So, what?  Yeah, I know!  Stud rule #1: Do NOT mess with first-timers.  Whether they’re virgins or just never have been with a woman - they are trouble!  I ain’t never broke this rule…before now!

Then, I met Lana.  We met at the club.  She was there with her sister who is family.  Actually, her sister looked more like family than me!  And y’all know I think I’m the most boyish looking stud in St. Louis!  Sis was cool though – her name is D.  I’d seen her around before but we never met.  We got to shooting the breeze and next thing I knew, the most beautiful creature I ever saw was standing before me.

She looked as if Venus herself had sculpted her from the finest, richest chocolate.  She stood proud at about 5’3” (I later found out it was 5’3 ¼”) with hair that flowed half way down her back!  Eventually, I also got to find out that it was all hers!  Her eyes were the oddest shade of gray – very bright, but mysterious also.  Her measurements were simply outrageous!  We later laughed at how accurately I guessed her measurements; but she was so stoutly built, her curves just screamed out to me, “38-29-42!”  I looked all the way down and saw the tiniest feet in very expensive shoes.  All of her clothing seemed to have been molded around her perfect frame.  Then, she spoke.

“D, gimme some money so I can have a drink.  I promise I won’t ask you for nothin’ else!  Please?!?” Voice like dripping honey!

The way she stood next to D holding on to her arm, I just knew they were together.  When she begged like that it only made me surer.  Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong!  When the ebony goddess floated away towards her drink I had to comment.

“Damn, boi!  How you get to be so lucky?  Does she have a sister?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“What’s so damn funny?  Why you smiling like that?”

“Cause I KNOW you don’t want to take HER sister out; I’m even MORE sure you wouldn’t want to keep her inside either!”

“Why, man?”

D opened her wallet and showed me a picture of a cute family – two parents and two daughters.  I recognized the goddess in her younger years, but not the other chick.  She didn’t look like a dog, so what was the problem?  “What, D?”

D said, “Man, that’s me, dog!”

So, that’s how I came to meet Lana.  She was fine.  And, she was smart too!  We could talk for hours without uncomfortable pauses or the need for any distractions.  No TV, no radio, no other people.  D and me started flippin’ bud and kickin' it tough all the time.  Since they shared a house, I saw Lana all the time.  I knew she was straight, but I also knew she had been celibate for over two years now.  It wasn’t like I was trying to step to her or nothing.  She was just so perfect in every way that I couldn’t get her off my mind.  I couldn’t get serious with anyone and didn’t want anybody else.  I might as well have moved in with them, I was there so much.

We kept the bud at my house since we were always at theirs.  That way the cops could only get one – the dope or us!  Usually I would make the big pickups and transactions with our upper contact, Speedo.  Speedo would race into town every Sunday and Thursday at exactly 11:15pm.  I would rendezvous with him at the appointed spot and we would trade green for green.  By midnight I would get to my crib to unload.  D would be in the garage with a blunt in her mouth ready to start separating product.  We would spend most of the night weighing and bagging, bagging and bundling, bundling and reserving!  Then comes where we would go our separate ways.

We each had loyal customers when we met each other and we both liked to keep it that way.  My customers were dealers themselves (that’s why our upper contact was MY contact).  No body ever bought less than a half-pound from me!  But, D’s patrons were purchasing more in the area of quarter bags to QP’s.  So, we each handled our peeps separately.  Anything that needed delivery outside the metro area was D’s area.  That girl knows she likes to be on the road.  She figured it was only fair since I brought here the upper contact and the cheaper prices per ounce for her.

Neither one of us had a real job, but Lana did.  She got up every morning bumping the Tom Joyner Morning Show as she showered and otherwise got ready for a long day downtown.  With everything done except her makeup and still the curls not combed out on her head, girlie would make smells in the kitchen that made you wanna slap your mama.  Normal weekdays consisted of French toast, sausage, cream of wheat, coffee and OJ.  After she ate she would finish her face and hair and kiss us both on the cheek (usually passed out on the living room floor with PS2 controllers in our hands) and head out for work.

I guess you want to know how I knew what she was doing if I was passed out?  It’s kind of hard for me to stay asleep when everything she does makes delicious aromas float around my head (her body wash, shampoo, makeup, perfume, cooking, EVERYTHING!).  By the time she would be ready to leave I was usually awake with my eyes closed waiting for my kiss!

We went on like this for a few months when it happened!  Mr. Charlie caught D speeding down Hwy. 44 with dope in the trunk - enough for a felony.  Since it was her first offense and she didn’t resist arrest, they gave her 90 days in the workhouse.  Now, it was just Lana and I.  I took her to see D and put some money her books.  You know, took her some shit to keep her smelling good while she was in dyke heaven!  After that I felt so uncomfortable I spent the first night at home in weeks.  Lana was lonely and didn’t seem to notice the tension between us.  So, she kept calling me, paging me, emailing me to come hang out with her.  “Let’s go to dinner. Let’s go bowling. Let’s go to the movies. Let’s go anywhere, Nik!”  So, I tried to be a good friend to D by looking out for her baby sis and moved into D’s room while she was in lockup.

One day, Lana was in the shower when the phone rang, so I answered it.  It was a collect call from D.  We caught up for a minute and then she asked me why had I been actin’ shady to Lana lately.  I couldn’t hold it in anymore.  I told her how I had sized her sister up the night we all met at the club months ago.  I told her how all my life (even when I was a little tomboy) I had dreamed of a woman just like Lana as my partner for life.  Classy, but definitely a ride-or-die chick.  I mean, you should have seen how lil’ mama jumped into action when D got caught up.  All business, no fuss!  She handled everything expertly…right down to getting the rest of the shipment when I was handling D’s lawyer and taking care of all long-distance transactions until D got out.  All this while still keeping a beautiful home, maintaining a full-time job and kickin’ it with me all the while!  D listened without interrupting me.  When I finished she was serious as a motherfucker and told me to give her the same courtesy of silence while she expressed herself.

“Nik, let me give you some advice – stud to stud: NEVER mess with a virgin or a first-timer.  It will fuck with your head and theirs and everybody loses.  If you decide to be a jackass and go for broke anyway, let me suggest you watch your step.  That’s my sister and I don’t play games with family.  IF you approach her – you’d better respect her.  If you ever hurt her I’m gonna end up in a much worse place than the fuckin’ city workhouse.  And so will you!”

Cool, I understand.  I told her I wasn’t gonna even step or mention it to Lana. I just had to get it off my chest! Just then, I realized I didn’t hear the water anymore.  I turned around to see Lana standing there with nothin’ but a towel held up to her body.  Not even wrapped around her…just being held there by one of her petite, delicately manicured hands.  She was red with embarrassment, but I also notice her chest was heaving like she was turned on.  Then, I noticed how I was dressed.  I just had on a wife beater and some boxer’s with my Romeos on my feet.

“Nik, where are you?  Can you hear me?  What’s going on, dog?”

“Uh, nothin’ D.  Lana just got out the shower. Do…do you wanna speak to her?” 

“Yeah, man.  You trippin’!  Let me talk to Lana, boi.”

I handed Lana the phone, got dressed and left.  I know she overheard the entire conversation and I didn’t want to face the music.  I went home and grabbed up a bag of clothes and toiletries.  Then, I headed over to my sister’s who lives on the West Side.  Lana paged, called and emailed me everyday, all day for the next two weeks.  But, I just couldn’t get back to her yet.  I hate rejection and even though I knew I had to face her eventually…I wanted to put it off as long as I could!

Ever since my sister came out the closet, she has made sure I didn’t follow suit. D is 5 years older than me, so I was only 12 when she admitted her sexuality to our parents. But, as soon as I was allowed to start double or group dating at 13, she made sure I only saw males. Honestly, I didn’t know what “gay” meant when I heard my parents and sister say it. All I know is I had so many fantasies about the tomboys in my classes that by the time I was 13 I was ready to go out with girls. Nothing felt more natural to me than trying to date a girl…especially when I saw D do it. I guess she was trying to protect me from studs like her. She must have sensed that I would be a femme if I were lesbian and didn’t want a butch on my heels if they looked at women the way she did!

For the most part, I understood and went along. I had two reasons to do so. First, I love my big sister like no other and would do anything for her. She has always been (and probably will always be) overly protective of me and spoils me rotten. I could never bear to hurt her. Second, the more I acted like I was interested in boys the more she would keep me around her and her circle of ‘friends’. So, I went along with her plan and along the way I learned everything a young lesbian would want to know!

I ended up living with my sister when I left home at 16. She had this funky apartment in what I call the ‘gay district’ – South St. Louis. She made sure I got my GED and got a two-year degree from SLCC. So, even though I didn’t finish high school, I have an Associates Degree in Business Administration and went to school until I was 18 anyway! I dated a couple of guys during that time to keep her mouth shut and then I decided to not front anymore. I simply told D I was celibate until the right person came along. Since I didn’t say this until I was almost 19, it was true.

On my 21st birthday I begged D to take me to the club with her and her friends.

“No, Lana! No fish allowed…especially straight fish! This is gon’ be a niggas night out, ok?”

“But, D, it’s my 21st birthday and you always promised to buy my first legal drink!” I start pouting because I know the best way to get something from her is to act like I really want/need it and she is either the only person or the best person to get it for me!

“Can’t I take you out to Applebee’s tomorrow?”

Wait! Did she say Applebee’s? I know my flesh and blood did not tell me she would take me to Applebee’s.

“Have you lost your fucking mind? I am not going to fucking Applebee’s for a drink! Now, either you take me to 747 with you guys or I’ll go by myself!”

Just as I stopped yelling, the front door opened and in walked all the other low-down, no good, cheating, sneaky, conniving, dope dealing, good-looking friends of hers. I love studs more than I love life itself! These women were so much like men (but not like men) it was unbelievable. They all smelled so good and had such rough edges it made pussy wet to be around them. But, no matter how wet I got, I wasn’t interested in any of them taking care of it for me. I was looking for a different breed…someone who didn’t know my sister first. That’s why I needed her to take me to 747 with her that night.
“Alright, Lana, you can go with us. But, you better not be in the club clownin’ or I’mma bring your ass home early!” Then she turned her attention on her ‘bois’ and left me to getting dressed.
I hurried knowing that D would leave me if I didn’t. I put on the short black skirt with the split up the front and the colorful Versace blouse D bought for my birthday present. I accentuated the look with black silk stockings (not pantyhose) and the matching black lace garter belt and bra. Then, to top it off I put on the one thing that put my sister back more than anything: a pair of $4000 Versace heels that matched the shirt precisely! When I looked in the mirror I was so impressed I thought I might start looking at femmes that night.
While I was on the way to 747, I called D’s cell and asked if I could smoke some her stash in the glove box.
“Lana, you walkin’ on thin ice girl! How much you gon’ ask me for tonight!”
“Aw, D…you know I love you, big sis! Quit complaining!”
“Girl, go ‘head!” Click.
When I got to the club I was in heaven! My only problem was that it looked like every stud in the joint was taken. Just when I was about to give up all hope, D came from nowhere and rescued me from the bar.
“Lana, we’re back here, girl! Come on.”
When I got to the back room I was very impressed. The beat was dope. So were the lights, and the photo corner with women hugging and kissing for display purposes. Most of all, the stud-to-femme ratio seemed to be like 3 or 4:1. I lost D for a while, but I found her later at the bar in the back room talking to a fine piece of butchery. I decided to play cat and mouse with papi to see if she would bite.
“D, gimme some money so I can have a drink.  I promise I won’t ask you for nothin’ else!  Please?!?” I gave it my best sexy/whiny sound and held out my hand. All the while I was holding onto D’s arm like there was no tomorrow but smiling at this new strange creature like a panther on the prowl. With each word I had spoken her gaze seemed to change from lust to hurt to forlorn.
By the time I came back from the serving end of the bar, D was gone. But, my prey was still hangin’, so I decided to continue my game. If ever I was gonna have sex with a girl without hiding it from D I wanted to make sure the female was decent enough for D’s respect. So, she had to have her money, clothing and attitude on point and if she was butch (which this chick obviously was), then she was going to have to be a ‘man’ about hers.
“Do you know where my sister went?”
Hmmm. Simple, one word answer. She must not have been interested.
“Ok,” I said and started to walk away.
“Are you in a hurry? I don’t bite.” Damn, her eyes were beautiful and so were her cornrows.
We ended up finding a quiet table in the front and talking for hours. When the club was about to close we left and I was way too drunk to drive. I couldn’t find D, so I asked sexy if she would mind taking me home. She played it cool, but something about her eyes said that was what she was hoping for.
That whole ride, I kept hoping she would o or say anything smooth so I could give myself to her like I wanted to, but she kept conversation non-sexual and was a perfect gentlewoman. When we got to the house, D was on the front porch smoking a blunt.
“Thanks for the ride home and the easy conversation. I hope we meet again and talk some more.” I decided an air of mystery was best and did not offer a phone number or giver her permission to return. I simply turned and went in the house.
That’s how I met Nik. When I woke up for work the next morning, she and D were knocked out on the living room floor. Each of them had a PS2 controller in their hands and drool on their chins. They looked cute sitting there like that and I just had to kiss them on their cheeks. Thus, a ritual was born!
I work downtown for a huge customer service call center. I am VP of Operations over approximately 1500 employees. I work bankers hours and usually need to unwind when I get home but don’t get to because I have to clean up D’s daily mess and prepare our dinner. But, when I got home that day, Nik had cooked enough to feed a small army and had the house spotless. She was there almost everyday for the the next few months.
During this time, she and my sister got tighter and tighter – but not any faster than Nik and I got closer and closer. She and D were ‘bois’, but she and I were friends. I felt like I could tell her anything or do anything around her. I felt totally free. Eventually, they started slangin’ bud together. Nik made the connections, they both kept their own clientele separate and D would make long haul deliveries. So, me and Nik had plenty of time alone when D was on the road.
Then, my worst fear happened – D got busted. She had to spend 90 days in the workhouse (thank God it was a first offense). Nik went home like she wasn’t welcome without D. But, I blew up her cell, pager and e-mail (and complained to D) until she came back and agreed to move into D’s room until she got back. So, Nik stayed around to watch out for me and I started feeling my oats again. Even though we never did anything remotely sexual it felt like were honeymooners in our own cocoon. She reminded me of Clyde, with her rebel attitude and hot rod car. I so badly wanted to be her Bonnie that I just took over all of D’s aspects while she was gone.
I noticed she was a little more standoffish towards me while D was gone, but tried to play it off. Suddenly I felt like this woman was the only thing in the world that mattered but she didn’t know I existed. As badly as I wanted to approach her, I couldn’t. She simply had to approach me first. I wanted a stud who could take control, knew what she wanted and how to get it. I wanted a stud to dominate me and make me hers.
One day, I was taking a shower trying to cool off – I was overheated by the summer sun and by Nik’s fine yellow self being in my house all summer long! When I stepped out of the shower I heard her pick up the phone and recognized she was talkin’ to D. Excited now, I rushed from the bathroom, but slowed my pace when I heard they were discussing me.
Nik was standing in D’s room with a wife beater, some boxer’s and Romeo house shoes on. Her arms were glistening with sweat from her daily workout routine. Because she was standing to the side, I could se her hard, flattened chest and tight stomach. Her calves looked so strong! I kept drifting in and out of consciousness, but the last time I drifted in I heard Nik say she wanted to step to me but wouldn’t out of respect for D.
Next thing I know, she turned and saw me lookin’ at her then rushed out of the room tossing me the phone! I talked to D but when I got done Nik was gone and so were her things.
I tried to reach her for two weeks but couldn’t. I went to 747 every night trying to find her but couldn’t. I heard a rumor she was at her sister’s on the West Side but was too chicken-shit to check it out. But, that’s ok. D gets out tomorrow. I bet she’ll find Nik – even if it’s not for my benefit – and somehow I’ll set it straight!

It had been over two weeks and I still hadn’t got enough balls to talk to Lana yet. Everytime I got a message or page from her I wanted to respond ASAP, but I didn’t know what to say to her. Actually, I didn’t know what she wanted to say to me. I knew she heard me talking to D and that meant she knew how I felt about her. What if she wasn’t feeling me? I would rather keep a friend than lose one trying to make them a lover.

If I was apprehensive of what Lana would say, I was downright scared of D! Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t no punk! But, hell, I got a baby sister, too, and I don’t know how I would feel if a nigga like me to stepped to her. Add that to the fact that I deserted Lana for the last two weeks of D’s bid – and I was definitely not going to be on D’s best side!

I hid out at my sister’s house on the West Side. Lana and D knew I had a sister on that part of town but they didn’t know her address or phone number. I hustled my ass off selling bud and my paper just piled up. I didn’t have nothing else to do so I was on the grind constantly. I bought a new big boy pager and passed out the number so I wouldn’t have to be dodging Lana when I was trying to work.

I woke up one morning to my pager beeping like crazy! When I checked the screen I saw my voice mail indicator so I called to check the message.

“Nik, this is D. Where you at nigga? I just got out at 6:00 this morning and I really need to holla at ya. You know the number, so call me when you get this. Peace!” Click.

Damn! How did she get the new number? What am I saying…I knew anybody in the ‘hood would give it to her if she asked. Shit, now what was I going to do? I decided I would get showered and dressed before I called her back because, knowing D, she was going to say or do something to make me leave the house – quick!

I showered and dressed and settled down in the living room to make that phone call. She picked up the phone almost as quickly as it rang.

“What took you so long?”

“Damn, can a nigga get a ‘hello’ or somethin’?”

“Nik, How ya doin’ man? I’m tryin’ to figure out what’s going on! Lana says she hasn’t been able to reach you ever since you ran out of here like a chicken with your head cut off! What happened that day after we got off the phone, man?”

“D, I turned around to call her to the phone for you and she was standing there…I mean right there! She was dripping wet from the shower and she didn’t have no clothes on. She was standing there blushin’…looking embarrassed like she heard everything we talked about. I figured I said something she didn’t like and she was pissed. When she got on the phone with you – I booked!” Finally, I told someone what happened and why I left.

“Well, I don’t know what’s goin’ on, but I’ll call you back later. We still in business, right?”

“Yeah, D…we in business.”

“So, when do I get to start stackin’ my cheddar again? Can we hook up so we can get another load moving our way soon?”

“Yeah. But, right now I’m feelin’ like your sister got me actin’ like a sucker. I really can’t be around her right now, so come to my crib, okay?”

“Man, she got your nose wide open, huh? Alright, we’ll set something up when I call you back. Peace, nigga.”

“Peace, D.” Click.

Just like I thought. D wanted to meet and I was too chicken shit to go to her crib so now I had to go to my crib and get it cleaned up for the fellas. I threw my shit in the truck and headed to my house. The first thing I did when I got home was roll a blunt. About half way through smoking it, my pager went off again. When I saw the voice mail light I figured it must be D again. I started to just call the house, but I was scared I would catch Lana. Since I was too lazy to check my voice mail first I just called D’s cell hoping it was still on.


“You paged me!”

“Oh, Nik! You must not’ve listened to my message, man.”

“Naw, wassup?”

“I was tellin’ you that I’m not gonna be able to make it to your crib tonight because I still ain’t got my car outta impound yet. Why don’t you pick me up around 10:30 or 11:00 tonight and we can go clubbin’. That way we can handle business and pleasure at the same time, okay?” I could swear I could hear her snickering, btu I decided to let it go.

“Alright, D. I’ll call when I get downstairs tonight.” Click.

I hadn’t been out to a club since I ran out on Lana that day. I went to my closet so I could find something to wear. I pulled out an outfit I bough on sale earlier in the spring but never wore. It was a powder blue Stacey Adams suit with matching powder blue and white shoes and belt made from gator skin. I found a nice white pullover shirt in my closet that was fresh from the cleaners. I pulled a hat box down from the top of the closet and got out my powder blue Stacy Adams hat. When I thought I looked good enough to pull any femme in the joint, I left for D’s.

After getting my GED and before finishing my Associate’s degree, I had a few encounters with women. I never told D because I knew she would freak out. All my teen years my parents and sister figured the only reason I was infatuated by women was because D was gay and I looked up to her. What my parents didn’t know, and D refused to admit, was that as a child and preteen I was always playing ‘show-me-yours-and-I’ll-show-you-mine’ with girls. I already knew that studs were my only preference. I can look at a femme and see that she is beautiful or attractive, but they are never sexy to me.

When they released D from the workhouse she called me to pick her up. Apparently they lied to her when they promised to have her car sent over from the impound lot. I was kind of glad because we hadn’t talked much since the day Nik ran out and I wanted to tell her what was going on with me. I felt like she was my only hope of getting Nik to talk to me long enough for me to explain how I felt about her. So, when D got in the car I didn’t waste any time. I started talking almost immediately.

I started by telling her how much I loved her and how much her approval meant to me. Then, in almost a single breath I told her about my experiences with women and how I preferred studs. I told her how I measured other studs against her and that I would only think of being with someone that could earn her respect as an equal. I told her I overheard most of the conversation between them the day Nik ran out. I told her about my friendly ‘good morning’ kiss for each of them everyday and how I knew Nik had been pretending to be asleep each day as I gave them. When I had freed myself of all the burdens I had come to carry over the years I simply stopped and watched my older sister, my best friend, for her reaction.

“You really like this nigga, Lana? You think she’s gonna treat you right? Do you think she has long-term quality?”

“I don’t know. No one ever knows what is truly in someone else’s mind or heart. But, I believe she is good people and I don’t think she would ever do anything to hurt me.”

“She ran out on you when you were home alone. I trusted that nigga to protect you!”

“But, don’t you see that’s what she thought she was doing? She thought I was straight – and I’m almost positive you threatened to hurt her if she hurt me – and didn’t want to be the one to get an ass whooping for turning your little sister out!” I couldn’t help but smile thinking what might have happened if D came home from the workhouse to find us laying up like old lovers from way back!

“Shit, that doesn’t earn her respect from me!”

“Why not, D? I think it shows she has common sense! Nobody who knows you would do anything to, with or for me if they thought it would upset you! You are just a tad overprotective of your grown little sister.”

She thought about that for a minute and then she had to smile with me. She knew I wasn’t lying. By the time we got to the crib, we had finished our little heart to heart and I was planning on how to get D to help me find Nik.

When we got inside, I saw my paycheck in the mailbox and left D to get reacquainted with the place while I cashed my check. When I got back she was showering, but when she got done I asked her to smoke a fat one with me so we could talk a minute.

“D, will you help me find Nik? She left while I was on the phone with you and I didn’t get a chance to explain anything. I’m sure if I could just talk to her for a minute or see her without her knowing in advance, I could set everything straight. At least we could go back to being friends!”

She looked at me and in that moment I could tell I had grown up in her eyes. That was the first time I brought up my being a lesbian without her yelling, cursing or threatening me. Her eyes watered a bit and then she just smiled at me with her crooked grin.

“Lana, you know I’d do anything for you, baby girl. Nik is coming over to pick me up later and then we are goin’ to 747. I’m not going to ‘set you up’ with her. But, if you want to see her without her knowing first, you should come down to the club later on. Nik doesn’t know you bought a car since she left, so she won’t have a clue you’ll be there tonight.”

“Okay.” With that, I got up and left the room.

“So, what? You just gonna get up and walk away from me like that, girl?”

“Sorry, D. I didn’t mean to be rude, boo. I gotta get ready for tonight. I’ll call your cell when I’m on my way, okay?”

Before I walked out of the living room, I saw D smirk and shake her head. Before I could get to my bedroom, I heard the ‘fellas’ coming through the front door. For some reason I was getting a bad case of déjà vu.

When I pulled up at D’s building that night, she was already standing outside.

“You ready, man?”

“Naw, Nik. Pull over and park, let me talk to you for a minute.”

I pulled over to the curb and cut the lights. When she got in the car she looked serious as hell.

“What’s wrong, nigga? You look like you aged 20 years since the last time I saw you!” And she did. She looked worried, but somehow at peace with it. She wore the same expression a cat has when it sees a dog and knows it’s coming, but decided to wait and see if the dog is gonna be nice or not before it claws the dog’s eyes out!

“Listen to me, alright? When I got out this morning, Lana picked me up. As soon as I get in the car she starts telling pouring her heart out to me. When I came out to my parents, Lana was 12 and she followed me everywhere I went. It was like she looked up to me and shit. So, when she got to be 15 she decided that she was gonna tell mom and dad that she was gay, too. They put her out, saying she was just trying to be like me; that’s how she came to live with me.”

“Man, what are you saying, D?” My head was spinning. Was she telling me the woman who caught my attention more than any other chick in life…was lesbian?

“Listen! She heard you talking on the phone that day. She knew you were talking about her. She said the only reason she looked so shocked was because she thought you weren’t really into her until that point. Plus, I ain’t never been real accepting of her being with women, either. I never wanted to admit that she is what she is. She didn’t want me to get all pissed off. No one has ever had the guts to tell me they like my sister. The few that ever said anything always talked about fucking her like that was all they wanted from her.”

“Man, what are you saying, D?” I simply repeated myself.

“You know that my parents don’t deal with Lana and me no more. Neither does the rest of our family. We’re all we got, ya understand? I like you, Nik. I really do. Lana likes you, too. Since y’all can’t seem to be able to hook up on your own, I figured I’d help you two out. I just wanted to let you know that Lana is gonna be at the club tonight. She wants to talk to you…she wants to be with you.”

Lana was coming to the club to talk to me? I couldn’t believe it. She wanted to be with me? I felt like I hit the Powerball! My mind raced back to every morning she kissed us on the cheek. I thought about how she would lean over to kiss D, but she would get down on her knees to kiss me then use my chest to push herself back up. I thought about the nights I fell asleep on the floor alone while D was in lockup only to wake up with Lana on the couch, her arm draped over the side and holding me. Then I remembered how she looked when I noticed she heard me talking to D that day. If she was feeling me like D said she was, then that look on her face didn’t mean she was embarrassed…

“Nik, you okay?”

“Yeah. Where is Lana now?” …or disgusted.

“Upstairs. Why?”

“Take my truck, man. I’m going upstairs to talk to her.” It meant she was turned on.

I got out of the truck and tossed the keys to D. Just when I got to the door of the building I heard D holler through the passenger window, “Take care of her man; that’s my baby sister. If you ever hurt her…I’ll fuckin’ kill you!”

I turned around because the last four words sounded cold. When I looked, she was smiling her famous devilish smile. In that moment I knew she was serious but lighthearted. Then, she sped off towards 747.

I let myself into the apartment with the key they gave me just months earlier. I followed the ganja smoke and sounds of Me’Shell NdegeOcello. I found Lana laying across her bed, smoking a blunt. I cleared my throat, causing her to jump out of the bed.

“Nik, what are you doing here?” She was a little shaken by my intrusion.

“I came up to talk to you; D told me everything.”

“Oh! She said she wouldn’t say anything! Let me explain – “

“Shhh…you don’t have to.”

There was a long, comfortable pause before either of us spoke again. We just let our eyes drink each other in. When our eyes met, we seemed to let them do the talking. We just sent our emotions across the room to each other until our souls understood everything that had transpired over the summer. She was the one who finally broke the silence.

“So, what do we do now?”

“Make love.” Those were the last words spoken for a while.

I walked over to her and kissed her square on the lips. They were soft and moist and tasted like heaven. She loosely wrapped her arms around my neck as I leaned down to kiss her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. Her scent was so heady, I could smell the jasmine body spray and cinnamon oil that she covered her body in. Her breasts were crushed against me as we moved from gentle kisses to urgent, passion-filled kisses. I pulled away from her, not wanting the passion to end too quickly.

I stood back and removed my hat, jacket and shirt. I saw goose bumps rise on her arms as she watched me standing there in my wife beater and slacks. I wanted to see if my emasculate body would freak her out. She walked over to me and let her soft, dainty hands run over my pecs and biceps. She obviously was not only lesbian, but partial to studs as well. She let her left hand fall across my pecs, over my abs and down to my crotch. I decided if she didn’t pull away when she felt I was packin’, I was gonna stop playing around and give in to my animal instinct to ravish her.

When she found my surprise, she smiled.

I picked her up, spun around and sat her down on the bed. Her legs were hanging off the side and her butt was at the edge. She was dressed only in a slinky robe and her hair was still piled high on her head from her shower. I untied the belt of her robe and pulled out her hairpins, kissing her all the while. It seemed I had waited so long to get my hands on her flesh. She felt hot…almost too hot to touch. But, I loved her and lusted for her and needed her all at once; I couldn’t stop squeezing her sides, hips and thighs. I kissed from her left ear, down her neck, over her shoulder and down to her breast. Her nipples were huge like Hershey’s kisses; only they got hard instead of melting when I put it in my mouth. I’d run my tongue around one nipple making circles around the areola before Lightly biting the other. A small gasp escaped her lips and then my tongue invaded her mouth.

She arched her back and her soft, heavy breasts collided with my more solid, toned chest. Her hands shot towards my waistband and feverishly began trying to first unbutton and then unzip my pants. I was kicking off my shoes when she finally got the zipper down. I stood back again, wanting her to see me. I pulled off my pants before I stepped back to her. When I did, I placed her hand at my crotch. She was excited when she felt I was packin’ and started undressing herself.

I got out of my boxer’s on the double. Before I could move towards her again, she moved towards me. Immediately, she dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick – I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was playing with her pussy and looking up at me while she did this. I didn’t want her to service me, though. I wanted to service her…let her know what I had been feeling since we met. I gathered her in my arms and carried her to the nearest wall. I leaned with my back against the wall and she was in fron t of me.  I slid down the wall until I was sitting on the floor and her legs were straddling my ahoulders. I ate her pussy like that: her suspended in the air and my face forced between her thighs. Slowly, I dragged my tongue from her clit to her asshole before flicking it back towards her dripping hole. When my taste buds were finally treated with a sampling of her nectar, I had no choice but to plunge my tongue as deep as it would go. She kept looking down at me and rubbing my hair – I swear she was destroying my cornrows! Anytime her moans would soften or slow down, I would just lightly flick the tip of her clit with my tongue. It made her wild with lust and she would just wrap her thighs tighter around my neck trying to force me to give her pussy full contact with my mouth again.

She finally came all over my face and neck. Her nectar was running down my back and I knew she was ready. I laid her down on the bed and crawled between her legs, hovering over her. She spread her thighs and wrapped those pretty legs around my waist, allowing me entry. I teased her at first, letting my dick slide between her lips so it would be nice and slick. She was so wet I almost slipped in unintentionally.

“Lana, I love you.” Then I slid the head of my 10” monster inside. She was tight, but she opened up for me soon enough. Our bodies fell into an easy rhythm, like we were made for this one purpose – to make love to each other. Everywhere my body curved, so did hers. I kept inching inside until I was in fully before I pulled out to the tip, put my face down next to hers and then pushed all the way inside with one thrust. I loved looking down and seeing my perfectly matched, high-yellow strap sliding in and out of her cinnamon colored lips – each time sliding out wetter and wetter. At one point, she wanted to be in control. She just locked those legs around my waist tightly and rolled us over. She looked like a wild Indian princess riding a buck barebacked; she was free and peaceful. Her hair swung around her shoulders as she bucked and rode me, shuddering every now and then. I know she liked my flattened chest because she kept pressing her palms against it and rolling my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She came again; this time more violently than the first. While she rode out the waves, she bent her torso down so she could lay on top of me as her nails dug deep into the skin on the back of my shoulders and neck causing pleasure and pain simultaneously.

When she calmed down she put her arms at her sides and I felt her struggling with something. Then, she sat up and put on a performance by rolling to one side and pulling my strap off me while it was still in her gushing wet pussy. She looked at me with an angelic expression and said, “I love you too, Big Daddy,” before kneeling before me and giving me the best head ever. She turned out to be what I wanted in bed as well as out. She didn’t give a nigga head like she was eating my pussy. No, no, no! She pulled my lips back and sucked on my clit like it was a girl-dick. She would run her tongue around the edge of my clit before sucking it in and out of her mouth. Again, she would look up at me like she wanted to take note of my facial expressions as she brought me pleasure.

“Shit, baby, you gonna make Daddy cum,” I said through clenched teeth as sweat ran into my eyes. She never stopped what she was doing, but she turned and put her pussy over my face. She rode me as she sucked me; this time we came together. I almost drowned in her juices. Her pussy was so clean-shaven that even as she ground her pussy into my mouth trying to ride out every last drop of pleasure, I felt no stubble whatsoever.

As we lay basking in the afterglow of our long-awaited lovemaking, I held her in my arms. I marveled at how soft and delicate she looked compared to my larger, more defined body. We drifted off to sleep still holding each other. When I woke up it was six in the morning. Lana was not in bed with me. I laid still and quiet for a while trying to listen for any indication of anyone else being in the apartment. I couldn’t hear anything. I got up and went in Lana’s personal bathroom. She had put some clothing I left behind on the sink along with a towel, face towel and toiletries. I showered and dressed and when I came out, she was laying across the bed looking like brand new money.

“Nik, baby…Last night was wonderful.” She propped herself up on a pillow.

“Yeah, baby. It was real special to me, too.” I leaned against the doorjamb.

“I meant it when I said ‘I love you’.” She looked like she was going to cry.

“I meant it when I said ‘I love you’, too, Lana.” I didn’t want her to cry.

“So you’re not leaving again?” Her eyes opened wide with the extreme excitement rarely exhibited by grown-ups.

“No, I’m leaving again…but I’m taking you with me this time. I ain’t never gonna leave you again, baby girl. I want you to move in with me.”

“You mean it, Nik?”

I just nodded my head and climbed back in bed with my princess - Lana.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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