I've known her it seems like all my life. Since grade school she's been my homey, my buddy someone who truly cared for me. We were wild little girls riding around on bikes getting into trouble together. As we grew together and entered our teenage years she was more feminine than me for I was a true tomboy. Believe me she had no problem handling her business. Them jealous bitches tried to fuck with her often and I was always around to set them straight and kick some ass if I had to.

Now in our adulthood not much had change I still got her back the same as she has mine. We still remain mad tight. I was the first to confess my desire to be with woman and to my surprise she admitted the same. As the years passed we stood supportive of each other. Helping one another with the many different problems that you go through with being in the life. My friend has been there through my heartbreaks, all of my good and bad relationships. We were friends well before we became lovers.

Something about that day had changed. Our day was filled with talking back and forth with each other on the phone for hours on ends just to meet up with each other later on again. I've told her things that no one else would ever know. Somehow, someway something had changed. I dont know whether it was the fact that she would be the only one by my side when shit was all fucked up in my life... or that she looked even more beautiful tonight. Either way something had changed.

We were alone as usual nothing amiss.We had spent many nights together at her crib the same as always. Watching our favorite dvd about two lesbian lovers. They had gone through trials and tribulations to finally come together as one and complete. The couch was even extra comfortable tonight as she laid her head in my lap with her feet propped on the arm of the loveseat. The movie was seen before but each time we saw it we loved it even more. As we neared the end of the movie, our eyes met and I found myself lost in a deep dark pool of her ebony eyes. We both were a little nervous for we hadn't even thought of each other in that manner before. Here we are two old friends together. Doing what had always been so normal and natural to us.

Before either one of us could comprehend what was happening our lips touched ever so lightly and I was taken aback by not just hers... but my response. Within that moment that felt like an eternity somehow something had changed. Our lips loved each others smooth and delectable texture. We were even more aroused when our tongues tasted each others sweet flavor. Her arms reached up pulling us even closer together as a moan escapes our lips we begin to explore each other. My hands feels the silkiness of her skin. Being all new to me because I had never touched her like that. Her hands wasted no time to do the same. With every touch... every caress somewhere down the line something had changed.

As we kissed my hands raked across her body feeling its way to cup her breast. Like tropical mango my hands filled with her ample yet firm fruits of delight. Her nipples stood erect as I leaned over to suck and tease them through the blouse that she wore. Her body came to life sending a shiver racing down my new found lovers thighs. At that moment her hands travel all over my body for she knew what pleased me. She remembers all my secret spots for in our many conversation we had shared that too. We are now more intent on making sweet love to each other. Our clothes are removed as we barely make it to the bedroom. I am familiar with her body for I've seen it before but something was different for now we were skin to skin... breast to breast and I was wanting more. Yes something had change to make us open the door and expose our souls to each other.

My lips moves across her body as we stood in each other arms. Floating feather like kisses from behind her ear and down her neck. My tongue mirrors the same downward pattern with one delectable thought intended. Just the tip of my tongue slides in between her breast stopping for just a second to cirlce each nipple. As we fall onto the Queen size bed I continue to move even lower to where I found her navel and my tongue delves into it showing her exactly what it will feel like when I came to that beautiful valley below. Her soft moans of pleasure enticing me do even more. Without hesitation my mouth found its destination. With one hand I spread the lips of her pussy to find her ready and wet. My tongue teases her, tasting the outer sides of her clit. Up and down... around and around until it swells from the pure pleasure of my persistent stimulus. My lips gently nibbles her clit and a sound leaves my chest for I have tasted what paradise is like. In a slow and precise arousal of her femininty my tongue enters her. Penetrating her soul. She was so hot... so wet our urgent sighs led me to go even further. To explore this new realm of oneness to bask in this unfamiliar encounter with her.

She reaches down and pulls me back up to give me a deep kiss and the depth of that kiss sends the blood in my veins racing through all my extremities. We are lying next to each other for now it is her turn to explore my body as she softy sticks her tongue in my ear and gently bites my earlobe. She moves to the underside of my neck and sucks until my toes curl. For only she knows that this is what really turns me on. Her hands begins to fondle my breast and my nipples stood erect to her insistent touch. Our bodies are grinding together locked in a sexual vise the pace begins to quicken. This urgent insatiable need to let go and feel complete.

Intrigued by how wonderful this all felt as our skin is moisten from the passion that we have created in each other. Our legs intertwined our pussy's combined. The feeling of our bodies sliding together in unity. Our breathing way more than what any human should be able to endure. At that moment I'm sent into this orgasmic state... like waves crashing against the seas walls. I stand frozen in its wake unable to move... unable to breath... unable to think. All my nerve endings electrified.

With all that is wrong in the world this was meant to be as our arousal was stoked and ignited to come to life once again. Reborn in a new light for she too would join me in this friends to lovers night. Arching over her I lay her hands above her head. Tracing small massaging circles in her palm with my thumbs. Then allowing them to drift gently down her arms stopping ever so often to trace small playful circles on her skin. Continuing on along her rib cage with feather like caresses. Now my hands move across her belly to find her neatly shaven pussy. My fingers could feel how open and wet she was for me as I gently massaged her... arousing her just before her final release. Her legs spread apart even wider for me as I insert three then four finger into her as my thumb played with her clit. My fingers aided by her natural lubricants easily moved in out of her pussy. Guiding her as if I were a conductor leading a ochestra. She is rythmically moving her hips with the quicken pace that I had set. The pulsating muscle contractions of her inner walls are clinching my fingers even tighter. I am pulled even closer to her until it felt like the combination of two could only exist as one and this hot and silky cum flows from her like a tropical river of ecstacy. The quiet whimpers between her lip opens up to cries of a womans release from the throngs of passions grip.

The dampness of our bodies begin to feel the coolness of the fan softly humming in the background. Our hearts that were once pounding in unison were now regulated to soft beats. The trembling that had engulf our bodies had all but ceased for an occasional light tremor. Lying in each others arms face to face... hip to hip... a silence had come over us. Reflections on what had just happen. Thoughts of why, how, when did we get to this point. Friends...Lovers who had made that apart of the equation. Emotions of disbelief , of happiness, of apprehension and fullfilment.
Breaking the silence she touches my lips with one finger and says. "Shh don't say a word just yet. I can hear your thought from here. Let there be no regrets for you know somehow... someway things will change."

My eyes focused on her lips because they had indeed spoken the truth. I pulled her closer to me and quietly whispered back in her ear. " I know. Change is good." With a gentle kiss on her eyelids.

"Yeah baby... this change... with you... is all good."

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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