__________by V. Carloss

To the womon whose words resonate in my heart.
Pray thee bring truth and light
for life's cruelty would be too unkind.

To the womon who has captivated my heart
invaded my soul,
stretch forth your arms
envelope me in their warmth, their love.
Whisper in my ear desires of the night.
Caress my mind with sweet, tender words of seduction.

To the womon who promises the ride,
a journey through eternal ecstasy
into the paradise of passion
take my hand and stand fast,
for you have YET to experience the Jaz that is soothing,
sensual, stimulating.

To the womon who would possess me
enslave me to her rhythm
play your melody within my spirit,
awaken the dance and let the passion give birth to song,
for when the masterpiece is composed, we will truly be one.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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