__________by Blklezpoetess

Flow with me
Open your mind
Let me in
To massage your psyche
With my flow
Trust me baby
My intentions are good
My flow is better
I want you
All of you
Wet and ready
So close
My eyes mirror my flow
I can't wait
Urgency overtakes my caresses
Intensity grows inside my gaze
Lets take the elevator to heaven now
Save the stairway for next time
My flow is sublime
Its yours tonight
And tomorrow if you ask nice
Deep into the night
I'll whisper in your ear
Calm your fears
Tell you what you need to hear
I'm yours
Your mine
Flow with this vibe
I donít ask I demand
Unexplored sexuality at your command
I canít remember the last time
My flow came down like this
We can make love, have sex, or have a naughty fuck
I'm down

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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