_____I broke up with you in my dreams last night. You fucked me, then I made love to you, and then I said it was over.
_____Youíve been away now for about 3 months and my emotions are running me ragged. I donít know whatís gotten into me this time Ö is it love, rather I should say, was it love? I really tried to show you the extent of my feelings for you. I said all that I could and did all that I thought would make you happy, but it just never seemed to work. And lately no matter what I write to you seems to make it worse.
_____The ironic thing is that I normally donít remember my dreams. I get myself to sleep by thinking of you. Last night though it seemed to go a bit further. This is what I dreamtÖ
_____You remembered the directions to get to my place and came for a surprise visit. You know exactly how to get on my soft side and as I open the door you lean in for a kiss. As rare as these are I make sure to take advantage of it. I recall your worry about being suffocated and I hold back my breath allowing you to take over. Your lips are as soft as I remember and your breath so sweet. My tongue makes sure to swirl around the contours of your lips and only enter upon invitation. As your tongue makes contact I make sure to give it a soft peck and then I lean away giggling.
_____"Would you like to come in?" I pull you in before you can even answer and close the door. Iíve been waiting so long for you to just return to the country. Now with you actually here with me I feel so excited, yet anxious. You pull me back in front of you and I wrap my arms around your body and give you a hug. I love hugging you, youíre just the right height so that I can place my face in the crook of your neck and smell your special essence. It also allows me to run my hand all over my favorite spots of your body Ö the curves of your hips, the small of your back, the muscles right above your shoulders, the nape of your neck where the curls of your hair fight their way out of your self-done cornrows, and then down your arms that are holding me tight.
_____I give you a soft kiss on your neck and begin to make a trail down to your beautiful collarbones. They donít stick out like on the Ďanorexicí girls that wander around, but are rounded and just right to fit my lips over. My fingers donít want to miss out on the journey either and they follow my kisses along the way.
_____I lean back, but make sure that the hug is not broken and look up at you. My fingers know their job even before my mind gives them the commands and they begin their dance upon your beautiful features. Ever since I was small I was obsessed with caressing a personís face that I loved. I always feared that if I ever went blind and deaf I wouldnít be able to identify them. I donít know how accurate my fingertips have become, but itís still an obsession with me.
_____I start with your lips, lightly stroking my thumbs across their fullness while the rest of my fingers frame your face. When you start to pull your lips in I know that Iím beginning to tickle and I back off. I have my index fingers flow up your nose, which I absolutely adore and have made a special feature in one of my pieces. My middle fingers now follow the well-cut trail of your eyebrows. I still wish that youíd grow them out for me. But after HAVING to mail you razor blades to take care of them, I know how passionate you are about keeping them so well trimmed that theyíre almost non-existent. I smile at the memory Ö And now Iíve arrived to my final destination. Your hair has always attracted me. Right after your both sets of lips, full figured body, and the cutest nose in the world, your hair is your best feature in my eyes. I canít believe how long itís grown and I canít wait until you start to make it lock Ö at that thought though I feel a stab of pain in my heart and stomach because I know that I wonít be the one running my hands through it when it happensÖ
_____I donít want to talk about that now though so I give you a quick kiss on the cheek.
_____"Welcome back. Why didnít you call to let me know you were coming? I have nothing to eat, not that youíd eat anything I made anyway Ö heh heh."
_____"You got that right. They may have had bad food up there, but I ainít that desperate yet."
_____"Oh shaddup. You want something to drink instead. And yes, I used boiled water. And no, itís not red juice."
_____"Hmmm Ö where you expecting me?"
_____"Actually, kind of. I made sure that I drank all the red Koolaid flavors first."
_____By this time I had you in the kitchen with me. I already have the cup filled with ice and Iím getting ready to pour the juice in it when I feel your hand go around my wrist. You place the juice container back in the fridge and close the door. You then take the cup out of my hand and place it in the sink. I have a puzzled look on my face and ask you whatís up. You hold me by both hands and whisper,
_____"Thatís still not the flavor juice that I want gurl."
"OHHHH!" I say with the widest smile spreading across my face. I immediately feel the stirring between my thighs. You are the sexiest person when you are horny and ready for sex. I love it!
_____The bedroom is right around the corner and you have me in it quicker than I could blink. You sit down on the bed and have me stand right between your legs. Since youíve freed my hands they descend to your head and I lean down to rest my nose right on top of the cornrows and breath in the aroma. I love all the smells that emanate from you, your special scents that just drive me crazy.
_____In this position you have access to my breasts, which are right in front of your face, and you take full advantage. You cup them in your hands and squeeze them. Your index finger and thumb hone into my nipples and hold on to them rolling them and pulling slightly making moans and sighs come from deep within me. I can feel all the passion that Iíve had within me rushing to the surface quickly and my hands go lower to grip your shoulders. I spread my legs so that one of your thighs goes between them. I then lower myself so that I can grind my hips up and down.
_____"Oh baby, donít tease me. Youíre not going to stop are you?" I look up at your face hoping that I donít look too pathetic.
_____You shake your head and a sweet smile creeps across your face as your right hand comes up to caress my face. It then cups my chin and pulls me in.
_____"I have missed you so much lady. There is no way Iím going to stop any time soon." And you seal this promise with a light kiss.
_____The sweetness of it all brings the bite of tears to my eyes and I give you a fierce hug to take them away. I position myself so that Iím straddling you and sitting lightly in your lap and weíre still facing each other.
"I have a question."
_____"HmmmÖ" you seem a bit distracted as you return to your previous mission since my breasts are once more beckoning your touch.
_____"Well, are you going to make love to me, or are you going to fuck me?"
_____Your eyes shoot up to me and your hands freeze. I donít usually start to talk like that until after your lead. A devious smile spreads your lips as you respond,
_____"Grrrrll, you know I always want to fuck you until you split." After that neither of us have the need for communicating verbally past grunts, sighs, and moans for quite a while.
_____You pull my shirt over my head and not wanting to bother with the clips pull my bra down so that my breasts pop out the top of the cups. Your mouth descends and pulls a nipple in with just the right amount of suction. You know I like it hard when it comes to this, and you always live up to my expectations in this area. Iím reveling in this attention, but I also want some physical contact with your breasts. So, I start to fight up with your shirt, but Iím not having much success. You sense my disappointment and reluctantly release my nipple. You pull me to your side and then have me lay down on the bed. As you get up and turn around you take off your shirt and begin to crawl on top of me aiming for my breasts once again. I open my legs and you ease right in place.
_____Now that the shirt is out of the way I begin my battle with your bra. Fortunately Iím victorious this time and I soon have their welcomed weight in my hands and loving it. Your nipples are in the dead center and I can feel them tighten and push against my palms. Pulling my hands down I allow your breasts to swing free and I simply rub my hands on your nipples allowing them to graze from my wrist to fingertips.
_____I begin to become distracted now though as I feel one of your hands begin to journey to other places on my body. Not letting go of my nipple you prop yourself up on your knees and one elbow, you move your flat palm down my stomach and begin to pull the elastic of my pants away from my hips. Your hand quickly dives under the band and rests on top of my mound. At this you let go of my nipple and look up at me.
_____"Freshly shaved huh? Just for me?" Chuckling you put your middle finger into the wetness of my pussy. As you feel how wet youíve made me you throw your head back and let out a deep sigh.
I smile as I feel your finger probe deeper in and squeeze the muscles around your finger. Again your eyes fly open and you look at me again.
_____"Gurl, you know I love it when you do that. You askiní for more than just one finger, arenít ya?"
_____I make sure and relax cause I know that youíre going to pound it in me. Both of us have been waiting so long for this and the urgency between us is evident.
_____Just as I expected you plunge in two fingers, then three in the next thrust. By this time Iím arching my back and throwing my hips up to meet the downward action of your hand. Right now my upper body is neglected as all the attention is focused on my cunt. Your movements are driving me crazy and the juices are flowing continuously out of me. You pull out more than usual and I look down to see why. That devilish smile is once again splitting your lips. You rid me of my pants and I am silently thankful that I chose to not wear any underwear today. You hold one of your own breasts and use your nipple to rub up and down my slit.
_____"Oh my GOD! Baby, give me more!" I cry out.
_____At that you push your upper body between my thighs as I feel more of your breast push against my cunt, and I do believe that your nipple is right over my clit. I grind my hips up and you spread your breast all over my pussy smearing my juices on your nipple. And then you raise your body and hold your breast for me to feed on. I grab on to it eagerly and lick and suck it clean.
_____As I finish I peer up at you and state with a grin, "I thought you were the one that was thirsty for a different flavor?!"
_____You laugh and have your fingers quickly reinserted back in my cunt and Iím once again staring up at the ceiling as I focus my mind on relaxing and just feeling the pleasure being released as a result of your questing fingers. I know that you too are getting a release through this and I make sure of this by periodically squeezing my cunt muscles that are surrounding your fingers.
_____After a lot more thrusts and pushes I reach up and pull you down to lay on me.
_____"Enough baby, Ö you really are Ö going to split me." I say through my labored breathing and with a broad smile on my face. I can tell that youíre reluctant to stop, but I am quite aware that my plans will more than make up for your disappointment. I make sure to resist the strong desire to kiss your lips and instead kiss your jaw and edge down to my spot on your neck. All the while I begin to push you onto your back and crawl on top.
_____"Itís now my time gurly. You know what my specialty is."
_____With that I lower myself down your body pulling off your pants and underwear. When I end up at your feet I begin to squeeze and kneed the muscles there. You place both hands behind your head and settle back looking ready to totally relax. I love touching you and spend a lot of time massaging the muscles in both of your feet, calves, and thighs. As I move upwards I canít help but lower my lips to kiss the skin thatís under my fingers and make sure that the special scent of yours wafts up to my nose.
_____Iím now right up close and personal with your cunt, but Iím not yet ready to dive into your wetness. My hands brace my weight along your sides as I now continue to kiss up your body. I run my tongue over your hip bones and then return to lightly graze my teeth over them. Coming up higher I dive into your belly button and lick and suck it as if it were your pussy. I pass one hand over your rounded tummy and nuzzle my nose in.
_____"I really missed you baby." I mumble into your flesh. I feel a hand come down on my hair and begin to pull the pony tail holder out.
_____"I know gurl, I know." I look up and smile.
_____"You werenít supposed to hear that," I mutter as my hair tumbles around my face. The only reason I tolerate this is because I know how much you like it and how beautiful you make me feel when you pull my hair down.
_____I busy my lips with your ribs and make sure to not tickle you. Your hands are running through my hair and feeling great. Iím again at your breasts and loving the feel of them. One of my hands cups a breast and rolls a nipple. The other nipple is surrounded by the heat and moisture of my mouth. I pull and suckle your nipple and feel a thrill as a moan escapes your lips. I continue this for a while then look up into your face.
_____"Darling, is that pussy ready for me?"
_____"Yes sweetheart," you respond and push your hip up to mine as if to also communicate with me physically whatís being stated verbally.
_____"Is it wet?"
_____"Absolutely drenched Ö" and you push up again with your pelvis, "...canít you feel it?"
_____"I really am thirsty now baby Ö you sure you can satisfy that?" I ask with a smirk on my lips.
_____"Oh God!" Is all that you can respond with.
_____"Hmmmmm Ö " I sigh as I crawl back down to my destination.
_____"Now Iím going to finish off making love to you," I mumble
_____When I reach your pussy I push your thighs open and up. You prop one on the wall and grip the other right above your knee. Your other hand delves into my hair and I hope that youíll give me some guidance as I continue.
_____I bring one hand up and part your cunt lips and place my lips inside. My tongue comes out and licks the insides making sure to use the flat technique before making it pointed and pushing it into your hole. I leave it there and then begin to swirl it gently around. Now I slowly pull my tongue away kissing the wet lips that Iíve previously ignored. I begin to gently suck them in my mouth making my tongue flick them back and forth. However, Iím feeling the pressure on my head from your hand and this makes me stop completely.
_____"What is it that you want baby?"
_____"Please, pleaseÖ" you plead very quietly.
_____"I want you to tell me darling. Let me hear you." You look at me and see my smile, yet you know by my tone that I really do want you to talk.
_____"Gurl, I want you to suck my pussy. I want you to put your mouth over me and tongue out all those juices that are there for you. EAT me baby Ö. NOW!"
_____A grin is on my face and before diving to my treasure I send out a cheery, "okay!"
_____I open up your lips again and go straight for your hole, and just as you asked I suck. I use my tongue and push forward to delve even further in your depths and get to the sweetest parts of you. Iím encouraged even more by your hand and most by the groans you are emitting. Your juices are coating my face and I come up for air and to give your clit some attention. As soon as your inner thighs begin to tremble though and your limit is getting close I return to the deepness of your cunt and consume the liquid that pours out.
_____Eventually though you begin to tire and lower your legs around me. I feel your hands come down around me and pull me away from your pussy, which Iím still licking and nibbling at. Youíre stronger than me though and get me up beside you. You look happy and tired. I prop myself up on an elbow and give you your room as you lay on your back, eyes closed. I stroke your face and bend down ever so often to either give you a peck of a kiss on your brow or smell your hair.
_____I try not to utter a sound cause I donít want to break the spell. Itís so peaceful and feels so right. The last thing I want to do is talk about our relationship and what I know will be the end for us.
We both dozed lightly, but when you stir my eyes open and I look at you. Almost at the same time we both state, "We need to talk."
_____I smile shyly at you and sit up at the end of the bed. Both of us reach for our shirts and pull them on. The silence continues and just when itís becoming unbearable I get up and tell you that Iíll be back soon.
_____I go to the bathroom and shut the door. I really do need to use the bathroom and as I sit there I feel the tears filling my eyes already. I curse myself inside thinking, "havenít I done enough crying already?" Whenever I cry I feel absolutely weak and I hate doing it. I rub my eyes and wipe away the tears with my sleeve. I quickly finish up and come out. I then buy myself some more time by brushing my teeth.
_____I reenter the room and your back is to the wall. You open your arms and I gratefully enter them. I nestle down and rest my head on your chest just enjoying the feeling of being enveloped by your scent and arms. You cup my chin and force me to look at you.
_____"Youíve been crying baby."
_____With the tenderness in your voice and concern in your eyes I break and more tears fall. I drop my head again and lean into you as your arms tighten around me. By now you know that it makes no sense trying to make me talk until the tears have finished. Iím embarrassed though and try to speak. You just hold me though and whisper above my head, "Just let out the tears honey. I got you, just let them out sweetie."
_____Finally I get myself under control and I get up and go to the sink and wash my face. When I re-enter the room this time though I donít snuggle up to you. Rather I sit at your side and face you.
_____"Tell me whatís on your mind."
_____I look at you and then look down at my hands and begin to pick at the loose flesh. You place your hand over both of mine and state simply,
_____"Talk to me."
_____"Do you know that for the past month thatís all I wanted you to do." I retort back. I could not keep the anger out of my voice, though it is minimal. I continue speaking knowing that I have to say whatís on my heart before I lose my courage.
_____"I begged you to talk to me. I am ashamed to admit how many times I would sit in this very same room and cry because I didnít hear from you. I worried about your black ass and I was scared. All I wanted to hear was that you missed me, you love me, and most of all I so wanted you to forgive me for the wrong that Iíd done. But, you never told me those things did you? And I never understood how you could hurt me in such a way. I finally figured that youíve never trusted me and the love that you claim for me just isnít enough. So, itís over. Weíre over. I never wanted to give up on what we have, but it seems as if no matter what we try Ö
_____I also know that I canít continue sharing you. I deserve more and want all of you. I do realize though that what I want is not what you can give me. So, thatís it."
_____At that you placed the ring that I had given you in my hand and you dissolved into thin air.
_____That was my dream. Even as I type it out, periodically tears flow down my face. I really do believe in our love and I so wish that it could be different for us. However, in my heart I fear Ö

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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