going to be difficult to work with and most likely white. When I spoke with her on the phone I really couldnít tell what nationality she was but it really didnít matter. They were paying me enough money to put up with any and all bullshit she would be throwing my way.

It was 10am when I arrived at her office on Monday morning. She offered me some coffee, I declined, and we swiftly sat down to get to business. Miss Brown was 5í 6" with honey-nut brown skin, perfect white teeth, full beautiful lips (like those of most black women), and thick in the waist, hips, thighs, and breast. Believe me when I tell you it was extremely hard to concentrate. Every since my freshman year of college I have been infatuated with thick black women. Anyway we worked on the project and came up with a great plan for the installation process of the necessary technology. It took us until about 7 PM that night but I didnít not mind a bit. As we were packing our things to head home we started up with idle chit chat. She told me about her career at FedEx and we agreed on how hard it is to be a black women getting paid and in a high position where white men are crawling over and controlling everything. We also found that we had music and frequent hang out and dining places in common.

Since we had so much in common we decided to have dinner to treat ourselves for a job well done. We ate at a soul food restaurant that wasnít too far from the FedEx building and that we both visited on occasion. During dinner we had more pleasant conversation. When it was time to pay the check I quickly snatched it up and offered to pay. I told her that she can pay or cook the next time we eat together with a sly grin on my face. I canít believe I was that forward. She seemed to think nothing of my assertiveness and quickly agreed. As we were leaving the restaurant she asked me to drive her home because she felt the wine had gone to her head and she was not able to drive.

When we arrived at her home she asked me again if I would like some coffee "forgetting" that I told her that I didnít drink coffee. But I did ask if I could use her bathroom even though I didnít really have to go. We got inside and she directed me to the bathroom. I went in and checked my teeth and breath because I didnít plan on leaving just yet. I donít know what has come over me, I thought, but Iím going for it tonightÖno more holding back.

When I got back to the living room Elizabeth had taken off her suit jacket and shoes had put on some nice smooth R & B. She asked me to join her on the couch because she still wasnít tired even though it was already 11 PM and sheís usually at the office by 7 AM. Then she said, "I know you didnít believe that crap about the wine going to my head considering I didnít have a thing to drink during dinner other than spring water!" She smiled her beautiful sexy smile.

Then I said, "Of course I didnít. Did you really think I had to use the restroom?"

"Sure I did. You had to check your breath and your teeth because you didnít plan on leaving right away?" We both started laughing.

When the laughter subsided I leaned over and kissed her. Her lips were every bit as soft and sweet as I thought they would be. She kissed me in a way that touched right down to my tippy toes. As we kissed I felt myself get very aroused. I leaned her back on the sofa and began to slowly undress her starting with her shirt. I unbuttoned it and showed two nice full DD breast in a bright red brazier. Dayum she looked good! I brought her forward enough to unsnap her bra and set free the most beautiful brown sugar I was ever to taste. Her nipples were already erect. I started on her left one, something told me her right was the most sensitive and I decided to tease her a bit. She didnít know I had a tongue ring because I got it as far back my tongue as I could without as much pain and I was a master at hiding it while speaking to the executives at the companies I worked for. My tongue and the ring glided over her nipple. I kept flicking my tongue across it while she rubbed her fingers trough my hair. I turned to the right one which was begging for the attention it deserved. I descended on it like a gentle vulture to a soft and vulnerable prey, but devoured it just the same.

She moaned and spread her legs to let me know she was ready for more. I unbuttoned her pants and slid them down her beautiful thick thighs with great ease. I noticed she had on panties that matched her bra. I could see how wet she was through the crotch. I massaged the surface of her wet pussy lips through her panties. The teasing her was driving her crazy and her actions told me she wanted more.

I slipped my fingers through the side of her panties and spread her pussy lips. She was so wet and I could tell she had neatly shaved her hairs. Her clit was begging for attention so I placed two fingers around it and teased it like my fingers were scissors while I massaged it in a slow gentle circular motion. I did this while I sucked on her right nipple and played with her left. She leaned back on the couch and spread her legs as wide as she could. Her pussy spread open like a rose covered in the morning dew. She gyrated her hips and pushed her pussy into my fingers. She was moaning loudly and panting. Her feminine smell was making me even hornier.

I slipped my fingers inside her to massage her g-spot as I kissed down her body headed for her hot-spot. I stopped and licked and sucked on her belly button. Then I continued down to her pussy. I brought my head down and I was face to face with the beautiful glistening flower between her legs. I lifted her right leg and moved in toward her pussy. I withdrew my fingers and let my lips touch hers. She was sweet. I moaned. I licked around her pussy and savored her taste. I used my tongue ring to give more pleasure to her already hard clit. Licking it lightly but rapidly.

Elizabeth was moaning louder and louder and begging me to eat her. I never refuse a beautiful woman so I pressed my tongue and lips against her pussy and sucked it softly. The added sensation of the tongue ring threatened to send her over the edge but I wasnít finished. So I moved back and then forward again pushing my tongue deep into her pussy making sure my tongue ring found her g-spot. I tongued fucked her while my top lip massaged her clit and my bottom lip rubbed the outside of her slit.

Then, she started bucking her hips and pressing my head into her gently. She wass moaning and I knew she was about to explode in my mouth and I couldnít wait. I kept up my actions until she stopped bucking and trembled, cumming fast in my mouth. I donít stop sucking and eating until she has completely stopped trembling. After she climaxed I think to myself, Thereís nothing like a thick pussy to suck on before you go to sleep.


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