__________by Sky

Yeahhhhh....I know that look
That's that I wanna call in sick
And have a 3 day weekend love fest
With non-stop pussy attention look
Yeahhhh.....I just seen this one before

You been pheening for meso long
I just walked in the room
And the site of me is damn near orgasmic
I see it in your eyes
I know what you're thinking

Wondering how can you subtly hint to me
That you wanna be filled with the very essence of me
So I gently bite my bottom lip
And stare in your eyes
Just to let you know that I am up for the ride

I do that thing you like with my tongue
Ya know...when I twist it against my lips
Exposing the vibrating metal
That is guaranteed to bring the most experienced woman
To her knees

What's that you say when I kiss your neck?
Damn girl how you spell that?
I feel your temperature rise
As your hand runs down my chest
And settles to caress... the inside of my thigh (ummmmmm)

You're searching for my beltbuckle
While I squeeze the very tip of your breast
Then clothes just go everywhere
And we are left in the original suits
That God blessed

I can smell you wanting me
On my kissable journey I savor your left thigh
Getting so close I can taste the mositure
So sweet...
Ummm... Damnnnn

I run my tongue against your clit
Making sure I tease and please
With the right amount of length
I just can't take it no more
I ring the doorbell and slide right into the front door

Owwww ...girl I didn't even know you could make noises like that
It's okay.....say my name
Spell it out if you have to
Nice and slow

I can feel you getting tighter
So I speed up my flow
Go ahead girl cum for your caramel teddy bear
Riiiiiiiiight.... THERE
You smile up at me in a state of satisfaction
I look deep into your eyes and whisper, "Again!!"

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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