“Hello.” I heard the most seductive voice behind me say. But as I turned to see who was there, I heared a quick, “no, don’t turn around. Just let me have this moment.” Then, after a quick pause, “Because I’ve been awaiting the day you’d show here again.”

I wanted so badly to see who such mesmerizing words were coming from. But the voice was persistent. Could it be someone I know? Or just someone playing a game? Obviously it was someone that had taken notice of me. “I know you’re wondering who I am, but that’s not important right now. Just play along. I promise…you won’t be disappointed.”

I know I’ve heard this person before. And I was wondering if I’ve even seen her face. Again I tried to turn to see who was holding me captive. And again I was directed not to. “Okay what do I do now?” I asked now playing the game. I glanced around to see that there is no one else here except me and her.

“Walk forward until I say when to stop, and then I’ll give you further instructions.” She told me. I was kinda skeptical about where she was guiding me, but I walked forward to God only knows where. The gallery got dimmer until finally I was in total darkness. I felt this sudden urge to panic, but quickly dismissed it as I felt her lips close to my ear.

“You know who I am. And you know you’ve seen me before. I’ve been in all your dreams for a while now.” Said the voice. I felt her lips capture my earlobe and nibble, causing a wave of desire so intense that my knees started to buckle. This was getting crazy. But I couldn’t bring myself to stop what’s happening. So I continue to play along.

I was pulled forward until I came to an obstacle. I reached up to touch what I had bumped into, but my hands were quickly brushed away. “I am in control of this. All you have to do is follow suit.” She told me.

“But I want to touch you.” I said. I wanted to play too. But that was not to be the case.

“This is not about what you want. It’s about what I want to do to you…you only have to comply.” And before I could utter one word in protest I felt a touch so overwhelming, I know I should be ashamed of what it was doing to me. But damn was so good.

“You know this isn’t right,” I wanted to say, but instead I moaned, knowing that if she stops, I’d lose my senses.

“Then, tell me to stop.” She whispered as if to read exactly what I was thinking. Her hands cupped my breast and I grabbed for the wall to keep my balance. How much longer could I play? I’ve had fantasies before…but this. This was something far beyond fantasy. And it was causing my knees to weaken.

It was so dark that I had no idea what was going to happen next. My my raced: If I let this happen can, I live with myself and still be able to face my lover later on? Why did I even agree to this?

“Because it’s what you want.” She whispered in my ear. Damn! I was losing control of myself.

“This is what I want you to do,” She told me. Her lips were so close to my ear, the hairs on my neck stood on end. “Drop your purse.” As I did, her lips grazed mine causing my breath to catch. “Now…open your blouse.” She directed me. I turned my head towards her but all I saw was total darkness.

“You…” a finger stopped me from speaking. So I did as I was told, while at the same time taking the finger gently between my lips.

“Mmm. Take off your bra,” she says. I slowly took off my bra, letting it fall to the floor. I smiled. I had gotten to her. So now, I was thinking to myself, I can definitely play this game and could possibly win. I awaited my next task. “Now touch your nipples until they harden.” As I touched my nipples, I suddenly felt those hot lips graze the skin of my chest. And I lose control again.

She moaned softly as she raised both my hands above my head, pinning them against the wall. Her juicy lips devoured my breast. God…I don’t know how much more of this sweet torture I can take. But I knew that this was only the beginning.

After a long moment, I finally remembered to breathe. Hell I can't do two things at once and breathing was definitely not the priority here. Anyway, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better; those lips softly made their torturous path back to my ear. “Are you wet yet?” She asked.

I decided to show her how wet I was. I slowly pulled my skirt off and smiled as my panties followed. Then, I took one of her hands and pushed it down between my thighs and up until I could feel her fingers slip through my wetness. And now her breath catches. "Is that wet enough for you?” I asked with my lips close to her ear. My pussy was dripping. And she knew it because I felt when she smiled. She didn’t answer. She only moaned as she slipped a finger inside of me, and then another.

I tensed. “Shhh. I won’t hurt you.” She kissed my lips assuring me and her fingers began to push in and out. This was something I never enjoyed, but she had me so intoxicated with her sweet lips I only opened my legs wider. Knowing where we were at and could be caught at any time; she continued on her quest. “Good.” She said. And pulled her fingers out from inside me and held them up to my lips. “Now I want you to taste your own juices.” My lips quickly parted excepting both her fingers. Now here I am standing in a darkened art gallery with nothing on but my pumps…what if we’re caught?

I pulled her lips back to mine so she could taste the sweet nectar of my love. “Is this what you want?” I asked softly as our lips part.

I tried to take off her blouse, but she brushed my hands away and knelt down in front of me. “I told you. I was in control of this. And it’s about what I want to do to you…not what I want.” She whispered softly.

Her tongue grazed my thighs as she kissed her way upward. I felt my knees weakening as . . . Damn. Is that a tongue ring? This is just too much to handle. My mind teld me to stop this torture, but I knew my body wouldn’t let me. If she touched my clit with that damn tongue ring, I was going to explode all over the floor.

“What are you doing to me?” I gasped barely able to stand.

“Do you really have to ask?” She stated as she did the inevitable. My clit started to tingle. My legs started shaking and I slowly started melting to the floor. But those strong arms grabbed me, holding me in place. “I got you.” She whispered.

“Damn. You are so wet. I want you to feel how wet you are. Touch your clit.” She demanded. I couldn’t see her face or her eyes, so I could only do as she told me. I reached down and slid my fingers between my lips and moaned when the warm liquid spilled out onto my hand. Damn! She’s driving me out of my mind with this little game of hers. If only I could see her eyes.

“Who’s in there?” I heard a male’s voice asking from a distance. I froze as fear engulfed my heart.

Like lightning, her lips reached my ear. “Don’t stop.” She ordered as she turns me to face what I believed to be a wall. She pulled me out away from the wall and bent me over. I heared footsteps moving closer as she unzipped her pants and entered me from behind. “Shit.” Was all I could say as she started to take me.

“Who the hell is in here?” The man asked. Damn he must be standing right beside us. I stopped breathing, and her thrust went deeper and faster. God, it feels so good, but if I let out the slightest breath…we’ll be caught.

“Whoever’s here. I'm coming back with a flashlight. So you’d better get your shit and get out of here.” He warned.

And then another thrust. “Damn…” I moaned and exhaled slowly.

She replaced my fingers on my clit with her own, and they danced as she pumped in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I was on fire and she was sending me into frenzy. “You’ve got to hurry before he catches us,” I said nervously knowing that I needed for her to take her time. She smacked my ass and I damn near fainted right there with her inside me.

The deeper the thrust. The harder she smacked. I was lost. I no longer had control of my own body or my senses. And this wasn’t good. Would I still be able to face my lover later? Damn I wanted to feel ashamed for my reaction to this woman, but with every thrust I was becoming more lost.

And then she hit my damn spot. I screamed so loud, I’d swear the whole gallery could hear me, if not the whole universe. “That’s it baby…cum for me.” She said bending to kiss my back as she continued to pump. The orgasm shook me so, I almost collapsed right there on the floor. But she held me. “Come on. That’s it Baby.” She said softly. And the thrusts came slower and slower until they stopped all together.

As she pulled out of me, I quickly stood and searched in the darkness for my clothes as I heard the heavy clunk of shoes coming near. I found everything and dressed in record time. I picked up my purse just in time to encounter the bright light that left my eyes dilated.

“Hello George.” I smiled walking past the night watchman.

“Evenin’ Ms. James. The boss is in her office.” He smiled back as he fumbled with the light switch.

“Thank you George. Oh! I heard some noises coming from back there. You might want to check that out.” I said playfully and left him to his search. He’s really got to get better at his job, I thought to myself, but I was grateful for his timing.

I walked into my wife’s office and smiled returning that mischievous smile she always flashes when I step into her domain. I turned and locked the door and felt my knees start to buckle as I turned again to see my baby running my bra across her lips.

“SAME TIME TOMORROW?” She asked as she smiles again.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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