It was hot as hell in Chicago and E.J. was ready to get up out her car. She'd been driving to get to her cousin's house so that they can meet up.

"Damn its always traffic right here" E.J. said as she came to a stop right by the Carter G. Woodson library.

She had her new Lauryn Hill cd in the cd player singing the words with her, "It's the mysteryyyy of inquityyyy", how the hell can folks not be feelin this new cd" E.J thought. "This girl got mad skillz with her lyrics". E.J. was just checking out the scenery and all of a sudden felt like she was being watched. She just so happen to look up and saw someone eyeing her through their rear view mirror. Not paying it much mind E.J. kept on singing. She looked up again and the person was still looking at her.

"Damn!! Why the hell are you staring at me" E.J. mumbled. "Wait a minute don't let me jump to conclusions maybe they know me or something. Let me see who this is" E.J. was trying to see who this person was without seeming as if she was staring at the them.

"Well, it's a female with long hair, got on some eyeglasses" E.J. thought "Hold up is that ole girl from church". That previous Sunday a woman in the choir seemed as if she was eyeing her. E.J. looked at the girl to see if she was really looking at her and the girl looked at her dead in her eyes. They both kept that glare for longer than normal. E.J. broke the stare and started looking somewhere else thinking to herself "Now I know home girl ain't giving me the eye at church!… Hmmmm…she is kinda fine though maybe I should…. Wait, Wait don't jump the gun and start getting ideas it could be that she was just looking at you E.J. don't get yourself excited". But here was the same woman staring at her again. Now E.J. for whatever reason was starting to get a little excited yet nervous and confused all at the same time. She looked back up and the woman was still looking at her. She even almost missed her turn to go into the library's parking lot from staring at her.

For the rest of the week that's all E.J. could think about. "Damn this girl got me bugging. I know she's been going to the church for a few years and probably was in the choir for a few years too so why am I noticing her now" E.J. thought
" I need to stop right now. I know I don't need to be messing with no females from church. Them church girls are a trip".

The next Sunday E.J just wanted to see if she was just imagining things. After church she did her regular thing. Spoke and gave hugs to a few people. She looks up and there goes that woman again. E.J. just kept on doing what she doing and eventually left. The next Sunday after church E.J. was getting a pen out of her wallet to write down a number for her cousins God-daughter. She just tossed the wallet down on top of her bag. She saw somebody out the corner of her eye coming down the pew that she was in. She looked up and it was her. E.J's heart pounded kind of hard. "Damn! Now it may be me but it seems like she is in the same places of the church that I'm in". That was kind of weird because that was a nice size church with over 5,000 members.!! EJ. Saw that she had her choir robe in her arms and didn't want to be in the way so she just sat down and put both of her legs on the pew so she could get pass. "Remember E.J it could have just been a look…Oh my God did she just put her ass in my face" E.J. thought. "Now I know I gave her enough room to easily get pass. Plus the space between this pew and the one in front of it is much more than the rest of the pews, now honey is kinda thick but she ain't that thick to have to had put her ass in my face…be cool don't make something out of nothing". The woman sat her stuff down right next to her stuff. She started talking to some people. E.J. was still kind of nervous so she purposely fixed her eyes on things straight ahead. She seen out the corner of her eye that the lady glanced at her a few times as if she was trying to make eye contact but E.J. wouldn't even look at her. She heard the woman say her good-byes to the people she was talking to, picked up her things and she left. "Damn!!…why do I have to be such a shy person all the time. A friendly hi how ya doing wouldn't have hurt. Now the girl probably think I'm not interested…DAYUMM!!"

E.J. went home and couldn't stop thinking about her. She didn't have a name or nothing. All she knew that she was sexy as hell and she wanted her baaaad! She got home and took a hot shower and slipped on some basketball shorts and a sports bra. She flopped on the couch and flipped through the channels. She saw nothing that was going to peak her interest was on so she just laid back watching The Color Purple on UPN. "This would have been a real nice time to just sit back and kick it with ole girl…She seems like she's kinda high maintenance but looks like she can still chill with a sistah… I wonder what she's doing…What am I doing, I can't be getting all worked up over this girl" E.J. thought to herself. She started dosing off a lil bit and then she heard her doorbell ring. She jumped up and went to the door not even looking through the peep hole to see who it was and opened it. It was the woman. "Oh shit" she thought, "What the hell is she doing here". E.J. was so shocked she couldn't even say anything she just stared at her.


"Hey" (coming back to earth)

"I think I accidentally picked up your wallet after church today. I looked inside to see if there was an address. I was going to just wait till next Sunday to give it to you but I saw that you had all your important things in there and might need it right away. I hope you don't mind"

"Oh no I don't mind at all. I really appreciate that. I didn't even realize that it was gone. Thanks so much"

She hands E.J. the wallet.

"You didn't still nothing out of here did you?" Taking the wallet and smiling and making small talk.

"No not really, just some gas money for me driving to your house"

They both laugh "Ah a sense of humor I love that shit" E.J. said to herself "Well in that case I don't have to pay you back then huh"

"You don't have to but it would be appreciated"

"OK you name it you got it"

"Well I seen one of your business cards in your wallet and it says that you do web pages. I have an assignment to do a web page in one of my classes and I really have no clue on what to do because I enrolled in the class kind of late and I was wondering…."

"Say no more. I can hook you up. Just give me a few details and we can go from there".

"Ok, well here's my address" Handing E.J. a piece of paper that she just wrote on. "Can you come by around 8:00 tomorrow night"?

"Sure that's cool"

"Cool I see you tomorrow then"

"Ok, thanks again for bringing my wallet, and it was a pleasure to meet you"

"The pleasure was all mine" She looked E.J. up and down, smiled and walked back to her car.

E.J. shut the door. "Ok now I know I'm not imagining things, that was straight up a flirt line right there. All I know is that I can't wait till tomorrow…Damn! I didn't even ask her her name". She looked at the piece of the paper. "Shit she didn't write it down either". "Oh well I guess I gotta find out tomorrow".

The next day E.J. did her usual. She started getting ready at about 7:00 seeing that she only lived like 10-15 minutes away. By the time she got there it was about 8:05 (She didn't want to seem too anxious). She got to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opens up.

"Hey "

"Hey how you doing"?

"Well I'm kinda tired and stressed it was a long day at work today, Come on in"

E.J. looked around a little bit. "You got a nice place"

"Thanks. Make yourself comfortable. Do you mind if I hop in the shower right quick"?

"No not at all"

"Thanks. I really need to come up out these clothes. Go ahead and make yourself at home. There's the remote to the tv. I'll be right back in a few minutes"

"Take your time I'm in no rush"

She looked at E.J. for a few seconds and said "Good, cuz you might be here for a pretty long time" she smiled and went to the bathroom.

"This girl better quit playing with me up in here. I may have been shy in the beginning but when you break the ice its all over." E.J. said to herself.

E.J. turned the T.V. on and about 15 minutes later the woman came back from the shower. She had on a silk robe that only went to her mid thighs. She had on her little house shoes and was smelling so good. From the looks of it it didn't seem like she had on anything under her robe. She sat next to E.J on the couch.

"I hope I didn't take too long"

"Naw you all good sweetheart"

"Hey you mind having a little drink with me I really need to unwind"

"I don't mind at all"

"Ok I'll be right back" She got up and got some Remy Martin and some glasses.

"You know I wouldn't have thought that a church girl like yourself…"

She cuts E.J. off, "Church girl" laughs "What makes you think I'm a church girl"

"I mean you in the choir and all…."

She cuts E.J. off again "Trust me boo, majority of the choir members are not church girls and boys like most people think"

"Well damn. My mistake"

They started talking and drinking and getting to know each other. E.J. looked at her watch. Three hours had already gone past and she still didn't know this woman's name. Not to mention they didn't even work on her class assignment…if there was a class assignment.

"You know I've been here in your house talking to you for about 3 hours and I still don't know your name sweetheart".

She took the last sip of her drink and looked at E.J. "Well I see you keep calling me sweetheart so that will do". They both laugh a little bit. "Besides, my name is not important tonight".

E.J. takes the last sip of her drink and says "Why is that"?

"Because I won't be screaming out my own name tonight only yours"

E.J. damn near choked on her drink. "I know I just didn't hear what I thought I heard. This is some strong ass Remy" E.J. thought. Then "sweetheart" took her hand and led her to her bedroom. "Aw shit its on and poppin like chicken cooking in hot grease" E.J. said to herself. "Sweetheart" kissed her and E.J. did not resist. She gently pushed E.J. on the bed and straddled herself on top of her. She starting kissing her again. By this time E.J. is really comfortable especially since she has all that alcohol in her system. E.J. flips her over and they are kissing like they will get paid for it. E.J. starts kissing and sucking on her neck and "sweetheart" starts to moan softly. E.J unties her robe and starts to move down to her breast. Her nipples are erect and are begging for attention. E.J. is sucking on her right nipple and massaging the left. She switches over to the left one. This is driving "sweetheart" wild because she is breathing hard and her moans are getting louder. E.J. moves down and plants kisses and softly sucks "sweetheart" all the way down. She gets to her inner hips and sucks all the way down to her inner thigh. "Sweetheart" is bucking her hips already. E.J moves over to the other thigh and inhales her sweet love canal.

"Wait E.J. Wait" sweetheart pulls E.J. up towards her.

"What's wrong sweetheart" still kissing on her.

"E.J. I don't want you to think that I'm just in it for the sex"

"I know baby, I know" E.J. kisses her on her lips to try to keep her quiet so she can finish what was being started.

"I'm serious boo, listen to me for just a second"

"I'm listening" Kissing "sweetheart on her neck

"I've been checking you out for a long time and I really do like you and I … ." She lets out a moan because now E.J. has moved down to her breast again. "E.J. I just wanted you to know that I hope that this won't be the last time we're together" E.J. moves back up to her face and looks her in the eyes and kisses her and sucks her tongue. "Sweetheart" lets a real loud moan while they are kissing. They stop and E.J. looks at her and says "It won't." She kisses her way back down and licks sweetheart from the bottom of her canal to the top of her swollen clit. "Sweetheart" lets out a gasp. E.J. is sucking and licking "sweetheart" and she follows by twirling her hips to each rhythm. "Sweetheart" takes E.J's hand and puts her two fingers in her canal. E.J. is pumping in and out of sweetheart and her canal muscles are squeezing her fingers. "Sweetheart is screaming at the top of her lungs "Ooooooh E.J you feel so good inside of me, Oooooh E.J. you gone make me cum all over your face, Ooooh boo I'm about to cuuuum!" "Sweetheart grabs EJ's head and her body starts to shake and she wraps her legs around E.J's neck damn near choking her to death. "Sweetheart is breathing heavily and still moaning as her orgasm calms down. EJ. moves up and gives "sweetheart" a kiss and lays next to her with her arms wrapped around her. The both of them are dog tired and fall asleep in the matter of minutes.

The next morning E.J. wakes up and "sweetheart" isn't there. She looks over and sees a note with her name on it. She reads it and it says…"Hey baby! I had to run out for a few hours. I really enjoyed last night and I hope that we can do this again. Just lock the doors when you leave. I'll call you later. Your "Sweetheart" Monica" P.S. I guess you can know my name now since you'll be screaming it out next time ;-) " E.J. sits back and smiles. "I see she wasn't a church girl after all"


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