-ďHey baby, Iím about five minutes away.Ē
-ďOk, Iíll see you when you get here.Ē
-ďOk, bye.Ē

After I hung up from Cheryl, I gave the room an once-over, making sure that everything was in place. I made sure that the candles were lit and perfectly positioned, and I also took a look at myself to make sure that I was exceptionally sexy. There I stood, looking at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a sheer, purple bra that made my nipples look tasty enough to lick. I also wore the matching panties and pajama bottoms, which completed my ensemble. While checking myself out in the mirror, I heard a car door slam, which prompted me to look out of the window. When I discovered that the object of my desire had finally arrived, I opened the door slightly and sat on the arm of the couch, trying to look as sexy as possible, but in all actuality, I was nervous as hell. This would be the first time that Cheryl and I made love, and I wanted everything to be perfect.

Once she came in, she put her things down, and we went into each others arms, hugged each other close, and kissed. From the moment our lips touched, I could feel the nervousness that I was feeling disappear. I could feel her hands stroke my back as our tongues collided and caressed each other. Her lips felt so soft on mine, so much that I didnít want the kiss to end. It was so sweet, seductive, and sensual; some things I hadnít felt in a while. That kiss started a chain reaction of events that would not end until check out time the next day.

After we broke the kiss, I handed Cheryl a gift which contained shower gel and lotion from Bath and Body Works, and a pair of panties that I noticed her looking at earlier in the week when we went to the mall. The gift caused a beautiful smile to come across her lips, which let me know that she was pleasantly surprised. This led to another kiss, which, in turn, led both of us to the bed. As our kiss deepened, I felt Cherylís hands caressing my back, which led to the removal of my bra. Once my breasts were freed from captivity, I felt her hands caress my nipples, which caused them to harden even more. I wanted her breasts to feel like mine did, so I released her breasts from their hold, and began to stroke her beautiful, large, nipples. I then took one of those Hershey-Kiss shaped nubs of flesh into my mouth, and started to tease it with my teeth and tongue. I could then hear soft moans coming from Cherylís mouth, which gave me all the encouragement I needed to continue worshipping her luscious breasts. I then placed both of her nipples in my mouth, so that she could experience a more intense pleasure. I then realized that I could not ignore the rest of her body any longer, so I placed a trail of kisses down the middle of her chest, and then moving back up to her lips. All of a sudden, I realized that Cheryl was on top of me, placing a trail of kisses down my body. My breathing got heavier and heavier at the thought of where her mouth was going. When her tongue finally reached the spot where my juices were flowing from, I almost jumped out of my skin. The feel of her mouth and tongue teasing, stroking, and caressing the lips between my legs felt as good (if not better) as they felt on the lips that are attached to my face. My hips moved to the rhythm that her lips and tongue were creating as they continued to work my dripping wet pussy. As she continued to work her magic, I could feel a powerful orgasm building. Cheryl continued to slide her tongue in and out of my pussy, while making sure to give my clit the attention it needed in the process. My body couldnít take it any longer. Every muscle in my body contracted at the same time, releasing all of the anticipation that had built up to that very moment.

Cheryl slid her body on top of mine, and kissed me deeply and passionately. All I knew at this point was that I couldnít wait to taste her. I then moved down her body until I was eye level to a smooth, clean shaven pussy. I then kissed that moist spot, moving my tongue all around, making sure that there wasnít a spot down there that hadnít received any attention from my tongue. I then spread her nether lips with my hands to reveal just how beautiful her sex was. I then took her clit between my lips and sucked on it gently, which caused her to moan loudly. Moving my tongue in a circular motion, I took care to remove all of the juices that were escaping from her body. I continued to lick, suck, and caress that magical spot between her legs until she grabbed me and said, ďCome here, I canít take it anymore.Ē Iím glad she did, because if she hadnít, Iíd probably be still down there.

After giving our bodies a moment to recover, I realized that I had more events planned, so I got up to prepare for phase two. I went into the bathroom, and ran some water, and used some of the shower gel from her gift bag to create some bubbles for the bath. I also lit the candles I had placed in there earlier. I then went back to the bedroom, grabbed Cherylís hand, and led her to the bathroom, where a nice, hot bath awaited her. After she was comfortably seated in the tub, I then started to bathe her, allowing the hot water to stream down her body. As I continued to bathe her, we talked about life, love, happiness, and a variety of other things. Once the water started to get cold, I helped Cheryl out of the tub and proceeded to dry her of, starting at her breasts and working my way down her body. Once I was satisfied with her level of dryness, I lead her back to the bedroom where I instructed her to lie down. I then removed the lotion from her bag (which was from the Aromatherapy collection) and proceeded to spread lotion all over her thighs. I then moved from her thighs, to her legs, and then her feet. I then spread lotion over her stomach, breasts, shoulders, and arms. At that moment, I suggested that she turn over so that I could lotion her back, and massage it in the process. After the proper tension was massaged from her body, Cheryl turned back over and I slid my body on top of hers. I started kissing her passionately, nibbling her bottom and top lips in the process. My hips started grinding themselves into her body, which I couldnít seem to control. Kissing Cheryl, hearing her moan, and feeling her naked skin against my own was too much for my body to handle. The more we kissed, the more my hips started to work. My body was on fire from being with this woman that I cared so deeply about. All of a sudden I started moaning loudly and I could feel her work her hips to the rhythm of mine. Our bodies continued to work in perfect harmony until we both released our passion at the same time, which shocked the shit out of me. I hadnít experienced anything like that before in my life.

The rest of the night was filled with conversation, television watching, and popcorn eating. By this time, we decided to try to get some sleep, but thatís hard to do when you have a sexy woman laying next to you, who just so happen to be naked. We would wake up periodically, stealing a touch or a kiss here and there. Around seven oíclock in the morning, I got the urge to make love to this beautiful woman once again. Once I determined that she was awake by caressing her breasts, I started to flick my tongue back and forth against the right one, while I teased the left one with my fingers. I just couldnít resist exploring more, so I slid my hand between her legs, testing how hot and wet she was. I just had to taste her once again. I then positioned myself between her legs and prepared myself to dive into the treasure displayed before me. I started to tongue the area between her legs, as I had tongued her mouth several times before. She tasted so sweet; to the point of intoxication. Her love was making me high, and I was feeling like the neighborhood crack head; I just couldnít get enough. After her body released a couple of times (I have no idea how many) she then told me to stop because she couldnít take anymore. I obliged, even though I didnít want to.

We then tried to get a little rest, because we knew we would have to leave this paradise soon. After a couple of hours of going in and out of sleep, and touching and caressing each other, it was time to get up. I then asked Cheryl how she was feeling, and she informed me that she had a sinus headache. Being the caring person that I am, I felt the need to take her mind off of the pain. I slid my hand between her legs, and inserted a single finger inside. I could feel her body respond instantly to the invasion, causing her wetness to flow. Taking advantage of the wetness, I spread it all over her clit, strumming it with my fingers as my teeth and tongue worked their magic over her nipples. I could feel her body starting to tense up, so I started to work her clit faster. I felt her body release the orgasm that had been building, and at that point, I knew that my work was done.

Common sense started to take over, so we then got up, took showers, and got dressed. After we finished dressing and straightening up, I noticed that we had a little time to kill. I saw that she was lying on the bed, so I proceeded to join her. I then placed my lips on top of hers, which felt so soft. My tongue traced her outer lips, commanding them to open. I then slid my tongue into her mouth in search of hers. Once I found what I was looking for, I caressed her tongue with my own. She then stuck her tongue out, which caused me to move my mouth up and down over it. Our kissing seemed to last forever, but it only lasted thirty minutes. Cheryl then reminded me that it was time to leave our little escape from reality, so we got up and gathered our things. She then informed me that no one had ever took the time to do any thing like this and that she was very happy with how everything turned out. I then let her know that sheís special and she deserves to be treated this way and that I was sorry that no one took the time to show her how special she was. We shared a magical evening and morning together, and I canít wait until we can do it again.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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